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No Mercy, hands down

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It's hard to pick one. There are so many good (japanese) ones. I never owned a N64, so WWF No Mercy (and as well Virtual Pro-Wrestling 2: Oudou Keishou) is out of the picture.

SNES: Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium
PS1: Zen-Nihon Pro Wrestling: Ouja no Kon (aka AJPW: King's Soul) - by far the best wrestling game on the system hands down
Dreamcast: Fire Pro Wrestling D
PS2: King of Colosseum II, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns & All Star Pro Wrestling III

Too bad that the genre died after the PS2 era. But on the PS2 it went out with a bang with
King of Colosseum II, maybe the wrestling game which I like the most.

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wwf wrestlemania the arcade game

jk it sucks

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Fire pro wrestling D is the only correct answer. With no mercy as the runner up.

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WCW vs NWO: World Tour on N64

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Which do ppl normally prefer this or revenge? Always assumed it was the latter.

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Is DoR 2 for gamecube retro yet?

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You think you got what it takes jabroni

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I always preferred Wrestlemania 2000. Slightly faster than No Mercy I think.

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WWF No Mercy & Smackdown 2(tie) because of the advanced features of both games.

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It's the same on emulators but No Mercy is slower on console as the framerate dips any time more than two wrestlers are on screen. Still based though.

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World Tour is the patriarch of the great AKI wrestling games on the N64. I prefer the VPW 64 version from Japan, because it had more moves, wrestlers, and even music.

Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 is the best one in my opinion. I would like to see AVGN do a wrestling games 2 where he gets into the 5th Gen, and rip apart WCW Backstage Assault. Also mention Sega and All Japan Pro Wrestling make a partnership where they get a Virtual Fighter character to become a real wrestler.

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Saturday Night Super Stars or something along those lines, and a bunch of others from SNES.

Smackdown 1, 2, Shut your Mouth, Here Comes The Pain.

Tried playing WWE2k17 but it was just.......fucking awful. 4 moves and your opponent can pin you? Bullshit.

>no fun matches
>only wrestler I recognize is Brock and Kane and 'Taker
>again, 4 moves and your done, 5 if your END or whatever stat is 10

They're just so fucking shit now what the hell. It's been that way since Smackdown Vs. Raw.

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Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium

Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special
Super Fire Pro Wrestling Queen's Special
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns
WWF WrestleFest
WWF No Mercy
WCW nWo Revenge
Virtual Pro Wrestling 2
Saturday Night Slam Masters
Jikkyou Power Pro Wrestling '96 - Max Voltage
King of Colosseum II

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Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium

Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special
Super Fire Pro Wrestling Queen's Special
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns
WWF WrestleFest
WWF No Mercy
WCW nWo Revenge
Virtual Pro Wrestling 2
Saturday Night Slam Masters
Jikkyou Power Pro Wrestling '96 - Max Voltage
King of Colosseum II

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What an underrated wrestler. His promos were always on point.

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Fire Pro Queen's Special, Fire Pro Returns, Rumble Roses/XX...I only do women's wrestling.

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I liked WCW/nWo Revenge and Wrestlemania 2000 the best.
I never played No Mercy sadly.

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I'm surprised the japanese never made a wrestling jrpg

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they have a lot i remeber one on the snes

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Friends always told me this was Weeb shit, never did get to play it.

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Should we tell him?

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ECW Anarchy Rulz had lava matches, so it's clearly the best.

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That's hard to decide.

Best simulation:
PS2: King of Colosseum II, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

Best graphics and especially animations:
PS2: All Star Pro Wrestling III
Too bad that game had a really tedious edit mode and lackluster gameplay. But beside that, the game looked better and was better animated than the garbage that is released today.

Best arcade wrestling:
Dreamcast: Giant Gram 2000

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Yukes/THQ/2K got obsessed with obtaining "realistic" gameplay, keeping in mind the engine is now such an unstable hodgepodge it's anything but, and that was the end. The Day of Reckoning series on the Gamecube was the last time they actually tried.

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It plays similar to the n64 wrestling games except with hot girls. Lots of fanservice. Its fun if you dont mind seeing hot girls grapple each other. Nothing special gameplay wise though.

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I like fighting games, want to enjoy wrestling games too, but I hate real life pro-wrestling WWE shit. Recommend me some rasslin', /vr/.

Played Saturday Night Slam Masters and Wrestlemania Arcade already. They're fun but don't feel like wrestling games. Gimme actual wrestling.

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Fire Pro Wrestling
WCW nWo Revenge

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Koc series. Legends of wrestlemania is good for wwf 80s sims.

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Well, there's also the Wrestle Kingdom Series (PS2 and XBox360), that is using the DoR Engine. But to be honest, I played DoR2 on the Cube and wasn't impressed by it.

Despite knowing that Wrestling Kingdom is "just" DoR with a japanese License I bought the first game... and again wasn't thrilled about it. It's a Yuke's game after all. Wrestle Kingdom 2: Pro Wrestling Sekai Taisen had an absolute killer roster, but still I was already through with the (short lived) series and didn't bought it just like the WWE games by Yuke's (last WWE game I bought was "WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW" on the PS2 and never touched another Yuke's/2K Wrestling game since).

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Does King of the Monsters count? The only other wrassling I play lately is a non retro entry of Fire Pro.

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WCW Backstage Assault

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2 Cold Scorpio doesn't get enough love for his work.

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It has grappling moves and the ability to Irish whip your opponent. I would say it counts.

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Hello c drive

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Despite their current status, many Yuke’s games on the PS1 were actually pretty good, but it went downhill pretty fast. I wouldn’t call it my favorite game, because I just don’t like the groggy-system with different kinds of groggy states that broaden the otherwise small moveset caused by the limited control scheme (Zen Nihon Joshi Pro Wrestling: Joou Densetsu: Yume no Taikousen did something similar), but all in all this was a good game. TK4 (Dreamcast) suffered from bad graphics and a thin roster, while the TR3 was awesome.

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Underrated as fuck. I love this game.