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One reason: English has a smaller character set than Japanese, so if storage space is at a premium, English is better. It takes less space to store the font, and less space to encode the text.

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Various reasons. Take your pick:

- Easier to display English characters with ROM size and resolution constraints.
- Japanese people know enough English to get by, and using English means no translation costs for foreign releases.
- Japanese audiences got used to video games being in English in the early days, so it became tradition.
- Foreign languages are cool.

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English is everywhere in Japan (although few people can actually speak it). Tons of English loanwords and sometimes just whole English expressions/sentences. It's just a feature of the Japanese language at this point.

One particularly striking example is that the Japanese release of Sonic R was 100% in English with no Japanese at all, although that's a little more understandable since it was developed by a western studio.

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Great soundtrack.

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it takes less space to store the font, but encoding english text takes waaay more space than encoding japanese text. japanese is just a denser language, even if you exclude kanji. that's why twitter doubled the size of tweets in basically every language except japanese and chinese.

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>okay we got the title screen done and looks pretty good
>we spent like 2 hours getting it to look just right
>w-what do you mean there' an english version?
>uh, yeah we totally got a logo for that, I'll be back in 5 minutes
It's amazing to see just how far back Nintendo's trend of jobbery with localizing title graphics goes.

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heh yellow was called pokemon pikachu in japan

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because cool japan is a myth

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>- Foreign languages are cool.

Same reason why the love German so much. It sounds as exotic to them as Japanese to us. Bonus cool points for the umlauts


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Front Mission has parts already translated to make it easier for a localization. That didn't work so well, as we now know.

I'm guessing the Human Grand Prix games were all in english due to that sport typically having a bit more english than normal?

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>Watching an anime sub
>Sudden English word or phrase

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You also notice it a lot in anime. Evangelion's Asuka was German, and Ode an die Freude also played a few times.

Fate/Stay Night's spellcasting was also in German (mostly Rin's dialogue, but Ilya was also German).

Even recently, Attack on Titan has German in its theme song and scattered about the show a few times, too.

It's weird though, the Japs limit themselves to German and English when it comes to sounding 'exotic', I don't think I've ever heard any other languages, like French or Spanish.

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sometimes a little of Italian, but that's just common musical jargon

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Because English is the lingua franca

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/thread - covered literally every point

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>he hasn't bothered to learn Japanese

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>learning a language so useless even the natives are forced to learn English
No thanks

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good luck finding a waifu then anon. I did pretty well, don't you think?

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Some? Don't you mean most? lol

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Nippon think west is cool.

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Then why won't they take more immigrants?

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They'll take the cool ones gladly.
Any MMA fighter that sympathizes with Japan gets a permanent stay there.

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They're not into racial genocide like the west.

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So if I go to Japan my Spanish and latin won't impress anyone?

I knew I should have learned german

And also Japanese

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English uses no diacritics or accents, only the vanilla 26 letters of the alphabet, making it easy for old computers to handle.
The Japanese are notorious for being shit at English.

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I read somewhere that Spanish is becoming more popular over there because it's much easier for them to pronounce than English.

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>Rolling Rs and ls and ls turning into ys
Wtf am I reading.

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Ive always wanted to learn some Japanese but it seems extremely daunting and I really don't know if it's worth all the time and effort cause I probably won't be using it very often.

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It's easy as fuck but you should only do it if you're a NEET with lots of free time. It's time consuming not hard.

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What resources do you recommend for absolute beginners?

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djt guide, rikaisama, capture2text and google translate

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I can assure you no one here gives a shit about Spanish. The only languages people bother studying are English and occasionally Korean.

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I don't like anki.
Online resources are impossible

I need a physical Japanese starting from scratch book

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Here's more complete list of some of the 'germanophile' games:

19: Neunzehn
Advanced Daisenryaku: Sturm über Europa - Der deutsche Blitzkrieg
Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf Achse
Atelier Marie: Gehen wir mit der Sonne spazieren!
AutoBahn Tokio
AmbivalenZ: Niritsuhaihan
Blitzkrieg: Toubu Sensen 1941-45
Daisan Teikoku Kyobouki: Aufstieg und Fall des Dritten Reiches
Der Langrisser
Der Wald
Die Bahnwelt
Die Katze von Schrödinger
Edel Blume
En-Eins Perfektewelt
Entführer: Yousei Yuukai Jiken
Eureka Seven AO: Jungfrau no Hanabanatachi
Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
Gensou Suikoden Tierkreis
Golgo 13: Wolf Schanze
Groß Deutschland
Herzog Zwei
Kokuu Hyouryuu Nirgends
Koutetsu Yousei Strahl
Kou Ashi KikouShidan: Bein Panzer
Kuuzoku Erlöser
Last Escort: Club Katze
Märchen Makendou: Cotton 100%
Märchen Maze
Märchen Veil
Milihime Taisen: Militärische Mädchen
Narcissu 3rd: Die Dritte Welt
Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Kodou
Nier Gestalt
Panzerkeil: Blitzkrieg 2
Reichsritter: Teikoku Kishidan
Reiselied: Ephemeral Phantasia
Stahlfeder: Tekkou Hikoudan
Walpurgis no Uta: Walpurgisgedichte
Weiß Schwarz Portable: Boost Schwarz
Weiß Schwarz Portable: Boost Weiß
Wolkenkratzer: Shinpan no Tou
Xenosaga: Der Wille zur Macht
Xenosaga: Jenseits von Gut und Böse
Xenosaga: Also sprach Zarathustra

