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Seriously, why the fuck would anyone pick this over the SNES?
>Shitty sound
>Shitty controller
>Shitty looking console
>Shitty mascot

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snes is only better if you're a weeb. megadrive has a much better overall library of actual games.

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>liking a controller with 3 face buttons
>being this autistic
I like the part where you mentioned those list of games.

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Nice bait there, mate.
Anyway, just in case you're new or serious, the controller is actually pretty good and some people dig the FM Synth sound (your other points are silly baity crap).
Genesis / MegaDrive is superior to the SNES if you prefer arcade-style games thanks to its faster processor. In the shoot'em up genre for instance there's no contest whatsoever even if SNES still has a few good ones.
So it's a matter of taste, SNES is better for slower paced games.

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Because the SNES doesn't have Thunder Force 4. also
>not owning both

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legit apart from alttp and super metroid, the genesis port was usually better or had a more supreme game.

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gotta admit, the best Sega controller is the Japanese Sega Saturn one.

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>owning both
This is how I know you weren't around then

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Which is based on the 6-button Megadrive controller, just adding shoulder buttons and improving it. Yeah, we know OP is baiting.

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Sonic 3 + Knuckles gives Super Mario World a good fight for it's money though, desu.

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In 1988, 1989 and almost all of 1990 there was no Nintendo competitor to choose.

That's a pretty good reason.

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To be fair it came a few years later and it's two cartridges.

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Looks like some Nintendrone is butt-hurt that people actually like the Sega Genesis over the SNES. LOL I remember when I was 9, my dad sold my NES so that he can get me a new game console. I had a choice between the Sega Genesis & Super Nintendo. I went with the Sega Genesis because the console looked cooler, unlike that ugly boxy design the SNES had. Although I did end up buying a SNES later(as an adult), but it's the PAL version.

So when I first started playing the Sega Genesis, the first game I played on it was Sonic The Hedgehog. I was blown away by the graphics & sound. I also loved how the 3 button controller felt in my hands. It's not meant for soyboys like you with small hands. Sonic is a better mascot than Mario. Since Sonic is a speedy hedgehog, not a fat pedostached plumber.

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>I went with the Sega Genesis because the console looked cooler, unlike that ugly boxy design the SNES had.
How do you play your games while looking at your console?

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How can you shit on the Megadrive for not having a lot of RPGs and story-driven games and defend the N64 at the same time?

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Fanboyism. Or diferent people, you know.

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>Hating on the 3 button controller
>Even though it's great for beat em ups and platform games
>forgets the 6 button controller
Found the Nintendrone

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RPGs are trash anyway, now the lack of fighting games on the N64 is the real tragedy.

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Tbh I got the genesis because literally every other family member and friend had the Super Nintendo and I could just play shit when I went to visit or hang out with them, so what was the point of buying a super Nintendo when I had access to so many of them already?

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>How do you play your games while looking at your console?
That's a stupid question. Why would anyone do that? I just play the game, I don't need to look at the Sega Genesis while playing to know it looks cool. The sleek sexy design of the Sega Genesis can be admired without having to look at it while playing.

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Not him but I had both growing up.
Segatendo 4th gen idort is the ultimate patrician woke shit.

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Must've sucked for you not having a sibling to share different consoles with. I had a Genesis and my brother got a SNES.

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>still doing console-war shit

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wait till Monday

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This is a meme, Genesis had a perfectly respectable number of RPGs. You don't need to have dozens of them like it's the only genre worth playing.

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>like it's the only genre worth playing.
You should know /vr/, some guys here are truly JRPG fanboys lol

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Your average jrpg 'tist don't have the patience to sit through old school shit like Phantasy Star 2 or anything that doesn't play exactly like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest so the list is pretty much reduced to Phantasy Star 4 and maybe Ys III.

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>legit apart from alttp and super metroid, the genesis port
Neither of those games has a Genesis port.

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Shit bait.

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Zelda equivalent has been done, desu

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That doesn't make what he/you said any less dumb.

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no way man. shining force, phatasy star is it.

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If you just ignore the other games like Langrisser or Lunar, I guess.

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Tons of SNES games only used 2-3 buttons. There's also the 6 button controller.

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Because I want to play video games, not JRPG shit.
Also, not fond of slowdowns.

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Why do people make these threads?

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Cause they gain attention, why else would you go on the internet, John, why would you shitpost if not else for attention, Susan?

