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With gaming taking a more negative turn for a lot of people, with things like DLC, DRM, Loot boxes and the like, do you think this has caused the return of retro gaming?
And, what are you feelings towards modern gaming in general, what has pushed you to stick with consoles of old?
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sick and tired of people calling it 'retro gaming'. it's just damn gaming. and no, it hasn't caused 'the return of retro gaming' since it never went anywhere to begin with. I've always had 'consoles of old', I've been playing video games since 1982. I love modern gaming but not the ass raping by software studios, so they don't get my money or support. i'll pirate their shit instead. they deserve to go broke, but it'll never happen as there is a new generation born after 2000 that thinks being fucked in the ass by EA or whoever is just the norm of the gaming world when it fucking isn't.

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I don't really "stick" to retro gaming I actually have retro gamed maybe as much this week as I had all year with the War of the Dead translation being released. The majority of gaming I do is modern gaming, and probably even more so vicarious/P2 duties for my son who does have some interest in retro thanks to the arcade - SMB and SF2 are his favorites.

As far as what I like about retro gaming personally it's probably the extent to which we can deconstruct it. Anyone can download and be playing any retro game in seconds or download an entire library and play test their own way and form their own opinions. I can easily fill in the experiences that I missed out on BITD as well as have amazing fresh experiences like the one I just had.

It isn't completely necessary to participate in the monetization element of modern gaming though and thanks to digital distribution we're seeing far more and better "indie" games making it to us than back in the shareware CD days - and computers are better at delivering console/arcade-like experiences than they were back then too. Gaming is actually in a relatively good place right now you just have to dig a little deeper.

My biggest concern about monetization is actually more about preservation. What will become of all the server-side content? There's little interest in it right now but a tremendous amount of game has disappeared with the shutdown of the original XBL. There are some games that have had their DLC archived and some games like PSO have been hacked to run offline but will we ever see something like Steel Battalion: Line of Contact playable again? What about MMOs? There are some great hack WoW servers that compress the experience into something casually playable but what about all the others? They reach a certain age, their servers get shut down and I'm afraid that may be that for them forever.

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I really don't care which year a game was made in. I hated mainstream action sports etc. games in my childhood and I hate them now. I loved niche puzzle and strategy games from back then and today. All of them don't have the shit you mentioned, either.

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>with things like DLC, DRM, Loot boxes and the like,
These are only a problem when you buy shit games from shit companies.


Buy good games, play good games, review them, recommend them, reward innovation, and punish asset flips and recycled mechanics. In these modern times, you have no excuse for not knowing what a game is like within 24 hours of its release.

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>All of the puzzle games of today aren't monetized
It seems to me that puzzle games are about the WORST genre for monetization right now but maybe it's just the casual phone ones my wife and in-laws play. it's not really my genre the only modern ones I've personally really played were Hunie Pop and Puzzle Quest. I seem to recall PQ2 trying to sell me shit.

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Stop playing shitty games by shitty companies and that problem magically vanishes.

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>I've been playing video games since 1982
You don't represent the average gamer, your opinion is being discarded right now.
> I love modern gaming but not the ass raping by software studios, so they don't get my money or support. i'll pirate their shit instead
"What a fucking shit! i waste my life in this game, but not a single dollar, hahahaha!"

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Normies eat it up, you can't stop it

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Indeed, RIP the gaming industry model as we knew it from retro times. The Internet was such a blessing and a curse at the same time, monkey paw stuff

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What about paid online? It's the worst thing of all, yet the only one we really need.

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i'm blissfully unaware and ignorant of modern gaming trends. the best i do is check out some AOTY lists every couple of years and pick some decent semi-recent games for a refresher. last game i found like that was spec ops: the line. loved every minute of it.

this doesn't have to do with anything i guess, but man, the line was so good.

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Even if you follow it closely it's not bad. I try to at least read a blurb about every game that comes out on metacritic, which is actually really good about making sure every game has a slot even if it never gets enough reviews to even be scored. I definitely am hit and miss with keeping on top of it but there's usually at least one enjoyable newish game to be found at any given time, way more than retro periods like the mid-80s or the early 90s. Gaming was way more expensive then too.

The "modern gaming is terrible" attitude comes from certain disaffected communities who are strongly influenced by social and political trends not related to gaming, the /v/ archetype exactly. More and more of them are bringing their negativity here all the time, leeching the joy right out of history.

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i'm not saying i don't enjoy modern games. i do play them, just with a couple of years of delay because i don't enjoy the constant screaming hysteria that's permeating any modern gaming discourse.

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There is basically no reason to waste money on video games when there are so many digital alternatives, and worthier hobbies to spend money on. Personally, I spend way too much on hardcover books and big publishers, but I'd still consider that a far better use of money than an overpriced cartridge or box that sits on my shelf and plays identically to an emulator or modded system.
The "retro gaming" scene has basically turned into a consumerist nightmare that takes advantage of nostalgia, furthered by the oft-held elitism for "authentic experience" to incite you towards being a wasteful idiot.
The only valid reason I see to get into the collector game is to aid the preservation project, scan old manuals etc.

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Plus they run better on less than bleeding edge hardware. I feel ya.

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yes, that too. i have zero motivation to dump tons of money into parts that are outdated the second i come home from the shop.

