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In 30 minutes it's new year somewhere on this planet, so Happy new year everyone!

Classic gaming for the win! May the blatant breasts, butts'n crotches reign all!!!

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It's still 11am here. With the whole internet thingy, 00:00 has lost its sparkle.

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This is my second time celebrating new year alone.
Makes you think huh.

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You are not alne, I are here

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Should we organize /vr/ chat room or something?

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>he hasn't spent the last ten years locked in his apartment
gtfo underage

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You are right,Ive only spent six like that.

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Can someone post a screenshot of parasite eve
new years opening fmv? cant find it anywhere on the net.

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goddammit its merry Christmas

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here anon, have this image and know that somewhere in the world there could be a female who might understand

fapping to her feet might help

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I like her under-the-knees near-the-butt controller position you don't see that in the west. I wonder if it's an advanced technique you develop after years of sitting on the floor or more because of her anatomy.

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i do that all the time, so wrong as always grandpa dickhead

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Where the video games

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Not where anyone can see you though. Is it from spending years sitting on the floor?

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game is D2

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op here, as usually req isnt a real help and my thread there died faster than ... something that doesnt life long. Like a request in that thread for example...

anyway, does anyway the name of this game:
> I think it is for nec pc 98
> its an adult game with fairytales like big bad wolf and alice in wonderland
>as far as I remember its a visual novel kind of game but not sure
> lost the image set of the game long time ago :(

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>I like that she sits the way I chain up the girls in my rape dungeon

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>Classic gaming for the win!

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so radical!