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>Phantasy Star celebrates 30s anniversary today
>not a single tread
Shame on you, /vr/.

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i tried to get into the ps2 remakes but couldn't im sorry vr

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I want to play PS1 since I love 1st person dungeon crawlers, but I just don't have a great way to do so.

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This board is dead
Even the SaGafags went to /v/

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A damn shame. 1, 2, and 4 were my jams. Online and Universe too, later on.

A little music to help reminisce:


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This board had a thread just a couple of days ago asking if the Master System was /vr/'s PS3 ('cause NO GAEMS meme shit). Why are you surprised?

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>Daily reminder that PS is better than FF

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I was thinking of getting the first game for my Master System. Pity it's so dang expensive for some reason. Only MarkIII copies seem to go for anything reasonable.

Be patient. The board has a nice leisurely pace when it's not talking about namefags or youtube celebrities

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Let's avoid any holywars in this thread.

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Sega is celebrating!

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everyone should do uzo island to celebrate

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do you have a computer
do you have a phone

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>playing games on my phone
no thanks man. And I don't play games on my computer, chair is very uncomfortable.

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Playing turn-based games on a phone is not THAT bad. I don't do this myself, but if you're that desperate then try it at least.

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Then don't use that chair.

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im stuck playing everything on my smartphone as my pc fried

helps having a controller though but its kind of okay anyway

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I beat Shin Megami Tensei over 30 hours on my phone and it was nightmarish. If I wasn't a huge Megaten nerd I couldn't have stomached it. Since I've never played a Phantasy Star game, I wouldn't want to start that way.
I mean I'll probably emulate it on my Wii, but I wouldn't mind paying SEGA for a port is all I was saying.

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>Gontroller :DDD
This. I bought an 8bitdo bt controller and it works like a hot damn for emulating 8/16 bit era games on my android phone.

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Maybe you should have played the real games instead of complete butcheries, then. I'll never understand how people can think they can just judge a game because they have played a completely different game with the same title.

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I just restarted this. Thought it'd be a nice use of my graph paper now that I'm done with math.

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Surely it can't be that different?

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The game mechanics are 100% different. The map design is the only part of the original game left in there.

To demonstrate the point, watching videos of the final boss fight on the PS2 version you will notice characters doing more damage per attack than the original boss even has in total health. It is clearly not the same game.

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IIRC, the boss fight against King ***** (spoiler), which comes before the final boss is harder than every other fight in the game, mainly because he attacks 4 times per turn. Even with max grinding and items, you can't hope to survive this onslaught for long.

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At least the remakes fixed Nei's death.

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There was nothing wrong with it in the first place. Not to mention how did they “fixed” it.

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They'd better celebrate it by making newmans gain levels two times faster than humans like they used to. And fixing their ears.

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Phantasy Star 2's remake on the other hand is much more faithful in its scaling but enemies also hit much harder. You can abuse the crescent gear and amber robe in 2 to cheese any fight in the original.

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Has anybody managed to do it? Even with a guide it seems ridiculously complicated to achieve.

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Remember Orakio's words: "Kill no living thread".

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Will we ever get another PSO in the west?

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And it's fucking useless since she's got no dialogue. Might as well gameshark her in.

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How is it a spoiler. His name is mentioned in the opening scene and he is considered the big bad for the entire game. Lassic, or Lashiec.

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yeah what the fuck

the twist is what made him evil

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Do not sniff around Lassic's affairs!

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Bump, for one of my top 5 games of all time.

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You don't have a Wii, Sega Genesis, or Sega Master System? Won't play games on your PC or Phone. What will you play games on?

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It's also useless because everyone dies anyway. You could argue she was better off dying while she still had hope the world could be saved.

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>everyone dies anyway
that's ambiguous and i believe the japanese version even says the contrary

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If everyone died, then why is Algo not inhabited by Earthlings in PSIV?

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Are these games hard or just tedious?

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They're JRPGs, take a guess.

Now, on a more serious note, II is tough if you don't make your own maps.

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Because the Ark blows up.

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Their plans were still completley foiled regardless of whether your party survives or not. Maybe some of them did make it to Motavia and blended in the the Palman survivors, maybe they all stayed aboard Noah until they died out. We'll never know because the franchise is now a high school anime.

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Glad you didn't touch this series

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Forgot Gameboy Advance and/or early DS.

What can't you play Phantasy Star on? Though 4, the best one, isn't part of the GBA collection.

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Any uncensored romhacks i should look into before trying this series out?

I heard the US versions had quite a bit of cut content.

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best boy

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What you're asking for aren't romhacks but the original Japanese versions.

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Sounds like you're after the retranslations of the first two games. The first one is mandatory, the official version is missing the high quality soundtrack and has a classic RPG translation (read: utter nonsense). The retranslation for PS2 is rather lazy but it's a mild improvement. Both retranslations make the games fit better into the series chronology, no misleading and confusing names or unlike the official releases.