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>Also, not fond of slowdowns.
It always seemed strange that the Mega Man Wily Wars games on MD had slowdowns while the SNES Megaman games barely had any.
It's almost as if slowdown has more to do with developers being lazy than the actual systems' CPU.

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It's still Christmas break

>SNES Megaman games barely had any
I wouldn't say it's unbearable there but there's a sizable amount of that in the X games, buddy.
>It's almost as if slowdown has more to do with developers being lazy than the actual systems' CPU.
This is true but even then the better processing power of the MD/Gen allowed for faster paced games if optimized equally (outside of chips).

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>super metroid
overrated trash

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Single-parent poorcuck detected.

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If I had to choose, I'd pick Genesis in a heartbeat, and I'm mostly a diehard Nintenbro. SNES had a lot of great games, particularly ALttP but I just enjoy the library and aesthetic of the genesis more. SNES was ugly as sin and didn't have much I cared about outside of Zelda, Secret of Mana and Super Mario World. I'd rather be playing stuff like Sonic 1 and Gauntlet IV. SNES definitely had superior hardware and sound, though.

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please tell me a game that surpasses it

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- Had the best Aladdin. Where were all the great Capcom Disney games after Aladdin? Meanwhile, the Sega Aladdin goes on to inspire Lion King, Jungle Book, Earthworm Jim, Mickey Mania and more.

- Had the best Mortal Kombat. Why is Nintendo scared of blood?

- Had the better mascot. Super Mario World looks like an 8-bit game next to Sanic. So embarrassing. Rare realised this too and modelled Donkey Kong Country off Sonic's attitude.

- Cooler innovative titles. Where was Nintendo's Ecco the Dolphin or The Ooze or Comix Zone or The Haunting? Nintendo plays it safe every time. It's USP are horrid 3D effects that try so hard to compete with PC gaming.

The Genesis was a trend setter. The SNES was a follower.

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He's clearly just trying to get a rise. I'm not even a fan of the game/series and can respect its influence in the industry.

This whole thread is a shitshow.

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Literally any action platformer on either SNES or Genesis is more enjoyable than that boring crap

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They say the same about the N64.

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the true face of /vr/

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Because the Genesis has a good Castlevania game on it, for starters.

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Ogre Battle 64 and Paper Mario are literally better than every PS1 RPG collectively.

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I'll take the master system over the NES, and the SNES over the Genesis

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this guy fucks

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Yeah, I too prefer Bloodlines to Super IV and Dracula X

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>I'll take the master system over the NES

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i love that game. and the saturn sequel

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land stalker and light crusader

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ive never understood why people give a shit about how a console looks. do you host fancy garden parties and just show it to people? do you not ever just play it?

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it wasnt always like this

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well ive been know to fuck, myself.

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I've never understood people with sense of aesthetics. What's wrong with wanting to be surrounded by things that you find visually appealing? Obviously looks aren't the end all be all, but if I'm choosing between two things which are otherwise mostly equal and one looks vastly better, I'm going to pick the better looking one.

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>rad FM synthesis
>cool controller
>sleek black design
>library of great pick-up-and-play games
I think I'm starting to understand why Sega autists hate SNES gaymasters so much.
You're a fag.

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>Shitty sound
>Talking about the system that produced the Vectorman soundtrack

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>>Shitty sound
Both are great but would give the edge to snes
>>Shitty controller
Gen 6-button > snes > gen 3 button
>>Shitty looking console
This isn't even close. Model 1 gen blows the snes out of the water and is easily one of the best looking consoles ever made
>>Shitty mascot
Even tho: Mario games > Sonic games
In terms of 90's rad: Sonic > Mario
Sonic will always be "cooler" than a fat Italian plumber.

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The Genesis 3 button controller is better than the SNES controller when playing games that only use 3 buttons or less, and actually a lot of popular SNES games are like that.
The ultimate 2D controller outside of arcade stuff is the Saturn one though best of SNES and Genesis combined.

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DKC > Vectorman soundtrack

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Genesis' sound sounds garbage emulated but it's alright on an actual old TV as intended.

But yeah, I still prefer the SNES.

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This post is obviously bait, but the shitty sound remark proves somebody played the console only in emulators. I played the Model 1 console in a crt TV for like 6 or 7 years back in the day, and in very rare instances I had a problem with ear bleeding sounds. I even recorded a lot of music in cassette.

Of course, If I only played it on bad emulators or listened to its music in horrible youtube videos, I too would think had shitty sound.

