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How did they get away with it and managed to sneak this in?

Video games that somehow got past censorship thread.

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There was no ESBR and there is no censorship in PC.

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He's calling him a bundle of twigs because he's a tree person. At the time in Europe I believe it was more common slang for a cigarette (also a bundle of "twigs") than for a homosexual.

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A faggot is a bundle of sticks. It's a joke.

Next you're going to ask how some game managed to sneak in the word gay or something.

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Only thing I can think of is the exploding hamster in Maniac Mansion on NES, and that only got by because the censors didn't notice it. Every reprint had an updated ROM where you couldn't microwave the hamster.

But these threads and OP are pretty stupid.

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>Every reprint had an updated ROM where you couldn't microwave the hamster.

false internet rumor. other than the PAL, there's no other version of NES MM without the hamster nuke.

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Since Gobliins 2 is a French game, the original text was probably "vieille branche", which means old chap. that's the kind of pun that get lost in translation.

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so he doesn't work?

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Kirby's Dream Land 2, Level 5-5

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Skyblazer (1994), one of the last Sony games for the Super Nintendo before they released their PlayStation.
The password screen is basically the PS1 controller.

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I think it was meant as in he works like a slave but willfully cranked up an extra level of offensiveness. My curiosity about just how far it would go was my primary driving force playing but it's not worth 100 hours on a C64

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More Nintendo stuff:
- Time Twist, a barely marketed Famicom Disk System title featuring black slave kid in the 1860's USA that gets lynched, a Jewish kid that gets genocided, Disco Hitler, Satan, Satan-possessed Baby Jesus, and Marie's husband. Among other things.
- Marvelous, your first action in game can be to examine your teacher's boobs. Each one has a different reaction. Also penguin mating season.
- Retsu and Go. A game all about tracks and barely some RPG sections in between, but lots of panty drawers. By Nintendo.
- "Peach's ???" in Super Mario RPG.

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Lord woo fak fak bleeds when you hit him. Blood is an absolute no-no in an E rated game yet somehow it got through.

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Blood is allowed if it's rare and obviously from a fantastical being.

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They changed the Witch's name from Nympho to Nimufu, but couldn't change the fact that the tower was shaped like female reproductive organs.

Complete with a hymen you break the first time you enter the dungeon.

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Breath of Fire, huh.
Around the same period (heh) there was Far East of Eden II in Japan where the hero rams his sword inside giant orchids that breed evil.
The director confirmed in an interview years later that the orchid flower has been an allegory for the female sexual organ since millennials and that he leaves it to the reader's imagination what the hero's act means.

Said they were worried if the censors would catch on it in a game for kids, but they didn't. So they put this in (pic related, NSFW) instead.

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D was played as a incomplete game by the rating esrb whatever they are called in the us without cutscenes because they contained canibalism. After the got the rating tag, he removed the rating sticker from teh disc or swapped the disc in the case or something in sent the full game with canibalism cutscenes to the factories for print

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fuck my brain is a mess today! In more common english:
- esrb was given the game D without cutscenes
- cutscenes contained canibalism
- game got approved and rated
- developer removed the rating sticker from incomplete disc and put it on a full game disc with canibalism cutscenes
- sent full game with rating sticker to factory for production
- badass
- this guy also had a video on a sony press conference showing enemy zero, and at the end screen "exclusive for playstation" the playstation logo faded and a sega saturn logo faded in ON A SONY (FUCK SONY) PRESS CONFERENCE!!

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What game is this.

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D2 Dreamcast

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Oh a game nobody gives a fuck about and is mostly remembered for its shitty load times

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false internet rumor.

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A lot of people remember it at least for how weird it is.

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This shit right here. D2 was Kenji Eno's best game and I'm sure NESfag would even tell you he thinks it's better than Code Veronica. It might be my favorite snowy game. I think I'll play it right now.

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Post snowy screenshots?

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Someone just recently posted this and it's fantastic

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This is also a faggot that the Brits used.

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What's wrong with this one other than that it's not a C64 version?

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What's wrong with this one other than that it's not the C64 version?

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nude chick in the right hand undergrowth

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slightly changing a line in the code of Dynamite Dux will give you this:

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they modified the scene on the PC Engine version though and made it less gory if I remember correctly.

