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Daily 5th gen console war thread #4487083

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I like that one.

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I like the one I had as a kid.

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What the fuck did author do to the Saturn logo?

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N64 for platformers and racers

Saturn for fighters and shmups

Playstation for shovelware

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N64 for kids and manchildren

Saturn for weeaboos

Playstation for adults with other hobbies than gaming

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PS1 > N64 >>> Satun

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I hope no one genuinely thinks this, but deep down I know they probably do.

Kill yourself if you do, by the way.

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Literally this.

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Ninty - best multi-player
PSX - best single player
Saturn - best cluster fuck

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>not liking all of them

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>they're all bad

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I can't, Saturn is a bit too mediocore

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Playstation's library is incredible, the must have console of its era without contest.
Saturn is the most charming, with fun obscure stuff to find, but completely unintereting if you're not deeply into Japanese games.
N64 has some great Nintendo games I guess... It has aged the worst in my opinion.

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Had a 64 and PSX back then.

There's a Saturn on my desk I'm only now getting acquainted with.

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Saturn, because it's the one no one in real life gives a shit about.

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I was an idort as a kid. Had both PS1 and N64 (as well as PC).
Loved both consoles back then and had a blast.
Nowadays I prefer PS1 because of disc burning and a huge library to sift thorugh.
N64 was cool back then, but if I try to play it today, it's just a blurry mess.
Still wouldn't go without it, it has a few really good games, but they're very few, like a dozen or so and that's it.
I remember a friend of mine back in the day got a Saturn on launch, but only because they had a Genesis before.
Tried it once, only game they had was Sonic Jam and I didn't really much care for it. Never saw that console again after a week.

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This answers every question you have.

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"Probably never owned a console before the PS1" is too true.

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>Crash Bandicoot is shovelware
>Metal Gear Solid is shovelware
>Final Fantasy is shovelware

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FFVII and MGS might not be shovelware but were the harbingers of bad modern games to come. Most modern "game" lovers I know are young and have those two as their childhood favorites. I suspect there's a bunch like that on /vr/ as well.

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Someone old enough to have experienced the Ps1 as a kid can't be considered young, old fart.

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By young I meant younger than me lol People that weren't old enough to experience games before the PlayStation and had their first taste of video games being cinematic experiences.

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Oh and btw I'm from '93 and usually called too young for this board. People around my age or younger usually had the experience I mentioned where I lived. I just was one of those that played other stuff (my first games were arcade ports on PC; not emulated).

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N64 100%

only poor friendless losers think otherwise aka the majority of /vr/

t. had both N64 and PSX

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It's simple, really.

If you want to play high quality games and enjoy multiplayer, you go with N64.

If you're autistic and like grindy RPGs, you get a PS1.

If you want to bring the arcade experience home, you get a Saturn.

This is literally all there is to it. The PS1 doesn't have almost anything beyond JRPGs and multiplats, and the Saturn is very arcade-oriented. The N64 remains as the one console which caters to people with a variety of tastes who appreciate games of a very high caliber. Anyone who spouts this bullshit about the PS1's "huge" library clearly has never played one, because, literally, more than 99% of the games are absolute dogshit, even most of the "good" ones. Low production values, very little content, etc. Nintendo has always been the go-to company for high quality, and during this period they were heavily assisted by Rare and even third parties like Midway to bring a whole assortment of great games to the platform.

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>Brave Fencer Musashi was shovelware
>Tomba! was shovelware
>Suikoden was shovelware
>Megaman was shovelware

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Those aren't. I love me some X4 for example

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>The PS1 doesn't have almost anything beyond JRPGs and multiplats
That's bullshit and you know it. Playstation had a humongous amount of games.

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Though most fans I've seen care mostly for the jrpg library

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I had a friend with a Saturn. He had Astal and Panzer Dragoon Saga. I thought both games sucked. The Saturn had a huge problem with getting its good games to US market. I hardly noticed when the system disappeared from stores. I have one now and love it, but I probably didn't miss anything since I wouldn't have been able to find good games in stores even if I did have one back in the day.

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The N64 has the smallest amount of worthwhile games, second only to the Jaguar.

What a fucking pointless system.

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The R-Zone

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If you think Astal and fucking Panzer Dragoon Saga were bad games, the problem was you.

