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Why didn't anyone tell me how great this game is?

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you didn't ask.

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There's a backlash against this company on /vr/, to the point of it being called Trashure.

It's your typical stuff: a game company that did pretty good and somewhat unique games that was slightly overlooked back in the day.
Then comes the Internet and some hipsters overhype the games due to not being Mario or Sonic level of popularity.
And THEN we have your typical cynical /vr/er contrarian that has become tired of this and as a result just hates on the games as if they were trying to compensate the overhype so that the game is fairly rated as a result.

Personally, I like this game though I'd like it even more if it had a free shot option (currently it only has fixed and strafing). I'm not huge into lifebars in games as well though this game handles it better than Gunstar Heroes.

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Great game indeed.

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loved it but could never get past seven force

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I don't really like it. Not enough level design and once you learn the bosses (most of which are easily cheesable), the game becomes extremely boring.

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Lately it seems the anti-Treasure shitposter has been silent, maybe because nobody posted Treasure games released on Nintendo systems though.

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That's weird since most /vr/ Treasure games are Sega stuff

I don't even think they tried to do level design here, this game is pretty much a boss rush with some levels in between to let you change / upgrade weapons as a breather room.
This is the trend console run and gun games were following after Nobuya Nakazato started to direct Contra, particularly after Hard Corps. The damaging dash makes bosses too easy here though, have to agree.

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Really enjoyed this game in the late 90's. I never had a genesis and the emulation was very good for the system even way back to 1998 on my old shitty Windows 98 Cyrix 333mhz machine. I went through the library of games and was told to check this one out by some gamers on an old forum I posted to.

It's a fun game. Love that it is in a semi-widescreen aspect ratio which helps give room on the screen to both the player and the massive bosses. It's a shame it didn't get much love when it was released.

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Given that you had every possible iteration for how you wanted your life bar set, whether as numbers, a bar or a blind mystery, that isn't a surprise.

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It's a boss rush game.

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it's my favorite game of all time, i wouldn't be surprised if i know more about it and have played it more than anybody else besides the devs

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Glad to see some anons appreciating arcade-style action games for a change, /vr/ feels like a sea of game story/JRPG lovers at times.

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We must browse different retro boards because /vr/ specifically goes into jrpgs threads to tell them how much they suck.

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There's always multiple threads of games like these at the same time, sometimes of the same franchise and even the same game, it's by far the most discussed genre, even more so if you include any kind of RPG (even if they shit on them they are still discussing the genre lol).

I don't hate the games though unlike some others who are into arcade stuff.

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i don't like it that much

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Don't believe me? Just right now there are well over ten threads specifically talking about these, I'm not even counting when they post stuff about them on general threads.

The gaming community in general loves these games. When you see all the "top X games" it's full of J/RPGs, included the ones that /v/ has done.


5 out of the 10 off the top 10 are RPGs, including the top 2. Then you have Dark Souls which is an action game with heavy stat importance (ARPG).
And what are the rest? Cinematic slow games and then TF2 (again, the story part I was talking about)

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We really need a /1cc/ board for gameplay-oriented games, shame that atechan's is so fucking dead.

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I can understand it, i can feel clunky, particularly when you're no used to it

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Not to mention zero (READ: ZERO) arcade games in the whole top 100. Well, Tetris at 73. Absolutely 0 shmups for instance, many other good stuff and genres as well.

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>We really need a /1cc/ board
just because you carry on like complete morons doesn't mean you deserve your own board

sit the fuck down

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>nobody likes my arcades
Maybe because you're a fucking asshole that drives people away.

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>gameplay-oriented games
We're reaching Orwellian levels of language that shouldn't even be possible.
Didn't realize things had gotten so bad over the years, holy shit.

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t. jrpgfag

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No Im not

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In my experience (IRL and online) I've mostly seen the opposite, I share the games and style of playing nicely and I get disdain from others.

Alien Soldier hasn't met that bad of a reception, though it's not an arcade, so...

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Here's a dirty little secret, arcade games as difficult and challenging as they might be are very fucking shallow. There's nothing else you can talk about that doesn't boils down to try not to get hit and git gud.

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>I share the games and style of playing nicely and I get disdain from others.
you're purposely leaving stuff out

If you come straight into the thread talking of console peasants and everyone being scrubs because they can't 1cc stuff then yeah people are gonna call you a faggot

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Meanwhile with RPGs you can talk about stupid subjective shit like favorite characters, waifus, plot, soundtracks, best optimized gear builds and mechanics to minimize grinding, etc. Even if they are easy and casual as fuck there's still loads more things to talk about.

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Nah thats blatantly false the problem is that there are very few people who are good enough to actually discuss things like scoring or hell even survival strategies

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>blatantly false
Fine then, what advice would you give to a player who's struggling to beat Abigail in Final Fight that doesn't sums down to try to get there with a sword and exploit his obvious dashing forward AI pattern and don't get hit like a retard?
I legit think there's very little you can say on this subject that doesn't make you sound like you're mentally masturbating or pulling things out of your ass.

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But I haven't done that, not on this thread nor IRL. Neither before on /vr/. You seem to think there's only one person that likes these games shitposting on the board or something.

And it's stuff like this:
-Guy (likes mostly modern Blizzard games): What have you been playing?
-Me: *shows him a clip of Truxton 2 on YouTube*
-Guy: One of those spaceship games? You sure like that stuff, huh
(I previously only mentioned liking a game like that once before btw. This happens all the time, and we get bashed a lot on /vr/ even if we're not aggressive)

This is something I know that happens. But it's not that they are shallow... it's that since they focus mostly on game mechanics which a lot of gamers don't seem to care much about and so they can't discuss this topic, they are neither used to it nor interested in doing so.

This happens with other mediums such as music, when it comes down to lesser educated (or into the medium) people they mostly only can say "this is good / bad, I like / dislike it" but can't articulate why. Not my fault that this happens and people have an easier time discussing stuff they are more interested about like waifus, stories in games, aesthetics, etc.
There's plenty to be discussed, game design is a very interesting topic. Most of the time when I try a new thread about just that it fails here though, but I have some occasional cool conversations IRL about this.

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Not everything boils down to "/vr/ help I'm stuck on this hard game", there's plenty to be discussed when deep mechanics are there.

Thet never become good because they aren't interested in this to begin with, sadly. I see a lot of people trapped trying to increase their K/D/R in online FPS or go up some ranks in LoL or whatever. They just aren't interested in pure game mechanics without progress systems.

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IMO competition against other humans has way way more depth than any spaceshooter ever could.

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I dont even play Final Fight but looks like you can loop him into getting grabbed for most of the fight. Though this is a shit example, do you actually think theres not much depth to shmup scoring or even more difficult routing for example?

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I agree to an extent since I love me some fighting games; still, for human vs human competition to be interesting to me the game needs to be good. Also, I also like some single player action and since I dislike most online gaming (I prefer couch competitive stuff or IRL in general) this only leads me more to enjoy deep single player games as well

Alien Soldier is a game I tried to play with a friend but since he's become too used to modern games he couldn't play without dying constantly.

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Yes once a game is solved and the route is fully optimized there is jack shit you can do besides practicing and resetting the run a million fucking times until you get it. Chaining bees in Dondonpachi is pure route memorization any way you look at it.

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Any scoring system is reduced to memorization unless the game is random, but then what's the point.

Not everything about these games is trying to top some world record, though. You can experiment a lot.

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>Alien Soldier is a game I tried to play with a friend but since he's become too used to modern games he couldn't play without dying constantly.
Maybe, I dunno, that's because it's his first time playing a game he never fucking even heard of his entire life and he's completely out of practice? Jesus you're a fucking idiot.

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There's nothing you can even talk about anymore because shmups.org and the autistic jap community already have them completely figured out. The game is solved, it's done.

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Routes are altered all the time as people refine existing routes and learn new tricks its not some static puzzle solution like you think. Even games with counterstops evolve because people learn to counterstop earlier and eatimate their score after the counter's frozen. All this assuming you take part in the community and copy strategies from others, if you dont do this then you can spend your whole life not getting anywhere near the optimal route

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I used to co-op 1lc games from the Contra series with him only a couple of years ago. To go from that to die constantly in the first bosses of Alien Soldier is jarring to say the least

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Even new route optimizations are extremely similar to the previous routes that came before it.

I can't blame casuals for not liking this shit, it's extremely repetitive and boring with absolutely no room for creativity.

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Even if that were true which it isnt nothing stops you from learning new games or obscure ones if you want to experiment. How is this different for other games anyway? Any popular game will have extensive guides written for it covering every aspect while tasfags optimize the speedrun routes and find all glitches so unless youre one of the lucky few or too players youre not discovering anything new

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Bad argument. Have you seen the huge speedrunning communities pushing games for world record and discovering new stuff constantly? This guy is right >>4469816
(Not into speedrunning myself tho, I tried this with Mega Man X4 around fifteen years ago but didn't last many runs).

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Maaaaybe he's good at Contra and bad at Alien Soldier because he has never played the game before?

>> No.4469838

(Press X button to make JRPG anime hero attack, heal sometimes). Casuals aren't even aware of this stuff, dude. And, you know, looking up the routes online is the equivalent of looking at a walkthrough, you can enjoy the learning process yourself if you want.

Again, have to agree with >>4469821 , liking this guy's arguments.
I also like to play Time Attack on F-Zero X, this isn't an arcade but the experience is similar to me.

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>liking this guy's arguments.
Suck his dick or some shit.

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Its irrelevant to casuals because they will never get anywhere close to that level of play. Anyway whats your point? You cant be creative in any game thats played seriously in the same way youll just be retreading shit that was already discovered ages ago

>> No.4469843

You can't be serious. I gave you an example, we also played other hard games. This should be obvious. He also wasn't like this before with new games he hadn't tried before.

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Totally serious, 1 life clearing Contra is way harder than beating a boss in Alien Soldier. Obviously your friend is just out of practice.

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If that guy was right then Chess sucks because there's books on opening strategies and almost everything except a few creative plays in the mid-late game are pretty much figured out and studied lol Automatic

>> No.4469851

But he plays games every day, it's just that he's switched to Overwatch lol

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> Anyway whats your point?
My original point is that arcade games are too simple. Just hit things until they die and try not to get hit yourself. Score systems are often just route memorization which I find boring.

>> No.4469863

>comparing a game of strategy and lateral thinking to memorized button mashing

>> No.4469872

>Just hit things until they die and try not to get hit yourself.
That sounds like your typical "Mario is about just jumping, boring". It's ok if you don't like these games, really, but it's obviously more than what you say. The important thing is HOW you need to hit these things to die and (more importantly in shmups for instance) HOW not to get hit.
These arcade games have eventually displayed the most complex enemy patterns (not talking about AI here, just the way their attacks are).

I've been playing these games for a lot of years. A few years ago I tried Ketsui and was amazed at the creativity of bullet patterns this game had, and I'm not easily impressed by this (have been more about older shmups than danmaku all these years).This is just an example.