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Not to be too /ck/ about it but wtf is wrong with british cuisine? What has happened to those peas? There will be no pleasant mouth feel. What meat is a small percentage of those cakes? Is that a too-doughy biscuit (or whatever they call biscuits since that means cookie to them) or is it a too-dry scoop of mashed potatoes?

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Mushy peas are delicious and have better mouth feel than normal peas. Faggots are made from pork and they're basically meatballs. The other stuff is clearly mashed potato and I have no idea how you can see that as being a biscuit.
Anyway british "cuisine" is tasty and comfy if you grew up with it, but it is the most basic stuff ever, literally just ingredients put on a plate in most cases, no finesse involved whatsoever. Your mum makes it for you or you order it at a pub with a pint. It's silly to make fun of something that had no effort expended on it.

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>I have no idea how you can see that as being a biscuit.
It's clearly flaking - and how can you possibly enjoy the mouth feel of an open sack of pea soup over popping that cherry yourself, with some freshness/crisp flavor still in there?

But really what I'm mostly curious about is the etymology of how salsbury steak style pork came to be called a faggot

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You misremember, this was the original PC Engine version, but yeah, all other rereleases of this had the gore and stray nipples covered up. The PSP collection which is really the emulated PCE-CD version basically was a censor & no flashing romhack.

They also cut a part where they take the piss out of Loto, Adol AND Mario, lawyers nowadays being the spoilsport they are. It was part of a long-running gag where every RPG was referencing Dragon Quest, even Nintendo's Mother (also cut on the Virtual Console).

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oh wow, nice one :O

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Far East of Eden series in general is such a wild ride, basically every single rerelease of it (and Linda Cube, a spiritual successor) was censored in some way.

In FEoE TM:0, on the Nintendo SFC, just to cite one example, you can have optional sex at least twice in the story. Yamauchi at the time had a firm no sex rule in Japan at the time.

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That's fag, not faggot. But yes, up until about 10 years ago, your average European considered "fag" to be slang for cigarette and nothing else. We actually learned the word in grade school.

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>How did they get away with it and managed to sneak this in?
Depends on the sensibilities of the ruling society

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Didn't Kenji Eno also have beef with Sony to the point of jumping on a Jumping Flash prop and destroying it?

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Blacks after slavery consistently got arduous, unforgiving, dirty, low-paying manual jobs with a high risk of injury. It used to be a normative euphemism for that kind of work.

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Well, faggot is applicable, of course, so the translator was really just trying too hard.

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from Cannon Fodder

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I hope so, I will google that. Wish it was on video

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Is this that game where the female's crotches are giant monster mouths and they walk on all fours?

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There are enemies like that yes

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Also, here's This.

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Kid Dracula - Famicom

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Because it was caleld a faggot originally and then was promoted as cheap, healthy food by a doctor called Salisbury in the US.

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Mushy peas are nice; so are normal peas; both feature very commonly in British food. Most 'American' cuisine is British food aside from shit brought in from Germany and Mexico.

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suck a frozen turd

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based frozen turdtard

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Was my post deleted because it had an angel statue with a pixelated peeny?

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That's pretty fucking neato.

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I don't get it

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Here's a fun one from Yoshi's Island, German name for the Touch Fuzzy level
>Lustiges Sporen Drama

Manji censoring didn't happen in Japanese versions until recently and only for games intended for outside Japan. The swatsika is mirrored from the manji either way so it's not the same.

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you see, americans like to eat biscuits with gravy poured on top, even for breakfast. In 90% of the time the food eaten is reprocessed out of a box or the refridgerator, so all types of food have a destinguished look to them.

He has probably never seen self made mashed potatoes before, bare with him.

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>everything about europe triggers me into an offtopic shitposting spree
>their food, their computers, their culture
Yeah, we know. It'd be nice if you stopped, though. Or at least limited it to Amiga threads as per your usual bullshit.

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>There will be no pleasant mouth feel
You people need to stop saying this. "Mouth feel" is not a superior term to "texture." You sound retarded when you describe it this way. Next you'll be calling taste "tongue flavouring."