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How did you discover the Playstation?

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I wanted to buy it as an expansion for my SNES.

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My friend invited me over for a NYE party and he had Twisted Metal and we all played it and I was mad because all I had was N64

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In videogames magazines.
My parents let me chose which 32 bits console I would get for Christmas. I wanted a Saturn because I loved (and still love) 2D games but my mother convince me to get the Playstation because it had the most game.
Thanks for having common sense mom.

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Found it by accident after trying to work out if any of the Namco arcade games were getting home ports.

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I always knew about it because next gen systems had those cool longboxes that stood out on shelves.

I picked up a few games for it once I got a PS2. My friends and I rarely played this at anyone's place who had it because it only has 2 controller slots.

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Vidya magazines, where else.

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Your mom after I banged her.

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Rich kid in the neighborhood had it. First games I saw/played were Medal of Honor, Gran Turismo 1 and Pro Skater. Blew my mind. I got mine fairly late, 2001 or so when the PSone revision came out. Play it regularly to this day.

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Everything electronic device my Dad bought was Sony. TV, VHS, pocket radios, Hi-fi, surround system, Walkman, cables, everything. Fucker was known by name in the Sony store in town.
He didn't play vidya, but he still felt compelled to buy a Playstation when they launched, even though I was content with my Mega Drive.

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My cousin had one and he let me play Crash Bandicoot which is also the first game I ever played. He let me borrow it and I used my aunt's Playstation to play it but I broke the disc in half because I was scared of some of the monsters I think it was one of the bosses. Luckily when he got a PS3 he got a digital copy of it

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This. Everyone knew about new upcoming hardware from these, That information would get discussed promptly and extensively on the school bus

The school bus was basically /v/ of its day

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My uncle got a UK launch system. The very first memory I have of it is him showing me this exact demo video of Tekken on Demo 1:


I didn't get my own until I believe christmas '97, but I have very fond memories of watching him play Tomb Raider and RE1 in the years preceding.

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1994 Sears Wish Book. I didn't know what the fuck it was, so I ignored it until FFVII came out.

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Vidya Magazines. Got to play one for the first time when my neighbor rented it and we played Rayman on it for hours.

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All the kids at school kept talking about how cool the games are. So I asked for one for Christmas and got one. My parents also got me Twisted Metal, Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot, Ace Combat, and Ridge Racer.

It was a fun Christmas break

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What nice parents

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This TV ad was the first time I ever heard it mentioned.

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I ran out of Nintendo consoles to collect

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From my friend who complained that he got a Sega Saturn. Eventually I got a Playstation bc of how amazing he made it out to be, his mistakes benefited me.

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Cousin of my had one in the late 90s, it spend more time with the repair man than hooked in his TV.

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Brother bought one around 1998 after we already had an N64 for awhile. Played through Resident Evil and Final Fantasy games, realized how shit it was, and then went back to the N64 while the PS1 gathered dust.

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I played Toshinden and got a boner watching Ellis

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>I bought a PS1 because of 3D titties
The absolute state of every Sony fan.

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My brother bought one, liked his N64 more. He ended up giving it to my dad for his birthday.

I didn't play it much until my parents came home one day with a modchipped console and a shitload of games.

Gran Turismo 2 consumed a lot of my childhood.

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Mega Man X4 came out on it so I asked for it for Christmas.

Stuffed Crust Pizza Demo Disc we're a gateway to it's library. I miss demo disc.

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I was like 4 or 5, dad bought one week of launch. Late in that things life span I remember we could only get it to read discs by flipping it upside down. This might be the last time I ever recall that detail of my life so I'll share it. Good times.

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I discovered it through intense investigative journalism and detective work

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My cousins usually got consoles a few years before I did. We were all hardcore genesis kids. They got burned on the 32x so decided not to get a saturn. The rest is history.

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3D butts wrapped in transparent clothes tyvm

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This shit was everywhere, a more interesting question would be if anyone here that lived through its lifespan and still played video games never heard of it.

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I saw demo units at retail stores. It never had any worthwhile games as demos so I never got one.

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My best friend at the time picked up a day 1 release Playstation. I was a Nintendo fag at the time and was holding out for the N64. We used to have arguments over which was better.

No regrets.

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> Picked up a SNES in 1993 after having an NES for 5 years
> Enjoying the library of amazing games
> Nintendo Power is pushing the whole "WHO NEEDS A NEW CONSOLE" with the Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat 3 SNES Ports because the N64 was delayed to 1996
> Try out a PS1 demo kiosk at Caldor (dead department store chain) in 1996.
> Play Ridge Racer, Toshinden, and Destruction Derby demos
> Fuck this is amazing
> Parents say its too expensive at $299
> Drops to $199 over the summer
> Get it for my b-day in August

I was floored with how much of a difference it was compared to NES and SNES. Games like Warhawk, Wipeout XL, and Tekken 2 were just unbelievable at the time. Even though games like Toshinden were all style, it was just amazing to me as a 13 year old how much of a difference it was compared to the previous generations.

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>I was floored with how much of a difference it was compared to NES and SNES.

I was underwhelmed in general by the 5th gen consoles. They had little that looked as good as Donkey Kong Country 2 or Yoshi's Island.

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You were probably blinded by love for your SNES because even if those games looked very good, the leap was impressive. Early 3D games on Playstation were crazy, and Saturn had gorgeous 2D games.

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My cousin got one for... Christmas? His birthday? I don't remember anymore. We had the first Crash Bandicoot on it.

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I had a Mega Drive and the Dreamcast had just come out, I asked my dad to get me a DC for Christmas but he said they were sold out and asked me if I wanted a PS1 instead. Looking back it was probably just an excuse because he couldn't afford the brand new DC but it turned out for the best I guess.

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I used to spam her butt attack constantly because it couldn't be stopped

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Take 2-d gaming out of the equation (even though both PS1 and especially Saturn had amazing 2-d games). PS1 had games in genres that didn't even exist before 5th gen. Games like Warhawk, Wipeout, Tekken, Ridge Racer, Twisted Metal, Destruction Derby, etc. were not possible on 4th gen hardware and the 3-d games on 3d0 and Jaguar were total dogshit.

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Sony spent millions on advertising and sold millions so everyone had one. It was pretty hard to not "discover". lol

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Sony conducted the largest most aggressive marketing campaign in console history at the time the PS1 was released. Even if you didnt play games at all you still knew what it was.

The only way you can 'Discover' the Playstation is if you are underage as fuck.

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Your dad was a s0nygger.