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Anything is simple if you focus on its basic mechanics and ignore any nuance. Quake is just point and shoot right? Judging from the way you speak about scoring I doubt you did any of it. You do realize that the routes dont create themselves right? If you dont look up superplays and copy them theres a fuck ton of learning and experimentation and dare I say creativity involved. You wont get a wr in any competitive game this way obviously but that shouldnt be a concern.

>> No.4469879

The point of "a game that's too figured out is boring" that's been talked about here still stands

>> No.4469883

>Quake is just point and shoot right?
Quake at least has cool mechanics like skipping large portions of levels with rocket jumping, routing quad damage locations to kill things faster. OTOH you can sum up the available strategies in Final Fight with one hand and I'm not even exaggerating.

>> No.4469884

Memorizing is useless if you lack the critical thinking and creativity to actually use what youve memorized and build routes ffs, do you really just think they pop out of thin air and you dont have to think about what youre doing?

>> No.4469887

One point you're ignoring though, Chess is played against another person so it makes more sense to compare it something like a fighter rather than a shmup, beatemup or run'n gun.

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We did but the anti-Treasure agenda here started by /tv/ and /v/ made it impossible for you to notice.

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Indeed, some of these guys complaining about "arcades being too figured out" are almost like saying "this game is bad for speedrunning and the world recorld is too rigid and figured out, it's not worth trying to play by myself experimenting at my own pace at all"

btw I love how Alien Soldier has SUPEREASY and SUPERHARD, the former being infinite continues and the latter 1lc LOL they knew

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Oh yeah? List all the Haggar mechanics you know without looking up a guide. Id be surprised if you did this adequately much less going indepth on the tricky enemy AI, how to manipulate item spawns, all the boss exploits and speedrun strategies. Look up a speedrun and compare it to your own 50 minute 10 credit runs some time

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I've only mention memorization because you've brought up scoring systems before. Scoring are just huge memorization fests with absolutely no payoff, the reward you get for reaching 1 million is the exact same as 100 million. You need a seriously deep case of autism to find enjoyment out of arbitrary numbers yet still criticize progress systems in RPGs.

Here's a large arbitrary number for you try not to cum too hard

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Punch left right left right left right to infinite.
Grab and jump to do a pile driver.
Try to throw things into other things for crowd control I guess?

Now it's your turn to name a Haggar mechanic.

>> No.4469904

Its always the same shitty excuses from fags who likely dont even play these non casually so its never a factor. Apparently its too hard to admit that you want quick progress in games instead of gradual improvement so you gotta cover it with bullshit like the games lacking depth or being too strict and repetitive after years of optimization

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>Look up a speedrun
I've already done that, it's basically backflip jumping through all stages to despawn enemies due to sprite limit.

>> No.4469909

Anti-Treasure agenda started by /tv/? WTF
I don't visit that board but why the fuck would those guys care about Alien Soldier of all games.

Fair enough

Indeed, not everything goes according to plan unless it's tool assisted, you need on the spot reaction and thinking too

Final Fight is one of the earliest (or even the earliest since most later ones resemble this one so much) of its particular style or genre, though

>> No.4469912

/tv/ lives for one thing and one thing only. To shitpost as hard as they can and once word got wind of how easy it is to mess with /vr/ they haven't stopped.

>> No.4469913

>lacking depth
I genuinely believe this is not bullshit.
These games are inherently shallow and your discussion topics are very limited, this does not necessarily mean a bad thing.

>> No.4469917

Im guessing youve never done a 1cc then. Ok well you can cancel your punching combo into a throw by holding down for a start, you can jump backwards which when chained with an attack can be very useful for crowd control, you can quickly transition from a jump kick to a body slam while mid air which helps knock down enemies, picking up weapons has iframes which is can be useful as fuck, the weapons have some unique properties I cant be fucked remembering now. And as Ive said I dont even play Final Fight much

>> No.4469919

lol it's not about the number or how big it is. Scoring systems are integrated into the mechanics, particularly in later games. For example, Dangun Feveron feels like another game if you ignore its scoring system.
Played for survival it's your average shmup with fast patterns. Played for score though it becomes a game of dancing incredibly fast through the stage to not let any dancing guy escape, it's exhilarating combined with the aforementioned fast patterns and the inability to slow down. You get into the groove lol

Dude, chill, I'm on your side, notice I'm quoting those crappy statements

>> No.4469927

Yeah I know Im speaking generally

>> No.4469928

So tell us what are non-shallow video game discussion topics for you, then. No offense, genuinely curious here.

>> No.4469930

>Ok well you can cancel your punching combo into a throw by holding down for a start
Ah yeah I did know that, that works with every character and it's not a unique Haggar mechanic though.
> you can jump backwards which when chained with an attack can be very useful for crowd control,
That's bullshit when your superjoy can be a lot safer and more useful.
>you can quickly transition from a jump kick to a body slam while mid air which helps knock down enemies,
Fair enough I did know that with the jumping down elbow attack with Guy.

>> No.4469932

Then surely you could get a decent time if you tried yeah? Backflippings not hard after all and theres certainly no set ups required or anything like that

>> No.4469935

Ok, then. Yeah, these seem like excuses. It's like they want to feel and brag about being hardcore while not actually being it (by hardcore here I mean liking hard and/or complex games and not just play Persona stuff)

>> No.4469936

Obviously waifus.
Anyway casual games will always be more popular than your shallow repetitive tryhard memorization fests and no amount of bitching and whining can change this little fact.

>> No.4469938

Nobodys going to use superjoy just to get some enemies on one side of the screen unless they planned it. Look at the Haggar hardest run on replay burners, the guy playing uses it all the time

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No because I play for survival and not for time.
The only stage I found enemy despawning to be useful was the 5h stage, Bay Area.

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get the fuck out of my alien soldier thread you fucking mongoloids, if you want to argue about shit nobody cares about go to /v/

>> No.4469948

>brag about being hardcore
Said literally no one ever.
Only a teenager would think it's cool to boast about wasting hundreds of hours sitting inside a dark basement mastering videogames.

>> No.4469950

You shouldnt have trouble doing it either way though if its just some backflipping to despawn enemies as you claim

>> No.4469954

That's not even my point, I think that playing for survival and speedrunning are two drastically different things and I play for survival.
Doing backflips on the last stage is a sure way to get yourself cornered.

>> No.4469960

>arcade games

Go count the arcade games:

I'm a bit sad this got derailed since I like Alien Soldier but oh well. Didn't know about that beta, seems cool.

Wait, so hard and deep games are shallow now? Okay, we better stop talking about this and make another /vr/ waifu thread

>> No.4469964

Have you seen the hordes of tryhards in modern team-based progress crap playing ranked games? And not all of them are teenagers.

>> No.4469967

Yes its almost like theres far more to it than just doing backflips and you were being a reductionist fag to win an internet argument, almost like its a skill that requires learning all sorts of different techniques and strategies in addition to practicing execution

>> No.4470004

Because arcades games (say, Street Fighter II) have no characters, waifus, soundtrack, etc.?

That is not fair for arcade games.

>> No.4470005

That Alien Soldier sound (yes, it's the same guy, he's done other Treasure games; Mischief Makers as another example)

>> No.4470009

This guy gets it. It's not about the aesthetic stuff being present or not.
In fact, the other, JRPG-like stuff are the ones so shallow that usually you can't discuss much other than aesthetic stuff.
While players are attracted to arcade games due to the challenge and gameplay so they're less likely to discuss these aspects.

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Actually, you know who else noticed that, CV1000 era CAVE did notice that and they started adding waifus and anime plots to every single one of their games in an attempt to attract casuals. Sadly not even this was enough to save them and the company is pretty much dead now.

>> No.4470024

>Wait, so hard and deep games are shallow now?
Yes. The fact you can't even reflect those shitty arguments besides calling names and telling to post hi scores shows how shallow these games really are.

>> No.4470027

This further proves the point that unless you dumb down games you can't sell them to the masses, not even to some dedicated gamers as you see on this thread/board lol

No matter how hard you try with all the aesthetic stuff.

>> No.4470028

Where have I told you or even any other on this thread to post scores wtf man why does every discussion here feel like being baited

>> No.4470029

>dumb down games
Depends on what you mean by dumbing down. I agree the auto bomb mechanic in daifukkatsu was dumbing down but they added boost mode for good players and eventually fixed it in Black Label. I don't think CV1000 games were dumbed down maybe except Deathsmiles which they also fixed in Mega Black Label.

>> No.4470031

I'm not telling you later Cave games were dumbed down lol On the contrary, that they died due to NOT dumbing down enough for the masses, the new aesthetic focus wasn't enough

>> No.4470036

Just because you were "baited" doesn't mean they're wrong. The guy might have been trolling when he said arcades were shallow but he still made some good points.

>> No.4470038

Such as? That games have optimal routes? Thats his only real point and it applies to all games.

>> No.4470043

It's very hard to argue games with high difficulty and complex mechanics are "shallow" due to focusing on a game style for a short period of time instead of being some multi-genre open world genre where you can do "anything" but everything is, indeed in this case, as deep as a puddle.

>> No.4470045

If you scroll up you'll see the discussion started when someone asked "why do casual threads get more replies than my arcade games?"

>> No.4470056

I'm that guy. But more than that I'd ask why aren't they well received even when they get replies (like what's happening right now). Again, look at 4chan's love for RPGs...

>> No.4470058

Yes, and he called them shallow then failed to back that up when called out on it. There are a lot of reasons why arcade games dont get attention but them being shallow is not one of them. Gameplay depth isnt even something most people are very concerned with honestly

>> No.4470059

>. Again, look at 4chan's love for RPGs...
You crazy nigga, 4chan have an irrational hatred of moeshit and jrpgs. Either you're talking of western rpgs or you browse a different board than I

>> No.4470062

>Gameplay depth isnt even something most people are very concerned with honestly

This is honestly sad to me as someone who enjoys this so much. The gaming masses that don't enjoy game mechanics (or do so just in a secondary or tertiary way after other stuff like narrative in games, progress systems, aesthetics...) almost feel like a weird invasion. I have a hard time discussing game mechanics in general. I just hope things were a bit different.

>> No.4470064 [DELETED] 

I don't think challenge and difficulty is related to depth. You can make a game about moving a pixel inside a maze with surgical precision that's very challenging but that doesn't make it hard. Conversely you can make a fighter with bullshit AI like Mortal Kombat 2 but that doesn't mean it's a deep fighter either.
>Gameplay depth isnt even something most people are very concerned with honestly

>> No.4470065



>irrational hatred of moeshit
What about the countless waifu threads lol

>> No.4470069

I don't think challenge and difficulty is related to depth. You can make a game about moving a pixel inside a maze with surgical precision that's very challenging but that doesn't make it deep. Conversely you can make a fighter with bullshit AI like Mortal Kombat 2 but that doesn't mean it's a deep fighter either.
>Gameplay depth isnt even something most people are very concerned with honestly

>> No.4470072

You are 100% true; still, when challenge and depth coexist they have a symbiotic relationship

>> No.4470074

>Content was not found

>> No.4470076

A good example thats actually related to the thread would be comparing Cuphead to Alien Soldier. Youd think that Cuphead fans would be all over it since its a very similar game thats more fast paced deep and challenging but no. It always comes down to superficial aspects like visuals or game feel.

