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ITT: Lewd stuff from retro vidya without being outright porn (it's forbidden anyway).
Starting with one of the endings of Tetris Plus 2

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In an arcade game called Hachoo, there's this girl you have to fight, which at first is normally clothed but when you beat her you throw her towards the camera, gratuitiously tearing her clothes apart in the process.

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The ending of Wonder Momo.

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Some of Time Gal's failure cutscenes.

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Shes nude in the good end.

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only in the sega cd and the sega cd port is shit

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Yeah its not as good quality as the laserdisc original but its still pretty good. Better video compression than the ps1/saturn versions because the art was redrawn. But I believe the american version was censored.

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And it runs at like 5 frames per second. But at least it had on-screen button indicators which the laser disc did not.

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I posted this a long time ago. Found it in the archive.

Golden Axe 2: Do the flip kick with Tyris. There's a frame of animation where her entire bare ass is showing. The same frame appears when she's being thrown by a boss or another player.

Streets of Rage: Blaze's panties show when she's getting up off the ground, and during her team attack.

Bare Knuckle 2: Blaze's panties show when she does her jump kick, and when she's getting up off the ground. I typed "Bare Knuckle 2", not "Streets of Rage 2".

Bare Knuckle 3: Blaze's panties show when she jump kicks. Once again, "Bare Knuckle".

Revenge of Shinobi: When you kill that pink dancer enemy her top falls off. Nothing shown though.

Alex Kidd (Japanese version): Rock-paper-scissors with the female enemy makes her nude.

Mystic Defender / Kujaku Ou 2: Final boss and ending has a completely nude girl.

Sailor Moon: Genesis, arcade, SNES versions all have some panties.

Rings of Power: Secret intro shows a girl with bare breasts.

Valis 1 Remake: Tons of panties from your character and also one of the female bosses.

Ane-San: Some of the bosses have exposed breasts (no nipples).

Fausette Amour: The girl's butt shows when she dies.

Strip Fighter 2: Bunch of nudity. The same company made other games with nudity.

City Hunter: Some near-nudity.

Wonder Momo: Panties. Extra ending in the PCE version.

River City Ransom: Sauna buttocks.

Art of Fighting series: You can see female character's bras with special knockouts.

Kizuna: There's a way to blow off the girl character's clothing. Kinda hard though.

Oni (Banpresto): Nudity but no nipples.

Real Bout Fatal Fury: Blue Mary's ring-out victory shows her bare breasts but no nipples.

Rampage series

KOF2002: Mai's 'secret super move' (or whatever the fuck it's called) shows like half of her bare butt.

Shadow Land: A lot of nude secrets.

Breath of Fire 3 and 4

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>Alex Kidd
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (Genesis)

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Strikers 1945

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TMNT Tournament Fighters

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Meh, I prefer the censored version.

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That ass is fine in both versions honestly.

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what a strange comic book

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>I prefer the censored version.

where's that bingo card

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why does NOA hate ass & tiddy so much?

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It's not just NoA, video game companies tried their best not to offend conservative religious people back in the 80s/90s.
Now in the 00s/10s it's the same but instead of conservative religious people it's progressive socialist people. Either way of the spectrum, ass and titties get censored.

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Man I can't believe Night Trap ended up making as much noise as it did.

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Originally in japanese it's a "erotic book", but they changed it to "comic book" on the western release. The PS1 version removed that catgirl picture and replaced it with some "Action" cover and a guy who looks like a Sonic cosplayer. For some reason they left the original catgirl on the N64 version, but still changed it to "comic book".

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It's true, seeing a g-string thong make my ass hurt for some reason.

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Nice Game Gear resolution, pham.

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The Japanese-only PSP port of the game also censored the book, oddly.

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It's a crop of the original Mega Drive native resolution.

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The fact that her bottom can ride up makes it hot.
If it's already a thong it leaves little to the mystery and makes it less exciting since it's already flossing her butt.

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This, that's what I meant.

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>pedo crap

I'm out.

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dont be afraid of pantsu anon

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Thanks for sharing but I suspect you have issues

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Nah, I'm way more normal than most people on 4chan, or at least how they portray themselves on this website. I'm quite content with myself. You probably lack self-awareness though considering you're also on this website and voluntarily entered this thread.

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Nice 10-pack there mate


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Nobody has posted anything like that. Why do you pedos always do this?