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a friend of one of my younger uncles got it and bring it to the birthday party of my cousins, I played tekken 2, ridge racer and medievil
fucking blew my mind
my dad tell me how great tomb raider was when he saw it, even when he was indiferent to games back then, he buy it to me and my brother
I remember the regular tv's had no VIDEO input so you needed a VHS in Line 1 mode to send the playstation signal to the tv
my first game was need for speed high stakes

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I had to leave school because I was sick, but my parents were at work, so my uncle picked me up and brought me back to my grandmother's house, which is where he lived at the time. Him and his girlfriend had rented a Playstation, so we spent the rest of the day playing Tomb Raider.

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I forgot to add: I personally got one after my house got robbed. They broke the A/V cable on my SNES when they pulled the TV out, so my parents reported the console broken to the insurance company, so they paid for the Playstation. I later found a new A/V cable for the SNES in a box by a dumpster.

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>I wanted a Saturn because I loved 2D games
How would you know that Saturn was going to go on to be the better 2D machine? Both were marketed as cutting edge futuristic 3D games machines, Saturn's entire release was built on the hot fad of 3D with Virtua Fighter, Daytona USA, etc. I don't remember the demo disc having a single 2D game on it (the closest maybe Clockwork Knight), the idea of Saturn being a 2D machine is a modern concept.

I wanted a Saturn because it was cool looking, Sega was cool at the time and coming from SNES I wanted to experience all the awesome new Sega games like the coming 3D Sonic game that I never got, reasons like that.

The same way people "discovered" iPhone, what a strange question. I thought it was a joke of a system until I saw Crash Bandicoot in magazines and my first reaction was "wow." I didn't really care though I didn't feel I was missing out until it was confirmed Tomb Raider 2 wouldn't be on Saturn, that broke my soul. Then when it was confirmed Sonic Xtrme was never happening and SF III scenario 2 and 3 weren't coming to the US I was forced to buy a PlayStation and play all the games I had missed out on. No regrets though, I had the best of both worlds.

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This was typical in Europe. Note that this guy says Mega Drive and not Genesis, as well.


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best butt

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My parent walked me into a empty toys r us.
There sat a PS1, a SATURN, a N64.

For me the choice was almost instant. the design of the PS1 coupled with the fact that it was CD based had me hard.

Turns out it was the best choice you could ever make.

>demo discs in every OPM issue
>amazing games resold for 10$ at electronics boutique

>n64: no fucking games, cost 70$ each
>saturn: dead as fuck

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>n64: no fucking games
Oh fuck off.

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>N64: 10-20 GREAT GAMES + filler
>PS4: 200 great games + 400 okay games

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Yes I said PS4, fuck you

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Speaking strictly exclusives, I prefer Saturn and N64 ones.
I still like the PS, but I hardly go back to it nowadays.

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I've put off playing Super Mario 64 for 20 years

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Lmao, this is such a load of shit. There are barely 10 games worth playing on the PS1 let alone 200. I imagine that you would define utter trash like MGS and FFVIII as "good games", so it doesn't surprise me that you make such a claim. For those of us who play actual good games, and don't enjoy 300 different titles about wandering around an overworld running into invisible enemies every 10 feet and having 45 second long anime character battles, the N64 is the vastly superior machine in every single way. Almost everything on the PS1 beyond the aforementioned autistic JRPGs is either of a supremely low quality (thanks to the amateur developers who led the charge on PS1), or outright steaming shit. The N64 has a small and compact library, but probably one of the best quality-size ratios of any console and a solid 30~40 really stellar games, and you can thank Nintendo for that, as they were more concerned with providing quality experiences rather than letting idiots run wild and pump out hundreds of shovelware titles.

But PS1 did have Medievil, I'll give it that. The one game worth owning on that console.

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>I imagine that you would define utter trash like MGS and FFVIII

stopped reading there

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>About 5 years old
>Have N64 and GBA
>Me and mom live with uncle who got me into games
>Had god-tier tastes back in the day
>Also had PS2 so doesn't need PS1 anymore
>Now I have Ps1
I'd say PS1 pushed me towards more mature games better than Halo and GTA cause I had shit like MGS and FF

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>had a N64 for 20 years
>only played a single-player game
There's your problem pham

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Right, so you've confirmed my beliefs in thinking that you have shit taste. MGS is a horrible 3rd person action game with terrible controls and terrible graphics, saved only by the dialogue which is also marred by the cringe-inducing addition of needless anime tropes during cutscenes. FFVII is a shitty JRPG with snore-inducing gameplay that didn't evolve since the 80s, and was carried entirely by brand name. Deal with it.

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>How would you know that Saturn was going to go on to be the better 2D machine? Both were marketed as cutting edge futuristic 3D games machines, Saturn's entire release was built on the hot fad of 3D with Virtua Fighter, Daytona USA, etc. I don't remember the demo disc having a single 2D game on it (the closest maybe Clockwork Knight), the idea of Saturn being a 2D machine is a modern concept.
That's wrong though, magazines were comparing releases and they always insisted Saturn had the superior version for games like the Capcom/SNK adaptations.

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I hope you mean Final Fight or Fatal Fury and not Final Fantasy

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stopped reading there

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>I have no argument and I must scream

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You're argument is that great games are bad games. Hard to refute that logic famalamadingdong

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My first experience was when my friend traded in his Saturn for one (6th grade). We played Twisted Metal like there was no tomorrow.

>> No.4502201

Except they aren't great games, they're bad games, for reasons which I just explained. I can go into further detail if you'd like, but doing so would be predicated upon you actually having an argument and not being a faggot child, which we both know won't happen because you'd rather say cringey /v/ things like "stopped reading there" than have an actual discussion and defend your abysmal taste in games.

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What's wrong with its controls?

>> No.4502206

>REALLY wanted an N64
>PSX was $100
>N64 was $200
>by this time all the good playstation games are $20 or less
Well shit looks like i'm getting a playstation

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Poor design decisions. For example, instead of being able to aim and shoot, you have to hold the button to aim and release to shoot, that's fucking retarded. The whole game just feels janky.

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stopped reading there

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Well Fatal Fury too cause my uncle is a fightan game fan but yes I meant FF because the themes and concepts being presented to me were mature, atleast in 7.

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its supposed to have a "retro feel"
they kept up with this as far as MGS3 (original version) but dropped it with subsistence

>> No.4502226

At my friend's house when he was playing Resident Evil. I considered it a must own.

>> No.4502231

There's nothing retro about that, it's just fucking stupid. They could have easily just allowed you to hold a trigger button down and the press to fire. Frankly though, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if that retard Kojima did actually make the controls suck on purpose, given all the other retarded things he did, like putting the codec frequency on the fucking actual game box. Literally the only game I've ever seen that broke the fourth wall and intentionally tried to make the game shittier just to say fuck you.