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood has a german voiced intro for all versions.
There's a japanese gaming company called Märchen Breaker.
The final boss of "Fire Pro Wrestling: Blazing Tornado" was called Ludwig von Heiselstadt.
In the shoot'em up "Stahlfeder: Tekkou Hikoudan" all selectable characters and their ship had german names while the enemies were russian.
In Einhänder pretty much everything had a german name, from the ships to the enemies. Heck, even the bosses spat out german lines.

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It's called that everywhere. "Pokemon Yellow" is a fan nickname.

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Bleach is so full of Spanish names and phrases it hurts, and there's lots of material set in medieval France that similarly tosses French around. Japan even has a huge store chain named Don Quixote.

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Fuck me, I actually forgot it said that on the box. It just says "Pokemon: Special Pikachu Edition" on the cart itself.

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What about Geist on Gamecube?

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You sound like a lazy bitch, stick to the languages you already know cause no one will spoon-feed you a new language

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They have high standards, as every country should. Garbage trying to come into a country should be given the choice of "Hand us a college diploma or hand over your testicles".

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Yes, good call. I haven't played it, but there seem to be some more german words going on in that game, like the adversary "Volks Corporation".

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Teutophile is the word you're looking for.

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While that is true, it's nowhere near as popular as English is.

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Ghost in the Shell had opening music in Russian. Brawl music is Latin. I'm sure you could find more

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It's because German and Japanese are almost identical on a phonetic basis. Not all, but most sounds are pronounced almost identical across both languages. English, French and many other language pronounce anything written down however the fuck they feel like. Bordeaux for example: both the 'o' and the 'eau' are pronounced the same. German and Japanese however don't do that. One character will almost always be pronounced the same way, so transitioning back and forth between them is easier.

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you talking out of your retarded ass

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To help learn some little japan boy some bit little english.

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>One character will almost always be pronounced the same way, so transitioning back and forth between them is easier.
Kanji can in fact be read in several different ways, which is what makes it so much of a pain in the ass. At least in Chinese one character makes one sound and that's the end of it.

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it?

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>bad opinion
Who'd have thought?

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people r still complaining about tripfags wow

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Same reason why dirty American dogs love tattooing kanji on their skin without knowing jack diddly shit. That or (un)ironically using kanji in the modern day.

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This might be the only /vr/ post I've ever seen that acknowledged Stahlfeder

Based C list PlayStation stg

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people r still using tripcodes wow

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It was difficult to display kanjis on Famicom. Hiragana, katanaka, or English was used on many games. And they know some English words as children.

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Japanese covers and title screens are cluttered fucking messes.

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Because it sounds cool

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>If it ain't broke, don't fix it?
Says the transsexual, oblivious to the hypocrisy.

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Transsexuals have clear neurological differences that point to their condition. Enjoy your ignorance, though. I'm sure people fundamentally change their life, use expensive medication and undergo urgery based on a passing whim. They should just man up :)

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Fun fact (btw. I posted this list):
Back in the day I bought that game solely because of it's german name. Same goes for Ehrgeiz and Einhänder, but of course Einhänder is one of the best PS1 Shmups in contrast to Stahlfeder.

Stahlfeder might have some rarity nowadays, but the game isn't really that good. I'm not very good with Shmups, but even for me this game was just too damn easy. You can rush through the game even on a higher difficulty in no time.


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Stfu retard
Some people just need to get their asses kicked

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i saw an anime once where one of the characters was supposed to be english, and in the original audio she speaks very poor engrish to the japanese characters. it was a slightly funny scene that was lost in the dub when everyone speaks english so it really made no sense what she was doing

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I think they call those neurological differences "mental illness."

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This game lets you choose bullet color which is highly underrated

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Sonic's Japanese voice actor is an English teacher and spoke at least one line of English every episode.

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You get that same effect in American sitcoms when characters are supposed to be fluent in Japanese/German/Italian/whatever and the actor speaks some broken garbage. This shit is never meant to be aimed at people that know the language in question.

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>The Japanese are notorious for being shit at English.
That may be the case, but for /vr/ games, there are few instances where an understanding of complex sentence structures are necessary; usually, you just need to know basic vocab, like "FIRE" or "LEFT". If the game needed something more complex than that, the developers would have just devoted some data-space to the Japanese characters.