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>be me
>at local vintage gaming store
>want something cool for my 64
>nothing piques my interest
/vr/, can you recommend something that isn't Zelda? (Ogre Battle already on the list)
pic related is the tippy-top of my collection.

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Paper Mario is pretty good

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Zelda isn't a rpg.

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You're out of luck, there's like four RPGs on the N64.

Paper Mario and Quest 64 are all I can think of.

You could consider Pokemon stadium too.

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King Fishing 64

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There's Ogre Battle 64 too, but that's really it.

I hate to shill but I found this series where this guy covers n64 rpgs, maybe watch these.

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I'm aware of that, anon. I only mentioned it as it's a valid 'title with dozens of hours of content.

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I fell in love with Ogre Battle SNES. The store has a Japanese OB64, but it's like $200. Gotta be in English before I shell out like that.

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Fucking great game

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>>4481374 you should be able to find a complete in box copy on ebay for like 25 bucks easy

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>>4481391 japanese copy

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Do you only enjoy games with progress systems or what? Other than couch FPS, I see. Not much to recommend then as previously stated.

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Mischief Makers
Gauntlet Legends
Harvest Moon

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Megaman 64 is a pretty good substitute for RPGs.

There's more than enough RPG elements to qualify for most people, and the sidequests in it really bring the game together.

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Paper Mario is actually really really good, one of my favorite 5th gen RPGs.

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mother 3

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>Mischief Makers
Shake! Shake!
Shake! Shake!

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you can have mine for 8$ + shiping lol

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>why tho?
Easy, if you have to invest your money into making a jrpg, you want to make sure the biggest possible audience will buy it, and that audience for jrpgs had the psx.

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Oh yes they are. You're just being emo about it. I can't blame you folks though, the FF7 generation raised up lots of your kind

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Don't know much about gauntlet legends but neither of the other two are rpgs

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Uhh Super Robot Wars 64. It's a strategy RPG like Fire Emblem. It'n not even remotely in English though. I think everything else has been mentioned.

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Was this an RPG? I thought it was but I am unsure

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There was a Shiren the Wanderer game. Japan only of course.

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Who cares? RPGs suck.

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Agreed (to a degree) but he seems to be one of the many (most of this board at least) who likes these games above the rest.

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RPGs are pathetic

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If you can emulate, this game was 100% translated to english recently.
Survival Action RPG, very much like Parasite Eve on PS1

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>If you can emulate, this game was 100% translated to english recently.
That's fucking cool.
Is Alpha translated yet? I know there was a project but I never knew if it ever finished.
Also, SRW F needs a translation too.

on topic, pic related is said to be the best Shiren entry in the series, I haven't played it, but I played Shiren on SNES and DS and they're good roguelike RPGs.

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>why tho?
Because 5/6 of those games in your image were developed by Squaresoft who did not support the N64. EarthBound 2 was cancelled.

Paper Mario is the best, though

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Cool game

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No good games on n64 outside of the handful everyone knows.
It's a tiny library with almost no hidden gems.

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average person just wants to play diddy kong racing or some shit

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>with almost no hidden gems.

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>no hidden gems
perfect dark, conker's bad fur day, mario golf, fighting force just from the top of my head

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Those aren't remotely hidden anon

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Perfect dark, and conkers were super popular back in the day, they aren't "hidden" except from newfags.

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so when is a game hidden for you? they were hardly promoted and the average n64 player didn't own them or know about them. the zelda games, the mario games, all of the nintendo games, these are the commonly known ones.
maybe there are some non-exclusive games (micro machines, tony hawk's), but they don't count

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Jet Force Gemini
Army Men 1/2
Wave Race 64
Ogre Battle

Yeah, The N64 has a good handful of excellent games but the majority of its library is shovelware trash

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Are you high? Conker's Bad Fur day was shilled all over the place because it was the N64 equivalent of South Park. Everyone knew about it. The problem was the game was also the N64 equivalent of Daikatana and was never even released until the PS2 was out, so hardly anyone actually played it.

Perfect Dark was promoted as the sequel to Goldeneye, and everyone played it.

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>the majority of its library is shovelware trash
still has one of the best good game vs shovelware ratios of any console

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Perfect Dark was the shit we always always played

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Wonder Project but I don't know if it's been translated

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Paper Mario, Tactics Ogre, Pokemon Stadium, Harvest Moon, Megaman 64, Quest 64

These have all been mentioned but I think that about covers it desu

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It was. Apparently it crashes at the end on emulators though, so only for flashcarts.

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>visual novels

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A game like Perfect Dark is definitely not a hidden gem. So many people owned it.

The average SNES owner probably didn't own Chrono Trigger but that doesn't make it a hidden gem, it just means that the average SNES owner played Mario games and shovelware and not 60-hour JRPGs.

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It's not a visual novel though. It's more like Princess Maker. A simulation raising game, has many RPG elements including dungeon crawling.

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Post an example of the dungeon crawling aspect then.

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It's not a visual novel, it says right on the box that's a simulation game. It even has some battles.
Sorry anon, you lose this one. If you would have said "it's a raising sim, not an RPG!" then things would have turned out differently, but no, you had to say it's a visual novel. Too bad.

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It looked like one from that webm. Whatever. Still seems like stupid weebshit.

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>mother 3
pick one

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This, Mother 3 isn't just good, it's a masterpiece.

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w r o n g
its shit

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this. the hunt for the needles is a slog the combat is bullshit and the story is cliched and boring. that and the characters suck ass. its like a watered down anime.

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Mischief Makers
Doom 64

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>compares his shitty opinions with Jesus' message

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>M3 fags are this mad
enjoy your shitty anime story

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Not mad and not a "M3 fag", just pointing out your sinful stupidity.

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>has yet to disprove any arguments

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>"anime story"

How should I confront this argument? I don't even watch much anime, but the little I've seen seems like very variated. Perfect Blue, the Street Fighter II movie, Ninja Scroll, Alita...
I don't know how to define "anime story". Sci-fi and fantasy? Yeah I guess Mother 3 has that, but that's not exclusive to anime.

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I wasn't even reading the discussion, I just pointed out your stupidity by comparing you and your useless video game opinions on an anonymous board to the Lord's message.

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stop posting. just stop.

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its a reaction image dude, alot of people use them

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its cliched jap shit. id expect that kind of stuff from FF not mother