>> No.4502235

>putting the codec frequency on the fucking actual game box

>he doesn't know what codex wheels are
>he doesn't know retro anti-piracy methods

you realize you are on /vr/ right my main man from afghanistan?

>> No.4502236

You're the guy that ends the game with 30+ alerts aren't you?

>> No.4502247

Some people like me and others here as well don't like cinematic games like PS Final Fantasy and MGS, but even then that console plenty of arcade-style games, moreso than the N64 I'd say, but this is just due to the fact it sold better so more games came out eventually on it.

>> No.4502254

>he doesn't know what codex wheels are
Uh no, I don't, whatever the fuck that is. I do know good game design though, and putting critical game information on the back of the disc case might be "lul anti-piracy" but it's also shit design.
You're the guy who makes apologist arguments for shit games, aren't you?

>> No.4502336

Literally every adult normie back then either bought Sony for all electronic devices or couldn't afford to buy Sony

>> No.4502367

It's not even anti-piracy. There are only 200 possible values so it wouldn't take too long to try them all. If you start from the bottom it's like the 17th one.

The controller thing during the Mantis fight is bullshit though. Does the game even tell you about that? I honestly can't remember.

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I was walking down the street and saw it inside a trash can, I just left it there since if somebody threw it in there it must be a pretty bad console. Went home and played my SNES

>> No.4502783

dad bought us one for christmas

>> No.4502805

At an electronic expo in Auckland city.

Played Wipeout and Destruction Derby. Loved them.

Then when we bought one, Demo 1 with Tekken and the T-Rex tech demo.

>> No.4502820

My cousins got it for dia de Reyes (mexican day for gifts in january 6th). Now they are normies living their lives and i'm stuck with videogames.

>> No.4502824

The Playstation may well have saved me from a mediocre life

>> No.4502827

computer shops were the rage with starcraft and counter strike beta. shop was full one day and me and a bunch of friends couldn't play. one friend suggested we play tekken 3 instead. got our asses handed to us by the friend who suggested it. went home, found a rental shop that also lets you rent a playstation at the shop and practiced my ass off to xiao yu and hwoarang. played again and got retribution. then found a more comfy rental shop where i got to play alone with titles like megaman 8, symphony of the night, legacy of kain, and final fantasy 8. got my own playstation (psone) soon after.

>> No.4502829

>The Playstation may well have saved me from a mediocre life
This statement seems to imply that you aren't living one right now, which you are.

>> No.4502839

>inb4 he says "baseless negativity"

>> No.4502863

But it didn't because you're using it to try and garner the respect of people who loathe and disdain you.
Just remember, the more you post, the less people like you because we'll remember every time you do dumb shit like sickpuppetting or crossposting to /pol/ or posting pictures of your injured children in hospital beds or copypasting your own meandering pointless stories.
You aren't projecting the persona you think you are.

>> No.4502865

Obviously not by /vr/ standards or else anon wouldn't find it so unbelievable - but it's exceptionally satisfying in general by modern standards just a little bit old fashioned.

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>spending the last few good years of your life on a retro game message board is "exceptionally satisfying"

>> No.4502870


Your uncle sounds a baller. Brings poon back to his moms place to fuck while playing a rented playstation

>> No.4502874

nintoddler missed his nappy

>> No.4502878

the n64 had 5 good games rest was shit and you know it pal

>> No.4502880

Sony pony missed out on the good console.

>> No.4502883

You don't understand 4chan very well at all.

4chan isn't a place.

>> No.4502884

Owned em all and the nintendo 64 honestly has no games not even shovel ware because cartridges were made for fags back then and still are made for fags today

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Keep dreaming Sonychild. No matter what you do, the N64 will always be the better console, and the PS1 will be the little grey box with the faggy JRPGs. Shame.

>> No.4502889

Coming from you, I absolutely take that as a compliment.

>> No.4502890

>Owned em all
Nope, you didn't.
>he nintendo 64 honestly has no games
Hmm... it's almost like you're an autistic PS1 fan trying to discredit a great console because mommy never bought it for you and all the kids playing Ocarina of Time made you jealous.
>cartridges were made for fags back then and still are made for fags today
Lmao, I just have to laugh at this. Delicate little discs which need to be placed gently into a disc tray and rot away from exposure to common elements aren't made for fags, but big meaty cartridges that last forever are? Solid logic homosex.

>> No.4502892

>4chan isn't a place.
You're right, it's an electronic message board that you spend every waking moment of your life accessing, meanwhile Tyrone raids your fridge after planting yet another bundle of joy in your wife's uterus.

>> No.4502914

honestly though babbages gramps basement looks like it has asbestos

>> No.4502915

>the little grey box with the JRPGs
So it's like the NES and SNES?

Okay. He's good as new btw. Better even.

At any given time I'm much more aware of what's in my fridge and my wife's uterus than I am of what's on /vr/ thanks.

>> No.4502916

Do you have that picture of him holding the iPad? I can't believe nobody's posted that in so long.

>> No.4502918

>At any given time I'm much more aware of what's in my fridge and my wife's uterus than I am of what's on /vr/ thanks
I legitimately do not believe this.

>> No.4502921

It's possible. I preserved some of the original large cast iron registers when I replaced the old coal furnace that had been converted to gas and they have some strange material around them that I definitely got in my nose and mouth. Tasted weird.

>> No.4502924

One day I came home after school to find out my mum had traded in my Megadrive 2 for a Playstation, didn't question it one bit after I played Crash Bandicoot for the first time.

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Well you happened to pick two areas that are top priorities to me. Tyrone could steal a Sega CD or a Holley carb or fifty laserdiscs and I probably wouldn't notice for months but if there was one zucchini unaccounted for in my fridge I would notice immediately.

>> No.4502935

Why do you post pictures of yourself dude? I'm just legitimately curious.

>> No.4502941

I got one for christmas because I wanted the home port of Alpha 2 and SOTN. Yeah. I was that little shit that got a PS to play 2D games.

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I originally posted that one because anons were giving me shit about my reflection in some convex plexiglass on my NinjaWarriors cab making me look fatter than I was. Why don't you post pictures of yourself?

>> No.4502947

Do you post on any retrogaming forums? Why do you bother with a barely trafficked board on this shithole?

>> No.4502949

If you have to troll at least try harder, anon

>> No.4502969

>Why don't you post pictures of yourself?
Well, because I'm not retarded.

>> No.4502975

Are you like 6'4'' or are these girls midgets?

>> No.4502984

I see what you mean, if you went in from a perspective of wow Saturn version of these games is superior and those are the ones are I want to play that makes sense. I read it more as putting myself back in 1994 and saying ok I like 2D games and Saturn's going to be a better 2D machine which obviously nobody had a concept of at the time.