>> No.4470081

Maybe they don't wanna get into it because you're a fuckign asshole who autistically screeches at people for not beating games with increasingly bullshit requirements like DO IT IN ONE LIFE, NOW WITH NO POWERUPS, NOW WITH A HISCORE, NOW WHILE DOING A HEADSTAND AND RECITING 100 DIGITS OF PI FROM MEMORY

>> No.4470083

image is not loading, can you upload it somewhere else

>> No.4470084

Challenge adds meaning to depth. Depth by itself is meaningless. If you have a point you can control in a barren level then while you still have a lot of potential game states, none of them matter. What most people think of when they think of depth is depth that is relevant rather than the total objective amount of depth a game has. Arcade beat em ups may not have as many mechanics as devil may cry or something like that but they get far more use out of the individual mechanics they have. Positioning itself is such a ridiculously huge part of 2d beat em ups but is minimized with things like lock on systems in 3d ones

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Look at my pic

That is indeed a very good example. When someone told me recently if I was interested in Cuphead I told him the game seemed fine but a bit simple / standard compared to other run and guns I've already played, it didn't convince me mechanically.

>> No.4470089

thank you!

>> No.4470090

Actually playing the game and not continuing which makes it absolutely impossible to lose at the game is not arbitrary. You guys sure do love reductionist "arguments", huh?

See, guys? Some interesting conversation about game mechanics with solid stuff. Better make waifu threads, right?

>> No.4470091

>Positioning itself is such a ridiculously huge part of 2d beat em ups but is minimized with things like lock on systems in 3d ones
>When someone told me recently if I was interested in Cuphead I told him the game seemed fine but a bit simple / standard compared to other run and guns I've already played, it didn't convince me mechanically.
Good points. I don't why you have to constantly bring up modern games though, I was thinking in the context of other games of the same era?
Maybe you have a case of tiny dick and have to constantly remind casuals of how great you are.

>> No.4470092

Modern games make better (or easier to see) comparisons since they're further dumbed down than older console games which were more inspired by arcade gameplay such as Alien Soldier.

>> No.4470098

You don't necessarily have to 1cc to get a decent grasp on mechanics, IMO. People play for their personal goals not necessarily to fit in on your dead autistic circle jerk community.

>> No.4470103

Yeah, the personal goals of brute forcing mindlessly through the games (not appreciating the mechanics nor the stage design) to see the credits and then declare the story is too simple and the game too short and easy

>> No.4470112

Now who's being reductionist?
Actually, nobody does any of that, because arcades have been dead for 20 years and nobody cares. Like you've said yourself earlier in the thread, casuals would rather talk about RPGs and stuff than put up with simplistic repetitive arcade games.

>> No.4470113

"his favorite game of all time is the first Mass Effect -- and he thought the trilogy's ending was Just Fine, Thanks."

>> No.4470116

You need to put some kind of limits on yourself otherwise all mechanics lose their meaning. 1cc just happens to be a very obvious, concrete and doable limit thats encouraged if not forced by the games themselves

>> No.4470117

Wait, you're trying to tell people here that arcades are on average more repetitive than RPGs? lol

And I posted a review related to this topic
>Actually, nobody does any of that
Just read. And he isn't the only one, just an example

>> No.4470118

>game journalist from 2001
Btw Giga Wing had pretty high quality waifus, highly recommend.

>> No.4470119

Nah, let that guy be, he must also think not using save states on emulators or virtual consoles is arbitrary, savescumming every 5 seconds is a valid way to get a grasp on a game's mechanics and design!

>> No.4470120

Second quote isnt me, I brought up dmc because its a good example to use, calm down. I can use retro games as an example too though just to calm your autism, for example your positioning on screen has more meaning in Robotron than it does in Shock Troopers because of you dont have an invincible roll.

>> No.4470123

The critical difference is that while RPGs keep players interested with new different art assets, Arcades are just the same 20 minutes repeated for hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of boring hours, endless grinding for the outlier run where the stars line up perfectly, you have a decently performing run with not too many mistakes and you can finally give yourself the title of being (kinda) good at videogames.
After that you cry yourself to sleep over wasting the prime years of your youth on videogames.

>> No.4470125

That reminds me you're the same autists who think practicing with savestates is technically cheating. Remember that bullshit? That's how pathetic your community is and why nobody should listen to you.

>> No.4470129

>hundreds of hours
>for a fucking 1cc

>> No.4470130

>wasting the prime years of your youth on videogames.
Playing 20 minutes of arcades every day sure is more wasteful than playing hours and hours of RPGs as some self-called hardcore gamers do.
And if you play RPGs only 20 minutes a day... Not only are these so painfully slow that 20 minutes feel like nothing, you can't even compare the amount of excitement you can get in that short time between these two styles of games.

Oh, today I see this pretty forest, maybe tomorrow I'll see this pretty train hehe (proceeds to press X to win)

>> No.4470131

Oh it doesn't stop there. Soon you'll want a hiscore. Then a hiscore plus no miss. Then a no bomb no miss with a single hand while having a dragon dildo up your urethra.

>> No.4470134

I'm not one of those, though. I'm open minded with this stuff.

As if it wasn't clear already he hasn't played these games at all other than maybe credit feeding the whole game a couple of times

>> No.4470136

I get what you mean and I agree, but be aware that both sides are the problem.
The gen Z people obsessed with "arcade-style" are just kids overcompensating for having grown up with shitty 00s games and then finding about arcade culture (most likely their gateway was Touhou, too).
I despise that kind of people too, trying to act elitist and tribalist about video games, they're as shitty as people who only play AAA ubisoft games.

>> No.4470138

Who the fuck self identifies as hardcore gamer, that's just an admission that youre a loser who's spent way too much time inside.

>> No.4470139

Dude we're only asking that people stop butchering the games via credit feeding, don't make up bullshit

>> No.4470142

fucking this I can spend 40 minutes playing a shmup or beat em up and Ive had my dose of action for the rest of the day but if I played jrpgs I wouldnt feel like Ive made any progress at all

>> No.4470143

>As if it wasn't clear already he hasn't played these games at all other than maybe credit feeding the whole game a couple of times
Wrong, I've played everything you've mentioned in this thread, probably everything worth playing on MAME.
Actually you guys underestimate casuals too much, downloading a rom and final burn on the internet is a tiny bit easier than you think.

>> No.4470145

>The gen Z people obsessed with "arcade-style"
I've yet to meet one of these lol Where I live most people into this stuff are Gen X in fact.

I agree, it's stupid, but way too many people do

>> No.4470146

I know how you feel, I also like the feeling of beating games in one sitting. But don't 1cc though.
Don't ever 1cc.
1ccs have ruined lives, turned good men to madness.

>> No.4470149

You won't meet them IRL, they're mostly internet people on chans and forums, pretending to be "hardcore", but most of the time they spent talking about how hardcore and elitists they are online.

>> No.4470150

So credit feeding the games a couple of times it is then? Youre a walking stereotype

>> No.4470152

I feel exactly as you do. These guys don't know this feeling of being satisfied of gaming after a short but intense session, though, since they're used to the modern "bite-sized progress" model.

It's easy yet they don't bother with these games from my experience, and when they do it's credit feeding for a bit and then forgetting about it all.

>> No.4470153

I don't consider something a clear below 4 credits to be credit feeding. Actually 1cc'ing isn't even hard, just time consuming. I just don't have to waste with these children toys because I'm a successful adult, that's all.

>> No.4470160

>, and when they do it's credit feeding for a bit and then forgetting about it all.
Then why are you so adamant about keeping your community pure and scaring away casuals.
They only stay for a short while, isn't it? It shouldn't really bother you.

>> No.4470161

>But don't 1cc though.
>Don't ever 1cc.
>1ccs have ruined lives, turned good men to madness.


This sounds a bit too mythical

>> No.4470163

Well no you dont understand because the way I play involves action excitement and focus thats lacking if you credit feed. Whats the point of playing a game you cant lose? Waste of time.

>> No.4470164

1ccs have ruined my life. I used to have a well paying job, a girlfriend and friends before I got into 1ccs. Worst mistake I've ever made and I've been a crack addict.

>> No.4470169

> Whats the point of playing a game you cant lose?
That implies that cheating is boring. I disagree, cheating is awesome. I cheat because I'm better than you.

>> No.4470170

You're right in that 4 isn't as terrible as infinitely pumping coins but you don't need to see the credits to have fun with these games

If people only ever try credit feeding they'll never get the point of the games. I like introducing some games to acquaintances that play video games

>> No.4470172

>This sounds a bit too mythical
You mean too real.

>> No.4470178

You lost your job, girlfriend and friends to too much arcade practicing? Haven't heard of that one before lol

Your arguments are degrading to babby stuff now, it's hilarious

>> No.4470179

You like cheating because you have an allergic reaction to effort and dedication which isnt limited to video games. I wouldnt be surprised if youre a neet manchild

>> No.4470180

It's like the "there's girls in this thread right now" stuff lmao

>> No.4470184

Something makes me think you're one of those gen Z people who suddenly became obsessed with arcade games because "dude, so hardcore" and got his nerve tickled by that post.

>> No.4470197

Not really, cheating aka credit feeding simply turns the massive effort that is a single credit clear into an approachable baby-steps goal. Instead of trying to beat some enormous arbitrary challenge you simply try to improve on your next run, compete with yourself instead of the world and try do your best improving little by little.

The difference between you and me is that I don't feel bad about doing constant minimal progress while you are hating yourself every step of the way, resetting at every minor mistake. And I must remind you it's all for nothing, again, less than 1% of the world population cares or even know about your 1cc.

>> No.4470202

Nah, Gen Y (Millenial) here. And I play other stuff from time to time, too. Not some elitist here, just a man with clear preferences.

>> No.4470204
File: 71 KB, 638x479, workshop-6-smart-goal-setting-for-stress-reduction-15-638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Realistic goals, people.
Going for world record is some bizarre artificial metric you'll probably never reach, while doing your best +1 in this case, your best runs minus 1 credit, is completely realistic attainable objective every one of us could be doing today.

The difference is that by comparing yourself to the world you're only setting yourself up for dissapointment and frustration, while the alpha males who credit feed are improving a little bit each time and only have themselves to compare with.

>> No.4470205

>arbitrary challenge
Oh God it's the /v/'s fake difficulty episode again

>while you are hating yourself every step of the way, resetting at every minor mistake

wtf is all this projection

>> No.4470208

The "try to clear with less credits each time" is somewhat reasonable, but you're actually wasting more time since each try is the whole game and not a fraction of it. Also, you're inevitably not as focused while playing like this (I know, I've tried myself).