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That's my point duder.

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There's also a lot of excellent RPG on Saturn even if most of them were ported on Playstation and/or never got translated.
Let's not talk about RPG on N64. Well, there's almost nothing to talk about anyway.

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was meant for

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Astal had uglier graphics than DKC 2 (a previous gen console game) and boring flat levels. I haven't played it since 1996, those were just my impressions when it was a new game.

Panzer Dragoon is a 3d rail shooter. Plenty of people don't like these games.

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Do those little bullshit Tiger things even count as systems?

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This sort of argument is ridiculous because who had over 20 games as a kid?

N64 was the sort of system where almost all of its classics are general appeal to everyone and everyone had them. It also has some good PC ports. Best console approximation of Dukematch. Best console port of Hexen. Actually, better than playing Hexen in 320x240 on a PC, since it had hardware accelereation.

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Astal is far from being my favorite platformer, but it's fucking gorgeous. You're full of shit with that DKC2 comparison.
And Panzer Dragoon Saga is not a rail shooter. Not liking Panzer Dragoon in any form is only proof of shit taste anyway.

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The N64 had Mario 64 and OoT.

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Hey you fag! We've told you countless times to stop namefagging.

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Sorry man, Panzer Dragoon is just boring. The graphics are really unappealing and spinning the camera around is tedious.

Compared to classic Sega arcades like Space Harrier or Afterburner, it is kind of embarrassing.

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Just because you can pick out a few decent games in the PSX's library doesn't still mean that 99% of it was half-assed garbage. Quality control for that system was just not good.

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Quality control is inherently bad, the only people who should get to decide what games are worth making and what games are worth buying are the publishers and the consumers, respectively.

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>there are people who actually still think CTR isn't the best cart racer of it's generation possibly of all time

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>If you don't like what I like you have shit taste.
Boy you must be fun at parties.

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If you can buy games separate from the system then yes

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>imblying the nsiggdstyfore had gud gualidy gontrol XD XD Xd

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Because it isn't. It has terrible graphics, terrible music, forgettable stock characters, lame tracks and poor sense of weight and motion. The battle mode in MK64 alone rapes CTR into the ground. Sorry you grew up as a PS1 faggot, kid.

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The PS1 had a bigger library compared to the N64, that's for sure, but the good games that are worth playing on both systems are no more than 50 to 100 titles (it varies a lot depending on what genre you prefer).

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>poor sense of weight and motion
This is how I can tell you're just bad at the game.

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>This is how I can tell you're just bad at the game.
This is how I can tell you have shit taste in games.

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>criticize a game for having poor controls
>y-you must suck at the game

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>criticize a game for having poor controls when the controls are literally the thing the game did best
Sorry, you're just bad.

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Have you guys wondered why the newer a gen is allowed here, the more frequent are the console war threads? Hmm, I wonder...

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because the nes had no real competition, smartass

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Saying it doesn't make it true. But saying it did them the "best" doesn't mean much anyway, given that it did everything so terribly lmao.

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There's a generation between that and the 5th though. And in some parts the Master System was more popular

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because in the only market that matters, the US, there were no console wars until well into the 16-bit era. and that was only between two
Every gen after that had three or more viable contenders.

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My family was lower middle class and I still had about 10-15 NES games.
the N64 had Mario, Zelda and...what? Golden Eye/ Perfect Dark if you somehow didn't have a PC and....

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Saying the N64 had 50 playable games is a bit generous.

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>the only market that matters
>almost all these consoles are Japanese

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The Master System was only more popular in Europe, but that's not saying much because no Nintendo home console was ever popular in Europe except maybe the Wii.

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im 1996, i had a N64 1st then got a saturn just 4 months later. sold the n64. still have the saturn

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And Brazil. Even then, popularity isn't everything, if that was the case then what's the point of this thread, PlayStation murdered the rest.

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yes. alot of shit games with a few good one in there somewhere. kinda like the NES. the 1st nintendo system had a lot of shit

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Right. Only WESTERN market that matters

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>That's bullshit and you know it. Playstation had a humongous amount of games.
Yes, it had a ton of games, and almost each and every last one of them was complete dirt. It has a shovelware library rivaled only by the PS2 and Wii, and even then, it still comes out on top.