>> No.4502991

I've done some articles but I like 4chan. When I first started posting here most anons reminded me of younger versions of myself that wanted what I had figured out how to get and appreciated my insights on such matters. Now I don't really know what they want (I don't think they do either) but I still find it to be quite valuable as unfiltered cultural insight.

I'm like 6'4"

>> No.4503001

I was born and I found it

>> No.4503004

Ah the angry contrarian act, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the controls. Input is very smooth, speed of character is correct for the map size and speed of enemies, multiple inputs from inventory is handled conveniently and very tight, several modes of play are built into the character experience (first person, behind the back third person, overheard) to have more control options over ones abilities in different scenarios...all done very smooth with zero lag and smooth transitions.

Your entire argument is you have to hold a fucking button. There's nothing inherently wrong with holding the button, it offers the character even more minute control over his actions in a game that rewards being careful and stealth. You proved absolutely nothing other than you awful taste in games.

>> No.4503007

People that come saying 4chan or whatever is for losers come off as underage and insecure.
Guys, have you wondered what happens when you've settled down with a wife and kids? You don't have to try hard to seem cool. Not everything in life is about fucking, when you've got that covered you're not going to want to do that 24/7. Relaxing on an image board discussing stuff you like is nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe this is why you guys like being contrarian and edgy all the time? It's lie you're not allowed to like anything that's not Chad approved.

>> No.4503145


Gramps, I appreciate you.

INB4 someone says put your trip code back on faggot.

I'm not gramps, but I can appreciate having a screen name as it was pretty much how all forums and internet stuff was done up until 4chan. I debated getting a trip myself but I just don't want to piss with the drama surrounding it.

I usually find your insight either valuable, entertaining, or humorous. Plus the drama over tripcodes can be funny from time to time. I don't know you but I can appreciate all the shit you take because of it. Some of the responses you make and anons make back give me a good chuckle.

I already answered how I found playstation in this thread, but I'd also like to say I recently found out how to play it on a modchipped ps2 fat via hard drive. It's pretty damn nice to be able to play those high dollar "hidden gemz" that all shoot up to astronomical prices once the latest e-celeb shills them.

>> No.4503178

Thanks! Compatibility is better if you play from disc though.

>> No.4503190

>Your entire argument is you have to hold a fucking button.
That was literally one single example that I provided for why the game sucks. I also mentioned the stupidity of the cutscenes and general story, the inclusion of retarded things like the codec frequency on the back of the CD case, etc. I can gladly provide more examples, like trap doors in the floor with no visual clue to let you know they're there, some items which are basically useless, how easy it is to get stuck with low health/items and make it almost impossible to finish the game, etc., but you'll find some way to diminish those no doubt.
>it offers the character even more minute control over his actions
Having to hold a button and release to fire provides more control that holding one button to aim and one to fire? Are you literally retarded?
>You proved absolutely nothing other than you awful taste in games.
Lmao, kiddo, I'm not the one shilling a shitty 3rd person stealth game filled with retarded anime tropes that lasts all of 3 hours. You aren't one to be talking about taste. Just stop.

>> No.4503208

>Compatibility is better if you play from disc though

I accidentally busted the little white tab that actuates the dvd tray. I have one ordered but I'm stuck using hard drive only now. If I run into a compatibility issue, I'll try a disc. I have all the games I had back in the day so mostly the stuff I care about I have physical media anyway.

Just FYI, if anyone is using a ps2 for retro (or anything) don't force a stuck door back in. I did this on my unit I owned back in the day and it fixed it totally. This unit just snapped the little tab off. Take it apart and put the white plastic pin back where it goes in the tray and lubricate the parts that need lubrication.

>> No.4503280

One thing I've noticed about the PlayStation is how relatively late it was adopted by most people.

When did you all first get your playstations?

September 7 1997 for me.

>> No.4503320

>Not owning every console cause parents are worth 100 million

Shame your parents could only afford Zelda for your baby ass

>> No.4503380
File: 18 KB, 500x500, 41KwcuECfIL[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fliptop fat PS2 cases have reappeared. Also the same Chinese company or companies that make "fake" ps3 controllers seem to have started making wireless PS2 controllers with dongles for $8 and a version that has a PS2 to directinput converter in their dongles for $12. I'm thinking about checking one out.

>> No.4503384

Got it around october 1996, I wanted a N64 but my parents were convinced by the store clerks to get a PS since it had bootleg, much cheaper games.
A week later I also got a N64 anyway.

>> No.4503393

People at school in 1997.

At the time i only had a NES and master system.

Played Sony and N64 at friends houses.

>> No.4503397

>the store clerks to get a PS since it had bootleg

>> No.4503453

in a thrift store bin for $5. It had a sticker in the disc tray saying it was modded by some local company.

>> No.4503473

So you wife got Tyrone and you got the zucchini. I'm not even surprised.

>> No.4503481

>Be 16
>Born into Alaskan tribe
>Told to leave tribe, become a man, lose virginity
>Arrive to Los Angeles with $500 to my name
>See funny, gray cd player
>Always wanted cd player
>Buy cd player, cd player also plays games
>Now I'm 37, still a virgin, never go back home.

>> No.4503487

In a pawn shop in 2013, costing less than a pack of smokes. That's how I get myself a PSX. Before that my only "contact" with it was reading all those magazines in the 90s and dreaming about being so rich one day that I will have both a PC and a console.

>> No.4503504

>PS1 will be the little grey box with the faggy JRPGs
It had Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. Which alone made it better than pretty much anything else. Grab your (You)

>> No.4503506

The first time? I read about it in gamepro where it showed the prototype that made it look more toilety a few years before it's release. Otherwise, it was you know, released?

Most of the N64 games were pretty bad.

>> No.4503508

>It had Tomb Raider and Resident Evil.
For your own sake, I sincerely hope you're kidding. Tomb Raider is shit, Resident Evil is as average as they come and the definitive version of the best game in the series (RE2), is on N64. Stop being a faggot.

>> No.4503510

>Most of the N64 games were pretty bad.
Literally the only argument PS1 autists can ever come up with. "N64 games were bad", "N64 had no games", never any actual argument or logic or reasoning, because 99% of people shitting on the console have never even touched one. You want a console with bad games? Get a PS1, it's literally the shovelware king and has almost nothing outside of JRPGs that is actually worth playing.

>> No.4503512
File: 443 KB, 480x238, dolan you.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tomb Raider is shit
Let me guess - your mom didn't allow you to play "violent games" and you were stuck with Mario Cart?

