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is EVERY playstation game this ugly?

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Are you THIS much of a faggot?

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Tomb Raider 3 isn't even that ugly

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nice ad hominem

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This is tomb raider 1.
Even tomb raider 2 looked decent.

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Nice cognitive dissonance.

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I dunno, i can easily tell that's a woman running down stairs, and then shooting at a wolf.

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GOAT aesthetic

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We had this thread 2 or 3 weeks ago. Why do we need this exact same thread again?

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If any Tomb Raider game looks like that to you there's something wrong with both your display and your eyes. Looks like the Playstation version over composite on a cheap LCD while you're blackout drunk.


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An insult isn't an ad hominem. Think of it like a bonus.


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This isn't ugly though.

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That steam version looks like shit tbqh.

Original release on Voodoo3 or go home.

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All you need is custom wrapper like 3dfx or nglide.

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Will TR1 work properly on a GeForce 2, or is it literally allergic to anything but 3dfx?

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Custom wrapper

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You still need a custom wrapper for an old card? hmm

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Just emulate the ps version on youre phone and get a moga controller. Son

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you are like a little baby
watch this

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Obviously you can go for the vapourware shit if you have money to burn but realistically V3 is the entry requirement for a good Glide experience.

I've got 2 AGPs and a PCI and they're maximum nice for a pre-Y2K setup. V2 SLI is cool as frig but then you're looking at 3 slots used and a cabling headache for no performance benefit.

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This looks incredible, people have the nerve to say this isn't a beautiful game.

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Well, you can actually see something, which certainly puts it above the Playstation/Saturn original. But it is still far from "beautiful".

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>tfw dad bought 3 5500s, one for mac with a DVI output, and two for PC, one with PCI and AGP in the 90s

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Is your dad a time traveller or did he work for 3dfx/STB? Those cards didn't come out until Y2K.

That aside, bet you wish you'd hung on to them. That's ~$1000 with of hardware at today's prices.

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Yes, the 5th gen was bad. Ugly graphics, terrible framerates, awkward 3D cameras, long load times, saving your game became standard for all games..

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Wow, it's almost like finding shortcomings with new tech or something.
And how is saving a game a bad thing?

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>ad hominem
It was not an insult, it was a statement.

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When that new tech is exponentially more powerful than the previous one and looks worse it's not "finding shortcomings"

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Nah looks pretty beautiful

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Really? Because I dunno if you noticed, but 3D set a trend that kept for the next 20 years and that was the beginning of the major 3D era, back in 5th gen, anyway. Not that there weren't 3D games before that, but we were exploring 3D as the new major medium for games, which would make it "new tech" at the time, and we were figuring out the shortcomings of the hot new trend. You'll note, 6th Gen looked much better, and to top it off, earlier titles of 5th Gen looked worse than later titles of 5th Gen. Crazy how that happens. Y'know, figuring things out, and the like.

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they're all 5500s, and I have all three

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>Game is 21 years old
>On a 23 years old engine
>Posts as choppy recording as possible
It still looks fucking fantastic, especially when you compare it with pretty much anything from the same time period.
And it was, despite what memes make you believe, having gradual and visible improvement of the graphics in TR2 and 3.

Apparently the only way we can have TR thread those days is by having a bait thread.
Damn shame

>saving your game became standard for all games
I'm sorry, did you just said that the games having longer playtime than 3 hours and option to just stop playing at your leisure (or at least fixed check-point) and return to the game next day or next month when you again have time for playing were bad?

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>What is early adoption

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The real irony comes from the fact Anniversary version, from 2007, aged worse than original at this point.
I think it's really funny how TR1 was one of the hailmarks of its generation and standard-setting title, while the remake wasn't even trying to be a game-changer, but just a quick title churmed up for quick buck, now looking really weird in retrospectum

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This. The time period from 2007 to early 2010s was the weirdest in terms of graphics. Brown and bloom and piss filters everywhere. Plus, exaggerated lights and particles everywhere. It got to a point where all games were copying each other in game design, color pallette, heck, even the fucking cameras.

Boy, I'm so fucking glad this era is over. When it comes to gaming, the pstriple era truly was awful.

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Late 2000s console era was so bad I haven't picked up a console since. Bad graphics, brainless gameplay, Z-grade schlock story shoved down your throat.

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The story, at least for TRs, never was a big deal. What mattered was intracite level design.
And TRs from both 7th and 8th generation don't have those.

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I actually consider the story in the classic TRs to be one of the series strong points. The plot wasn't too convoluted, BUT damn, was it engaging and immersive.

You had those extraordinarily well composed event music pieces that would set the mood for either the place you were at, or would intensify the feelings of awe, fear or isolation. You had hints at Lara's past, but in a very subtle way. She was made out to be this unreachable, tough mysterious character who you couldn't quite grasp.

Compare the original TR to Anniversary. The first is a sublime master piece. The second is nothing more than generic trash.

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wanted to post the same. Also the worst thing of most psx games is the gameplay.

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Cos /v/ hates sony and the shit posting spreads sometimes

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That is actually the sega saturn version of TR1. You can tell by the deeper contrast and rougher texture work. It's much better than the PS1 version, which also has a shitty framerate, but with washed out colors.

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There's just something about the jaggy of the PS version I love so much more.

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Yes that's the fundamental flaw with the gen, it's hard to enjoy the oftentimes excellent games because they are severely held back by the awful tech. I didn't mind at the time but now it's hard to see it as anything but a trainwreck.

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If you don’t like it, then don’t play it. Idiot.

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I'd go back to 2004 or 05 really. That's when brown and bloom became the norm for a lot of games. Though early sixth gen was even worse because you had brown and bloom plus everyone looking like they got smeared in vaseline.

