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>large, interconnected world design with unlockable shortcuts linking back to areas you've already explored
>various shops and merchants both in towns and out in the wild that sell you goods
>items with varying uses that you map to directional buttons
>3rd person sword and board combat with lock-on targeting feature and various types of slices/stabs/rolls, etc.

Did Ocarina of Time actually pioneer the Dark Souls-like genre? I see a lot of similarities between them.

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Except we're talking about a retro game. Drink bleach.

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>it’s a “babby didn’t play games before ocarina of time” episode

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Pray tell, where were all of these games before OoT?

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>responds with le drink bleach meem
i agree with his assessment

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>i agree with his assessment

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Yep, as I thought, generic meme response with no argument.

These games didn't exist before OoT. Another retard bites the dust.

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>Isn't Ocarina of Time, like, totally like Dark Souls? xD
A thread died for this

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You're right, why discuss something interesting like OoT's impact on the evolution of the action-adventure genre when we could just have another autistic shmup thread or perhaps share pictures of our waifus to masturbate to? What a waste of a human you are.

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Nope, it didn’t, egoraptor.

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So in other words, you have no argument as to the contrary and I should duly disregard your opinion. Thanks.

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You may have been able to have a decent discussion, but saying that things are similar to dark souls is a bit of a meme these days, whether its true or not.
Also you decided to react to everyone in this thread like a salty shitchild.

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>Also you decided to react to everyone in this thread like a salty shitchild.
Don't care, I didn't start that shit. You can either have a good discussion or not reply, if you're just going to act like a faggot I'm going to treat you like one.

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I know this is biting your stupid bait but you guys should know this is fucking stupid. I hope this thread gets deleted.

I mean, I feel stupid just writing this: it's obvious that the Dark Souls games are inspired by OoT, even the devs have said so. The "Dark Souls-like genre" is just bullshit that's posted ironically due to how so many modern gamers don't know game history and think Dark Souls is the first action adventure series or something.

Please, mods. I bumped this. Now do your job.

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What is it about OoT that triggers the autists on this board so hard? Is it because they're still upset about the 2D Zeldas getting cucked?

Anyway, I agree OP. I had never really thought about it, but you're right, the world design is pretty similar. Dark Souls is a little less linear for the most part, but the way you explore the world and uncover secret paths that link areas together is very much the same.

Personally I think Dark Souls is just a harder Zelda with added RPG elements and nothing to do outside of combat. That's my main criticism and why I think Zelda is the better game -- doing sidequests, looking for secrets, puzzles, etc. Much more to do and a lot more gameplay variety, even if it is piss easy.

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>Highly Autistic Men Get Upset After Anon Mentions Ocarina of Time: News at 11

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So they remove the console war thead and here you are again guys. Christmas break, everybody

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Go to bed grandpa.

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