>> No.4503515

Not at all, she even took my older brother and I to the store to buy RE3 when it came out, despite us being very young at the time. We had both an N64 and a PS1, so I'm adequately equipped to talk about how shit the PS1 was. Tomb Raider is painfully bad and were it not for the tit-equipped protagonist it would have fallen into obscurity.

>> No.4503518
File: 232 KB, 209x207, 1505673743187.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mario Cart
Lol has this faggot ever even played a Nintendo console? Point and laugh.

>> No.4503521

>has almost nothing outside of JRPGs that is actually worth playing.

I'd take Armored Core over the entire N64 library

Oh and PS1 fighters were infinitely better than N64 fight.... oh wait, N64 has no fighting games

>> No.4503525

>I'd take Armored Core over the entire N64 library
I'm sure you would, because A) you're a faggot with terrible taste in games, and B) you've never played a single game from the N64 library.
>Oh and PS1 fighters were infinitely better than N64 fight.... oh wait, N64 has no fighting games
Actually it has quite a few, one being Killer Instinct Gold which absolutely shits on almost every PS1 fighter outside of maybe Darkstalkers. Regardless, the fact you care so much about fighting games as a genre is critically telling of the fact you're a weeb with no taste.

>> No.4503526
File: 42 KB, 960x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>whoa so cool

>> No.4503528

How can someone legitimately think this is a better game than the likes of SM64, OoT, Star Fox 64, Paper Mario and Perfect Dark combined lol... Sony was a mistake and PS1 fans have a deeply rooted sickness.

>> No.4503529

Is your love for the 64's toddler-marketed games down to some sort of nationalistic bias? I never gave a fuck which country made my games. I'm glad you like Darkstalkers but that's one of many Playstation fighters that were better than KI.

And show me a 64 game whose customization options go anywhere as deep as Armored Core's did.

>> No.4503536

>Is your love for the 64's toddler-marketed games down to some sort of nationalistic bias?
Uh, no. I'm just calling a spade a spade here. Did you suddenly forget that Nintendo is a Japanese company or are you literally retarded?
> I'm glad you like Darkstalkers but that's one of many Playstation fighters that were better than KI.
Not really. I don't think you're in much of a position to argue this point anyway, given that you've never actually played the game.
>And show me a 64 game whose customization options go anywhere as deep as Armored Core's did.
Apples and oranges. There are plenty of games with deeper customization options than Armored Core, but that's completely relative to the genre. I can't really think of anything which is directly similar to Amored Core, which is probably a good thing because the game is shit. But if you want customization options, I recommend trying Perfect Dark where you can literally create your own characters, custom music playlists, weapon sets and game modes. I also fail to understand the relation of customization to gameplay quality, but whatever floats your boat.

>> No.4503539
File: 238 KB, 444x575, 1496953765151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>64's toddler-marketed games
>shitting on the console with the squirl that says fuck and some of the bloodiest games of the gen, meanwhile defending the console with the little purple dragon and anime characters

>> No.4503542
File: 3.83 MB, 320x240, cerebral-bore-o.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the 64's toddler-marketed games
literally laughing at you right now

>> No.4503546

Okay, let's make an orange to orange comparison then. WWF Attitude was an ugly game on both its 64 and PS ports but the PS version had significantly more customization options which at least made it fun to play for goofy CAWs.

Going back to Armored Core, was there any N64 games that allowed you to carry your saves through three different games? I had a great time playing out a long saga.

Now I'm not going to say that PS was completely better than 64. The very first platformer for 64 was better than anything Playstation eber released in the genre. But in at least two genres (RPGs and fighters) PS shits all over 64. The two machines were just better at doing different things. Hell, fucking Robo Pit had more customization than almost all 64 games.

>> No.4503547
File: 266 KB, 1000x1000, Vampire_Savior_SS_A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>On Playstation


>> No.4503548

I'm sorry your system gimped itself by sticking with cartridges so that little Brandon and Ashley wouldn't cry when they scratched their discs.

>> No.4503551

>let's make an orange to orange comparison then
>Going back to Armored Core

I don't play wrestling games because I'm not a faggot, but sure, it's very likely that the PS1 has a game with more customization options than an N64 port. That's called cherrypicking and it has nothing to do with the console as a whole. Why don't we talk about the butchered ports of Rayman 2, Quake 2, Gauntlet Legends and countless other games which are objectively superior on the N64?

>Now I'm not going to say that PS was completely better than 64
The bending of the knee begins.

>But in at least two genres (RPGs and fighters) PS shits all over 64
I don't deny this, at least from a purely quantitative standpoint. If you like games where you wander around an overworld running into invisible monsters and fight 45 second long battles with anime characters, boy oh boy does the PS1 have you covered. But the same can be said for the N64, as it excels in just about every other genre. Want platformers, adventure games, shooters, puzzlers, racers, etc? The N64 is objectively the better console.

The biggest problem with the PS1 is that the games are just of a very low quality. I kid you not, Nintendo literally made the N64 a powerful but difficult machine to work with on purpose, because they wanted to weed out amateur developers and provide extremely high quality experiences. Sony just let retards run wild, which is why you have 2500 dogshit games.

I'm sorry, the N64 is the better console.

>> No.4503553

N64 had Custom Robo V1 and 2 which are pretty much about customization.

>> No.4503557

How does this have anything to do with violence in video games? Are you retarded?

Anyway, the N64 didn't gimp itself at all. The cartridge format is better in almost every way, the one downside was that you couldn't hold a lot of CD-quality audio on it, which didn't even really matter since the music was still amazing anyway. While I was playing games with no load times and huge overworlds that physically last forever because of cartridge format, you were wasting literal hours of your life fumbling with delicate discs that are currently in the process of rotting away. Sorry to hear about your autism.

>> No.4503567
File: 2.56 MB, 167x190, 1495982485699.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ITT: Sony babies get assblasted by well-prepared N64 autists with actual arguments
Well, damn.

>> No.4503575
File: 373 KB, 650x488, dfm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

saw one, never wanted one. Friends that never had a console kept bothering me why I call myself a gamer when I dont have one and I need one so I can play via "psx lan" with them. So I got one, played some C&C with them via lan. Overall very trash console. Sony is fucking retarded assholes.

>> No.4503606

One of my dad's friends had one where I got to play Crash 2. Wasn't enough to convince me to want one though as I happily stayed Segatendo master race.

>> No.4503778
File: 69 KB, 358x392, 1279696118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tomb Raider is painfully bad and were it not for the tit-equipped protagonist it would have fallen into obscurity
>Game that defined TPP games

>> No.4503782

And then you realised that last time Nintendo acheved anything on console market was N64, all the way until Wii. Which was still a pale shadow of what they've did with N64.
So I'm not sure who really "won" here.

t. PC fag

>> No.4503792

Name one point in the games where Lara's boobs are even referenced, or any fanservice at all.

