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this is the best gameplay game on the SNES isn't it?

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woulda been nice if they didn't make every boss an autoscroller

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>bionic commando for pedophiles

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>gameplay game

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Donkey Kong Country 2

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Gotta have to agree with this

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Isn't every SNES game a "gameplay game"
Except RPGs and the small handful of VNs I guess

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Not really
This is

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It's the best game on the snes period.

It doesn't play anything like bionic commamdo. UK is infinitely more in-depth

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umihara has huge tits, pedos aren't into that

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Not even the best RPG on the SNES.

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Excuse me, speak louder because I can't hear you over my Job system.

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Only 4chan cares about this game due to the anime little girl

Why else do generals get so many replies?

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I can't actually convince myself that it's better than Contra 3 or Assault Suits Valken or a real good fighting game like SFII or Fatal Fury

in terms of games that are better RPGs than FFV I'd name Ogre Battle, Front Mission, SMT, Shiren the Wanderer, Romancing SaGa 2 and 3, and Dragon Quest IV and V right off the bat. All of those games are much much better as games than FFV though perhaps disregarding story or graphics in the process for some of them.

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>SMT is much much better as game than FFV
Are you high on your own farts?

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Not even the best FF on the SNES.

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it wasn't even released on the SNES tho

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are you kidding? the conversation and demon fusion systems shit all over anything FFV can offer

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Fuck off dude, I love the game. It reminds me of my niece when she was a little kid. There's nothing sexual about the game, just a sweet little girl who is bad assed at rope swinging.

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Fuck yes. Spent well over a hundred hours playing it, which I haven't done with any other SNES game, except perhaps some crappy timesink RPG's. Crazy how such a simple concept can make for such an amazing game.

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SMT1 was actually pretty bleh, the series didn't pick up until SMT2 and Persona 1, and only became the greatness it is from Nocturne onwards.

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what a fucking terrible and wrong opinion

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This was never released on the SNES.

>bionic commando
If by that you mean both MCs thematically use some sort of grappling hook, then sure. The two games play nothing alike, though.

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Actually what?

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he's making fun of him for being pedantic

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why has no other game copied the concept?

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Because it was never goof in the first place.

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Because it's an obscure series. The doors and overall game structure are great ideas worth copying, though. Adds a lot of variety to each playthrough and progression without locking anything behind arbitrary barriers.

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there are plenty of other games where swinging from a rope is used as a gimmick. bionic commando being the obvious one, but also lesser known titles like pic related.

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bionic commando has no physics, all moves are scripted. i suppose it's the same for that other game.

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Fuckin A1 top kek.

These guys... no kidding, we know it's a super famicom game, but the argument is too pedantic to even worry about the difference. Only autists understand the logic in these posts:


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no it's not

it's an okay game but the following mainly comes from weebs who love lolis. Why else does this game get so much attention on /vr/?

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This game is fantastic. It's beautiful, the music is amazing, it's a strange mix of both relaxing and insanely difficult, and there's just so much freedom from start to finish.

There's really nothing else like it, and I still play it like every week on my vita.

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>it's an okay game but the following mainly comes from weebs who love lolis.

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Because it's an amazing game that's hard to put down once you learn the basics? Umihara being cute is just a bonus, and she's not a loli.

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I don't know why people keep posting this. It's like they've never played the game.

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i guarantee that as soon as some indie developer picks up the concept and executes it well enough, it will become the next stardew valley

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Everyone is a weeb here, do you only play only atari or what?, the best consoles of this era were japanese and so were the games

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Indies thrives where Japan has failed. They have beaten them chinks at their own game. SAD.

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Because it's true.
Fuck off. Your sense of reality is obviously twisted.

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Playing games? That's crazy. Better to watch the GCCX episode and judge it based on it. It's not like games with cute girl protagonists are rare. Yet we don't see generals dedicated to any of them. You would think that it would be enough to clue people in that there might be more to it.

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All I said is true, the fact that you are a faggot doesnt change reality
Or what, will you tell me that I am wrong?, I am not sure what is wrong with people here and their aversion with anything japanese

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You trying to change history that the Japanese industry ever mattered in the first place. That might have been the case in early 70s but since the 90s the West has dominated while the Japs have failed in every single aspect.

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Considering they saved the industry. and not sure what decline are you talking about maybe in the 2000 but at the time the whole industry when to shit just by the end of the 00s
Try next time faggot

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What compels you to post such rubbish?

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>they saved the industry.
You're pathetic.

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What compels you to talk like a fucking faggot, holy shit

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>people itt shitting on glorious Umihara
what the fuck is wrong with you people

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Christ, that's such a mess lately.

