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What is the best DOS game that isn't an eyesore?

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bump for date dos shit

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What do you mean by isn't an eyesore? I.V.A.N. is the best game. Whether it's ugly is up to you.

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I mean like unnatural pinks and greens. Pic related is what I mean

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give us an example of what games you consider unacceptable for being an "eyesore" cause the majority of dos games are going to have that less cartoonish but still low res pixely look, this is like saying give me some early 3D without sharp polygons..

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DOOM is a dos game

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True in 1993 maybe.
Doom is a multiplat now, running from fridges to Amigas to cars and calculators.

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Graphics like that are a result of choosing CGA mode. If you don't like it, don't choose it. Alternatively, use a real machine and the type of monitor that mode was designed for to get a much better result.

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curious bump

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Kings quest 7, goblins3, monkey island, day of the tentacle, sam & max, command & conquer, alone in the dark, simcity 2000, system shock, Beneath a Steel Sky, Full Throttle, The Dig...

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If it's from the CGA era, you probably should just play the game on the C64 or Amiga instead. PC gaming didn't mature until the 90s.

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Darkseed is also a pretty nice looking game

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Rayman Forever

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Beneath a Steel Sky

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The best-looking DOS game that doesn't have a source port is probably either Daggerfall or Blood.

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Blood GDX

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It's called magenta and cyan you stupid fuck. Get out and don't come back until you're 18.

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I'm not stupid i just dont have the best eyesight

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a lot of racing games look quite good

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boys don't know the names of colors

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One Must Fall 2097 obviously

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looks like the colors of trans pride to me :X

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What games are these?

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That looks awesome! What game is this?

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Got a chuckle outta me.

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lol cga

descent 2
fallout 1

any of the late-generation dos FPS games (quake, duke3d/blood/shadowwarrior)

death rally
slipstream 3000/

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Have a barf bag nearby if you get motion sickness.

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Settlers 2 looked pretty sweet.

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This game was insane

I crashed all the time because it looked badass

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Road & Track presents: The Need For Speed
Screamer 2

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Ultima II - Left: with RGB monitor, Right: with composite monitor

is there a way to emulate these composite artifacts in dosbox or someone other mean?

perhaps a laptop with VGA output with an adapter for vga-to-composite

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>is there a way to emulate these composite artifacts in dosbox or someone other mean?
>perhaps a laptop with VGA output with an adapter for vga-to-composite
No you can't emulate them in DOSBox and a VGA -> composite adapter won't work either because they generate a standard broadcast NTSC signal and not the weird fuckery outputted by a CGA card.

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Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness

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Little Big Adventure

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IIRC DOSBox actually has a composite CGA filter.

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So VGA games aren't supposed to look like this? Wew, that explains a lot. Is there anything I can feasibly do to fix this shit?

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And I mean software solutions, I'm not buying a new monitor or any other hardware for this.

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I think that's EGA, though? you might need to setup the game to run in VGA.

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true, it's EGA, but are the colors still off for some reason or is it supposed to look like this?

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the vga version is a fan-made remake and it's free

just google it

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I know about that, just asking in general.

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what does piracy have to do with my post, you mouthbreathing cretin?

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nah, that's pretty much how EGA usually look

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well, your pic at least make sense, people don't have pink faces

magenta, whatever the fuck

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fuck magenta people. burnt umber wuz kings

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fucking muslims who think having and spending money is a virtue when they never do enough to actually earn it and it's always old money from pillage and rape a thousand years ago and human trafficking a thousand years after

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you guys got lost, here, I'll show you the way

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can't be helped when you only have 16 colors to choose from, and the others closest to skin color are bright yellow and dark brown, and those are often already used as backdrop colors. also, my previous example used dithering so it doesn't look that bad.

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cool, thanks for the art lesson anon

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Games are better when they have to make choices like that. The limitations make the experience better, more memorable

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on an old CRT would that dithering have blended together?

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define 'old CRT'

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>on an old CRT would that dithering have blended together?

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It does but Ultima uses a different graphics mode that's not supported.

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These Toei strategy games were ported from the PC-8801 which is why they run in the otherwise rarely used EGA Mode E.

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Princess Maker. It looks better than the remake IMO

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A lot of these games are legal to download now

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alien rampage has impressive parallax scrolling

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The CGA/EGA palette looks terrible, but it is very 80s--all those Day-Glo colors.

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>the vga version is a fan-made remake and it's free
Why? Sierra did an official VGA update of QFG in the early 90s. You can download it anywhere and play it on DOSBox.

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Monkey Island 1 and 2

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on the correct monitor at the time CGA wasn't hideous, looked normal. 8 bit guy shows that CGA looks like on a proper CGA monitor in one of his YouTube vids.

the cyan magenta shit is the bad compatibility mode CGA result.

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Wrong again tripfag.

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It would still have those colors on a real CGA card/monitor.

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The SNES version is better.

This is the best version of UW1.

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If you actually bothered to watch the video, he said that a lot of CGA games (especially later ones) don't look any better through composite, it's only the ones that take advantage of the shittiness of composite signal that end up having the illusion of more color. For example, King's Quest 1 has a CGA composite mode that gives the illusion of 16 colors when played on a TV via composite, but a game like this anon posted ( >>4477635 ) will still have the horrible bubble gum cotton candy vomit look regardless, and would only look worse.

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One technical difference that a lot of people don't know about is that VGA has 70Hz refresh but CGA/EGA is 60Hz, so the higher refresh of VGA will often throw off the framerate of games. Sierra adventures on CGA have seamless 60 fps animation but on a VGA card they're choppy.

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