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ITT: games you like that most people seem to hate, I'll start:

Yo! Noid/Masked Ninja Hanamaru

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I loved this game from the nostalgia aspect. I remember renting and playing it from blockbuster many times.

Good OST and secrets galore.

The challenge of later levels was pretty good too. great mix of level environments too

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Simon's Quest.

In my defense it was the first Castlevania game I ever played, and as I got to the other ones I pretty quickly realized that it's pretty obviously and objectively inferior. But I still like it fine, and don't think it deserves all the ire thrown at its way.

It's a pretty bad game, as Castlevania games go - but taken out of that context it's still decent enough.

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I agree, I don't see why people hate it so much. Both versions are equally entertaining in terms of visuals too, so it's not a Mario 2 scenario where they just changed characters about, it really is like booting up the American, or the Japanese version if you will.

I'd like a proper sequel to hanamaru someday, but knowing capcom, and based on the fact this uses the wagyan land engine, it's unlikely.

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I haven't played many Castlevania games (only the first one, and the fourth one on snes) but I don't think Simon's quest could possibly be as bad as everyone says it is. I've seen WAY worse games, and at the very least, the controls seem to work fine.

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I still have my original copy of yo noid. that game was fun as hell.

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Tedious but straightforward, and you only need 50% completion

Banjo tooie is worse

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What's up with the mini game,I mean why

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bro and I used to rent this from the corner store and it always lead to us beating the shit out eachother irl

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Because it's using the wagyan land engine, and wagyan land didn't have proper bosses, only minigames.

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I like Yo! Noid

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Yo!Noid is my favorite platformer

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I love Zelda II. I realize that there are other people that like it but it is generally hotly contested among Zelda fans.

It holds up really well as its own game (fun dungeons, hard but fair gameplay that can be mastered) But not really well as a Zelda game, it's actually indefensible because the "open world" has a lot more bottlenecks than the first game. It reminds me a lot of Metroid II actually, a great game with superior gameplay to the first metroid but focused far less on nonlinear exploration.

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Nobody really hates Earthbound, it just has a really obnoxious fanbase. It's the equivalent of kids who discover like twee music or neutral milk hotel and think they've found this secret little gem made just for them but its actually pretty basic and well known.

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I'm with you, anon. It's easily in my top 3 NES games, and also my favorite Zelda game.

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>Yo! Noid/Masked Ninja Hanamaru
People hate this? Why?

And to your question,
Battle City.

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>Remember getting Yo Noid for the holidays.
>Love the fuck out of it.

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Zelda 2 brought a shit ton of new concepts to the franchise.

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This is legit in my top 3 SNES games. I like every level, I like how it captures the feeling of the movie so well, I like the graphics, I like how it can be beaten in a sitting (it has to be, no codes). See all this shit about how hard it is. You know if its too hard you can just set it to damn easy, right?

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This. My favorite retro Zelda.

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Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em

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i love you anon

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>Banjo Tooie is worse

No it factually isnt.

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>Banjo tooie is worse

Nooooooope. It's not even worse to 100%, backtracking and all. I love it to death but DK64 is a logistical nightmare to 100%.

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There's something a bit weird that happens to me related to this. I'll explain:

I'm know as a /vr/ era games lover around the people I know IRL that also play video games. They mostly play newer stuff like Overwatch, Hearthstone and the like but they still have some fun with me playing older stuff even if they seldom play these on their own.

The weird part is that they seem to enjoy and/or tolerate most older games. By this I mean they'll be interested in what they see me play if it's a platformer, run an gun, old RPGs, fighting, beat'em up... most classic genres. However they (pretty much all of them) show disdain for shmups, almost to the point of making fun of the genre or me for liking those.

This so far has only happened to me with shmups, with the only exception being F-Zero X which only some of them had this kind of reaction to it. What do you think causes this? They only thing these have in common is the futuristic ships, I guess lol

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Loved it. Everyone else I know who has played it thinks it's either mediocre or plain bad. Bunch of plebs, I swear.

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This is mine I came to post as well. Also Budokkan the Martial Spirit.

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It just felt so bad next to 1. The controls for this one are just not as good. There is also a ton more enemies. It is a harder game in general. It still seems pretty okay though. Not a completely awful game but not as good as the first. I should probably still go back to try and beat it.

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>See all this shit about how hard it is. You know if its too hard you can just set it to damn easy, right?
It's still really hard and the enemy placement can be bullshit, especially with how much damage they take before dying.

Super RotJ is my favorite of the three SSW games because while it's still hard, the devs had learned from the previous two games and attempted to make it somewhat fair.

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Holy fucking shit, I've never ran into anybody else who played this before. Still have the cartridge my older cousin gave me and have a huge soft spot for it despite basically being a street fighter 2 clone with a horrible american title. Cheers m8