It's like the only way for people to recognize Japanese game genres is for western people to make shitty ripoffs of them.

Doki Doki Literature club, etc

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Were you raped by a japanese or what?. considering their tiny dicks I wouldn't even think it would be a traumatic experience
And is not like I hate Atari or anything like that, I grew up with one

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>Doki Doki Literature club
You know what, that's a perfectly good example of Westerners doing a better job than the Japanese ever could. Westerners explore Visual Novels as an interactive storytelling media while all the Japanese ever did was rehash cheap high-school jerk off fantasies.
The West has beaten Japan at their own culture. Shame.

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I take great pleasure at seeing weeabos getting humiliated, consider it pay back for Pearl Harbor, my cringey middle school years or whatever.

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except ddlc rips off kimi to kanojo to kanojo no koi

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>taking such blatant bait
Don't encourage him anon

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>literally don't talk to me or my son again
Your gay partner is a big kid already, I'm sure he can take a little abuse.

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>The West has beaten Japan at their own culture.
Japanese people now prefer American style sushi.

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Umihara Kawase clones would be good actually. Or good grappling hook games in general.

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Asian guy here. As a matter of fact asians do look up to everything American while despising everything from their own race. I really wish I was joking, but the Japanese really hate everything Japanese and glorify all things American.

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Welcome to a storyfag board, they even need to specify when a video game is mostly about that, being a game, and not some narrative experience or something

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Funny that you mentioned that because umihack kawashit fails at both.

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How does it fail at being a good game?

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>literally defending anime girls


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It is only because Japanese who you saw just hated their country. Where did you see them? In Japan? In the US or your country? Why do Japanese who love Japan live in foreign countries? Only Japanese who live in foreign ones hate Japan, so they left Japan.

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Japan is disgusting, I can't blame them for wanting to leave.

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If that is a fact, why don’t they play western games? You say Japanese hate everything about Japan, but they play Japanese games. Never play western style ones. Why? Your opinion is conflicted.

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>why don’t they play western games?

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Humiliating defeat.

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Look at Xbox One’s sales in Japan. Fucking retard.

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It's doing great, Japans are America's little bitches.

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I guess you are Japanese who hate Japan.

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Fuck Japan. I don't need to be Japanese to state the obvious.

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Can someone either summarize or give me a link to an article that summarizes the decline of the Japanese video game industry?

I'm mainly a retro gamer and I've practically ALWAYS been like 2 generations behind everyone else. For example, I finally got a PS2 when others had PS3s and stuff. PS2 was my last console. I'm also primarily a PC gamer, so obviously I had way more exposure to Western games.

What happened to the Japanese game industry? How come it's not the leading powerhouse like it used to be back in the NES, SNES, PSX days?

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Is this /v/?

>> No.4477959

They couldn't exploit desperate permavirgins with drawn child porn any longer so their industry entered decline.

>> No.4477961

They went to smartphone and threw away consoles except Nintendo. Actually they are getting a big profit from fucking shit Gacha games. Japanese game industry doesn’t decline and the market size including smartphone games reaches record levels. Just shifted to smartphone game.

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Wrong, this is Reddit.

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Well they are synonymous, no need correct me

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Right, right. As long as we all agree this place is R eddit now.

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Isn't Japan full of literal pedos? I heard it's practically an acceptable element of the culture there.

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Japan had tentacle rape for hundreds of years. Look up "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife". Makes me wonder if the claim about bukkake being an ancient tradition where the entire village ejaculates on a woman's face as a punishment is actually true.

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Not remotely true

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>Even umihara threads turn to shit since neogaf happened
Goddamn /vr/, this is a new low for you

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It's liked so that means it's bad. Welcome to contrarianism

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it's not that they've never played the game, it's that they played it and they sucked at it because it requires actual skill

they are low class males who flash hostility at all things that are too good for them as a defense mechanism

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the best action games of the last 10 years are japanese, anon

>> No.4478270

isn't that only the shitty fashion kids who nobody likes

there are plenty of real japanese people who learn to make sushi with their dad and carry on a tradition or something or go see rakugo with their grandma, the japanese actually tend to be pretty patriotic when they get over their chuuni's

>> No.4478274

it's really clean and the food is good

organized prostitution isn't the worst thing in the world, the drug cartels in america are worse by magnitudes, at least the yakuza will act as a secret police that pushes foreign criminals out of the country and protects social order

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it's bad in the way SMW is. you're wasting your time playing it if you don't go for the most efficient route

>> No.4478278

That's quite the bullshit isnt it? Protip, Dork Soles doesn't count

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I beat the game and still thought it sucked. There's not even a proper last boss.

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Which route?