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Because the MegaDrive has aged better.
You can use electronic wizardry to clean up its synth sound (and, on some models, the video output as well) and you can overclock it to make games run nicer.
The SNES is stuck with its muddy first-gen sampler chip (impressive at the time, crap now) and overclocking it introduces artifacting or other issues in some of its games.
Also, arcade shoot/beat-em-ups (which form most of the Genesis/MegaDrive's library) are pretty much timeless. JRPGs and adventure platformers have advanced quite a bit from the SNES days.

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>arcade shoot/beat-em-ups
The problem is there is quite a few people here that don't like these at all, haven't even given them a chance

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I gave them a chance and thought they were shit.

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>SNES has muffled, flat downsampled audio and limited instruments whereas the Genesis if used properly can accurately replicate an energetic Arcade audio

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

>The official OEM 6 button Genesis controller is one of the greatest pad controller in retro game history and it is still used by fighting game veterans to this day. Its design was so avant-garde it was even recycled for the Sega Saturn.

>Does not yellow when exposed to sunlight, uses a clean reflective black and red design with a headphone jack and a fancy volume slider.

>The blue hedgehog fared much better on the cool factor than the fat, middle-aged guido plumber with a squeaky voice. He also had much better spin-offs in what I like to call the "Genesis era"

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Who are you quoting?

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Quoting truth.

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5 minutes / credit feeding doesn't count, buddy

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Looks more like personal opinion to me.

The question is whose?

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I use to have a Genesis and I didn't like how all the games were designed around trying to progress as much as possible without dying instead of an actual fun experience like on N64, Virtual Boy, PS2/PS1, Xbox, and PC. I used to think SNES would be the same too since it came out in the same generation but then I played games like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger

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Yeah, Genesis games were more about the arcade experience
>Virtual Boy
k, nice to meet you, Mr. Troll anon

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I am sorry that you are so objectively wrong because everything I said was absolutely true unless proven otherwise, which you probably can because it's the objective truth.

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>the games were designed around trying to progress as much as possible without dying
That's because most of them were arcade-style games, where the goal is just that. On th Genesis/MegaDrive you don't have to worry about the asshole arcade owner turning up the difficulty to squeeze quarters out of you.
That's not to say it didn't have slower games as well. Heck, it got a Dune II port.

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Red Alarm was fun and Wario Land was one of the best Mario games ever created

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I hope you at least emulated that shit

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>That's because most of them were arcade-style games, where the goal is just that. On th Genesis/MegaDrive you don't have to worry about the asshole arcade owner turning up the difficulty to squeeze quarters out of you

How come the AI in a game like Mortal Kombat becomes bullshit at random? Look at characters like Jade who block everything and spam the throw move or Kintaro who takes half of your health away with one stomp

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Because unlike the SNES, the Genesis is fun to play.

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Some games, particularly western ones due to renting demands not present in Japan, had some bullshit to make them longer so consumers felt satisfied since making a good challenging game is harder than it seems.
If anything I'd say console games were more prone to unfair bullshit than arcades, since if an arcade feels unfair players are probably not gonna want to spend their money on their machine.

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Always play both sides in a console war. Get the best of everything.

Genesis games had some sweet bass though.

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This is a Genesis/MD bass thread now, fuck you consolewar shitposters

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And SNES bass as well just in case

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So do you guys think it's a kid or a segafag meant to falseflag that made this thread?

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No, gtfo with that fucking discussion again


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A kid, it's still Christmas break in some places

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I'd be more inclined to agree if this shit didn't go on all year. I think he's just a bored poor collectorfag who doesn't want to invest in another system.

Exactly like all Gameboy Color troll threads we've been getting.

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It's been more concentrated than usual these past few days.

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Sure a bit. But just enjoy the comedy of it all. It's fun to watch people have meltdowns over things like this.

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Soon there will come a time when all these 20th century consoles cease to work.
it will be a dark day in history.

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>be you
>unhappy with life
>troll people on internet
>feel good for 5 minutes
>then depression returns

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R8 my OC

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Can't complain about NA SNES colours and then use the name Mega Drive. Makes no sense.

>> No.4504134

you come off as a fruitcake and a poser.

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>Shitty sound

Honestly I love the Genesis FM synth.

That twang gives me an almost pavlovian adrenaline response.

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Good point. That pic was my first try. It will probably go thru a couple drafts before its perfected.

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I still think it’s a much bigger embarrassment that the SNES was released over 2 years after the Genesis and at a slightly higher priced, and despite that gets frequently outperformed in sprite pushing capabilities.