>> No.4470212

Except thats completely wrong, do you think I just randomly decide on which game ill 1cc? Its the inevitable result of a whole bunch of casual runs, if I like a game a lot then ill focus on it and set 1cc as a goal while also shooting to improve my scores with each run. You honestly just sound like some youre new to this and gave up at the slightest hint of frustration

>> No.4470213

Maybe he's the fabled Z-Genner obsessed with arcades lol

>> No.4470216

Also, it's errneous to say they're obsessed with arcades, it's more like they're obsessed with the idea of belonging to this elitist circle of "hardkerk gamurs" than anything else.
A lot of them get into arcade style with rhythm games for example.

>> No.4470218

No idea how you think arcadefags play but lemme tell you that its not reflective of reality. Its basically that same mentality of gradual improvement but they restart instead of finishing the whole game.

>> No.4470220

Coincidentally that's probably my least favorite style of arcade video game, one of the few I dislike and never play. I see the appeal but they're not for me at all.

>> No.4470221

By the looks of it the only thing hes obsessed with is arcade game players

>> No.4470232
File: 258 KB, 1649x569, d0a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.4470238

Noticed how most of the thread is about how much you hate devil may cry, cupheads and the boogeyman millennials and very little about actual games?
Maybe think about that next time you're hopelessly grinding for your 1cc run.

>> No.4470247

>. Also, you're inevitably not as focused while playing like this (I know, I've tried myself).
If only we had a means to SAVE the current STATE of the game to practice each segment in isolation, wouldn't that be amazing.

>> No.4470249

>. You honestly just sound like some youre new to this
I'm sick of hearing this and it doesn't even impress me anymore. It's been over 10 fucking years and you're still accusing me of being the millennial boogeyman who came to ruin your children's toys.
Guess what faggot, these games are 30 year old and they already been released. Even if I wanted to ruin your shitty hobby I wouldn't be able to because they're already out and finished. There's no way I can possibly affect your enjoyment besides calling you a retard over the internet.

>> No.4470252

But I love dmc and never said anything bad about it?

>> No.4470253

>10 fucking years
Wow, that's impressive, so much time!

>> No.4470256

Oh no DMC has progress systems, you're not allowed to like it. Please learn to have the correct opinions or you'll never fit in on the glorious and absolutely not dead, empty or autistic arcade game community on 4chan.

>> No.4470257

To be honest? Way too much fucking wasted time, it was not even worth it. I regret every single day.

>> No.4470262

And you accuse others of hating games? Get a grip

>> No.4470264

If you dont think thats a glaring flaw then youve obviously never lost your memory card desu

>> No.4470265

And I mean, yeah, what do you have to show for it?
You accomplished NOTHING in the last decade and the only end result is that your reaction time skills are even worse now that you're old. The millennials you complain so much about are probably better with more accumulated knowledge and more efficient practice methods than you could ever have as a child in the 90s. You didn't have savestates in arcades the 90s, you were effectively worse than the kids learning the games now.

>> No.4470267

Meh the DMC speedrun is like 40 minutes long, hardly a big deal.

>> No.4470271

I don't remember saying that but then again I am trolling so whatever, I don't hate the games themselves because they don't shame me for not having the skills for 1cc'ing, the arcade community on the other hand can go suck a chode for all I care. Getting involved with you retards was the worst mistake of my life and I'm better off doing the opposite of what you say

>> No.4470272

Oh thats interesting how is it relevant again?

>> No.4470274
File: 599 KB, 1178x643, Screenshot-2017-12-19 speedrun com.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You said losing a memory card was bad due to progress systems, but it only takes 40 minutes to beat each difficulty which is roughly the same amount an average arcade run takes.

>> No.4470278
File: 238 KB, 1149x475, Screenshot-2017-12-19 speedrun com(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It takes about 2 hours to beat DMC3 which I agree really sucks since at least half of that is just going back and forth empty corridors. But progress systems in videogames aren't half as bad as the humongous faggots make it out to be

>> No.4470281


>> No.4470281,1 [INTERNAL] 

1cc virgin chad credit feeder lesser animal faggot

>> No.4470291
File: 35 KB, 612x612, 17309067_10155207938389124_9163374071859879583_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all this projection

>> No.4470297
File: 707 KB, 1280x720, 1513477287083.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's true, a millennial kid DOES have easier access to resources such as save states which you never did as a child in the 90s. It's still objectively correct even if it's projection.

>> No.4470298

Speedrun times arent indicative of normal playthrough length and even if they were its still a flaw since itll be more than an hour until you can start playing the game for real

>> No.4470301

HOLY SHIT, seconding this so much. Arcadefags btfo forever.

>> No.4470304

Agree. But DMC is not retro anyway so let's go back to humiliating arcadefags.
They think beat'em ups are supposed to be played in single player! How retarded is that!

>> No.4470307


>> No.4470308

beat em up mp always felt like a shitty afterthought desu its almost like they punish working together with friendly damage

>> No.4470310

While that's true, some games like Streets of Rage, Golden Axe 3 had team throws you could only do in coop or Knights of Valour had special spells that buffed the whole party.

>> No.4470318

Those were too little too late. Shmups with bullet cancelling like mars matrix and guwange make for great co op games

>> No.4470336

>, but you're actually wasting more time since each try is the whole game and not a fraction of it.
You're also wasting a lot of time when resetting at every death because you're replaying the stupid easy first stages over and over until you get to the difficult levels you're having trouble with.

>> No.4470445

>literally every arcade thread on this board devolves into garbage instantly, even ones that aren't actually about arcades and are just about arcade style games, like this thread
>SHMUP threads are unspeakably bad from the first post
It's pathological, Shmuppers and arcade players are diseased

>> No.4470464

This isn't even a arcade thread, mind you.
At least not in the "videogame cabinet" sense of arcade.

>> No.4470484

Being human garbage is intrinsically part of Arcade culture. It's just like how the fighting game community is constantly roasting each other and calling it salt or whatever.

>> No.4470545

As I've said before these topics (game mechanics, etc.) seem to be hated around here. For some reason (I have an idea why but I won't derail this any further) it's like you folks have a knee jerk reaction to all of this every tie you see it and must troll and destroy the threads.

>the arcade community on the other hand can go suck a chode for all I care
It's ok, this is nothing new trust me, I'll never post anything arcade related on /vr/ anymore, I've decided it's not worth it. Enjoy, you'll now have one less guy bringing up stuff like this here.

>> No.4470547

>It's ok, this is nothing new trust me, I'll never post anything arcade related on /vr/ anymore, I've decided it's not worth it. Enjoy, you'll now have one less guy bringing up stuff like this here.
That's hilarious, this is the first time I actually bullied someone out of 4chan. What's the problem, you enjoy berating beginners getting into shmups but when someone does the same to you it's not as funny anymore?

>> No.4470562

It's just some retard that's popped up recently to aggressively shitpost about "ARCADEFAGS BTFO", probably as an ill-planned response to Cee's explosive autism. It's not the board as a whole. Ignore the faggots throwing their /v/ autism back and forth at each other and just post in good threads.

>> No.4470565

I have a question about game design, why is Orius often considered easier than Xexex because it removes checkpoints, when it's actually harder to recover when doing a 1cc attempt on respawn in Orius than it is using checkpoints in Xexex?
Did they change anything else in Orius I'm unaware of?

>> No.4470593

Not him but it's easy to figure out why.
Checkpoints or not, if a game is easy then you don't die to it making any ease provided by game design obsolete.

If you keep hearing x game is easier than y game it's usually because of this.

>> No.4470616

>wah wah look at me rebel against arcade ppl, all because i'm a fuckign loser who has the intelligence of a foot and will eternally be shit at any game with a luke warm challenge.

I just raise the standard and aim to see a community built around actual playing, strat talk and striving rathert han vrs usual collector shit and dad bod spastics who legit think ninja gaiden is to hard and all arcade is unfair because they never ever put any effort into anything then attack though who do, fuck em plebs should be berated and hung from the lamp posts to dry.

>> No.4470617

Caps use makes it obvious you're samefagging, dumb bastard.

>> No.4470618

>great co op games


>> No.4470635
File: 52 KB, 640x480, son.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You think this is the only game we didnt tell you about?

>> No.4470636

None of those were me.

>> No.4470640

Well it's not gonna happen, you can look at arcade game videos on youtube, twitch and nicodouga and it barely has 1000 views. Nobody cares about these games and what few millennials do begin to care you make sure to scare them away with your wonderful attitude towards newcomers. You deserve all of this, millennial kids would rather play fucking Mario 64 competitively than your space shooty games.

>> No.4470646

Actually who said strat discussion wouldn't benefit credit feeders? I always look into what top players are doing and try to incorporate their tricks in my own runs.

>> No.4470664

>melee but not street fighter
>that bunch of NDS games that are not relevant anymore
>pokemon twice
That's hilarious. I miss 2007 /v/

>> No.4470683

There was no 1cc culture in the 90s. Maybe that was a thing in Japanese arcades because gradius?
But nobody thought like that in the west.

>> No.4470787

I just wanted to say I like Treasure games.
Fuck /tv/.
Also this game wasn't considered hot shit at release because everyone was already busy jacking off to 3d, hard corps and gunstar heroes were already out 1 year before and panzer dragoon came out at the same time of alien soldier.
I am stuck at seven force.

>> No.4470802

>Fuck /tv/.
Is this a new meme? Does /tv/ hate Treasure too, that's hilarious.

>> No.4470803

Is that why you got schooled in final fight basics by practically a non player? Fucking loser lol

>> No.4470809

No idea just some claims in this very thread, but I feel like blaming /tv/ for something is not wrong anyway.

>> No.4470814

Not that I like to brag or anything but I knew about most of those mechanics already. My point still stands, these games are paper thin, there's barely any strats you can talk about, it's purely route memorization and reflexes. This is the main reason why nobody talks about them and you can barely muster up a reply besides git gud or fucking millennials reeeee.

God, I wish I were trolling. Arcades deserved to die.

>> No.4470820

Already, I'll give you that, I totally overlooked how Haggar can abuse the jumping down+attack knee move into a normal attack

>> No.4470827

It only benefits them if they're willing to actually try to learn the game.

They're alright but a lot are mega overrated.

>> No.4470831

Except you didnt, you didnt even get wtf I was talking about because you brought up superjoy as a crowd control tool on par with the backwards jump attack. What else to expect from credit feeders though you always have shit tier surface level game knowledge without fail

>> No.4470832

I mean sure I could learn 1cc, it's not hard just time consuming. I'm more interested in telling oldfags their favorite games are terrible though.

>> No.4470837

>because you brought up superjoy as a crowd control tool
That's the definition of crowd control you dumbass. Not my fault you're terrible at articulating basic as fuck strategies in a children's game.

>> No.4470839

So, when I do the backwards jump the attack won't even come out. What's up with that?

>> No.4470840

Yes, definitely.
As I said, alien soldier, today one of their most popular games, wasn't popular at all back in the day.
I personally have a boner for Dynamite Headdy and Guardian Heroes.
Radiant silvergun and gunstar heroes are really nice as well but the former 2 hold a special place in my heart.