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Demon's Souls is the best Souls game. RE6 is the best zombie game. Armored Core is the best mecha series. All the best fighters are still Japanese.

Western games have FPS and indie sidescrollers. That's it.

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it's not possible to "beat" umihara kawase the game just ends after 30 minutes every time. You could say you beat it if you cleared every field but you'll never really be sure you did that unless you play the PSX verson.

>> No.4478304

bullshit, the speedrun is like 15 minutes

>> No.4478307

>execute well

>> No.4478308

I think it's fair to say you've beaten it if you got every ending.

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Love all these hot takes from people who have clearly never played the fucking game

>> No.4478523

What the fuck? No, not at all, you don't have to be an autistic speedrunner to enjoy the game. Most of the best stages are hidden in the weirder routes. 42 -> upside down field will always be my favorite.

>> No.4478530

There are several different last bosses, and some routes without one.

>> No.4478534

I've played it I just feel no particular compulsion to fact check or be authentic when speaking to others, so I'll say stuff that's basically what I remember regardless of whether it's true or not, because I don't really care if I say something wrong about something, it's totally trivial. If I were actually being professional I would do it properly but I have no reason to take it seriously when I'm not getting payed. Other people's judgements and opinions are the last thing I'm ever going to care about (unless it's profitable).

This is how an artist operates.

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Got it, anon.

Anyway I have to wonder why there's so much shitposting in an unihara thread. Maybe it's the eay OP is worded.

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>this game is the best game for SNES, prove me wrong
>w-why are people arguing against me?

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To be fair, I'm the guy complaining about shitposting, and I'm not OP. I just really like Umihara.

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What the fuck's happened to /vr/? We can't even geek out over games we love anymore, it's just an autistic contrarian fest now. I don't know if I'm a new fag, only been an anon for about 6 months, but anymore this fucking board is even worse than when summer fags invade.

What the fuck is going on here?

So I'm not just also autistically shitting on a thread about a game I love, here's this, pretty useful for beginners learning techniques: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqgjraxzGfU

Does anyone have any ideas for practicing swinging overhead? I'm stuck at a level where you go down and have to swing to the right over water. The overhead blocks disappear and travel to the right. Kind of like a disappearing conveyor belt. I can't seem to fucking get my rope to shoot and stick where I want it to. Any ideas how to get gud at this section?

>> No.4478659

>this fucking board is even worse than when summer fags invade.
Well to be fair we're on christmas break right now.
But yeah I have no clue why this thread has people talking about non /vr/ stuff.

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This is the section on field 24: https://youtu.be/r7ytZwSGp24?t=3m52s

I just have no idea how to practice it. I guess I may have to play on an emulator and set a save state right there. I play on an everdrive on a real snes but I'm getting tired of spending 12 lives right there and starting over at the beginning.

...sigh getting gud can be frustrating sometimes haha

>> No.4478946

You can play the steam port which has practice mode. You just have to play it enough until you get a feel for it, there's no special trick to it. Actually, you don't want to be touching up or down for most of it, just pay attention to Umihara's momentum and jump at the right time. Don't overthink it.

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File: 1.04 MB, 766x666, umiharakawase24.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's a webm of how I do it, it's very safe

>> No.4478960

can you make a webm of the slingshot jump off the end of the falling rope bridge, up to the secret door at the top of the map

I love that part

>> No.4478969

Which field was that again? Been a while since I played it

>> No.4478970

I don't remember as it's also been a long time since I played it

I was hoping you did :(

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Is it this one? Shitty dpad ruined the fluidity at the end.

>> No.4478985

Super Metroid is far more technical.

Bionic Commando for Pedos is a meme game.

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the maneuvers in super metroid are far easier tbqhwyfamalam

>> No.4478997

SMT2 had better story but the constant backtracking made it less fun to play for me.

>> No.4479000

I love Umihara can't WAIT for the switch game. Hopefully it'll be better than Sayonara.

>> No.4479001

have you beaten super metroid in under 50 minutes? cuz i have. and i can safely say it has the most advanced tech out of any snes game

>> No.4479007

I've beaten it in 46 minutes before yes

1cc Contra 3 on the hardest difficulty was harder. Just passing some of the fields in Umihara Kawase is harder. Shun is even harder than that.

>> No.4479008

If the only viable competitor to Umihara is a game that only reached its current depth after more than a decade of people completely tearing it apart then it's pretty fucking impressive.

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File: 2.71 MB, 768x672, UmiFstWin 2017-12-23 22-50-56-16.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're a soyboy compared to me. a soyboy!!!