Here's the one you'll want for PS1.

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Only one of those Phantasy Star games were good and had decent progression. Phantasy Star IV.

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i wish phantasy star iv was a sega cd game like they originally intended

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Why? So you'd need a clunky, failure prone addon to play it? Every time I play Lunar, I'm constantly on edge that the hardware will fail (it usually locks a few times).

>> No.4489643

not really a problem with emulation and besides only the 1st model is known for failing constantly

>> No.4489703

Model 2s will still lock up occasionally. You won't notice it on short games, but on RPGs you play for hours at a time you will.

I don't really think CD would add anything to the presentation. The anime cutscenes add a lot to Lunar 2, but PSIV already has comic book style ones that are really cool.

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>Model 2s will still lock up occasionally
Had mine since 1994 and never happened once.

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These are my parting words to you; those who give up are doomed!

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just started playing the first one recently

>king kills my brother in self defence
>asks me to avenge him
>set out to do so, because somehow the king is the bad guy

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You showed me the ugliness of continued existance.
By the way, they have just added these costumes to PSO2. Judging by the price they go at, classic PS love is alive and well. Or maybe, the price is high because they are revealing.

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But his soldiers look like stormtroopers, he must be evil!

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Who do you ship Alis with: Odin, Lutz or Myau?

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It's Tyrone.

>> No.4492145

He looks white, though.

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I played through PS1 early this, it was great fun, I used a guide with maps or it would be hell to pass the dungeons. Next time I will play the retranslation which seem a lot more like the original version. It must have been a masterpiece at the time of its launch.

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I bought my dad sega mega collection and has 2 and 3...

Very aged game tbqh but I love old school RPGs so idc lol.

What one is better?

I've beated dq1 and love jrpgs so I'm not new to this.

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The third game is the Donte of the series.
The plot is good though.

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god i feel like shit,
i just want her back

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What does the don't of the series mean .

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I'm looking for a copy of ps1, but I don't know if I really want to pay $50

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sega mega collection has the first one as well, i think you just need to unlock it my getting a certain score on one of the other games in the collection

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>MY Sega CD didnt lock up, therefor ALL Sega CDs must not lock up
Fallacy plz go.

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I want to get into this series, why is Phantasy Star III so hated?

>> No.4495945

rushed gaiden game

>> No.4497086

a bump

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Because it was made by Sega's B-team and it shows. The graphics suck, the story-telling is poor, the game balance is ridiculous, and there's way more cryptic bullshit than 2. 2 has awesome mazes, but they tell you where you are supposed to go to find them. 3 has NES era vague bullshit and when you get to a dungeon, it is linear garbage.

>> No.4499484

I see

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Also, it had the legacy of two games to build on, but picked neither and revamped gameplay again.

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Tyrone can be a white man's name.

>> No.4503228

If he's adopted into a black family, yeah.

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worst boy

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Who, Raja? You take that back.

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I've only played PSO. Top 3 in the PS series?

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1 and 2 are good (2 is really grindy though), 4 is great, 3 is alright. If you've got a lot of patience play through them in order, but if you just want the best of classic PS, play 4.

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>Top 3 in series of 4?
This seems like an odd thing to ask. But I shall humour you. 4, 1, 2. I daresay 3 actually plays better than 2 but it is inferior in every department other than balance. 1 and 4 are much stronger games than 2 and 3.

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I remember playing PSO back in the day on the Dreamcast. I made friends from all over on AIM and we would coordinate dungeon runs, talk about Gundam Wing & Evangelion.

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Fuck these cheap assholes, seriously.

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4, PSOBB, and C.A.R.D. Revolution

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They're not cheap at all as long as you don't hit them with AoE attacks.

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>talk about Gundam Wing AND Evangelion at the same time

Somewhere, Anno sheds a single tear of disappointment.
But then wipes it off with ¥10,000 bills.

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bad memories

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Is Phantasy Star online fun?

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I really love Alis's original design, it has much more character and a better style than the remake's design.

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I'm pretty sure Neifirst says that their lives are linked, so if either died, the other one would soon follow. So Neifirst knew that by slaying Nei, she would die as well.

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she has nice 80's hair

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Best part of remake alis are her expressions in dialogue.

The cover art Alis from the PSO guy was good too.


>Make an episode all featuring characters lifted from the classic games.
>Alis has a stupid skimpy outfit that completely goes against her old design and plays second fiddle to some OC waifu.
>Noah is evil.
>Lassic is a random knight.

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fuck yes

also 1 and 4 were best phantasy stars.

>> No.4513929

played PSO first time last year via BlueBurst. overall the game has the usual Sega charm of that era in its visuals and presentation. I was surprised to see how Diablo-esque it is in structure. the combat is simplistic and repetitive in a way that i can only tolerate for short sessions, but it was worth the visit and i sometimes return to it

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Does the online on the Dreamcast one work?