You can't.

>> No.4503801

Kind of irrelevant to that discussion though

>> No.4503803

Not even that port is really worth it nowadays if you want a 1:1 experience. At the time it was the best, indeed.

>> No.4503810

The fanservice was their size in and of itself; you really think they had to be explicitly referenced to be considered sex appeal?
Besides which, didn't Tomb Raider have marketing that heavily emphasized them? Even on the box art they look absurd.

>> No.4503812

>He thinks the game started with sex-driven marketing
Imagine being this young.
But then again, you pretty much admitted you were still a kid around RE3, so go figure.

In fact, come to think about it, there was only one TR that run entirely on sex-appeal. Chronicles. Which is generally considered the weakest of Core-made and a solid contender to being the weakest TR ever made.
Ironically, the game is an elegy, making the sexy marketing really fucking stupid.

>> No.4503816

>Character made of 150 polygons
>Surprised the tits are big
>Besides which, didn't Tomb Raider have marketing that heavily emphasized them
Nope? The marketing itself was about Lara being sexy, strong and smart. And sexy. Not her tits. That's pretty much like saying marketing of Samus was about her tits, just because she happens to have them.

>> No.4503818
File: 26 KB, 800x600, 676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look buddy, you are going to try harder than this, because at this point it's what >>4503812 just said - you are too young to even remember this shit properly.

>> No.4503830
File: 332 KB, 1366x2048, H8Nll0z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was the original Tomb Raider release. Hmm

>> No.4503834

You fags also probably believed that Lara's tits size was an accident.

>> No.4503837

Nobody believe that, ever, yet somehow around '99 or so people started talking about it. It's an urban myth that grown into such proportions it rivals "nude cheat code". The reason was far simplier - they were simply unable to render anything smaller on her model to still even resemble tits.

>> No.4503839

Where did you get that from? I'm not surprised. Polygon count does not necessitate that her chest is disproportionately large, or explain promotional artwork either way.
And "sexy" has nothing to do with large breasts, then?

>> No.4503841

Her tits aren't even that big in the game

>> No.4503845

I'm not >>4503515.
What I mean is that I don't understand the logic that nobody found sex appeal in Lara Croft's design, or that the marketing did not take advantage of that. Hasn't her designer even gone on record to say that the marketing ran with it in a way he wasn't fond of?

>> No.4503849
File: 89 KB, 650x487, 575216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are triangular. The theory that they couldn't distinguish smaller tits on her model make sense.

>> No.4503870

I don't get it.

Everyone in that picture (except the gingernut who obviously isn't you) IS fat.

Oh and the other one is obviously 10+ years ago so clearly doesn't count considering the odd fridge fixation you just opened up about.

>> No.4504098

Yes, you do seem to have fairly poor English comprehension. This is a trend I've noticed among my more vocal critics.

>> No.4504201

>Hasn't her designer even gone on record to say that the marketing ran with it in a way he wasn't fond of
Toby Gard (lead designer, writer and tester) and Paul Douglas (lead programmer) and it was a game made by just six people, so the "lead" guys leaving was a serious problem literally quit Core Design in the protest about the whole issue right after the first game was made and they've realised they lost any sort of control or imput, being now reduced to code monkeys with only option to push out a sequel, double speed. Gard never intended to play up the sex-appeal angle and got royally pissed upon learning that not only his choices as a creator are over-ruled by Eidos marketing department, but his own boss at Core can't do shit about it either.
So he throw an absolutely nuclear fit in front of Eidos' board, fortified in his office in Core and then quit vidya industry out of sheer disgust two months of sulking later. Maybe that was all childish, but who wouldn't be pissed.
Ironically he always wanted to play the "strong independent womaaaan" jingle for TR. Was this close from succeeding. Eventually Crystal Dynamics managed to pull that when they've hired him for Legend and Underworld, but they've added their shit to it anyway and then rebooted the whole series anyway into a whiny girl-next-door with zero personality or reason to go for adventures in the first place.

Her tits got considerably smaller on the in-game model once they've figured out how to deal with it, even under Core.

>> No.4504214

It's interesting to me, the prevailing idea among modern men that strong independent women should not and/or do not have sex appeal.

>> No.4504225

It wasn't about zero sex-appeal. It was about putting entire focus and then some, running marketing on "Look! It's a girl! Check those tits!" rather than "Would you like to play an action-adventure game with sexy, smart and strong chick in it?". Early marketing for TR was one step away from being porn. And a really distasteful porn.
Which is what pissed Gard.

>> No.4504263

I can't imagine what hell it would be these days for your alpha release to go viral with an unintended fanbase but back then developers should have just stayed away from marketing. It was marketing's job to get the game to a wide audience just like it was the dev's job to produce the game he wanted people to play. He should have been satisfied with that, maybe even happy with its success but if your accounting is accurate all he did was make his life and the franchise worse.

>> No.4504310

Thing is, they had the entire game read, with marketing and all, send it to Eidos, where their own marketing department took the game, but trashed everything else.
I would also like to remind it was mid-90 and Core was pretty much an indie dev, if there even was such thing back then to begin with. Tomb Raider was two years of labour and a very personal project for Gard and Douglas. So I perfectly understand their blow-out about Eidos trashing their work. Who wouldn't be? It's like the famous pitch video for Wasteland 2, where all the standard antics of publishers are portrayed, including the type of published that wants your game, but also wants from you to completely change the entire appeal of it, because "hey, our marketing deparment says teen romance and vampires are hot right now".

>> No.4504312

>game ready

>> No.4504847


Just curious anon, what type of game do you actually enjoy?

>> No.4504859


Her ass is way nicer than her tits anyway.

>> No.4504860

Could you explain this baseless accusation or are you just employing your usual deflection tactic?

>> No.4505403

If I was claiming I wasn't fat I would have said "my reflection... was making me look fat" not "fatter than I am". An anon in that thread actually tipped me off on some new research on gut flora that helped me reduce my spare tire area since then too. If I stay on the ball maybe this summer I'll post some pics from our strip warlords nights.

>> No.4505742


one day i woke up and there was one plugged into my tv with Tomb Raider on pause. my brother was borrowing it from my brother-in-law who worked at Toys 'R Us. I was still coming to terms with playing games like Mortal Kombat 3 on my Genesis and playing our neighbors SNES... couldnt believe it

>> No.4505751
File: 80 KB, 1356x902, supermansixtyno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I kid you not, Nintendo literally made the N64 a powerful but difficult machine to work with on purpose, because they wanted to weed out amateur developers and provide extremely high quality experiences.

You're full of shit.

