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Why is Quake so smooth bros?

What are some other smooth games?

btw I tried putting '/smooth/' as the subject and I got a message saying I couldn't use that as a subject message :O

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Play the original with 15fps character animation.

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Goldeneye with the Mouse + KB mod.


It's surprisingly smooth as hell. I'm addicted all over again after decades.

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Human eye can't see over 15fps anyways

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Because you're using hardware acceleration.
That's not how the developers intended it.

3D accelerators are a meme and 3dfx is at fault for ruining gaming.

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>Goldeneye with the Mouse + KB mod.
sounds like cheating desu

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Does it disable the auto aim? Also won't that make the game too easy?

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The developers also intended you to play keyboard only, in other words who gives a fuck what developers intended

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>The developers also intended you to play keyboard only
Quake? Literally one of the first fully-3D FPS games where the devs could (and did) take proper advantage of the Z-axis in level design, and which also shipped with proper mouse controls (cf. Doom and other "2.5D" shooters). I'm calling BS.

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>playing in easy mode
>that disgusting texture smoothing
>npcs having more than 3fps animation

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All you'd have to do is watch the opening demo of the game to see the guy using mouse to look around.

Also romero confirmed on twitter that even doom was made to primarily be played with mouse. If u watch early Dev vids of doom they were using the mouse to play as well.

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It's nightmare mode you clueless tard.

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>Knight dies with trhee nails
Yeah, okay kiddo.

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What is quad damage you clueless tard? Easy does not change their hp values either.

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The knight literraly dies in front of the Quad Damage before player picks it up.

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oh no

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>doombab can't handle glquake

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That's the correct amount of hits he takes to die. You're a fucking idiot that has no clue what he's talking about.

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>>Knight dies with trhee nails
He clearly ate 5 nails before his death animation began. The first stun animation is not the death animation. The number of enemies present as well as their reaction times is clearly Nightmare difficulty. Enemy HP values don't change between difficulties either. You must be pretty horrible at the game anon.

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Wolf3D had mouse support, and Romero was giving tips early on how to speedrun the game by combining keyboard movement with mouse turning.
Anyone who claims these games were intended to be played with a keyboard is full of shit. They were intended to be played however the fuck you want - a lot of people used flight sticks too. The only annoying thing is that I'm pretty sure you couldn't disable vertical mouse movement before Quake, unless you used an external program like novert. But it was still perfectly serviceable to control it in a somewhat modern manner.

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>All you'd have to do is watch the opening demo of the game to see the guy using mouse to look around.
Uh, read my reply again with some thought. That was exactly my point.

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Uh, I was agreeing with you in response to the other guy. Take this time to reflect on what a stupid argumentative fool you are.