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>Demon’s Souls is the best game made by the same developer as other games it’s being compared to
>RE6 is the best zombie game
It’s a mediocre 3rd person shooter that happens to have zombies in it, you may as well call Oblivion a zombie game at this point.
>Armored Core is the best mecha series
Doesn’t make it a great series, just better than the rest of the nip trash in it’s incredibly niche genre. It’s alright I guess.
>All the best fighters are still Japanese.
Also true, but again only due to the sheer number they chug out. The west now has what, MK, KI, and Injustice? Skullgirls too and that alone is better than most Japanese fighters albeit still not the best.
>Western games have FPS and indie sidescrollers. That's it.
And non-indie side scrollers thanks to Mania, Rayman Origins/Legends, etc.

Also better RPGs (not PIK YER WAIFU AND WACH CUTSEEN weeb shit), racing sims, space sims, 3rd person shooters, MOBAs, 3D puzzle games (japs still shove westerners’ collective shit in with 2D puzzle games), non-moe shit in general, and they’d be stomping with 3D platformers if not for Mario and only Mario.

Of course Japan also has arcade racers, light gun games, (all) shmups, belt scrollers, 3D action games, rhythm games, and child molester sims. I’d give them visual novels but “choose your adventure” books never needed porn with bad anatomy to sell.

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Indeed, too much Sayonara has made my rocket jump game weak

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is sayonara good?

>> No.4479037

Best gameplay is smw

>> No.4479042

It's my favourite, largely because of the huge amount of open levels and lightning fast wall climbing. The slope physics are a great addition too. Also it has the most loose rope in the series, take that as you will. If it had rocket jumps it would be the perfect game.

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>Also better RPGs (not PIK YER WAIFU AND WACH CUTSEEN weeb shit)

>> No.4479062

I like it a little less than the SNES game, but yes, it's great.

>> No.4479094

RPG's should be both of those things.

>> No.4479098


Cool, I've been pushing up, that's probably my problem. Thanks!


Damn, nice! Thanks anon.

>> No.4479170

>>RE6 is the best zombie game
>It’s a mediocre 3rd person shooter
Resident Evil is not a shooter (except for Umbrella Chronicles). If you play it like a shooter then you are wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself.

>> No.4479180

>Also better RPGs (not PIK YER WAIFU AND WACH CUTSEEN weeb shit)
I don't think the west has anything that can compete with Scarlet Grace, Front Mission 5, or Ys Origins. Western RPG developers are only good at certain things and gameplay is not one of them. (the finer points of western rpgs are basically classic adventure game elements)

>> No.4479182

Whoever made that image hasn't played either of those games.

>> No.4479184

RE5 and RE6 are shit shooters. The only redeeming thing about them is that co-op is a large improvement and makes them genuinely enjoyable.

>> No.4479185

RPGs should just die and be replaced by pure simulations

>> No.4479192

Dude you have to move and use melee follow ups and frantically use secondary items and nail QTEs more often than you have to shoot shit, it's only against j'avo that the game becomes a cover shooter, and even then it's still mixed. If you call the game a shooting game then you don't understand the game in the first place.

>> No.4479239


I'm not OP, but can I respectfully ask you guys to make a different topic? RPG and RE5/6 don't have anything to do with Umihara Kawase.

I realize you don't have to do anything and I'm just a fellow anon, but it would be really appreciated if we could keep this on topic.

I know OP used an inflammatory tone, but it would be great if we could have a focused thread.

Thanks either way.

>> No.4479263

Why does this guy hate Japan so much? We all know that Japan is full of creepy perverts and fucked up culture, but they also made some of the greatest games of all time during the 80s and 90s. Stop hating so much, dude.

>> No.4479285

Because it's fun to pick on the weak, Jay.

>> No.4479326

man this kind of discussion only happens on vr in secret, you need to lurk more and not rock the boat when a good discussion about game mechanics is going on cause otherwise you'll get pedants hounding you every time you get a bit off topic or make comparisons and analyses involving modern games

>> No.4479328

can you name a country that is not filled with creepy perverts

>> No.4479331


>> No.4479335

isn't that a country where people literally buy and sell underage white girls to use as sex toys and it's endorsed by religion

>> No.4479341 [DELETED] 
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What's the point of discussing game mechanics?
First off it actually won't make you any better at the game, it won't improve your technique as only actual practice can improve your skills.
Secondly the discussion always drifts off into what people really wished the games played like, instead of how they actually play. It's like saying I wish Umihara played more like Bionic Commando, it doesn't, Tim, you have to accept Umihara for what it is not what you wish it was.
Third, just like books and movies if you start looking at it too deep you start seeing symbolism in everything even when it's not really there. If mechanics discussion gets too deep it becomes over-analyctical and start sounding like a load of bullshit. Like this retarded analytical video about the moral choices and dilemmas in fucking Atari 2600's Missile Command. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQJA5YjvHDU

>> No.4479351

Obviously every country has its share of perverts, but we're talking about Japan... a country that has national festivals where people carry massive pink penises and little kids nibble on pink penis treats. This is also the country that sells the scent of a virgin boy's asshole in a bottle.

