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Anyone else feel like the Donkey Kong Country trilogy was the high point for platformers? They looked amazing, played well, and had incredible music. Donkey Kong 64 was a step back from the tight game design of Country, and no platformers save Mario 64 really engaged me like DKC did.

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Absolutely. DKC2 is still the GOAT game.

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I'm not that fond of the level design, it can be a bit cheap sometimes on the later / secret levels of each game.

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Not the most creative platforming for most of the games, but you can't deny that all 3 control perfect and are a ton of fun. I always used to say 3 was a good game despite being the worst of the 3, but I replayed it a month or so ago and the gimmicky levels bothered me a lot more than they used to.

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DKC 2 is my favorite platformer of all time. Don't know about the rest of the series, I'd rather play any given Mario game, or even Sonic, over 1 and 3.

1 is good and all, but very flat and not nearly as interesting. 2 has lots of vertical levels and secrets.

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>bad level design
>wonky hitboxes
>ugly art

DKC trilogy is the most overrated platformers that people only care about for the "3D" CGI graphics.

Pic related is a much better example of sidescrolling platforming.

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I prefer DKC1 for it's simplicity and flow.
I don't like 2's gimmick stages and vertical levels

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What would you consider a gimmick?

I'd consider the elephant shit in 3 to be a gimmick. But I wouldn't really consider say, the rollercoasters in 2 to be a gimmick. They are just better version of the minecart levels, which I liked in 1. Likewise, say the snake autoscrolling level. It can be a pain, but all the snake does is make you jump better, which is something you do normally in normal levels. I just don't think 2 is very gimmicky.

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DKC2 is by far the best

platformers just work best as side scrollers, sorry 3D generations

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>implying Rareware has ever made a good videogame

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stuff like the wind levels, the ones where you have to swim fast to avoid the hot water, the rising water with the fish, or the bramble levels and animal levels in general.
DKC3 went overboard with the gimmick stages, but let's not act like DKC2 didn't had a lot of them

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Only 2 was any good

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>Anyone else feel like the Donkey Kong Country trilogy was the high point for platformers?
No. Mario 3 was the high point. DKC2 is alright but it's overshadowed by several other games.

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no, they're not even the best dkc games. the retro games are much, much better. Rare's gimmicky fake 3d is the only reason people think they like these.

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Confusing post is confusing.

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>the retro games are much, much better.

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I think 1 is the better game also with much better flow. I also think 1 is the more aesthetically pleasing game, it's offers simplistic ambient worlds with very clear contrast from each other. 2 felt more industrial and gimmicky.

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>Donkey Kong Country trilogy was the high point for platformers?

That's not Umihara Kawase

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Don't get me wrong, I like DKC, but the levels are sparse and empty compared to 2. Once 2 came out I really feel that it overshadowed 1 in every aspect. Couldn't disagree more about aesthetics. 2 has a theme, 1 doesn't really. Who is living in the ewok village? Where are the industrial workers? It isn't really thematically all the way there, though the levels LOOK nice and have great music.

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No. Platformers peaked in the fifth gen.

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>bionic commando for pedophiles

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At the very least there were still some very good ones coming. If anything the average 2D platformer became better since it no longer was the most popular genre so there weren't as many shovelware or cash-in platformers.

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Anon... Umihara is an adult woman, just because she's chibi in the game doesn't mean she is a child.

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She's 11 in the SNES game, quit posting art of her non-retro grown-up version.

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I know dude, I only say that to trigger you.

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>She's 11 in the SNES game

Prove it, faggot.

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Your comment is correct, but your image is wrong.

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Eat shit, treasurefag.

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I don't want all that clutter and gimmicky shit I want a smooth ambient experience with platforming and enemies, that's what DKC was. It's a more enjoyable formula to me than 2. The industrial workers is part of why I like 2 less, I don't like industrial settings to begin with in Donkey Kong it really detracts from the ambience of these games. 1 is more like platforming inside some sort of dream land, it's a wonderful fantasy platforming experience. 1 just felt more environmentally diverse level to level.

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We get it, you're a Miyamoto worshipper.

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Yes, DKC2 is the best SNES game.

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DKC2 is truly something special, everything was perfect or close to perfection.

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Agree. Plus it had Donkey Kong as a playable character!
Also, while DKC2 score was great, it lacks the mysterious and atmospheric themes of Evelin Fischer.

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3 is garbage.

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Aquatic Ambience might be the best theme in the series and possible one of the best tracks from its generation but DKC2 has better tracks overall, jib jig, stickerbush symphony, forest interlude (my favorite and imo the best track in the game) mining melancholy, etc there are more than I can count from the top of my head.
DKC2's atmosphere is better too.

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Is this game actually good?

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>Platformers peaked in the fifth gen.

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The best way to play it other than with the original hardware is to emulate it with the Saturn controller.

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>Anyone else feel like the Donkey Kong Country trilogy was the high point for platformers?
No with that shitty hit detection.

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I hate that shit when you're on the frog and it's so easy to fall through the springy tires, always die a few times there.

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I just was thinking how much I love Goemon as platformers. I'd say 2 over 4 though. 4 is fun but it gets frustratingly difficult by the end.

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2 has way too many autoscrollers and loads of slowdown, though. Plus 4 is the only Goemon to let you chain grapple, Castlevania IV style.

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Around this era at least

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Recently beat dkc 2 and was not impressed.

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Megaman X4 is so underrated imo. Stellar music and graphics. Level design is admittedly so-so though.

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did you play with a snes controller? did you hold the run button?

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Any good DKC romhacks?

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>2d platformer
>analog stick control only

It's trash

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I think its absolutely criminal we still dont have a translation for these games while shit like princess minerva gets a translation.

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Yoshi's Story was shit from start to finish. Shit music, bad art direction, boring level design. Huge step down from Yoshi's Island.

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What rock do you live under? It's the most popular game with X1.

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If anything X4 is a bit overlooked. From what I've seen, people that have actually played it rate it around their 3 favorite X games. But others that have only played maybe X1 and then parrot e-celeb crap shit on X4 just due to the voice acting meme and just looking different from X1.

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Yoshi was shit, but Adventure of Little Ralph is goat.

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3 is the only one that really needs a patch. You can beat the others without having to read them.

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The level design in this game is just fantastic, especially when paired with the tight controls.

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I hate the completionist pandering though, I should be able to play the full game, not have to scavenger hunt for dumb coins when the platforming is tough enough.

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Thankfully 3 has a cheat that gives you a ton of coins so you can skip right to the actually hard levels.

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I've never DKC 2 to be that bad in regards to completionism. At least it's still a pretty far cry from the full-blown retarded collect-a-thon that that is Donkey Kong 64.
The levels in DKC 2 are relatively compact, there's indicators their for bonus and DK coin collection status on the map screen, and for the vast majority of the time the secrets are hinted at quite well (cf. DKC 1's secrets often needing leaps of faith or just knowing where some secrets are).

Playing the game as a kid with no internet walkthroughs readily available, the only secret I remember scratching my head for any longer period of time was the location of *that* one certain DK coin which happened to be within a bonus level...

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Totally agree. I dont like 3