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were quads really such a bad direction to go in? why?

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What can 4 sided polygons display that 3 sided polygons cannot?

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a ball? without distortion that is

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GPUs render triangles because triangles are guaranteed to be planar, they can always align with one another without seams, they can easily be backface culled / ordered / clipped, etc. Quads don't have these sorts of straightforward properties which would make things more complex.

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you can make a square with two triangles so you can still do the ball its just more efficient to use squares

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try making a paper ball right now with square cut outs WITHOUT distorting or bending them

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Is it Quake season /vr/?

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Missing the fact that they don't have to be identical but just have a defined set of points?


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Missing the fact that it complicates the process of 3D modeling, is more processor intensive, and leads to the distortion in OP and pic related


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You're retarded, and I'm not >>4488421. Your pic is only relevant at extremely low polygons, if the object we are talking about is a ball.


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are you new here? what are you talking about?

am i having a stroke?

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>are you new here?
'17er detected.

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>were quads really such a bad direction to go in?
No, they weren't. Having powerups like Quad damage added to the gameplay both in SP and MP.

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>and I'm not >>4488421
why are you responding for other people?
>Your pic is only relevant at extremely low polygons
so exactly the conditions on the saturn?
all caps gives away your underage kid. what, did you want me to talk about the saturn vertices? when one or more of them are off screen, the polygon distorts like in pic related. to get triangles, simply overlap two vertices like in >>4488428


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Not these quads

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No I'm not projecting, you're posting without a clue as to how the board works.

FYI this is projecting
>all caps gives away your underage kid.

So was your last post.

>why are you responding for other people?
I'm not, the truth doesn't matter regardless of who is posting it, you'd know that if you posted on 4chan much at all.

You must be really mad that you got proven to be retarded!

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your spacing only confirms everything I said earlier. kek

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Only newfags try this hard to fit in

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That you're having a brain bleed and don't know what original 4chan spacing looks like?

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Just use two triangles with indexing. Now you're using the same number of vertices as you would with quads.

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Yeah, well check these quads

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No because now we have this great aesthetic to look back on.

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This might be the worst discussion thread I've ever seen on any website.

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you must be new here

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