>> No.4470841

Nevermind I got it, you need to hold down + attack

>> No.4470842

No it isnt dumbass its more of a panic last resort move rather than a tool for grouping up enemies get owned

>> No.4470845

Im sure your usual solution of putting in more credits will work

>> No.4470846

Alright, see I have no problem with getting called names as long as you actually explain shit you're talking about. But you retards are too incapable of even finishing the simplest line of thoughts let alone understand complex progress system mechanics like in JRPGs. Sad.

>> No.4470847

In fact, that's what I always do. And I also make sure to turn on invincibility cheats. Because videogames are for faggots and unlike you beta high estrogen cucks, I don't feel bad about cheating.

>> No.4470849

Explain how backwards jumps are useful for grouping enemies on one side of the screen.

>> No.4470850

I mean, why WOULD a millennial put up with this shit. I made the simplest easiest fucking question and this is the bullshit I get to hear >>4470845

Why would someone subject themselves to this humiliation just to get arbitrarily good at 40 year old children's games. You think that makes you a badass, getting really elitist about kids toys you pirate on your mom's computer?

>> No.4470854

You can use it to knock enemies in front of you rather than behind and I hope I dont need to explain why grouping all enemies together on the same side of the screen is useful in beat em ups

>> No.4470859

I am not really sure what was your question, but I can tell you this never engage discussion with elitists, they live only to get their heads even more up their asses
I would help you but as much as I like this game, I also suck at it >>4470787

>> No.4470861

That makes sense, thank you.

>> No.4470868

Sorry for the hostile tone if youre not the same muh arcade elitism fag

>> No.4470880

eight ch.net/1cc

>> No.4470889

>Because videogames are for faggots and unlike you beta high estrogen cucks

>tfw gaming is just a evening hobby and i also partake in a ton of athletic activities

You're the only estrogen drenched dairy chest here dad bod, i'm manly as fuck.

>> No.4470897

>it's not hard
you don't get to say this until you've done it though and yes learning is by definition time consuming.

>understand complex progress system mechanics like in JRPGs
lmao fuck up fedora cunt. Trying to explain anything to you is like reciting algebra to a baby.

>> No.4471053

>you don't get to say this until you've done it though and yes learning is by definition time consuming.
I did and it sucked, your game is skinner box operant conditioning trash. Actually I haven't played an arcade game seriously in a couple months now because unlike you I have more important things going on in my life.

>> No.4471060

seeing this boss in RE6 was a real treat

>> No.4471061

Meh, I mean the idea is really cool but they mostly emulate modern Taito shit running on windows computers. No thanks.

>> No.4471230

t. wasted his youth fighting in RPGs, with always the same music, for dozens of hours

>> No.4471243

>he thinks save states make people better at video games
Oh gen Z.
>b-but muh practice!
Oh gen Z.

>> No.4471267
File: 43 KB, 822x590, ad_174020392-e1487698550420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's not hard, just time consuming
Honestly, a little from column A, a little from column B.

So far I get the impression your exposure to arcade games is through emulation and I understand the siren song of the infinite continues. Why the fuck wouldn't you?

The difference is in going to an arcade, credit feeding rapidly hits diminishing returns. You've died because you aren't skilled enough to beat the game in one sitting and it's going to cost money to continue, likely so you can die again in a minute's time. For your money, do you want a minute of getting rinsed or ten minutes of kicking ass?

Furthermore, when you finally crack an arcade game and hit your first 1cc (Time Crisis 2 in my case), you'll find your money lasts a lot longer in an arcade because you know the tricks the genre uses and 1ccing a similar game takes a lot less time.

Tl:dr - Play light gun shooters

>> No.4471294
File: 353 KB, 647x906, 198556b3cf5dd043058f94b0b405349fa9fae0d6b3625b49f4dc1f518172ebd1_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's look at the facts, savestates are the most efficient method to practice isolated segments.
Even the shmup community agrees.
Memeing about does not make it untrue, admit I'm a better player than you BECAUSE I use savestates.

>> No.4471302
File: 150 KB, 640x446, pachinko-parlor-electric-town-akihabara-tokyo-japan-asia-bradfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know I used to feel bad about the death of arcades but now I think, let them die. It's a good thing they are now dead.

Arcades are essentially skinner box conditioning schemes through repetitive tasks with randomized rewards to suck the money of children. It's legalized gambling.
Arcades are the original iteration of loot boxes if you think about it.

>> No.4471304

RPGs are intellectual challenges while arcade games are just masturbatory memorization fests. Keep fapfapfapfaping those hours away grinding for the perfect run, so*boy.

>> No.4471305

>randomized rewards
can't even parrot buzzwords you've picked up from your intellectual betters properly baka

>> No.4471307

They are random in the sense that, some runs can go better than others and you're constantly on the look out for the outlier.
But yes I do admit I'm your intelectual superior.

>> No.4471312

It's the exact same principle as a skinner box, scientists realized it's not the reward itself that generates addiction, but the random chance of it occurring. So the way they stimulate this on innocent children in these gambling parlors known as arcades is by giving them a false sense of evolution instead of better implemented progress systems such as those of RPGs

>> No.4471313

>random in the sense that they're not random at all as the result depends on how well you perform
What a hopeless moron lmao

>> No.4471316

I'm glad you agree that Arcades are really shallow games after all and the better player credit feeds.

>> No.4471318

So there are no tactics and no execution in arcade games? Samurai Shodown, Daytona USA, Puyo Puyo and Windjammers are just memory games? Nice opinion.

>> No.4471319

You guys should really be grateful for me revitalizing your dead community, these shooty and punchy Arcade games are so repetitive and simple you've got barely anything to talk about and you will reply to any bait.

>> No.4471321

>being this desperate

>> No.4471326

>Samurai Shodown, Daytona USA, Puyo Puyo and Windjammers
All multiplayer games, Sam. Except maybe Daytona depending on whether your version linked cabinets in a network or not.
We're talking about the wrong habit of 1cc, please try to keep up with the thread if it's too hard for you I'll dumb it down, arcades are all about dumbed down gameplay anyway.

>> No.4471327

No arguments, ad hominem fallacy. Seems like everyone knows who's the debate winner here, right folks?

>> No.4471330

Well shitposting is the only thing youre good for as youre too much of a no skill no knowledge shitter to discuss games or their design which is why you bailed out of every discussion about it in this thread in favor of shitposting

>> No.4471331

All of this post can be summed up as, you are jealous at my superior videogame skills and tastes.

>> No.4471332

Such superior knowledge that when presented with some mechanics from Final Fight you either stopped responding or meekly said thank you like a little cuck bitch

>> No.4471334

That wasn't me but I'm not convinced? There really is very little you can talk about Final Fight besides how hot you think Poison's dick is.

>> No.4471336

See, I wouldn't mind if you called me names but explained mechanics. The thing is that you're incompetent. You're incompetent at playing the games properly by credit feeding, you're incompetent at understanding mechanics properly and above all you're incompetent at communicating like a human being that doesn't make you screech like an autist while accusing everyone of being a millennial gamespot reviewer.

>> No.4471338

Just checked and what actually happened is even funnier, you went on a rant about how arcade players are sooo mean to you. Absolute disgrace

>> No.4471340

One of you guys did the same shit and promised never to return to 4chan again. I'm very proud of this one myself.
>It's ok, this is nothing new trust me, I'll never post anything arcade related on /vr/ anymore, I've decided it's not worth it. Enjoy, you'll now have one less guy bringing up stuff like this here.

>> No.4471342

how could a thread about a game so beautiful and good become this fuckin bad

>> No.4471346

Know what else is a disgrace? Playing children's games for a million hours to hone up your score.

Now THAT is sad.

>> No.4471348

Game was always shit and let's be honest, shitting things up is way more entertaining than grinding memorization fests for better scores is ever gonna be. You're part of the problem, you keep replying to me thinking you can shut me up with insults.

>> No.4471349

Except I did both along with explaining to you what the superjoy is used for and why its not a crowd control tool like youre a child, to which I was met with nothing but whining since you have nothing to add because once again youre a no skill no knowledge goober

>> No.4471352

this is my first post in this thread you retarded faggot. you are the one shitting things up you utter bitch

>> No.4471353

I disagree, credit feeding keeps the rank values fresh and takes way more improvisational skill than memorizing enemy spawn points.

>> No.4471357

That's what I mean, we all enjoy hurting each other more than actually playing videogames, because what's there to even talk about, arcades are the same simplistic mechanics for 20 minutes over and over until you reach some arbitrary goal like a single credit clear or high score

>> No.4471360

God, why don't they see the light? That credit feeding is the way the developers intended to be played.

>> No.4471361

speak for yourself autistic garbage sperglord

>> No.4471362

"Keeps the rank values fresh" thats an interesting way of saying makes the game easier also what are you improvising, how many times youll hit your insert credit key after getting cock slapped into a game over by Poison?

>> No.4471364

>makes the game easier
Yep, in something like Gunbird 2 (assuming you're old enough to know what that is) there's a rank value that lowers according to your used up bombs and deaths, which is why you should credit feed, the game is balanced to adjust to your skill, not the other way around. If keep credit feeding eventually you'll get better, start using less credits, and the rank will go up.
It's perfect design and you're effectively ruining it by resetting upon each continue.

>> No.4471365

Can't you SEE that Gunbird 2 and the Strikers series for that matter were designed around credit feeding? It's designed to teach you how to improve not punish the player with ridiculous requirements.
Except for loop 2 though that one is total bullshit. Fuck loop 2 in Psykyo games.

>> No.4471367

LOL again with this clueless shit, GB2 rank gets lowered based on your weapon level so you can lower it a huge amount at will which is a legit strategy players use but again you dont know any of that you shitter. Also love how you changed the topic from Final Fight because you dont know anything about its rank system

>> No.4471370

That's a completely unrelated mechanic. I'm preeeeetty sure it goes down upon continue and bombs used though.

>> No.4471373

And besides most arcades have rank systems even CAVE shit so the concept applies to everything, really. And like I said, keep trying to keep up with my arguments we're making progress here, one day you'll be ready to credit feed like a man.

>> No.4471382

why don't you autists start some kind of arcade shmup thread and let the patrician Treasure enjoyers talk Alien Soldier

>> No.4471384

280 replies, the thread's already dead, man. The janny could have saved this but he didn't really care.

>> No.4471386

as usual youre showing that you know nothing about the games you're talking about, its all part of the same rank system which goes up or gets lowered based on several factors including your weapon level, its not continues that lower it its dying that lowers it

>> No.4471392

Yes surely then you have no problems explaining the rank system of Final Fight since youre "refreshing the rank values" all the time by credit feeding

>> No.4471393

I don't need to be a good player to credit feed.
And that's the thing, I'd rather pursue my own personal goals than do what the empty dead Arcade community of both of you guys dictate how I should spend my free time. I don't see why I should listen to you, nothing you've said was useful.

By the way, dying and continuing = same shit.

>> No.4471396

>Yes surely then you have no problems explaining the rank system of Final Fight since youre "refreshing the rank values" all the time by credit feeding
I want to know about this myself, not even the Japanese autists seem to understand how Difficulty B works. Someone needs to dissect the code and look it up.

