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Do you fellas have some good charts? Post em if you got em.

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w-whats this

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daughter simulator for lonely losers

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This isn't reddit.

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shut your face, I like them

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What retard put the shitty GBC DQ games on there instead of the SNES ports?

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Like you?

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Then go like them on reddit and not here.

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>not here

what? not in the thread dedicated to them?

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5 and that's all I got

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you, sir, are a very nice anon.

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No prob. There's more out there, hopefully more contribute.

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I like these ones most of all. Anyone have any others? Fuck, I wish I still had them.

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Could you be any more new?

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I have a lot of charts on this phone, so let's dump.

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a lot of them are on the /v/ wiki

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Another Saturn chart.

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Cinematic platformers

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Huh? It didn't post the picture.

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Mega Drive

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I fucking love that revenant. Everytime this is posted I click on it just to smile.

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Dumping on phone is incredibly tedious and inefficient desu

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Yeah, you can feel the passion in this one.

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I stop with this one because it's frustrating to post (takes a lot of time to find the right file, can't compare with stuff posted ITT, file too big, unsupported type, etc.)

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Thanks Anon!

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And here's an extra chart that goes with the previous one.

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OP here thanks guys you are gods among men

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postan one

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Is Golgo 13 a good game and manga?

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Here's the second part of that one.

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Not the slightest idea desu.

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The Golgo 13 games for the NES were quite interesting, though they are hard(especially the first game). The arcade game was more interesting if you had read the manga or know Japanese.
The manga itself is fucking interesting, especially the way it throws in actual historical events around Golgo's 'hits'. The downside is that at most, 4 volumes out of 186 are translated. And on top of that, good luck FINDING any e-copies. You're honestly better off settling for the TV series that was recently released(50 episodes) and the two movies.

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They might not have been translated by the time the chart was made

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>WWF no mercy
>no WCW vs NWO
/v/ has shit tastes

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What is your reasoning to claim revenge over no mercy?

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aw shit they move
this is the fucking future

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Is there a SEGA Saturn version of this?

Everyone raves how it's the king of 2D, but the only games anyone ever list as examples are fighting games that require the same cart and Silhouette Mirage having just one extra background layer for parallax.

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There isn't a 2D-centric Saturn webm, but there is this general one

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And here's a Dreamcast webm

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This is a pretty good summary.

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These are just wonderful! Why oh why can't we make more of these

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Not new enough to get told what to think from a fucking grid made by autists.

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I don't think /vr/ is the place for you, lad

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he obviously grew up with dubya see dubya

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I can't abide any list with Breath of Fire II on it. The translation is terrible and the encounter rate is way, way too high. I wonder if whoever made this image has actually played the game or just put it on the list because it's on all the other lists.

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I'll give you a hint, look at his first recommendation for SNES...

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As a Fire Emblem fan, I'd recommend taking FE4 off and replacing it with FE3. I prefer FE4 overall but it's a horrible introduction to Fire Emblem if you've never played another Fire Emblem game, and it's a nightmare if you're going in blind, since most of your roster in the second half of the game is going to be garbage if you don't pair your characters right/at all in the first one.

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Or they actually like it. It's one of my favorite games ever. Call me an idiot, I know you will.

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Or they actually like it. It's one of my favorite games ever. The translation doesn't get in the way of anything (but no, it's not good) and if you don't like the encounter rate, use smokes.

Or maybe you're right and it should never be recommended for people to judge for themselves because of overlook-able and easily remedied flaws.

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What is the survival horror on the far right? Can't make out the title

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parasite eve

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