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>The plot wasn't too convoluted, BUT damn, was it engaging and immersive.
Unless it was TR2. A 14 year old me was baffled how stupid it is and it still is painfully stupid. Not in "cheese fun stupid", but just "stupid", even if certain bits from the overall plot structure were nice.

>You had those extraordinarily well composed event music pieces that would set the mood for either the place you were at, or would intensify the feelings of awe, fear or isolation.
I still remember jumping in TR3, when you start getting into a jungle and suddenly what was just bird and monkey sounds fluently changes into "Something spooky in that jungle". They are not using music blendings like those anymore. Damn shame.

And playing devil's advocate for Anniversary (since I've got my now-wife into TRs with it, so it's something), it had the final fight of Greece section better than original and it made Natla's Mines considerably less annoying. Other than that - pure trash, but it's the little things that count.
Personally, I mostly hated how all levels were gutted out and streamlined to almost absurd extent. Like how you could finish entire Peru within 25 minutes without even speed-running. My wife did it in a hour, blind, with most of pick-ups, and it was her first TR ever.
The less is said about getting back to full health on respawn and check-points every five seconds, the better. And they've also managed to fuck up completely something as generic and cheesy as TR1 plot, then dragged it further to Underworld.

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Cool, have you looked into getting them upgraded to 6000 spec?

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>early sixth gen was even worse because you had brown and bloom plus everyone looking like they got smeared in vaseline

That's not the impression I get from the Dreamcast's library at all.

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>Like how you could finish entire Peru within 25 minutes without even speed-running
A normal playthrough of Peru only takes that amount of time in the original. Tomb Raider 1 had quite short levels

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you have to be born before 2000 to be allowed here. now fuck off back to /v/.

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Why are you even here at all

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Not THAT short. Entire TR1 takes roughtly 10-11 hours to finish.
Anniversary is <6.

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There is actually a simple equation to answer if a 5th gen title will be ugly.

If 3D = True, then Ugly = True

If 2D = True, then Beautiful sprites = True

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Because I was poor and the majority of 2000 was spent playing a Playstation and emulators.

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You were playing games before you could talk?

Hardcore, dude.

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Just imagine being so deluded.

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TR1 takes more times because of laborious platforming.

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Not him, but he's right - Anniversary aged like milk for a game that is barely 10 years old. It looks bad even for its own generation.
But what to expect if it was extremely rushed project done by "team B" from Crystal Dynamics and outsourced to a third-party studio for extra manpower. In the end they've still missed the whole 10th anniversary by almost a year anyway - can you imagine a fail bigger than that?

Also not him, but calling them laborious is a tad bit offensive. And just think about it - all those very simple, if not simplistic platforming required a hell lot more of deliberate actions and timing than semi-automated traverse from Anniversary.
I always like to recall the timed climb-up in Egypt in Anniversary. You perform a neck-breaking series of rushed climbs, jumps, shimmeys, all while the clock is ticking and poisoned darts are flying...
... but it's not engaging at all, since every single bit of it is automated and all you need to do is keep pushing "forward". You literally can't fail that climb-up, unless camera twists in weird angle and you jump backwards instead of sideways while performing shimmy. You can't even run out of time, unless deliberately stalling - there is a 10 second surplus once you reach top on perfect execution and there is no other execution possible than a perfect one.

And said all that - TR1 has bigger levels, too. A lot bigger levels.

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That makes sense considering it's a platforming game. The later ones looked better but until Underworld none of them lived up to the first in my opinion.

Anniversary was okay, but I would have much preferred a direct port without the QTEs and junk.

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>textures not bending all over the place

You sure that's not the saturn version?

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>TR1 has bigger levels, too. A lot bigger levels.
Saint Francis' Folly took my breath away and is one of those extremely rare instances where a video game made me feel afraid and on top of that was good enough to urge me to push right through it, which is probably among the most satisfying video game experiences possible.

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That's funny because even with the terrible recording I immediately thought it looked like the Saturn version.

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>It's much better than the PS1 version, which also has a shitty framerate, but with washed out colors.
Oh god Saturn fans are so delusional. PS1 version has a better framerate, a higher resolution, more polygons, and better quality textures. And that’s a fact. Even Core themselves acknowledged the PS1 version was better.

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The problem of ps1 version is weird rendering, it makes walls to look "living".

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I never liked the original Tomb Raider games. The controls were terrible.

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A small price to pay for better everything else. And let's not pretend the Saturn version is completely immune to funny rendering.

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Now off you go >>>/v/

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Why? Am I not allowed to dislike things just because they're old? I played these games when they were released, I didn't like the controls back then, I don't like them now either.

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>Why I am not allowed to shitpost
Because that's against the rules, mate

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How's expressing an opinion shitposting, my retarded friend?

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Showing your ugly mug just to try to "trigger" everyone is a true sign of underage, regardless of your actual age. So if you are a kid, that's passable. But imagine the shit you would get if you were 30-something manchild.

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Dude not him but not everyone likes things. And Tomb Raider is pretty rough looking at times. I still love it (top 5 ps1 games easy) but I can totally see why someone else wouldn't and at that point it's easy to lump the graphics on top.

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He didn't mention graphics though.

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I'm dumb I mixed up sixth with seventh gen. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

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gameboy and nes are ugly as fuck too
what's your point

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>Complains about PSX
>Posts clip from Sega Saturn version

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pretty much yes.

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If by ugly you mean "visual atmospheric and artistic," then yes, many of them were quite "ugly"

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That's the Saturn version you eternal faggot.

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No, but 97% of psx games were that ugly.

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Only the ones you hate.