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happy christmas from sega!

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the whole game is designed to release endorphins and serotonin

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Isn't that just video games or hobbies in general lol

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Theoretically, NiGHTS just does it better than most other games

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hate to say it but never saw the point of Knights...

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They were a group of illuminati elite hackers who wanted basically the same thing as Eiri, merge the real world with the wired.

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You've definately hit the spot, anon. Stop putting liquor to face now

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MERRY Christmas from Rare!

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What's that? some cheat code?
I remember getting DKC3 for xmas '96, good times.

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gee, thanks.

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thank you :3

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happy xmas from sony playstation too!

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Can you feel the xmas spirit??? CAN YOU FEEL IT?!

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How do you get it to work [/spoiler]on emulator[/spoiler]? Tried Yabause but no luck

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Try SSF instead.

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Did you just try to rationalize the statement of something being designed for fun into something justifiable without attachment of emotional affectation

because fuck you man

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It's impossible, Saturn is unemulatable.

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why did you even try spoilering that? why do newfags always spoiler things for no reason?

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Because it's so much fun, jan

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thanks, had problems with ssf too, so it worked well with mednafen