If you liked RPGs, the PS1 was your system. Every kind of turn-based, strategic, weeby shit you could ever want, all in one place. Outside of that, it had practically nothing. There were games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Alundra, Medievil, etc., but they were always just lower quality clones of better games available on the N64. If you wanted a good FPS, adventure game, platformer, etc., you were shit out of luck.

The N64 by comparison had a veritable treasure trove of amazing games which were extremely diverse. You had classics like SM64, OoT, Banjo, Star Fox 64, MK64, Smash Bros. and all that, but then you had a ton of other amazing games like Perfect Dark, Blast Corps, Tetrisphere, the Goemon games... the list goes on. That isn't even counting the multiplats, which were almost always better on N64, like Gauntlet Legends, Rayman 2, Quake 2, etc.

As someone who's played both consoles extensively, the fact is that the PS1 has a lot of quantity but little to no quality. If you aren't into RPGs, it is a terrible, terrible system.

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Why though, I don't understand why Europe doesn't matter here

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So what genre you want PS1 games for?

>> No.4487986

>no Soul Reaver
>not the best version of Soul Reaver but at least it's there
My choice is simple

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For me PlayStation.

>Castlevania SotN
>Metal Gear Solid
>Final Fantasy 7 & 9
>Ace Combat 2
>Ridge Racer Type 4
>Twisted Metal 2
>Tomb Raider
>Spyro 1 & 2
>Crash Bandicoot 1 & 2
>Crash Team Racing
>Crash Bash
>Tekken 3
>King of Fighters 98
>Bust a Move 4 (Puzzle Bobble 4)
>Ape Escape
>Gran Turismo
>Resident Evil
>Silent Hill
>Wild 9
>Oddworld exodus & odyssey
>Metal Slug X
>Puyo Puyo Sun Expert
>Parappa the rapper
>Saga Frontier 2
>Breath of Fire 4
>Hiryu Strider 1 & 2
>Driver 1 & 2

Too many to even list them all. That old grey box was a blast, man I miss the 90s.

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>Silent Hill
No matter how well regarded this game already is I feel like it's always underappreciated.

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>caring about Soul Reaver instead of Ocarina of Time

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>Golden Eye/ Perfect Dark if you somehow didn't have a PC and....
As if everybody had a PC at the time.

>> No.4487998

I like OoT but unlike Nintenbabbies I don't play one single game.

Reading comprehension?

>> No.4488000

>I like OoT but unlike Nintenbabbies I don't play one single game.
Right, which is why there are a ton of other games on the N64 to play.

>> No.4488001

>I don't play one single game.
But you based your entire judgement on N64 and PS1 based on one game. A game that has a better version on Dreamcast.

>> No.4488002

The weakest of the generations, but there were still some gems.

>> No.4488004

>the N64 had Mario, Zelda and...what? Golden Eye/ Perfect Dark if you somehow didn't have a PC and....
The de facto argument of someone who has never actually bothered to explore the N64's fantastic library.

It's funny, because if you talk to someone who's actually knowledgable about video games, even if they hate the N64 they'll still be able to name one or two dozen great games. The people who shill this repetitive "Mario, Zelda, Goldeneye" bullshit are the ones who probably never touched an N64 in their lives. The N64 had a fucking great library. Literally the best platformers, shooters, puzzlers, adventure games, action games, racers and multiplayer of its gen. The only thing it was missing were RPGs, and even then, it ironically had two of the best with Paper Mario and Ogre Battle 64.

Just stop being a fucking retard and depriving yourself of good games.

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Seeing all those soyboi manchildren with their switches that I have seen going around definitely confirms what I always thought about men who play Nintendo.

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...And the PS4 confirms what I've always thought about """"men"""" who play Sony consoles.

(This is real, by the way)

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Actually since this is a console war thread the whole thing should go to /v/ but you first.

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>Actually since this is a console war thread the whole thing should go to /v/ but you first.

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>there are a ton of other games on the N64 to play.
Actually, according to wikipedia there is a grand total of 388 games on the N64 (296 if you count NA only), and the average weight of a N64 cartridge is around 95g each, which means that the N64 has far below a ton of games in total. In fact, it only has approx 40kg of games.

>> No.4488016

At least gayfags have sex.

