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>autistic JRPGs
>shitty 3rd person action games

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>posts a picture with multiplats

Anyway, NES, SNES, Mega Drive, list goes on.

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All the PlayStation has are multiplats better played elsewhere. Only exception is Silent Hill

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The ones that don't almost solely rely on shitty WeebRPG's

Seriously, JRPGfags are complete fucking cancer.

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boo yourself.

weebs are an infestation. a plague. they bring furries with them too on every fucking discord. once you see one anime pic, BOOM. monster porn, furry shit, utter debauchery and hedonism skewed.


i rest my case on the matter.

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Unironically this. /vr/ would be so much better if we banned all "story-centric" '''games'''.

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I agree with you on the anime cancer part but not every JRPG attracts that audience. They are basically Wizardry-likes and (d)evolved from there.

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>Bio Force Ape
I feel like if you need to include unfinished, twenty minute long prototypes in your top 100, you probably should have pared things down a bit.

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I don't like these but it's a very hard criteria to enforce anyway, not worth it, just ignore the storyfag/aestheticfag/progressfag threads.

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Genesis has
>Sonic the Hedgehog
>Streets of Rage
>Golden Axe
>Comix Zone
>Altered Beast
>Space Harrier
>Super Hang-On
>Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
>Rolling Thunder
and most of those games have equally good sequels so go fuck yourself

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For what its worth, this is a pretty mediocre chart. You can easily choose 100 better NES games than Bio Force Ape.

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I've been seriously thinking of making a chart like this just to see if people will repost it, proving that folks will consider any asspull opinion authoritative so long as its on a pretty chart.

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I'm pretty sure that's what OP's was supposed to be. Look at the games he actually included.

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Yeah but mine would look more professional than OP's. There needs to be some standards for this experiment to be proper.

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PS2. NES. Arcade

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PC. This board is weeb faggot garbage.

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This isn’t /v/ faggot.

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Several of those games had better ports to other consoles such as the N64 and Sega Dreamcast.

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>Altered Beast being considered a great game
Yeah, nope, fuck off. I didn't even like that game as a kid, and even with the nostalgia it's thoroughly mediocre.

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>includes E.T. and the worst Pacman version
How many of those games actually hold up to this day? And no other inferior ports.

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2ch.pm/v/ is board for you. No weebs and fags, only serious PC bros. Please, get out.

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