>> No.4505958

Superman 64 is what you get when developers don't get the message Yamauchi was trying to send.

>> No.4505959
File: 88 KB, 800x557, 1227057171-00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There were loads of crapware on the N64 dude.

>> No.4505980

They didn't get the message either. Trying to send a message =/= banning all bad games.

Ironically I think it made some bad games even worse, cause those who dared struggled with the hardware and produced technical shit.

>> No.4505981

Back in the early 2000's or so. My mum gave me a PSOne for some reason, I think she bought some combo pack since it also came with a Playstation backpack that could carry the PSOne, several games and I recently found a memory card in one of the slots the bag had.

The only games I remember playing on it where Harry Potter 1 and 2, Action Man, Beyblade and a demo of Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

Overall, the PSOne wasn't that fun of a console to me since I had no games for it, and I would've rather played the Dreamcast or something.

>> No.4505991

They should've just banned the bad games and made the hardware easy to work with.

>> No.4505998

I thinking banning bad games outright was the original plan, but because so many developers abandoned Nintendo due to cartridges, they were forced to make some really dodgy partnerships with developers/publishers with really inconsistent outputs - like Titus and Midway.

As for making the hardware easier, Nintendo actually saved a lot of money on hardware production by making it hard to program. The "it'll weed out bad developers" was an excuse used to justify that decision.

>> No.4506618

>How did you discover the playstation?
I don't know... I was a child in the 90s, it existed, it was everywhere. You act like the playstation is some dumb obscure piece of electronic hardware or something, like it's some dumb unknown artifact of the retro era, when really, you could never escape from it back then.

>> No.4506621

My parents surprised me with it. Our neighbors told them they will install a mod chip. Good times.

>> No.4506689

>This thread
REEE stop enjoying a videoconsole that is not the n64!!!

>> No.4506740


>> No.4506758
File: 164 KB, 1280x720, Stop having fun!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just stop having fun already!

>> No.4506934


>> No.4507053

What's a good site to download PS1 games?

>> No.4507057

the video game store irl.com

>> No.4507059

One of my best friends invited me over to his house and he had been gifted a PS1. When I got home and told my mom about it, she asked me if I wanted milkies.

>> No.4507151

How does the Playstation handle video modes? Can I run PAL-games in the correct speed on a NTSC console?

>> No.4507154
File: 744 KB, 545x612, mario4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4508145

because everyone in the world had one...

>> No.4508526

I didn't have one.
I didn't own or get my hands on a single console in my life. And I wouldn't call myself a "PC mustard race" either, because the reason I had PC was the fact back in the day it could to a lot more things than consoles could at the same price and I just stayed with it as a choice ever since mid-90s. Oh, and piracy. Piracy, yes.

>> No.4508563

>PC the same price as consoles

>> No.4508630

A kid down my street was selling his in '99 at a garage sale to get money for a Dreamcast. I bought it and all of his games for ~$120.

All he had were garbage shovelware, so I didn't really like it all that much compared to my N64. Didn't really get into it until around '04/'05 and I started posting online more and seeing games that people loved on it and picking those up. I still prefer the N64 due to nostalgia, but I have a much much better opinion of the PSX now.

>> No.4508643

One of my mother's friend's son had it, and since he was older and had to be out working, I could play it with whenever we visited. I remember there being four games: Crash, SotN, Tomb Raider and RE2. I was afraid to play either RE or TR, and just played the other two. SotN is one of my favorite games on the system and I haven't played Crash in a decade or so.

>> No.4508707

It had raiden. And the saturn did not.

>> No.4508708

>paid full price for a used playstation

absolute autism

>> No.4508714

And around 20 (admittedly garbage) games.

>> No.4508767

>i am and always have been poor

>> No.4508774
File: 1.51 MB, 2800x2480, PS2-Versions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is PS2 retro yet? It's almost old enough to do porn.

>> No.4508851

>Oh, and piracy. Piracy, yes.

>> No.4508980

ugh man the fat consoles are always so ugly. I feel bad for them.

>> No.4509004

Except for how they can hold a hard drive and the slims can't

>> No.4509007

No, your childhood isn't retro.
But you can e-mail Hiro pestering him to make /v2k/

>> No.4509012

It's close enough, has all the animation frames intact which is the most important thing.

>> No.4509051

It's definitely something that should exist, there's absolutely no place to discuss games from Gen 6 and 7 (for the most part).

>> No.4509052

Meme response, or are you just that assmad?

You get a PSX for the totality of its library. All the action, adventure, horror, role playing, racing, fighting, vehicle combat, platfotmers and on and on.

N64 you get because Mario, oot and GoldenEye. Period.

Speaking as a man who owned both back in the day, this is just the sad truth. I got an n64 because if heard it was amazing. Got it with over 10 games and literally all but three sucked ass. And oot was over rated as fuck, btw.

My n64 sat and collected dust, while my PSX library just grew and grew.

At my height, I had 145 PlayStation games and 20 n64. And most of those were ports like megaman legends and resident evil 2.

Your opinion is simply invalid, anon.

>> No.4509058

>N64 you get because Mario, oot and GoldenEye. Period.
That's all you played? You need to play some Goemon, Bomberman, Sin and Punishment, F Zero X

>> No.4509059

Actually, I believe it was comercials like crash bandicoot, FFVII and nightmare creatures.

They were brilliant with FFVII because it was advertised as the biggest blockbuster of the summer. I didn't buy it right then, but it caught my eye.

>> No.4509078

And is yours?

>> No.4509185

I was 21 when the PS2 was released and truly believe it should belong on this board.

It was the last generation you could just buy a game, put it in the console and have it "just werk". 7th gen was when everything went to shit and represents the line in the sand IMO.

>> No.4509190

>put it in the console and have it "just werk"
That is, if you dodn't get a disc error screen.
To be fair, the PS1 also had a lot of disc drive problems.

Anyway, it's not about whether you personally consider it to be "retro" or not. This board already has its rules stablished, and it works as is.
/v2k/ is not a bad idea. If you let 6th gen into /vr/, immediately you'll have 7th gen people demanding them to be included since these systems were releases whatever years ago, yadda yadda.
/v2k/ would allow all 2k videogames that aren't current gen. It would solve the problem of not being able to discuss 6th gen on /v/ or /vg/ (although you technically can), and it wouldn't interfere with /vr/'s already stablished criteria.

>> No.4509193

Castlevania SotN exists

>> No.4509203

It came out kind of late, did you discover the ps1 in 98 or something? If so, you were a toddler, but then... how did you become interested in Castlevania, a 2D game in the era of the 3D games being the "in" thing, when you were a toddler?

