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I can't do it, /vr/, you have to do it for me

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what a faggot

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Believe in yourself. Only you can stomp the dinosaurs in your life OP.

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dont u hurt my friend reznor

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>"Me and Rob are both big Nintendo fans for a number of reasons. Nintendo approaches gaming from a prospective where Super Mario Bros. is still a ****c and doesn't look dated. Look at any game on the PlayStation 1 that tries to exceed past the terrible 3D graphics, with their look alike, sound alike franchise attempts."

Was he right?

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trent is always right

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They fucking easy. Don't kill them in order. Kill one and then skip the next one. Them kill the on directly opposite the first one and immediately jump on the platform. You should be able to take out the one directly above you. Then just wait for it to rotate around to get the other. The only thing you really need to worry about are stray fireballs.

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Just play defensively. Try to keep up a wall of fireballs and eventually when the bridge collapses if all four platforms are full he should fall in the lava

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Classic. Not sure why it's censored.

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stat running and jump right under the first one, stay there untl you killed the third one, jump on platform and wait until you are beneath the fourth one

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Is this a real quote from Trent Reznor?

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When kids can no longer manage to beat the Reznor rhinos, that's when I know that the world is doomed.

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Trent's an absolute idiot in almost every aspect, but this time he nails it.

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Could you say he... nine inch NAILS IT

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Okay, I'll let that one pass because I totally missed the chance to make that lame pun myself.

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Reznor is easy as fuck. Wendy and Lemmy were much worse bosses.

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Some message boards would block the word class because of JavaScript exploits.

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Give us your rom.

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takes me back...


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Reznor is only hard if you hesitate. If you get scared you'll die.

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When people that are supposed to be at least 18 to post here can't identify a triceratops, that's when I know the world is doomed.

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>Look at any game on the PlayStation 1 that tries to exceed past the terrible 3D graphics, with their look alike, sound alike franchise attempts
There were some games that did well and look decent on the PSX. There was a lot of wiggly games and a shit ton of shovelware. There was definitely an ugly glitchy uniformity to much of it because of the technical limitations of the system. There are some that do well.

botched but yes.

Also somehow that's a response to gaming companies joining in on motion control. And then he basically continues on a rant " If I were going to make a video game today I would not put in rendered, 3D characters that try to look human." basically ranting that 3D looks terrible and moaning about lipsyncing, despite his favorite dick to suck Nintendo also does that with itsame mario.

Mind you this is from 2009 and he said this "How that applies to Nintendo, and I'm not saying they haven't fucked up a few times too, but they have this sense of here's this game, we're aware of the limitations, but we're going to make the game great with taste and integrity."
You know, right after the Wii was released and the other er... two previous consoles that basically shit the bed because basically not that. And it was the system that did the thing he most hates about 3D compared to the ones he slammed because basically hypocrisy.

Then his buddy Rob says casuals don't play Halo despite it being renowned as babbies first FPS - a giant casual magnet.

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>t. faggot who got offended because they STILL can't beat the Reznor rhinos

It's okay kid. The world had to end some day.

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Here are some more choice quotes.

>"What was great about the Wii is that it proved that they could do something that goes back to having just pure fun, that opens up the doors to people like my mom playing."

>" The Wii is just opening up the medium to so many more people using simple, pure fun. Something that original arcade games were all about."

>"Rob: The strength of the Wii isn't so much the motion controller it's that, regardless what it is, you can hand it over to your girlfriend. She'll go, "How do I play this?" You just show her, "Swing it, like this, see?" Two seconds later you're playing a heated game of tennis."

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Not him, but he has a point. Reznor doesn't look like a rhino, I don't see how you could think he's supposed to be one.

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I found a nice retro game for you.

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>called Color a Dinosaur
>has a giraffe on the cover

Nice try.

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Plus "Dinosaur Land" is a pretty big clue.

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Hmm... Anon, what do you see here?

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>> I'm on my way x
>>Leave /vr to me

Was that thread you too you?

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no, i don't play mega man games, they're too difficult. the only ones i beat were Legends, X5 and X6

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>just played this
>see thread


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literally this

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>dat entrance and zero's theme kicks in

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>Only have 329k points