>> No.4479352
File: 3 KB, 259x194, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit.

>> No.4479730
File: 2.99 MB, 640x360, white people festival.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they have sex shops and festivals

>> No.4480574
File: 59 KB, 500x586, lynch2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean palestina?

>> No.4480609

>muh Judeo-Christian morals on sexuality
>Sex is evil
>Children can't know they have penises and vaginas

>> No.4480618

Guys, go to /pol/ or something

>> No.4480967
File: 613 KB, 818x720, 2017-12-25 01-09-51.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just don't go there at all

>> No.4481004

whenever I see webms of this game, it seems like the players have very little control of their movements, just bouncing around randomly. whenever they succeed at something, it looks like blind luck.

it honestly doesn't look very fun. no offense.

>> No.4481008

This webm was recorded first try actually. It does take many hours to fully understand the mechanics of the game, but I feel like that makes it all the more rewarding. It's a much MUCH more complex game than it may seem, maybe at least give it a shot?

>> No.4481016

To be fair, you have to have a really high iq to understand Umihara Kawase.

>> No.4481026

It may seem like that, and at first it will even feel like when you're playing, but once you learn how to play you realize that it's pure skill and you can do even the most tricky moves like >>4480967 with great consistency after a lot of practice. Part of it is learning advanced tricks, but most of it is just getting a good feel for the physics. The best thing about it is that nearly everything you learn in one stage can be carried over to any other point of the game.

>> No.4481189 [DELETED] 

>Newly released Xbox One X
>1639 units
>Switch which has been out since like March

>> No.4481670


I get what you mean, but even though it looks bouncy and like luck, you're in full control. The game rewards practice and mastery of it's mechanics. The controls are damn tight in this game and very little is left to chance. There isn't really a time you die and think it wasn't your fault.

>> No.4483957

Die already, fucking memer. I see you in every umihara thread. In BC mechanical hand can be throwed up, forward and up-forward. In UK you can grappling on 360 degrees.

>> No.4483967

I'm sure giving him attention will make him stop.

>> No.4484729

It's pretty cool, but "gameplay game" is the dumbest term I've ever seen.

Check out New Super Hook Girl. Free game, similar in concept, short but a lot of fun.

>> No.4485339

>Check out New Super Hook Girl. Free game, similar in concept, short but a lot of fun.

Not bad, but that mouse control... it's ok for what it is, but it's strange to get actually accurate swings.

>> No.4485485

This game is pretty fun, thanks for sharing anon. Could make for a fun phone game with how simple the control scheme is.

>> No.4485539
File: 47 KB, 484x349, n--jDûû_thumb[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How about meril/メリルくるりんち. The gimmick here being that you can hook onto the background as long there is nothing there.



>> No.4485584
File: 1.02 MB, 1280x1819, Umihara Kawase manga cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought the manga, looks incredibly generic but I'll scan it tonight or tomorrow for those interested.

>> No.4485601

definitely interested here.

>> No.4486564



I'll upload it here tomorrow or so.

>> No.4486583

Anyone played the Vita version, thats included in Sayonara Umihara Kawase? How is the port? I dont have an everdrive for snes unfortunately so this is probably the best i can do in terms of official releases

>> No.4486681

You the man Anon!

>> No.4486883
File: 3.58 MB, 630x354, this is you.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4487369

It's great. Even has a training mode for the first time so you can practice individual levels.

>> No.4487372 [DELETED] 

>best "gameplay game" (whatever that subhuman shit is supposed to mean)
>nobody here would give a shit if it wasn't for the little girl

>> No.4487448

Welcome to 4chan

>> No.4487482

our romhack is finally finished if anyone here is interested, I have just updated it

>> No.4487486

why do i feel like neither of you could complete the game

>> No.4487489

Because of your unwarranted ego.

>> No.4487516

i mean i'm not throwing "subhuman" around. if you actually had beaten the game (no emulators) you'd show it the respect it's due..

>> No.4487517

I don't have to beat the game to know it's not worth beating. Mediocrity gets DROPPED. Get that? Cretin. I have 1CC'd far harder games.

>> No.4487520

starting to think everyone here who even talks about "1cc-ing" is an unredeemable faggot

>> No.4487525

>Nocturne onwards

Nocturne is where it stopped.