>> No.4488018

Let me rephrase: it had a ton of ((((good)))) games to play, something which has never existed on any Sony console.

>> No.4488019

388 is a lot more than 1 though.

>> No.4488021

But anon if you only count good games the weight can only go down.

>> No.4488024

I mean, I can tell you I have a wife a 3 year old, and you can choose to believe me or not. But if you admit to playing Sony consoles, it's a verifiable fact that you're a faggot.

>> No.4488026

and AIDS

>> No.4488028

>But anon if you only count good games the weight can only go down.
Low energy response.

I repeat, the PS1 has no games worth playing. Turn-based JRPGs with cringey weeb stories made for literal autistic people, that's it.

Oh yeah, and Medievil.

>> No.4488031

I've seen this pattern before and your attitude is the same and ridiculous as ever.

>> No.4488034

Lmao this is such a shit list.

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>I've seen this pattern before
Spotted the newfag

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Weaker than the Pong console generation?

>> No.4488039

>The weakest of the generations
>Every gen up to 4th filled with unplayable trash
>what is gen 7
>what is gen 8
When will this fucking retarded meme die? 4th and 5th gens were the golden age.

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I've been getting games I find interesting for both the N64 and PS1 since the systems came out, and I got them on launch.
I have about 20 games for the N64 and 40 for the PS1.
I can see a few more titles I might buy, rounding it out to 30 for the N64 and 50 for the PS1, but that's about it really.

>> No.4488043

>The N64 had a fucking great library.
Yup, those 5 games were great.

>> No.4488045

>>Every gen up to 4th filled with unplayable trash
You seem young.
Golden age was 3rd and 4th.

>> No.4488048

I'm interested, what N64 games do you currently own, and what are your tastes? I might have some recommendations for you.

>> No.4488049

I hope you mean the Goemon and Bomberman games.
But then you'd be leaving out Nintendo games like F-Zero and Wave Race.

>> No.4488050

>The N64 by comparison had a veritable treasure trove of amazing games which were extremely diverse.
I love Nintendo as well, but how much of a kissass can you be to try and defend the N64 library like that, come on...

>> No.4488051

I'm 26. Not sure what my age has to do with your shit taste, but 3rd gen was abysmal in every conceivable way.

>> No.4488052

That was more revolutionary to me. 5th was when they went for 3D but none of the consoles could really do it justice yet.

4th I agree with, probably the best there's been. 5th was a nosedive.
I love 7th and 8th gen. 7th is my favorite after 4 easily.

>> No.4488056

>I love Nintendo as well, but how much of a kissass can you be to try and defend the N64 library like that, come on...
>d-don't remind everybody of how many good games the N64 had!
Nice try Sony cockroach.

>> No.4488057


Most families, if not all, that I knew did. It wasn't the stone ages. We had internet too. And indoor plumbing and color TV.
My entire cul de sac would hook up and play Warcraft II and Duke 3D online. PCs were not obscure.

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File: 2.75 MB, 1278x974, gits ps1 (2).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can you leave out Ghost in the Shell? Also Colony Wars.

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Must be a painful existence not liking fun.

>> No.4488060

>3rd was was abysmal
You have an unpopular opinion, you know that?
And yeah, being 26, you never experienced 3rd gen first hand, your first console was probably some hands me down 4th gen console but you're more of a 5th genner.

>> No.4488061

I know I am missing a lot, I only listed games I personally have played. Also I forgot

>Brave Fencer Musashi

>> No.4488063

3rd gen is probably the gen that had the biggest rise in quality compared to its previous generation. Arcade games from the mid 80's and onward are so much more complex and interesting it's ridiculous. Plenty of games are still good.

>> No.4488064

>Star Fox 64
>Ocarina of Time
>Majora's Mask
>Super Mario 64
>Mario Kart 64
>Mario Party
>Perfect Dark
>Diddy Kong Racing
>F-Zero X
>Super Smash Bros.
>Blast Corps
>Conker's Bad Fur Day
>Ogre Battle 64
>Turok series
>1080 Snowboarding
>Wave Race
>Paper Mario
>Yoshi's Story
>Mischief Makers
>Bomberman series
>Goemon series
>Harvest Moon 64
>Pilot Wings
>5 games
Literally off the top of my head. Lmao you faggots are so pathetic.