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all right
let's make some craaaazy money

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motherfucker I was gonna post that

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>not Gus
actually, axel's okay

there's basically no reason to pick the other two cabbies though

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Gus is the serious choice, but Axel truly captures the essence of the game

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Gena has a niche in her fast stopping time, making it easier to get close to customers to avoid losing a few seconds waiting for them to get in. BD Joe is worthless, though.

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This game always made me want to live in San Francisco. Too bad it's a shithole like most of the west coast.

>ywn live in an alt timeline San Fran in the early 2000s with your dreamcast

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there's a ost mod for the steam version that replaces the shitty songs with every bad religion and offspring theme from the trilogy, It's pretty good, this game is not the same without the nihilistic californian punk music.

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>that one time I made $30k
>Gina forever my bae

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>mfw playing the gamecube version
Am i allowed on vr?

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Yaaaaa yaaaaaa yaaaa yaaaa yaaaaaa

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>every time there's a crazy taxi thread

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Can someone explain the driver choices to me?

Here's what I remember. Tell me if I'm wrong:
Axel: Average stats
BD Joe: Best top speed, worst handling
Gena: Best handling, worst top speed
Gus: Best Acceleration

So why is Gus the best? I would have assumed the prime pick would be BD Joe (get there fastest) or Gena (take more risks to increase tip).

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>mfw I bought the 360 version and it didn't have the music

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Big Dick Joe

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There is a reason why he is smiling that big.

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>3 crazy taxi games
>not one hindu character

What did sega mean by this?

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The PS3/360/Steam versions have godawful royalty free music but the PC versions of the trilogy went the clever route of licensing smaller punk bands instead. Don't know why they couldn't keep doing that, it would at least be an attempt to keep the same atmosphere.

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Gus is pretty tan.

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Because most asian taxi drivers are Sikh or Muslim.

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>nulldc keeps freezing after loading crazy taxi

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Cmon hurry up and get in!

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How to git gud at this game?

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play it on psp

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Master how to stop faster (ie put in reverse and brake instead of just braking).

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>unlocking Crazy Bike

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But you can anon.

In Crazy Taxi

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I spent over 100 dollars in quarters/tokens playing Crazy Taxi.

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Because he's the smugest

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>Too bad it's a shithole like all of either coast.

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You've got 10 CUHRAZY minutes!

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Gus has the heaviest car. He can push traffic out of the way easier and recover from mistakes/crashes quicker. The high acceleration also makes him the best driver for using the dash/limiter cut, the most important technique.

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>you will never own a dreamcast
>you will never own japanese crazy taxi
>you will never use a dreamcast as your main computer
>you will never be ok

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Whats the best Crazy Taxi console port there is? Whats the best way to experience it?

Is there any difference between region releases

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Xbox version

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Dreamcast, it's the only arcade-perfect port.

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I would not recommend this for CT 1 & 2. It's missing the other level from both of those games (Original and Around Apple respectively) and also is missing their Crazy Box/Crazy Pyramid mini-games. Plus it looks more washed-out compared to the Dreamcast versions. On a more positive note, you have the crazy hop mechanic for the CT1 level, something that is not possible in any version of CT1.

So basically, just play 1 & 2 on Dreamcast and 3 on Xbox for the new Las Vegas level.

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how the fuck do you linux on dreamcast and then make it a working desktop

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I tried it on ppsspp but it crashes, i also tried 2 versions of the game (a gdi one and a uk version), both have the same error for me (freezes on the sega copyright screen), I also tried demul, it works but the sound is ass.
How's the gamecube version?

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it's 50 bucks anywhere, even at ebay

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but PC version exists. You can make it arcade perfect because all you have to do is replace the MP3 to the original versions.

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Nope, PC is still inferior.

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What? No. Gina has high acceleration and handling but is light as shit. Gus has a heavy car that takes forever to accelerate and forever to lose enough speed to stop. The acceleration doesn't matter due to the speed boosting techniques, but not losing speed means he stays at boosted speed for a REALLY long time.

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The PC version has slowdowns no matter how powerful your PC is.
I mean, I have a 1080ti and the game still runs like shit when there are a lot of things onscreen. Fiddling with the video options doesn't make it any better.

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>BD Joe is actually the worst character

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Gus has the worst acceleration, and worst handling... but the highest top speed and he's the heaviest.
as such, you can just crazy dash to ignore the acceleration issue (he's practically unplayable if you can't crazy dash), you can drift to ignore his poor turning ability, and his weight lets you plow through some things if you really, really need to.
stopping still kind of sucks with him though, which is his one real drawback

Steam version's easy to fix, just a quick ADX swap. I've got the CT1+2 OSTs (plus Americana).

how the hell do the mobile controls work in this
like, I gave up after like 10 minutes and just played with a controller
and they went and messed with the letter scoring for some reason

honestly, this
IIRC, the game actually runs better on Intel video than actual graphics cards in some cases.

you don't
the biggest issue is the appalling lack of RAM on the DC, which was an issue even when it was alive as a console (lots of it for 1998... and then considered fuck all by 2000)

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How do you limit cut constantly

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hindus are not crazy

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Wasn't Hot-D a Hindu? Also what did the D stand for???

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lol the west coast is the only nice part of the united states go home cletus

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t. homeless

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I rather live in the Badlands or Rocky Mountains. I prefer spacious landscape.
Delhi? Daitya? Devadas? Devaraj? Debbie?

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What's the best Crazy Taxi clone, and why is it Simpsons Road Rage?

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Were there many to compete with it besides the game you mentioned? In all seriousness.