>> No.4487526

Neither the game's challenge nor the quality of it all has nothing to do with the waifufagging that's so rampant on 4chan and questionable terms such as "gameplay game". Did you guys know Don Quixote is a bookread book?

>> No.4487527

It needs to be mentioned because there are subhumans here who think they have completed something if they continue.

>> No.4487530


>> No.4487532

There is nothing wrong with using emulators, bsnes for example is the exact same experience neither easier or harder

>> No.4487534

>no emulators

>> No.4487540

That fag's been shitposting in this thread since its inception. Didn't get enough attention with his anti-japan routine so he's trying out something else.

>> No.4487548

How is this thread supposed to be waifufagging? There are 17 images and none directly related the the girl, even OP is the english logo. In general not even fanart is created about the character, who I don't even think has an established fucking name. This thread is full of mainly shitposting if anything

>> No.4487551

okay then no save-states.

>> No.4487559

>best "gameplay game" (whatever that subhuman shit is supposed to mean)
>questionable terms such as "gameplay game"
Are you retarded? Do you think that, for example, some western PC trash made by shitdevs that are so bad at game design that they let players save whehenever they want is as much gamey game as pure arcade or arcade style games like Umihara Kawase?

>> No.4487563

LOL, subhuman. If reading drivel like "gameplay game" doesn't make you cringe, you're hopeless. You even defend the idiocy!
>gamey game
Go read a bookread book, kiddo.

>> No.4487564

Even if there are no pics the point of that anon is that most wouldn't even have played it in the first place if it didn't have moe stuff.

I'm not saying Umihara Kawase isn't based around "gameplay", I just find the term itself (gameplay game) pretty stupid. I'm with you, I hate savescummy games and prefer arcade games, calm thine mammaries.

>> No.4487690

Oh cool, someone actually made something with that level editor software. I'll be sure to come back and give you some pleb opinions.

>> No.4487697

It doesnt have moe stuff though, I got into the series because of the surreal theme and unique mechanics. The games have so little to do with the character that i refuse to believe the character is the reason they got into it

>> No.4487748

The main character's design. Even if this is the only moe aspect it is enough to attract these people (maybe not you, but others).

Consider the huge fanbase Touhou has only due to the moe characters even if the game itself is just shooting and dodging with maybe a few very short dialogues.

>> No.4487767

stop shitting up the thread for people who actually play games

>> No.4487773

Fair enough

>> No.4487785
File: 171 KB, 1101x951, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bug found if you care about stuff this minor.

>> No.4487787

it's too hard

>> No.4488121

Of course I do thank you. I will release 1.21 sometime soon with some quick fixes

>> No.4488143

Pocky and Rocky
Wild Guns
Yoshis Island

>> No.4488175
File: 3 KB, 512x448, bionic-commando-82.png?ssl=1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so when did the moe virus start?

>> No.4488208

It started in manga/anime (maybe Lum Invader) so I don't think it's a discussion for this board. It spread to games quickly since most Japanese game artists had a manga/anime style.

>> No.4488225
File: 70 KB, 767x670, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The crushing pillar sprite gets messed up when the credits load in but you probably already knew that. If you did not, I am using snes9x 1.54 if its just an issue with my choice of emulator.

In opinion news your effort to make the tadpole boss interesting is much appreciated, as is how most levels have a dangerous "speed route" and a scrub route.

How fancy a trick is needed to reach the green door on the breakable bridge level. Is swinging off the bridge while it breaks the intended method?

Lastly, your "exceeded the 30 minute limit" level is very silly.

>> No.4488530

thanks friend

>> No.4488569

I dont think simply having an anime girl equals moe, it was japanese only and that was the style all of their animated shows used. In shun (the sequel) she does have a cuter personality during the ad gags but it was clearly very tongue in cheek such as her being a single frame and speeding across the screen. in sayonara more characters were added which you could argue as waifu shit but i havent played enough of it to have an educated opinion whatsoever

>> No.4488585

Yeah that seems to happen in bsnes too, maybe I could add more platforms up there just to get it out of view. To get to the green door, you have the right idea, just know you probably want to hook higher than you think you do.

exceeding the 30 minute level? what the heck are you talking about is it by any chance some sort of alternate ending? Maybe that is what my friend was talking about. I didn't even know about this 30 minute feature

>> No.4488912

>Kondo: Visually, there’s something about her that you could call a seed of otaku culture; her innocence, her sexuality… she’s a girl but there’s something boyish about her… and so on. I think we were ahead of the trends there, and that’s been a big part of her lasting popularity.
Pretty much the definition of moe. I don't know why do you have such a hard time with acknowledging it. Is it because this word is a /v/eddit's bogeyman?

