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Just got one of these mfs for Christmas. So far I've only been playing Crazy Taxi and Daytona USA 2001; the latter is a decent remake, but Crazy Taxi is hella fun, as is to be expected from a Sega arcade game. Anyways, what are your favorite Dreamcast games? What do you like about the system? What are some must own peripherals?

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Sunrise Eiyuutan
Super Hero Retsuden
Bomber Hehhe
Napple Tale
Frame Gride

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Must-own peripherals would be the arcade stick, light guns, and fishing rod (you can actually play Virtua Tennis and Soul Calibur with it).

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>you can actually play Virtua Tennis and Soul Calibur with it

You CAN play any game with any peripherals. I've played Mortal Kombat Trilogy with a DDR pad and the Playstation 2 Remote Control. That didn't make it a good idea.

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Is it me or is it impossible for some games to have a functioning .cdi?

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Okay, but the fishing rod actually works well in Soul Calibur. I'm willing to bet it works alright in Virtua Tennis also.

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Is the arcadestick tuned more towards fighters or shmups?

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Add that keyboard for Typing of the Dead. One of the best DC games made.

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It's so good. It's full of cheese, but they own it and it works great. I absolutely love typing of the dead.

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>Anyways, what are your favorite Dreamcast games?
My top 3 are Shenmue, Sonic Adventure & House Of The Dead 2.

>What do you like about the system?
It had a lot of great must own games. I use to play Phantasy Star Online a lot, I miss those days. Made online gaming great.

>Must own peripherals?
VMU, jumppack(make sure both VMU & Jumpack are official), keyboard, mouse, & light gun.

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Not entirely true, I have a Twin-Stick and there's only certain games that it can work with.

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