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This and smash was good enough fighters for me. That and the wrestling games.

Mk4 somewhat.

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there was this weird kid in school who grew up with a n64 while the rest of us had ps1's, he grew up to eat dick for a living no joke, i get it now.

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>MK trilogy
Killer Instinct Gold is good.
Rakuga Kids if you want something quirky.

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N64's wrestling games are way overrated. The Smackdown games on the Playstation were better.

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mortal combat was never good

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No, the AKI N64 games are among the best in the genre, and the N64's 6 button layout (and better d-pad) made for better gameplay than on PS1.

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>he grew up to eat dick for a living no joke, i get it now.
Try again cockroach.

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>n64 doesn't even have a fighter or rpg
>saturn was superior gameplay wise so not an arguement
>mexifag mario and banjo literally two games
>fps better on pc at the time

basically the n64 was good for casualising the console crowd even more. "party games" right no bother, poo-pusher.

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Hi /v/.
We actually knew the PS1's catalogue since before you were born, and before the PSN cherrypicked some overrated games for you.

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Gran Turismo fags cant comprehend the excellence that is RUSH 2 ALL AMERICAN RACING

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It was better on the Sega Saturn, since you get to play as the bosses.

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>console wearing
>not owning both

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i am young (93) but grew up with mame, ps1 and my dad emulated the n64 so best of both worlds. the ps1 ushered in so many genres whereas the n64 was a 1 trick pony, oh cool 3d platformers, what else though? Fuck all.

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>the ps1 ushered in so many genres

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>i am young (93) but grew up with mame,
Me too, same here and I consider actual hardware garbage.

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>knows dozens of amazing n64 games by heart

sorry to burst the bubble, but as an N64 fan i can say it has no more than a few dozen good games

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>n64 emulation
You didn't have best of both worlds, anon.

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aren't there like 4 n64 vs ps1 threads already

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i'll let someone else fill that part in, but basically games like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, MGS, WipEout etc. couldn't have been made without the PS1. I'm actually not even a sony fan, think they fucked things up in the long term but the ps1 vs n64 is a no contest, enjoy castlefagula

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Same with the PS when you weed out the multiplat

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This is bait right?
Tomb Raider was made for PC, Resident Evil was always a multiplat franchise, MGS started development on 3DO and I don't see how it wouldn't be possible for it to be in any other 5th gen system. Wipeout is multiplat as well.

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>autistic mongo doesn't understand context
yes, a lot of these games were ported to other systems however they were ps1 exclusives first. without the ps1 we'd still be playing 8bitshit type games

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>couldn't actually answer the question
>"lol someone else can tell you"
>instead gives games that were either multiplatform or could have been made on another console or PC
You said genres, not games. What genres did the PS1 usher in?

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like i said, someone else can fill that part in, i'm busy now

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>without the ps1 we'd still be playing 8bitshit type games
Imagine being such a delusional young individual.
Refrain from posting on /vr/, keep lurking.

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what does the guy say in the just music video?

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inb4 it's just a N64 fanboy falseflagging as a retarded kid to make ps1 fanbase look bad

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>sorry to burst the bubble, but as an N64 fan i can say it has no more than a few dozen good games
>It's a fasleflagging Sony tranny pretends there aren't plenty of good games on the N64 episode

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So, you can't answer it and you're too lazy to even try.

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>grew up with mame, ps1 and my dad emulated the n64
Oh holy shit, kill it with fire, kill it with fire

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i wasn't even bs'ing, just too drunk to care at this point, i don't get why you'd prefer the n64 over anything else? PC could emulate it right away and the PS and saturn had cool exclusives.

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>gets caught in a corner because he has a baseless argument
>"h-haha I-I'm too b-bus- er, d-drunk to care!"

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>n64 emulation

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>being white yet relating to only chink chonk shit

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What are you talking about, 23 year old faggot?

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This guy gets it completely. Also Namco Museum.

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>*psst* Radiohead stops being good when you finish puberty.

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>spanning every genre
Yeah, name some amazing RPGs on N64, plz.

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Bullshit, all of the AKI games except maybe the first WCW one (World Tour) blow the Smackdown games out of the fucking water. Greatest wrestling games of all time, only ones that come close is the Fire Pro series.

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Ogre Battle 64 and Paper Mario (yeah, it's a Mario game, but it happens to be one of the best RPGs of 5th gen as well)

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Custom Robo is technically an RPG.

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they age like wine, not milk fagfucker

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San Francisco RUSH 2049 is God Tier as well