>> No.4489216

Found the extra life on field 21. If you walk to the back of that spot something kills you. I have no idea if that is intentional.

>> No.4489297

Do they get the smell right?

>> No.4489304

I thought this till I played it. You have full control. It's all skill.

>> No.4489328

Because literally none of that is actually in the games

>> No.4489332

The main character is moe. Moe was tamer and a smaller industry in 1994 so in retrospect it doesn't seem that moe compared to later stuff but it is, also read >>4488912

>I dont think simply having an anime girl equals moe
It also needs to be "cute". Athena would be an older game with a moe protagonist. Oshima Goketsuji would be a character that isn't this trope in a series with this trope; if you find it's cheating because she's old, then you have stuff like Samus in /vr/ times where it's pretty much only sex appeal at the end of the game.

>> No.4489370

Maybe I just don't understand what moe means but not even in Shun, where the character even has dialogue, does the main character (yumi?) have a personality. I would think that to be a requirement, it just sounds like a baseless way to insult a game because OP wanted to sound high and mighty which hurt someones feelings. If the character was like Samus wearing full body suit you wouldn't describe her as moe anymore, but she is dressed like a normal girl

>> No.4489428

I'm not insulting the game by saying the main character is moe, that has nothing to do with the game mechanics.

>> No.4489576

The original poster was saying the game was waifu trash because of the "moe" character

>> No.4489606

Not with those dark underwater levels.

>> No.4489607

Being mediocre.

Having the Devil Summoner series and P2 IS as exceptions.

>> No.4489750

It is intended to be the way you get the backpack the way it is currently is a remnant of the way it was before a change I had made right before release and will be slightly changed for 1.3. By the way thank you for giving me feedback, I hope you had fun.

>> No.4490313

I'm sorry to ask such a newfag question, but is /vr/ always like this, particularly the West vs. East thing?

>> No.4490326

But it isn't available on the SNES

>> No.4490339
File: 46 KB, 625x468, actually.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4490403

Notice the way OP is worded, shitposting happens in all shitposting threads

>> No.4490553

>on my vita

neckbeard detected

>> No.4490567
File: 174 KB, 695x304, Umihara-Kawase.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Not really, but sometimes we get an abundance of shitposters. Sometimes it's better, sometimes worse. I don't think it's the majority of posters, just some anon gets their jimmies riled up and takes bait.

Those feet on fish kind of freak me out.

>> No.4490591

It is true. Nips didnt like paying $300 no tip for a piece of fish on rice

>> No.4490740

very cool. i will check this out

>> No.4491217

I live in Japan and you are wrong

>> No.4491293

I'm wanting to play the Unk romhack. It says I need to know how to do hook extension jump and I don't know how to do this. Can someone explain how to do this maneuver?

>> No.4491395

>dismissing legitimate criticism as "trolling" so you don't have to answer

>> No.4491657

I did not know what that means either but made it through still. Guessing its either:

Pull the line back in and jump up just before you get lifted off the ground for more height.

Attach the line to the floor, pull it tight then walk right until you are walking in place, then move left and jump for extra distance.

You use both of those one after the other in the current last level of the hack. If anyone actually knows what they mean and wants to come in with a webm or something you would be a hero. Failing that, screenshot anything you get stuck on and you will no doubt get a few people responding with ideas.

>> No.4492686

If I am the post you meant to quote, I am sorry that it came across that way. I don't mean to imply that the West vs. East discussion can't be legitimate, just find it weird when it seems to come out of left field.

>> No.4492925

I was referring to the mechanic where you fire your hook and just before it reaches full length you jump, giving two unit vertical extension. I don't think any map requires the usage of this mechanic but Uku is also designed to be harder than the average Umihara Kawase route and I feel like that mechanic makes it a lot more manageable. You cannot even complete field 3 without knowing how to wall climb so that one is a lot easier represented. I could probably just reword the OP to simply say it is designed with deeper game knowledge in mind and leave it at that, I am sure less experienced players would learn a lot from playing the romhack. Give it a shot, if you can beat field 0 you can probably beat the next 10

>> No.4492951


No. Only weebs neckbeards like the ones that visit this shithole daily care about that piece of shit, just because it has a anime girl with big tits.

Pathetic fags

>> No.4492960

No reason to speak so ill of yourself anon

>> No.4492993
File: 48 KB, 256x224, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I added a few screenshots finally

>> No.4493859

Gave the Unk romhack a try. It's damn well done. I can't get past the 3rd level yet, but if you like UK, you owe it to yourself to give this a try.

I really enjoyed the first and second levels, they let you really rope around, seems like more rope usage per level than in the original. I'm not describing this well, but the original seemed like you would walk almost as much as using rope on any particular level, this one is way more rope than walking so far.