>> No.4509208

My mom had got me magazine subscriptions when I was younger so I was always up-to-date on stuff. I remember seeing it in magazines but I got to see it for the first time when I went to my cousin's house in 1996 and we went to the Blockbuster down the street from his house when it was safer (mind you I live in St Louis) and we checked out two games and one of them was Resident Evil and the other was Suikoden. I was in awe of it and I got my own for Christmas in 1996. Good times.

>> No.4509214

maybe he's a 3rd worlder? I'm not him but a lot of stuff here in my country came later and even when they launched only filthy rich kids here of the kind who would travel to disneyland once a year would be able to afford a console at release date.

>> No.4509217

Maybe, I'd still find it weird if he actually found out about the PS1 due to SOTN

>> No.4509314

God bless your mom

>> No.4509339
File: 23 KB, 640x480, 1412094601119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just bought one. Seriously.

>> No.4509360
File: 780 KB, 500x375, 1481953263825.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, PS was around me from the begining of my conscious life. TV ads, posters on the streets, videogame parlors ("shiny" grey boxes hucked up to old soviet CRTs). It was everywhere, form the beginig of (our) time, it was our holy grail, it was tits of young Angelina Jolie and smelly greasy hair of Court Cobain.
Generation before us was the Pepsi generation, and folks like me are Playstation generation.

>> No.4509410

Ah, memories.

My older brother sold his Amiga one day and I asked him what the fuck possessed him to do such a thing (as I was very much in the habit of sneaking into his room to play on it whenever he wasn't home) and he informed me he'd preordered a Playstation.

I had no idea what that was and told him it sounded gay as shit. I was 8 at the time. He was 18.

Three months later, he's plugging this grey box into the living room TV. He never played anything in the living room normally, but he clearly wanted to show this off.

It was day zero of the console's UK release, and he put Demo 1 into into the disc drive, and this starts playing:


That thumping track is blasting out of our dad's $1000 hifi speakers, and by the time the intro video is done, I feel like I've been blown across the room and burnt to cinders by the sheer awesomeness and intensity of what I've just seen.

The controller doesn't get put down for the entire night. We play the Wipeout demo over and over again. He thrashes my times, but I don't care.

Dad sticks his head into the room, looks at the screen for a few moments. "That's impressive."

He'd know - he's microelectronics engineer.

Dad proceeds to buy me my own for christmas without me even asking for one. Most incredible surprise of my life.

>> No.4509430

hopefully you don't wake up tomorrow you reddit spacing faggot

>> No.4509581

Oh man, this is one terrible thread. We should delete this board.

>> No.4509629

This sounds like a script for a pseudo-nostalgia inducing playstation commercial or something

>> No.4509631

haha epic bro

>> No.4509635

>best sound while parents are fighting again

>> No.4509654

>in my day hard drives were full height 5 1/4 and we liked it damn it
Top kek kid. There's these things called SSD and SD. All the cool kids are using them.

>> No.4509754

Show us your slim PS2 with SSD

>> No.4510016


Sold them at "the good guys!"

Didn't buy one for myself until 1999 because I played it every day at work.

>> No.4510080

>eserved some of the original large cast iron registers when I replaced the old coal furnace that had been converted to gas and they

Asbestos shouldn't have a taste as far as i know. If you ever get a chance watch "yank tanks". It's a documentary about the old cars in cuba. There's dudes making brake pads out of fluffy asbestos. It fills the air and they don't even use masks. It's a damn good documentary.

I already answered on the thread previously, but even though my cousin's got one first, I was jonesing about them from game magazines at the time.

>> No.4510106
File: 503 KB, 400x300, b084106f-fd67-4eb1-9440-c988df88530c_text[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Believe it or not I'll probably do just that since I've never seen confirmed asbestos just various old ass contractors telling me some material they were removing had it in it.

>> No.4510356

You're the only one here who doesn't know this can be done faggot.

>> No.4510372

Yes son, I was there when babbages first started to believe he was indeed cancer.

>> No.4510425

Fun fact: he said he actually battled cancer in his 20s. So in a way, he is, literally, cancer.

>> No.4510495

That was when the school bully grabbed his wrists and started punching him in the face with his own hands say "stop hitting yourself. That day he did literally battle cancer.

>> No.4510960
File: 103 KB, 470x355, 1439672513592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can talk about it on /v/

Sure, /v/ is a fucking shit board, but you can still talk about Gen 6 perfectly fine on /v/. The reason the Dreamcast was allowed was mostly due to the ambiguity of the rules beforehand, but it was also due to how it wasn't discussed on /v/ even in 6th gen threads. It didn't really have a place for discussion there, but at least it does here

Gen 6 discussion is quite common on /v/ anyhow, you can easily start a discussion about the PS2, and sure you'd get some shitposters but overall you can have a decent thread about the PS2 and the 6th gen, some do even get as technical as /vr/ threads on the Saturn/PS1/N64 (albeit, mostly how the Gamecube wasn't as powerful as we once thought)

Plus I feel that Gen 6 basically pushes the boundaries of games we can talk about to 2013 due to how Fifa 14 was a PS2 game. You'd see that shitposted a lot. It'd be best to leave Gen 6 out of here for a long while. Besides Gen 6 discussion would bring the board down.

>> No.4512249


>> No.4512665

Dad brought one home with a copy of Oddworld, just thinking about it makes me feel comfy

>> No.4512692

Lithuaniafag here. Back in 2001, I think, a classmate who was more well-off had one and I remember Tekken 3 seemed out of this world. Given I myself had only an MD, it definitely made an impression back then.

Then again, I graduated to PC mustard race shortly thereafter and only bought a modded PSX about two years ago. Still, the CD drive on the unit is kind of iffy so I actually prefer emulating the games to playing on the actual hardware.

>> No.4514108

The point is there's literally no room inside a slim ps2 for an ssd without removing the optical drive entirely which is just retarded.

Why would there be a school bully doing the "stop hitting yourself" to me in my 20s? No, I haven't been bullied since I hit 6'2" which was like 7th grade.

>> No.4514539

>The point is there's literally no room inside x without removing the optical drive entirely which is just retarded
I guess all those people who did that are retarded. They should have spent their time inb4 shitposting like you.

>i'd given up on school and started flipping burgers in my 20's
Explains a lot. Any bully would take advantage of a soft (your wife knows what I'm talking about) target. You're a sad sad fuck fake gramps.

>> No.4516105

Stupid tripfag BTFO again

>> No.4517895

Post literally any picture of an SSD in a slim PS2 without it replacing its dvd drive. You can't because it can't be done.

I don't even understand the rest of what you're trying to imply so I have no response. Do you think colleges have schoolyards let alone bullies? I suspect your understanding of reality is based on movies and memes.

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