>> No.4471397

So all this time youve been talking about the fucking snes port? Thats amazing

>> No.4471402
File: 79 KB, 630x509, 198556b3cf5dd043058f94b0b405349fa9fae0d6b3625b49f4dc1f518172ebd1_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well yeah SNES is the objectively superior version of the game. The lack of Factory level and removal of broken useless Cody made it a superior experience, and the 3 enemy limit makes it fair for the player while still keeping the fundamentals of crowd controlling intact.
And you could say the game is more progressive too with the removal of that awfully bigoted portrayal of transpeople.

>> No.4471404

I'm sorry, Guy, I mean to say removal of the Guy character. The character is so bland I couldn't be arsed to remember his name, really. That's arcade games for you, they were never known for likeable memorable characters unlike RPGs.

>> No.4471410

>muh rank management
Mere details, none of that shit is gonna help you actually play better.

>> No.4471417

Sounds like something you WOULD actually say honestly
Apparently he loves refreshing that rank even though he cant explain what it affects though

>> No.4471418

WOW Arcadefags are getting HUMILIATED in this thread. This is the ugliest internet beating I've ever seen. You guys should cut your losses and just move on.

>> No.4471421

Rank is supposed to affect bullet speed and density.

You see, arcade mechanics are so simple you can sum them up in a sentence.

>> No.4471424

Nobody actually knows what Final Fight rank does for sure, it's supposed to be tied to amount of enemy spawns.

>> No.4471427

STILL trying to distract from Final Fight and STILL wrong since it affects way more than that

>> No.4471429

>it affects way more than that
Such as? Can't answer? You don't actually know but you pretend you do.

>> No.4471435


THIS. Arcadefags are getting raped so bad I will start credit feeding asap.

>> No.4471438

Well at low rank certain enemies dont shoot at all, it also affects firing rate, hp and another thing im gonna ask you to name so I can laugh at your lack of knowledge

>> No.4471440

Wrong, that's what the first difficulty is for.

>> No.4471441

Nope, you can kill bosses quickly at lower rank. So go ahead name the other thing it changes

>> No.4471442

There's no another thing, you don't know what it's supposed to be used for because it's some vestigial debugging setting that doesn't actually do anything and was removed from all future Capcom games.

>> No.4471445

It doesn't do anything and not like it matters since if you're credit feeling the rank should be bending to your level not the other way around.
If the developers intended players to 1cc why did they program rank to lower itself to help them?

>> No.4471446

I thought you were talking about Strikers and Gunbird there? Also if you dont know anything about Final Fight rank why do you keep "refreshing it" by credit feeding and how does it require more improvisation exactly? Im sorry this just doesnt add up how strange

>> No.4471449

>dodging the question
As expected of a no knowledge shitter

>> No.4471450

You have a slightly different experience with dynamic rank values going up and down than memorizing some fixed route.
The first 4 stages are random too and hurr the western stage is the hardest if you get it last because of higher rank or some irrelevant shit no one cares about.

>> No.4471453

How do you know its a more dynamic experience in Final Fight? You dont actually know anything about the rank system. It could lower enemy aggression and spawn amounts which minimizes the randomness of the game making it more stale.

>> No.4471454

My point is that if you credit feed, rank should dynamically adjust the difficulty for you.
If you get good and start using less credits, the game becomes harder as it should. It's trying to teach you how to play better not destroy you with constant immediate deaths.

>> No.4471458

But I think that's great Final Fight rewards credit feeding with lower spawn amounts too, I have no problem with that.

>> No.4471464

HOLY SHIT I have seen the light, I will never try to 1cc in my life again.

>> No.4471473

Yeah you prefer it because its easier no surprise there, also still dodging a simple question because you dont know the answer due to being a clueless shitter

>> No.4471481

So multiplayer games don't count as arcade games? So you can't 1cc Samurai Shodown? (Yeah, you probably can't.) And there are no skill and tactics involved in 1cc'ing it?

Your opinion can't get better than that.

>> No.4471485

Dont waste your time talking with the guy unless you just enjoy flinging shit hes here strictly for butthurt-induced shitposting

>> No.4471492

>1ccing a fighter
Pointless. Actually, the only fighter I care about 1cc'ing is Tekken series, because Arcade mode gets by so fucking fast and you get rewarded with a better time at the time attack table.

>> No.4471495


But m-m-muh plot, muh story!!!

>> No.4471496

There are no endings in Arcade Tekken :(
But you can beat Tekken 3 in 2 minutes
That is fucking incredible, Tekken is the only fighter I felt compelled to 1 shit shit

>> No.4471498

Arcadefags absolutely BTFO in this thread.

>> No.4471517

The fuck is going on here.

>> No.4471518

Just some underages getting schooled on the benefits of credit feeding, the way of playing the developers intended.

>> No.4471609

Yeah I know of it, problem is it gets no discussion like all of 8ch*n's boards that aren't /pol/, /v/, /a/, /b/, /tech/ or /leftypol/.

>> No.4471618
File: 924 KB, 888x1663, Screenshot-2017-12-19 Shooting Game Weekly - YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

notice something?

>> No.4471624

Yeah, I notice that most gamers are plebs and don't give a shit about the arcade scene in general.

>> No.4471678

Oh gen Z.

>> No.4472358

Wow, Arcadefags received such a beating, let's bump the thread so 4chan can see how pathetic they are

>> No.4472376

Anyway I don't even play your shitty games, I haven't even ran MAME in months. Your community is so dead people don't even wanna talk about it anymore.

>> No.4472456

>Your community is so dead
>every new iteration of mame gets 10s of thousands of downloads.

k then.

>> No.4472462
File: 19 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As a matter of fact I thought Tekken worked out better when the characters were underdeveloped. They tried fleshing out characters with shitty story modes in the modern games and it completely killed the mystery. I used to find backstories more interesting when they were relegated to a few lines at the bio screen and mostly left to the imagination.
Now they're kinda bleh anime archetypes and I don't care about the story anymore.

>> No.4472463

>>every new iteration of mame gets 10s of thousands of downloads.
You and I know Mame is a Tiger handheld emulator now, not an Arcade emulator.
They fucked CAVE CV1000 blitter delay in the latest Mame, waiting until they fix that.
And they are fixing the crashes in Oriental Legend 2. What's your opinion on Oriental Legend 2?

>> No.4472465

That's the curse of most fighting games, or at least the ones that try to keep a semi-realistic scenario while making the characters special or super strong humans.

>> No.4472468

It is fucking dead. Nobody cares, nobody is watching 1cc clears on twitch, nobody is discussing their favorite arcades of the 90s.
I think it's really cute that you think kicking the few gen Z millennials with an interest in Arcade shit out of the community is making it better when in reality you're helping kill it faster.

>> No.4472469

>Oriental Legend 2
Eh that machine used Memory Cards to track your progress and experience points. It's modern tripe.
Not Retro.

>> No.4472474
File: 467 KB, 594x705, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In fact I was born in 94 so I'm not even Gen Z.
I'm better than you in videogames with my superior reaction skills still unaffected by age.

>> No.4472492


>> No.4472496

son, I was born in 83. So there are kids on this board :)

>> No.4472498

>still browsing 4chan in his 40s
You should just leave.
My goal here is to kick all oldfags out of /vr/ and turn this into hipster /v/.

>> No.4472501

Censorship in the American version of Nina's Tekken 3 ending.

>> No.4473101

It seems this thread has gotten even worse since I made my last post (haven't been online since). So arcades are the games with Skinner box elements and RPGs are the ones without... Anyway, I won't waste my time.

I'm still here, just won't discuss arcade stuff anymore even if they are my favorite games. There's no point since every time I talk about this stuff nicely here I get very bad reactions.

You guys won. You have been winning since 20 years ago or even more by sheer number, and it's ok, I've come to accept this, just that I hoped that /vr/ would be a bit more open about arcade-style games but it seems to not be the case. I don't lament the slow but sure death of this style of game; don't worry, I won't poison your board anymore with it, I'll leave you guys happy with what you like. It's better this way.

This list is from 2011 or 2012 (look at Dark Souls)

This was mostly a Japanese thing and one of the reasons their game centers with arcade games lasted longer (not the only one, ofc)

>> No.4473112

>This was mostly a Japanese thing and one of the reasons their game centers with arcade games lasted longer (not the only one, ofc)
I disagree, arcades needed players of all skill levels not just top autists. This little business fact goes over the heads of elitists, that having more casuals is a good thing.

>> No.4473121

Kek dude, what you want is people sucking your balls and drooling over how great you are for playing simplistic repetitive games everybody and their mother played back in the day.
You think having played Metal Slug and Street Fighter on a dark smelly dirty arcade makes you a top tier ascended gift to gamingkind when in reality everybody has played those. Everybody played a fighter or shmup port in at some point their life. It's nothing incredible.

>> No.4473129

Either way, you're not welcome here. There's no place for you on 4chan anymore so please be a nice cuckold and leave.

>> No.4473130

/vr/ isn't any better than /v/ when it comes to this. It might actually be worse, because there you can get lucky and catch a bunch of dedicated arcade players.

>> No.4473142

Having more players is a good thing, yes. Wouldn't say more casuals is good. There is a lot of money to be made from dedicated players. Casuals are very fickle, you always need a steady influx of new ones to make profit as the old ones lose interest.

>> No.4473149

The reality is that most casual players are not total Gamespot reviewers either. Reality is a little more in-between.

>> No.4473161

I don't know, credit feeding is expensive and after consoles became on par with arcades it's easy to see why lower skill players on arcades stopped coming. Those "top autists" are the ones that kept the business going some more (you can see this with later shmups and their overly complicated scoring systems made for these folks).

No, I'm not even an elitist unlike others... These are just my favorite games and I'm saddened that people care less and less about them to the point that I can't even talk about them.
I personally think the enjoyment that comes from 1cc'ing a challenging yer fair arcade game is a unique experience in the gaming landscape and I want(ed) to make more gamers aware of this since in my experience most don't even know about it. If after giving it a chance it's not for them (I've tried this IRL) I'm not mad at all.
I don't know why you get so mad, but whatever.

>> No.4473178

In terms of what? They are still very fickle for the most part. You could get some short-term success by attracting casuals, as some games have done recently, but it's not an effective long-term strategy because of the nature of today's market. It's no longer the 80's and 90's, when arcade games could attract people simply by looking and sounding incredible.

>> No.4473189

Lots of faggots only care about fighting games for the music and characters. SNK even released a bunch of visual novels and adventure games about their IPs in the late 90s, some of the CvS cameos reference this like Kyo's girlfriend or Nakoruru's sister.

And I mean can you really blame and call them fake fans for liking arcade games for something other than gameplay? They are just enjoying a hobby in their own way.

>> No.4473194

"Later shmups" also had novice modes when ported to Xbox360 so at least an attempt to appease casual shit players was made. Daifukkatsu got ripped to threads for its auto bomb and original Deathsmiles is probably one of the easiest 1ccs ever.

