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hornet or bust

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Celica in a heartbeat

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Celica is prettiest.
I've driven the base model of each car, they don't compare at all, though their rally trims might be closer irl.

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Yoyota or Iancia?

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Refined humor.

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my boy

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that game is so fucking boring... it has basicly only one car. Its such a psx game, that represents why the psx is garbage so much... style over substance...

Celica, because jumping and drifting looks so much more cool. But the stratos is rad too

Too bad I only have vids of this car.

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I choose to grow up.

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>that represents why the psx is garbage so much...
go play sidebyside 2000 and see if you think the same, also colin mcrae 2, rage racer, ridge race 4, wipeout 3. I had a saturn bitd but it really couldn't compete with psx racers.

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First of all, he posted the PC version. Second, it has dozens of cars, they're just all made by one manufacturer. Third, the game you posted literally only has three cars.

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My brother of african american descent.

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yeah, but the carse and trackse are funse, with jumps and drifts and speeds. Porsche is a fucking boring game, where all cars in track are the same. it is a disgusting racing game. And don't get me wrong, I think porsche is a fantastic car. But it is abysmal limiting and marketing focused game design. Anyone who makes games like that should be shot dead repeatedly. You are blind and you don't see that games like that are the reasons why mainstream games are the way they are today.

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>is a fucking boring game, where all cars in track are the same.
>it is abysmal limiting and marketing focused game design
Oh wow.

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Do you post this webm in every thread for some reason? This is the 3rd time I've seen it and it has absolutely no relation to anything you've posted yet. Why?

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The car on the left looks like it's easier to back into a parking space. On that basis I think I'd appreciate driving that car better

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