>> No.4514506


The official servers have been down for ages, but there's a fan-hosted one that's supposed to be pretty good.


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Do I need something besides the game? Does it matter what version?

>> No.4515661

this is what i use. all of the info's on their downloads page.

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Why would you recommend the pay to win server?

The only sane way to play PSO online these days is the PC version at ephinea.pioneer2.net. If you play the Dreamcast version you'll be playing alone even if you connect to the multiplayer server, so you might as well just keep that version in offline mode. Absolutley do not play the messed up Ultima server that other guy recommended. They have drastically altered the game to the point where you need to 'donate' to get stuff to succeed. That is not PSO.

And that is enough PSO discussion really, this is a classic Phantasy Star thread, is it not?

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I've never paid anything to play on ultima nor needed to

>> No.4516516


>Roams around the world clearly intending to kill Lassic, gathering powerful weapons, breaking into old temples to get legendary artifacts, and purchasing expensive specialized vehicles to reach said temples.
>Lassic doesn't give a shit until you fly to his castle.

>> No.4517923

That's nice, now try to deny the game ruining changes made and the ability to cheat your way to victory with real money.

Oops, looks like 'I'm too good to cheat' does nothing to defend the server itself.

>> No.4518319


I think Ult Forest and Caves need higher stats (mostly more ATP and EVP), but that's only for high level characters where you can sleepwalk through those areas (unless you're a Force in MP, then lol).

The other changes they made to enemies are retarded. Double health Mericarol and ridiculous ATP Gibbles? Get the fuck out.

>> No.4519083

You can also make your own server and use admin privelegies to give yourself any weapon or mag.

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no nigga your all wrong

>> No.4519470

i wasn't aware that there were any game ruining changes

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>Lyla is localized as Alys, same name of the original PS heroine just because.
>Forren is localized as Wren, same name of the android from PSIII, even thought they aren't related at all.
>Estabilished names such as Dark Falz and Noah become Dark Force and Lutz, so old fans can't understand what those names mean until later in the game.


>> No.4522787

>tfw when I based my half-orc cleric off of him
feels pretty good

>> No.4523949

>same name of the android from PSIII
That guy was Siren (yes, the same as the enemy android, they are the same model) in Japan. Neither was 'Wren'.
Noah was always a horrible non-translation though, reverting that to an actual transliteration was one of the few good moves they made even if everyone will mistakingly pronounce 'Lutz' to rhyme with 'nuts'.

>> No.4524038

Is there any issue with playing the series out of order? I'd prefer to wait to play PS1 until I have a way to play it on real hardware with FM sound, so I was thinking of playing PS2 first.

>> No.4524053

Bought the Phantasy Star Collection for GBA when it came out, loved RPGs so I was excited to get 3 classics in one.

Got bored with 1 quickly, never played the others.

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Everyone calls Phantasy Star IV the best of the series, so I decided to give it a try.

Frankly, I'm having trouble seeing it. The early parts of this game seem to give extremely little in terms of worldbuilding, and basically resort to "Hey you need to go here. You went here? Great, go to this other place" in rapid succession.

Am I missing something?

>> No.4524227

If you are going to play out of order I'd go right to 4. It and 1 are the good ones, for mostly different reasons. I think PS1 with a proper translation and FM sound is worth putting up with an emulator for even though I'm a hardwarefag myself, but that's me.

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does phantasy star 1 suck or should i try it again. i tried it years ago and i beat the first dungeon. I remember when I was in the sand town, the monsters outside were so strong i was pretty sure i was gonna have to grind for like an hour before i could progress to the next part and i just stopped playing. could be remembering badly though, it was years ago

>> No.4524286

>I remember when I was in the sand town,
Sounds like you went to Motavia, what you're supposed to do there isn't leave town while you're still alone but recruit a couple of party members first, one of which was in that town and gives you the clue to the second. Grinding is a waste of time, that would have gotten you nowhere.

>> No.4524306

i think I may have found the rat thing but I can't remember. i'll probably give the game another try some time since I like old school rpgs and the first person grid dungeons

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File: 127 KB, 256x192, 1488078584694.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was the first ever rpg I played. Absolutely swallowed me up as a kid, I hadn't played anything like it. Plus there was internet of fuckall back then so I feel pretty proud about completing that game all by myself. I wouldn't have that level of commitment or determination for anything in my life now.

Up until recently I still have the dungeon theme as my alarm.


>> No.4524487

what the fuck? The japanese version sounds so much cooler...why

>> No.4524506

Is /v/ still running that meme?

>> No.4524646

The japanese version of the hardware has FM sound which is bizarrely missing from the western hardware.

>> No.4524667

No idea, I don't waste my time in that shitty place

>> No.4525320

1/2/3 are bad games.
4 is a okay game, but it pales next to Lunar: Eternal Blue.

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