>> No.4473196

Those fans are much more likely to buy a home release now; again, arcades aren't a step up aesthetically to home gaming anymore.

>> No.4473204

Or cellphone and Pachinko. Kek.
But anyway you're correct if you go to the 8 -chan /1cc/ board you'll notice the only new arcades coming out are trading card or rhythm game shit, there probably won't ever be any new shooting games anymore. And I think that's great because you fags are fucking terrible. I don't think anyone should put up with abuse so I think, LET IT DIE.
You deserve to die.

>> No.4473210

>when ported
Not relevant to this point (a reminder to my point: later shmups catered to "autistic" ARCADE players with increasingly complicated scoring systems as opposed to credit feeders who didn't score).

And by "later shmups" I meant by /vr/ standards, mid to late 90's ones. I haven't played very many post-/vr/ ones myself since I don't own a 360, including those you mention.

>> No.4473219

I agree with you about the bad attitude some elitist have which give a bad image to these games; since there are so few of us left this is enough to be a big deal.

And even though these are my favorite games and don't think they DESERVE to die, I think their death was inevitable.

>> No.4473259
File: 22 KB, 175x189, 1494242972960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is even going on in this thread,
/vr/ doesn't like arcades anymore?
The genre isn't dead and it will mantain a niche status for a while.

>> No.4473272

/vr/ seems to have become increasingly more hostile towards these games. Maybe it's an influx of younger gamers? I at least won't bring this topic up anymore on other threads or new threads.

>> No.4473287

That limits their interest to a few specific games, ones which feature those characters. The arcade format being bad for story-telling only exacerbates this problem. Casuals who play for gameplay suffer from the same problem. Why in the world would they spend 20 dollars on a game which (to them) plays the same as the one they already own? Having a lot of mid-tier players is the ideal.

>> No.4473308

Younger gamers are hostile towards arcades, that's true.
But I feel it's really more general hostility towards 1cc.
They were not a thing back in day, people finishing games with few coins were already generally considered skillful.
I personally like to do them if I have a lot of time on hand (not so much today), but they shouldn't be something to be proud of and go on /vr/ to tell everyone and feel cool.

>> No.4473339

What an arrogant attitude. Who are you to say they're not something to be proud of? I respect good clears and scores, along with any other kind of skillful play. If someone wants to brag about a hard 1cc, they can go right ahead.

>> No.4473354

I expressed myself badly.
You can be proud if you want.
You cannot expect to come here and be admired for that.
Most people who played or still play with mame arcade games don't give a shit about 1cc.
I loved when I did it on some of my fav games, but in the end it's just stroking your ego.
Arrogance would be otherwise.

>> No.4473363

You're arguing against a strawman of your own creation. Nobody demands to be praised their 1cc's.

>> No.4473365

A lot of it is flamebait, but also there might be a backlash against "arcade elitists" because of their pedantic nature. I personally think age has nothing to do with it. In my experience, guys who actually lived through the 80s and 90s aren't so obsessed with being "elitists". They play arcade games, but also play console or PC games if they're good games. There's no reason to be "elitist" about being an "arcade gamur" because they actually were there at the time, there's no need to pose.
Younger people, on the contrary, need to portray that faux "elitist" image about liking arcade games and 1cc and the anti-console/home system posture, because they didn't have that growing up, they grew up in a time when the word "casual" was actually used on the medium, unlike the 80s and 90s.
So, their perception is distorted compared to the people who were actually there at the time.
It's basically another case of "born in the wrong generation".

>> No.4473378

It has nothing to do with age or generation. It's the classic hardcore vs casual split. It exists in all skill based, difficult genres. Arcade elitism isn't even close to being the worst of them.

>> No.4473390

There were literally threads on the catalog claiming if you never did a 1cc you shouldn't post on /vr/.
I saw often anons attention whoring.
I don't think I was hallucinating.

Yeah, you basically got it.

No one gave a shit if you could finish metal slug 3 with no hands and eyes closed back then.
Casual and hardcore player didn't exist back then.
People were just happy to see someone finishing a game, more often.

>> No.4473397

>It's the classic hardcore vs casual split.
Precisely, this thing didn't exist back in the day. The word "casual" wasn't used. I didn't start reading it in regards to video games until around 2003 or so.
Also, it's completely erroneous to think there aren't console or PC games that are hard as shit, sometimes harder than arcade games.

>> No.4473401

I don't know who you have grown up with, but back when I was a kid even clearing Contra while using credits was considered a big deal among my group of friends. From talking to people online, they all had the same experience. Beating games for bragging rights always has and always will be common and normal.

>> No.4473403

>It's the classic hardcore vs casual split
Both of which are design styles, not difficulty settings. Jagged Alliance 2 is hardcore despite being piss easy.

>> No.4473407

"hardcore" and "casual" aren't styles of games, it's the way a person approaches a game. You can play Tetris casually or hardcore, etc.
Also, as another anon already said, the term "casual" wasn't really used to refer to anything video games, it was something coined around the 2000s.

>> No.4473408

They're design styles and approaches to playing games. Difficulty can make a game hardcore, just as front loaded complexity can make an easy game hardcore. It's not either-or.

>> No.4473412

Now you're just making shit up as you go along. If you play something like Touhou and claim to be "hardcore" you are about as right as a car mechanic calling himself a doctor.

>> No.4473416

The word may have not been used (which is doubtful, but I haven't looked into it), but the underlying concept was always there.

>> No.4473417

I have never seen a single puzzle game that could be described as "hardcore" because they are, by their nature, meant to be played for a short time with a fresh start.

>> No.4473419

Tetris is competitive. Even though the session length is short, people play it for long periods of time and take it very seriously. Quake matches are typically very short too. You can be a hardcore player of a casual game, or a casual player of a hardcore game.

>> No.4473420

I think the term casual wasn't used before since gaming has become more casual in general and so the difference between someone who plays harder games and casuals became steeper and thus some gamers began to call themselves "hardcore" to distance themselves from moms that played Wii Fit only.

In my country 1cc wasn't as uncommon, and no, I'm not from Japan. But I've heard it was pretty uncommon in the US.

>PC games that are hard as shit, sometimes harder than arcade games.

>> No.4473421

First of all, I'd never claim to be "hardcore" or "casual", these buzzwords didn't exist back then and I don't take them seriously, I also don't take anyone who claims to be a "gamer" seriously.
But I don't know, I never played Touhou, although I know what danmaku is and have played a few, just not Touhou. I guess if you go for WR and shit like that, then the people who use "hardcore" unironically would claim to be so, right? I mean, WRs aren't easy to achieve, even on easy games, because the competition is the whole world, and there's always someone better than you.
In fact, here on /vr/ I've never seen someone post a WR.

>> No.4473432

Never a thing in spaghetti land, from my knowledge.

>> No.4473436

Yep, hardcore due to hard to understand interfaces, etc. that put off non-dedicated gamers but still easy once you get used to it. This sums up RPG games a lot, for example. Memorizing these kills their difficulty even if not grinding outside of RNG, in arcade games you still always need execution (even if it is muscle memory sometimes). They usually are simple on the surface to attract more players, too (unlike old CRPGs which had a different, home model).

>You can be a hardcore player of a casual game

Bet your ass you can, look at all those tryhard LoL/OW or even Hearthstone players

>> No.4473439

Maybe someone might have used "casually" to refer to playing a game briefly or something, but the whole "casual gamer" concept just wasn't there yet, it's something that appeared around the 2000s afaik. Same with the term "gamer" honestly. Back in the 80s and 90s, some magazines might have used "gamer" but it was tongue in cheek most of the times. People didn't refer to them as "gamer" as if it was a urban tribe like punks or goths, like nowadays.
>but the underlying concept was always there.
But it was different and I'll explain why. Back then, games were known to be hard. In fact, when a game was "forgiving" it was seen as a positive, because it didn't mean it was boring, it meant it wasn't as sadic.
Now, in more recent times, games have become so easy, that games actually started using difficulty as a selling point (see: Dark Souls prepare to die edition, omg so hardcore!).

Paradigms shifted. Back then, there was no need to pose as a "hardcore gamer", every kid who liked video games was used to play hard games, it was the norm.
Younger people grew up with easy games as their first contact with video games. Flash games on the web browser, games with achievements and trophies for doing the tutorial, etc. So when they see a hard game, they're like "hell yeah, now I'm hardcore!", that's something that was never a thought in the head a 80s/90s kid, there was no need to feel good about playing a hard game, they were the norm, not something for you to feel "special" or "elitist" about.

>> No.4473442

Heeey, come oooon, why did-a you assume I'm-a Italian? I'm-a not

(If you are then cool, ignore my shit lol)

>> No.4473443

Watch some japanese pro tetris VS play, it's insane.

>> No.4473448

>every kid who liked video games was used to play hard games, it was the norm.
And this is why the term casual wasn't even though of and why it came up later, not that hard to understand

>> No.4473464

I'm not sure what your point is. I'm not debating that the terminology is a new thing because I haven't looked into it, and have no interest in doing so. My point is that the terminology simply describes an already existing phenomena. Even in times when all games were hard, clearing a Contra or Castlevania game without dying was seen as something impressive deserving of bragging rights. When you become aware of how many skilled players there are, and the difference in mindset, it's only inevitable that you would come up with a way to categorize them. The specific terminology is secondary.

>> No.4473474

why does /vr/ have so many casual newfags?

>> No.4473481

The rest of my post explained that though.
Back then, hard games were the norm. Yeah skilled players (or people who put a lot of time in a game they liked) existed, as they exist now, but I'm not so sure about the "bragging rights" thing. Back then internet was a lot smaller, communities were smaller, there was less of a need to "show the world" what you do, there was no social media as we know it today.
Yeah there were guys who set records, I bet everyone here has watched King of Kong (and also know how fraudulent all of that is), but that's the thing, unless you were a real top dog, someone who actually set a WR (and had the needed contacts for your WR to be recognized), then you were just another person who played video games.
The division between "skilled" and "unskilled" players that you talk about wasn't really there. Again, most kids who liked videogames were used to play hard games and facing with game over screens and no continues, even on consoles or PC.
I think the gap didn't really happen until after /vr/ times, when online gaming took off, and people started using more terminology and buzzwords.

>> No.4473483

Good question. I'd say they spend too much time with their collections and posting here, and when they play they prefer no-skill stuff like jRPGs. Just look at the topics of the threads here.

>> No.4473487

Not everyone was alive during the actual /vr/ times, nothing you can do about it (unless you can get a time machine)

>> No.4473490

Don't ignore points that refute you, thank you: >>4473448

>> No.4473495

I didn't think that post was refuting any of my points, I thought you were agreeing with me?

>> No.4473504

You didn't show it the world, you showed it to your friends. The WR obsession is more modern. Back then competition was localized. You would compete with your friends or strangers. Either directly or by the use of leaderboards.

You're right in the sense that the hardcore and casual players weren't two camps that bickered amongst each other. That's the result of people getting older, forming communities and the rise of the internet. It's inevitable. Also worth pointing out is that the division still doesn't exist on a personal level.

