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Hitting a Kremling in Donkey Kong Country

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Sparking a tech in SaGa Frontier 1. It wasn't quite as good in 2.

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You're not wrong. Hitting enemies in DKC games is so good with that bassy twang and the enemy giving their unique cry when you do it.

The modern stuff doesn't get it with that weak sounding woodblock "Tock" noise.

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shooting any gun in jak 3

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The whip on Castlevania IV. Also the sound of bones scattering all across the screen when you kill a skeleton.

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Katana criticals in FFV.

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That PING PING sound Scrooge Mcduck's cane makes in Duck Tales NES.

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> *slight delay* owK

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The token pickup sound in Rise of the Triad

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boss explosion in zeldaIII

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Killing one of these guys in Splatterhouse.


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The blood fountains when you kill someone with a physical attack in Vandal Hearts.


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I actually like the wood sound quite a bit

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Colt Python headshots in Resi 1

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dragon quest level up sound

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arkanoid new level sound

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dragon quest level up sound

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The confirm sound in the menu in both the original Armored Core and Xenogears

You know what? Fuck it, all the menu sounds in Xenogears is great.

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Strutting on a marble floor in Thief 1&2

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Pretty much all the sounds from Duke 3D

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Collecting a ring in Sonic is the best. It compels you to pick up as many as you can

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>rolling a barrel into multiple enemies with a BOONK BOONK BOONK

sliding down a slope hitting koopas in a row clunk clunk clunk clunk

getting the berserker pack and punching Imps to mush

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Collecting pretty much anything in Banjo Kazooie or Tooie

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That sound in Mario Kart 64 when you use an entire bunch of banana peels on somebody.
In WWF Warzone/Attitude when you deck somebody with a fucking TV
The 1-Up sound
The "secret found" sound from the Legend of Zelda series.
The special move sound from THPS.
When you get the hang of the cape in SMW.
Beating the shit out of people with a pipe in Streets of Rage 2.
The Up-B critical for Luigi in SSB.

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SMB1 brick breaking sfx

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Anything in SMRPG

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MGS menu sounds

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>activating siege mode

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>tfw in public and hear the Sonic ring sound coming from.... somewhere
Is there some sort of machine in the food service industry that produces this sound?

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Maybe someone had it as their phone's message tone.

I like the combat sounds in Secret Of Mana. Satisfyingly chunky sounding.

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The gas stations here have that sound effect

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>this is what Sega have been reduced to - whoring out their SFX to Big Petro

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A couple gas stations I live by use the sonic ring sound effects on their cash registers

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In the UK I've heard tills in petrol stations with the old sound effects that came with Windows 3.1. Like "tada.wav", "ding.wav" and "chord.wav".

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Super Metroid
Item acquisition fanfare (though being able to skip if wanted would be nice...)

Dynamite barrel exploding
Cat-O-9-Tails defeat cry

The power slam move (that triple-hit "grab 'n' smack")

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The noise the clap traps make when they bite down gives me ASMR

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Gas station like an hour away from me uses it for their cash register

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The enemy defeat sounds in Double Dragon.

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The gem sounds from Spyro!

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eh the "tock" fits just as well considering the minimal amount of knockback it gives to you compared to the snes dkc games

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I always had a thing for the sound of whipping a bone dragon in Castlevania 1