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Back then only people with good muscle memory, time, autism, adderalls and drugs finished them. A study showed only few beat them when most lied or used save states.

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Many of the games listed here aren't that hard.

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>save states

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Most of those games aren't hard, and Columns can't be beaten.
Out of these, I've beaten
>Altered Beast
>Castle of Illusion
>Comix Zone
>EarthWorm Jim
>Eternal Champions
>Forgotten Realms
>Golden Axe
>Revenge of Shinobi
>Shinobi 3
>Sonic 1,2,3,K,3D-Blast, Spinball, MBM
>Sword of Vermillion
>ToeJam&Earl 1&2

The others I didn't own, so I got to play them at friend's houses but never borrowed them to beat them. I'm pretty sure any kid back then could have beaten those games as well.

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>A study showed
Link, please.
>used save states.
That didn't exist when I was still playing Genesis games. Neat.

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>A study showed only few beat them when most lied or used save states.
That's some heavy fanboy delusions.
Genesis games were often short, any kid with enough time after homework could finish them.
Also who the fuck made that collage?
>all the Sonic individual games AND the Sonic compilation
>Hard Drivin'
>sport shovelware
>Fanta fucking sia
Come on man you can do better.
Most of these games are good though, good memories.

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