>> No.4473519

There was no need for a "casual" or "hardcore" separation because they used to be closer, since every gamer had to play difficulty games back then to even get to the hobby.

>> No.4473523

Yeah I mean, even vidya magazines had leaderboards or challenges, some magazines published pictures submitted by readers who would take a photo of their TVs, wait for it to develop, and send the physical photo to the magazine for them to publish.
That existed, competing against friends also existed, I'm not saying it didn't.
What didn't exist is, as you said, that "hardcore" and "casual" dichotomy.
And rather than people getting older, I think it's also new people entering the hobby, as I said, younger people who grew up with a completely different concept of video games, so when they discover how old games were, they are amazed at how actually hard and "unfair" these games were, and take a pride of liking or playing them.
That idea, of being "proud" of liking "hard" games, wasn't there in the past, that's something that mostly happens to younger people, due to their own perception of the medium.

If you lived through the /vr/ days (and not just 5th gen), then you know hard games aren't special or something to be elitist about, it's just how many of these games were, nothing crazy about it.

>> No.4473527

Yeah, that's basically the idea I was transmitting. We agree.

>> No.4473538

You're missing my point. Hard games weren't anything special, skilled play was and always will be. That's why this thread had such a big stink about credit feeding. If it was merely about which games you play then none of that would matter. It's just the natural progression for communities centered around a hobby. They define the aspects they deem valuable, and shame people who are perceived to have a more shallow understanding of those aspects. The same pattern can be seen in film and music. Modern obsession with hardcore vs casual games is just a lazy way of assessing dedication, since evaluating skill level on an individual basis is too time consuming.

>> No.4473541

Not him but The Goonies II for NES

featuring a Castlevania sounding version of the famous Cyndi Lauper song lol

>> No.4473546

Wrong thread pls remove

>> No.4473551

Yeah that's why I mentioned people who set world records back in the 80s.
Anyway, maybe I jumped late into this discussion, but my point was that I don't think the backlash against "arcade elitist" or "1ccers" is because people are "casual", but rather, some people might get tired of seeing people acting is if they're special because they _only_ play arcades and _only_ play with 1cc in mind.
I actually think 1cc is the natural way of playing a game you love, nothing wrong with that. But posing as some sort of demi-god just because you were able to beat some arcade games without continuing seems a bit snobbish IMO.
And doing 1cc isn't all that special either, setting a WR is.
I do think a lot of the "arcade elitists" are people who never lived the heyday of the arcades, so they think of themselves as special snowflakes compared to other kids their age, but if you're on /vr/, and you act all elitist because "I play arcade games", then you will be effectively ridiculed and made fun of, because everyone who posts on /vr/ and was alive during the arcade days know how arcade gaming is, it isn't something new to them, it also isn't a reason to disregard all non-arcade games.

>> No.4473553

We disagree in the nature of the rise of those terms. I think they came naturally to separate between the Wii and Candy Crush moms and dedicated people on the hobby, not thay much due to bragging rights or people's ego (even if it still happens but those are mostly posers who overcompensate).

>> No.4473557

Yes, and due to the backlash generated by those elitists not I can't discuss these games here anymore even if I'm nice. How great.

>> No.4473571

Arcade players won't argue that 1cc'ing is anything special. In fact their standards for what is impressive are arguably way too high, as it's not enough to get a hard clear, or a 2-ALL, or a great score, or even a WR if it's in a game that isn't very competitive. It gets pretty absurd. The reason 1cc's are stressed is because they force some basic competence, and are concrete goals to work towards. Unlike "git gud" or "git a great score", both of which are hard to quantify. It's meant to serve as somewhat of a guide to newbies, rather than being the absolute end point of achievement. Some people (a british shitposter in particular) do it by insulting others non-stop, that's where the backlash comes from I think.

>> No.4473593

Also the fact that the difference between 1cc and credit feeding is "playing the game" and "butchering the experience" in most cases. In my case I feel most players have a bad impression of these games due to credit feeding so I see if by trying to play with one credit only they enjoy the game more. And if they actually like the games this actually happens (it has happened to me IRL with a friend who loved the Metal Slug games but couldn't enjoy them credit feeding anymore)

>> No.4473607

Same experience here, I got multiple people into shoot 'em ups by either encouraging them to 1cc, or playing the games together until we can get reasonably far on a single credit. Sometimes it takes convincing, too. People still view it as nothing but a weird, self-imposed challenge. That attitude softens when you explain all the ways the developers encourage it.

>> No.4473619

It was the point in my thread about these games, how these games became less popular when 1:1 ports with credit feeding became the norm (while arcade ports on consoles before used to have limited credits so no one credit fed and got at least the point of the experience of the games)

>> No.4473668

Most producers got greedy, kinda like today with dlcs ruining games.
The only difference being today companies have media coverage to damage control and ensure people continue feeding.

>> No.4473683

I don't see how that's connected to arcade ports becoming pretty much 1:1 (like MAME emulation) and thus letting you credit feed.

>> No.4473685

Honestly, if someone called himself "arcade player" I wouldn't take him seriously. Same as someone referring to himself as "hardcore gamer" or just "gamer".

>> No.4473692

If you play mostly or even only arcade games I don't see how that's so strange.
Maybe you think limiting yourself to these games is too narrow minded? If that's the case then I might see your point.

>> No.4473694

No it's not because they only play arcade games, that's fine, play whatever is your thing.
My concern would be, why would be bothering to make a label for themselves? My first though would be that he might do it because he wants to be a special snowfake rather than someone who loves arcade games. Could be both, but I'd still find it corny and childish.

>> No.4473697

Disregard my post, I had to re-read your comment to understand it's time for me to go to bed.

>> No.4473703

Yeah, I get you now. Maybe they feel the need to distance themselves from other gamers since they might dislike some popular genres that are more closely associated with the average person playing video games.

Like, saying "I like video games" but others thinking you're into LoL or whatever, if you specify "I like arcade games / I'm an arcade gamer" then you're narrowing it down to an style you like.

Just my two cents, I am not one of those.

>> No.4473752

>My concern would be, why would be bothering to make a label for themselves?
Because it makes sense based on the context, presumably. Same reason someone would say they're huge fans of a game series.

>> No.4474149

Lol we got an anime villain up in this bitch hahaha

>> No.4474486

No /vr/ for old men

>> No.4474496

We're crashing this plane with no survivors.

>> No.4474534

Anyway, the way the stereotypical casual IGN reviewer plays shooty shooty games is by credit feeding and spamming bombs like a retard, which I don't find very fun.
And the hardcore retard who is 35 and still lives with his mom method is to stick to a very rigid super-optimized route and reset after every minimal mistake, which I don't find very fun either.
There has to be a middle ground somewhere which I strive to find and calling me names isn't going to change my mind on this.

>> No.4474536 [DELETED] 

Old men who argue with children are fucking disgusting

>> No.4474543

Old men who argue with children about videogames are fucking disgusting.

>> No.4474557

Weird how I didn't notice this thread before, It would have been better that way I guess.
Anyway it's a shame that arcade games aren't too popular in the west these days, but at least the people that care are passionate about it and that's good enough by me.

>> No.4474638

Try /v/, maybe it's more your kinda place. Lotsa younger people.

>> No.4474661

jrpgs and etc newfags should fuck off back to /v/, they are not welcome

>> No.4474834

RPGfags outnumber us, it's not even close. We are the ones not welcome, not here and not in any general game discussion site unless it's limited to arcades.

>> No.4476708

Super easy

>> No.4476731
File: 292 KB, 1243x331, pIC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too bad. I hope there was a hack where you could have a third control option while inputting down+A, a free shotting style like in Contra.

Also, to add to this >>4474834 , look at my pic. /vr/'s catalog right now unedited.

>> No.4476775

I wish that there was a medium difficulty mode

>> No.4477013

How would you make that medium difficulty?

>> No.4477131
File: 4 KB, 180x129, yush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We are the ones not welcome
Nice persecution complex and welcome to the internet, where everyone talks shit about everything.
>/vr/'s catalog
>7 threads
Also I bet I would destroy your asshole in Bomberman mp.

>> No.4477656

>Back then, games were known to be hard. In fact, when a game was "forgiving" it was seen as a positive, because it didn't mean it was boring, it meant it wasn't as sadic.
>Now, in more recent times, games have become so easy, that games actually started using difficulty as a selling point (see: Dark Souls prepare to die edition, omg so hardcore!).
>Paradigms shifted.


Wanted: lights-speed reflexes, total concentration and nerves of steel.

This was meant to sell the game, a selling point, the marketing of the game. And it's not like this is an exception, far from it.

>> No.4477673

Back then, it wasn't about games being hard, it was about them being EXTREME, that's what marketing departments during the 90s were going for.

>> No.4477676

What about the word IMPOSSIBLE?


>> No.4477682

Makes me think of the late 90s Mission:Impossible movie, which was EXTREMEEEE

>> No.4477696
File: 411 KB, 1600x998, Lightening Force full box art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But this is a game and it is describing how the stages are impossible... They're clearly using high difficulty as a selling point.

Still, I'll post yet another one: "9 stages of awesome multiple screen graphics and incredible challenging gameplay". This is pretty specific, isn't it?

>> No.4477717

It isn't selling it like it's a novelty, it's just pointing out something about the game.
"Challenging gameplay" isn't part of the game's title or slogan.

>> No.4477724

You're right about the slogan part, but still, they are proud of this feature. Even if lesser, it was still a selling point, something people demanded back then in their games.

>> No.4477728

I never said people didn't demand challenge in their games, although I said a game being forgiving was seen as a positive, but that's relative and doesn't cancel the fact that people were used to play harder games back then.
The paradigm shifted because of how most games were at the time - a hard game back in the 80s/90s? Not something super special. Some games got popular due to their difficulty, such as Ghost n' Goblins and many shmups, but it wasn't like there was a drought of difficult games.

>> No.4477742
File: 527 KB, 1280x799, kirby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure, it's undeniable that challenge was less of a selling point since it was a common denominator back then. But still, it was expected, like a standard (even if it was just to extend game length).

I see the stuff about lesser challenging games seen as a positive more about "nice, here's some variety, an easier title in a sea of harder stuff". I don't think I've seen a game from back then boasting about how easy it is, for example. My pic is the easiest NES game I can think of, for instance.

>> No.4477754

Yeah I didn't mean that games boasted being easy, just that in general, people would see certain things that made games more forgivings as something good, such as being able to save, checkpoints (not necessarily makes games easier, especially in shmups, but still), health bars. That sort of stuff.
Marketing wouldn't boast about it (well, except for saving feature since it was a technological advance), but people in general, reviewers, would see these things as positive.
With the Souls games, the lack of checkpoints in a level made people think that was great, because it made the game harder, and was something unusual in other games.

>> No.4477775

Now I understand you a lot more, thank you.

It seems the type of game that was popular back then were high on both challenge and forgiveness. These new ones wanting to stick out as much as possible from babby easy modern games go all the way and increase the challenge but also the lack of forgiveness.