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see >>4483049

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>i'm one of the sanest lunatics in the asylum b-b-but you...

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Valis IV.
It also has a lot of bosses and regular enemies that are naked or topless girls.

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I mean, not that it's hard to be better than the average channer, you guys are pathetic.

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Stop arguing and post pixel tiddies.

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Kek. Okay, I admit that little idiot (was it YOU? lol) triggered me with that comment. I mean, seriously, what kind of idiot says that on the world's biggest weeb/hentai/degenerate community. Like, does that retard even know where he is?

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>the average channer

Have you even taken a look at which boards has the most users, idiot?

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Which is it? I'm sure it's /pol/ and /tv/

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she need a good slap on her ass

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This looks both like the best and worst shit ever

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The Japanese really don't get breasts.

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Where are their torso and neck.

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The Bonus pictures from Pipis and Bibis

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Middle left is too cute

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Throw back the grenades these enemies use on you. If you can catch them with the explosion they end up like this.

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Also the game is mystic warriors, but you probably already knew that.

Here is the other lewd I have to hand from bubblegum crash on pc-engine. Linna, if you are familiar the show.

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Thanks you, the power of autism can be great if used for good.

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is the game's name seriously dicks and tits?

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Damn that must be some bush

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Well, only a little!!

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Fear Effect 1 and 2 has a lot of lewdness

Little Ralph (PSX) has some actual nudity

KOF '94 and '95, you can blow the tops off King and Yuri

Star Parodier has that hidden level

Parodius games have some lewdness, especially "Sexy Parodius"

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>Little Ralph
Wait, what? It does?

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Yeah. Ralph's girlfriend wear some kinda tunic and you can get glimpses of her ass in some cutscenes and one of the endings. There's also a female ninja-like enemy who gets their tops blown off. There's also a female boss who wears a thong. Even the main character is shown nude in the game.

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Huh. I never got that impression from the game, when I saw screenshots of it.

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>Oni (Banpresto): Nudity but no nipples.

I just tried this game again after like 8 years. It actually does have nipples. Do the super move (B+C). You have to use "Pause - Single Step" to actually see it though.

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Oh, I remember that now! I was just used to it being called Metamoqester in the US.

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Why is the hunk there? I'm not complaining, just seems like out of sequence to put in one beefcake.

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Ayn is a secret character and a recurring Psykyo joke, it implies you're gay for using an overpowered ship to beat the game or something.

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You can find nude girls on "Jail Break" (old Konami arcade game) for extra bonus points.

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Wizardry 5 and 6 had nude female enemies.

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Dat puffy nipples

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I don't know under what circumstances does this semi naked girl appear in that window in Flicky.

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Prostitutes and nypmhs were naked in Daggerfall

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So is your character on the armor screen if you remove all clothing. Same with Battlespire.

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Google "The Rescuers Nude Woman".

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Secret of Mana had this book enemy that randomly flipped it's pages and displayed a naked girl.

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This one from Banjo Kazooie is a classic

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And this one from Kirby 2 can't be a coincidence

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This is a hoax btw. It’s an edit I found on a Japanese site that did nude edits. I gave it to the guy writing that article and sold him a line of shit because I thought it would be funny, but lo and behold they put it in the final article.

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Jigsaw Madness has some ecchi hot springs puzzles

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haha I remember when anime was cute :'3

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great use of the Herald Shield

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>Nah, I'm way more normal than most people on 4chan
don't want to sound rude mate but the only other guy i ever met that talked like this was a full on deviant weirdo and thought that saying something would make it true
it's ok, i understand

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reminds me of FFT

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That's not lewd, that's art.

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Not him, but you should look up what "logical fallacy" means. You sound like someone who dropped out of high school.

>> No.4488837

Must have been a fun day at Rare

>oi m8 now dats a yuge wang

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The Rusalka that tries to lure you into the water in Quest for Glory 4.

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i did drop out of high school. you should look up what shit slinging means. toodles

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you say that as if high schoolers learn this shit anyway, they are too busy taking selfies and being retards

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>Interation is now Grab Mode

I now what line I'm using with girls now.

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Another whole generation of furries because of that bat.

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Literally a naked character with bouncing breasts, underboob frames and butt flashing sprites/art.