>> No.4493964
File: 138 KB, 645x729, 1510070161216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>grug like bido geme with preti animey gril on box

>> No.4493994
File: 2.71 MB, 2048x1714, 74358999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw like videogame with pretty anime girl on box

>> No.4494069

Guys, both the "if the box has an anime girl the game sucks" and the "the game is good because it has an anime girl in the box" camps suck, we get it already. This game has substance anyway.

>> No.4494171

Does the life on field 16 count as a hidden life?

Also just learned accidentally that you can pull those electricity spitting enemies off the walls to kill/catch them.

>> No.4494198
File: 86 KB, 767x669, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The edge of this platform is messed up on field 19.

>> No.4494261 [SPOILER] 
File: 72 KB, 767x671, 1514758622134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More on field 19.

The platform at the very top left has a blue background object that you can use like a door. Game soft locks when you try it though.

>> No.4494385


The Chief attempts greatness.

>> No.4494714

Nope, of the four genuinely hidden ones three are on the same map. I will give two hints. It might be on the title screen and you may get there through the first level I ever made. You can eat every single nonboss enemy but the tuna as far as I know

Both of these were fixed in 1.3, thank you for the feedback though
it is still a door

>> No.4495262

This joke would have been better if you had replied in all caps. Just saiyan.

>> No.4496169

So is there a trick to getting on the door on the floating platforms in Field 11? I watched that Game Center CX and they just said you had to move/jump fast. I can't seem to go fast enough, what's the trick?

>> No.4496193

DDLC it's cheap weeb bait, shock factor only

>> No.4496205

>What the fuck is going on here?

Millenials and 4chan becoming more mainstream everyday

>> No.4496210

It's also basically plagiarized.

>> No.4496227

Umihara Kawase interview with one of the devs on twitch user DegiGames, Relates mostly to the new game, but has parts about the design of the original also. Interesting, but fast forward past the woman playing, it's painful to watch.

>> No.4496773

just downloaded a rom and this game's ost is pretty comfy.

>> No.4497242

>Wizardry and M&M era ideas are be-all and end-all of the RPG genre: the pikcha
I demand better memes, Anon, and I don't care you posted it in the last year!

>> No.4497403

Tap the jump really fast off the first blue platform, then wait a tiny bit on the white platform and jump to the blue one while holding up. It's more of a matter of practice than anything else.

>> No.4497461

>Wizardry and M&M era ideas are be-all and end-all of the RPG genre
If you can't replace it with a proper video game then yeah.

>> No.4497507


Thanks anon, I never could get it, so it's something I'll need to practice. I did however do the trick where you get to the upper door on the far upper right corner and rocket jump over to the door for field 12.

So, how does one "beat" Umihara Kawase? Clear stage 57 only, play and beat all stages in different playsessions (because of the 30 minute time limit), or some other way? I really like how the game does the 30 minute thing as it keeps it fresh, but I think it also leads to "warp zone" fever where most of the game is ignored by hardcore players.

Maybe it's just a game to enjoy and not worry so much about "beating".

Has there ever been a hack to remove the 30 minute timer? I think it would be really great to try to do every stage in order, though I don't have the skill yet.

>> No.4497531

I got it by climbing to the uppermost door and then jumping off toward the first door and pressing up

>> No.4497543

The game has multiple routes with their own end levels. Getting all those endings is a way to beat it, as is just unlocking and completing all the individual levels. I would recommend the steam port, the practice mode is great for giving you a sense of progression. Though yes, IMO the best way to play the game is to just enjoy the moment-to-moment gameplay and getting better at swinging without worrying about beating the game.

>> No.4497762

Just in case anyone was interested the umihara manga did indeed get uploaded to that link earlier in the thread. I only mention it because no one else said anything about it. Also, thanks for the scan whoever you are.

Heres a thing from an old vr thread that might suit your needs called umihara kawase 2 journey. The rest of this post will be copy pasted from the original.

• The doors no longer have effect on your path. This hack essentially makes you play through all 49 levels. This is the main 'thing' of the hack.
• Because the game is now way longer, to compensate the added challenge the 30-minute rule is no longer there (thanks, Princess Sevenleaf) and you start with 50 lives.
• Two of the unused enemies (the Puffer Fish and the Catfish) are featured in their respective levels. You have to play 'til you find them though.
• Save the hack and the next time someone makes a UK thread or a Rom Hacking thread, post the link. I usually don't keep things too long so if my mediafire account gets deleted or shit just dropbox it or something.


>> No.4497819

Yes it was, it was released on the japanese SNES, which they called the Super Famicom.

>> No.4497859


Nice, thanks for the link anon.