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Forgot to mention: This victory pose was removed from non-Japanese versions of the game. If you're playing a JP version of MvC, hold HK when you beat the opponent to get that pose.

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they are like 3yo

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Her defeated artwork in sf3

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The first Ganbare Goemon for the Snes had a scene where Goemon is treated to a strip show while his visits the carnival zone.
This was deleted from the american and european releases.

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Not a game, but is related

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>KOF '94 and '95, you can blow the tops off King and Yuri

That goes back as far as AOF1 where beating king with a special move was how you found out he was a she.

Later AOF games kept it up and in AOF3 any character who got hit with a super finish (I forget the term) would get their outfits shredded.

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I think there was a staff in-joke about the red-haired girl not using panties at all.

>> No.4492381

Yeah, there are several shots from the anime that all but confirm she's not wearing panties at the time, and one that does confirm it.

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I-i only looked to the ears...

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I'm glad I wasn't the only one who actually masturbated to this episode.

We didn't deserve this gift.

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That must be the puffiest vulva I've ever seen.
Is that legit?

>> No.4494409

It's almost a cute trap

>> No.4494419

The episode where she tears her dress is the one where she's going commando. But a lot of shots in-series (in the outfit pictured) seemingly show her like that, too.

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GDleen (Snes) had this lovely animation of a fairy girl taking a naked bath during the opening. (Too bad the game itself was pure ass.)

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>implying moo1 mrrshans weren't the sexy

>> No.4494696

are you blind?

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The ears are the lewdest part.

>> No.4495128

fuck off Dumbo

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File: 3.23 MB, 600x450, 1512247468251.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one?

>> No.4495570

Yes. Specifically the part where she tears her dress. You can see she's not wearing anything for like one frame.

>> No.4495579

Found it.


>> No.4495603

Hot, ha ha ha...
But i think that could be a animation error

>> No.4495612

I was thinking that, but they kinda went out of their way to avoid drawing them in several instances. Who knows?

>> No.4495632

>But I believe the american version was censored.
They only removed the scene where her top gets torn in the back, while they kept the one where her bottom is destroyed. Really weird.

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>Lewd stuff from retro vidya without being outright porn

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I would love to find out who the woman in that scene was. I know there's HD scans of those 2 frames on the internet.

>> No.4495669

I gotta watch and wank to this on a CRT monitor. What episode is this?

>> No.4495713 [DELETED] 

Disgusting ammount of underage faggots in here, im out.

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This fish

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File: 2.06 MB, 1258x2380, 1512207425179.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And her loli loli version

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PC Engine Famous Scene Collection

>> No.4497721

are there "fuckable" characters in twilight princess?
i just started and all the NPCs just look disgusting

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Malon is pretty attractive, especially once she gets older. But if you're just looking at the ingame models then no not really because everyone is triangles.

>> No.4497776

> twilight princess
> not OoT
Nevermind, disregard that, I can't fucking read apparently.

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I was looking for a thread to post this in. I was really surprised.

>> No.4498236

What's with the Japanese and bad anatomy

>> No.4498242

I like it, if I wanted anatomically correct porn I'd look at your momma's videos on youporn.

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Sexy Parodius

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>this episode

Every single time

>> No.4500297

>the teacher joins in

>> No.4500317


is this Live a Live?

>> No.4500330


Not very many, actually.

-Iza (Runs the kayaking minigame)
-Hena (Runs the fishing pond)
-Uli (Colin's mom)
-Ashei (Member of Telma's gang)

And I suppose Agitha too if you like partyvan material

>> No.4500383

>Sexy Parodius
Great game. It's basically ecchi though.

>> No.4500387

It's not nearly ecchi enough.

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File: 38 KB, 288x224, sexyparodius-tanukothp7sip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

raccoon testicles

>> No.4500436

Tanuki aren't raccoons.

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the balls are inert

>> No.4500456

There's that blink-and miss window during the prehistoric chapter, where Beru is hiding in Pogo's living quarters and you can give her some items if you want to.
There's one item you can give to Beru that will make her strip naked and flash her whole body to Pogo to reward him.

>> No.4501130

The great fairy is topless and the fish lady is pretty but less naked.

>> No.4501231

The Kitty sure looks happy.

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Lewd textures from a lewd bat

>> No.4502860

not /vr/ but her design never did anything for me until they added the "dress" fins to her chest

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