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God bless the 8th gen of consoles being basically PC hardware. As I expected when I made the "master race" transition, just by making sure my gaming PC exceeded the specs of the consoles I was relatively assured the vast majority of games would run on it. I'm a console style gamer who likes to play from the couch with a controller so 720p is fine especially since I'm getting an astigmatism in my old age and don't necessarily want to have to wear my glasses to play. For like 95% of console games to be released on PC is golden too.

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Being about 10 years behind on every medium is the best way to enjoy them, in my experience. Life's too short to play every hyped up game, read every relevant book or watch every popular show. 10 years is a decent enough time for the hype to die down and a canon of must-play works to filter through. An obvious advantage of playing old-as-fuck games is that you don't have to wade through crap to enjoy them, everything that remains relevant is a classic that's likely worth playing.
Plus, I find people who are incapable of enjoying older works to be dreadfully dull and unimaginative. If you can't play a videogame from the 1990s because it's "too dated", do you also avoid reading anything before the last half century? What a boring life.

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Those people don't read anything period. You're crossing over with hipsters who have some interest in the 90s because that's the fashionable brand of nostalgia at the moment.

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One thing for me that hasn't been mentioned is true backwards compatibility for consoles. PC doesn't have this issue unless it's for much older games that have yet to be given a patch to work on newer machines.

Consoles? Microsoft are at least doing something which is better than Sony and Nintendo making you pay AGAIN for older games that you still have and work fine. I can't transfer the games I bought on Wii to Wii U, nope gotta re-buy them for a shitter filter. Can't transfer these to the Switch, nope gotta pay a monthly fee to play them again.

PC? Buy the game, own the game, play the game. Once, only once.

Again though, normies ruin it because they want the freshest new consoles. I'm not against consoles gaming as it's easier to play local multiplayer and they get a bunch of exclusive games.

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I'm sure eventually Steam will start pulling some fishy shit with the license agreements and they'll have a stronger case never having sold actual media BUT pc is that much easier to pirate if you get screwed too much so natural market forces should keep everything fairly fair and square

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>what are you feelings towards modern gaming in general

Not the right board, dipshit. This place is supposed to be for taking about old games. Not starting a billion troll topics about how much you hate modern games.

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>using game as a verb

Also I kinda agree. I came here naturally after looking at /v/ like I normally did and seeing I just did not care about anything that was happening in the modern industry . So I just naturally shifted to this board.

While we do have annoying people like >>4452618 who get extremely ornery if you vaguely break from the board standard , it's still better here overall

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I play modern games too, just not the shit ones that shove loot boxes and pre-order bonuses in your face. At a slower pace too since I tend to be patient for lower prices.
Nothing has 'pushed' me to stick with my old consoles because I grew up with them anyway and I saw no reason to abandon them for newer hardware.

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>Being about 10 years behind on every medium is the best way to enjoy them
Being a strictly retro gamer, I'm 15 years behind and will buy my first PS2 and GC soon. Guess I'm going to enjoy a lot of things!

The only thing I'm worried about is grime on used controllers desu. And also the sheer amount of games I'll have to play (I don't have that much time).

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Sorry that I want the board to discuss what it's actually here to discuss. I know that's highly contentious around here. Crts, emulators, input lag, e-celebs, waufus, DLC.... Anything you can do to not talk about games, because huge shocker.... No one here plays old games.

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This is why being a "retro gamer" just sounds dumb. If you like strategy games, 2017 is a great time to be alive. I keep my old consoles around because I like oldschool RPGs and good platformers don't get made anymore, same with classic arcade games.

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I mostly liked arcade games (or games with an arcade feel), and started to stop caring about video games when it mostly became all about boring "experiences" like Gran Turismo, Quake and Metal Gear Solid.

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Sounds like you're in for a grand time, anon. I haven't played nearly enough PS2 games to make a must-play list, but I'll just say that you should play DQ8 even if you hate japanese RPGs because that game was a fucking lifechanger for me.
As for games that aren't a huge time sink, definitely play POP: Sands of Time and Shadow of the Colossus as soon as possible.

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dang i'd love to rediscover the PS2 and GC libraries afresh.

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That makes you an arcade gamer rather than a retro gamer, because tons of old games were more about the experience that arcade feels.

>> No.4452707

How does Quake tie in with your argument at all? It's hardly a cinematic game.

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>Do you think this has caused a return to retro gaming?
Most of my friends, though, unhappy with the push of political agendas and shit like lootboxes and microtransactions, seem to generally just deal with it. I'm the only one of my friends who have decided to basically give up on current games. I haven't seen or heard talk of anyone coming back to their older consoles on my Uni's campus either, just general bitching. I have a feeling this is still a niche.

>what has pushed you to stick with old consoles
All your old favorite developers are either dying or becoming pure money grubbing asshats. The industry is swarmed with far-left candy-color haired fucks. Ridiculous game download sizes. And honestly, just a lack of new titles that really grab my attention.

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babby wants his safespace back

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Quick on the draw there, nuMale

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it's okay snowflake, if killing nazis in video games is hitting too close to home, you can go back to killing commies

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Ironic that just two simple mentions of your shit causes immediate hostility. Who's the snowflake again?

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Imagine being so delusional that you put far-left and money-grabbing corporations in the same hat.
Do you know what far-left politics even is, buddy? It's certainly not the kind that's making a lot of money or has undue influence on popular culture. That would be neoliberalism and modern identity politics. Please show me these evil Communists who are making the big games of today.

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sure stuck in the 90s there with your alanis morissette tier understanding of the notion of irony

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I was talking about the state of Valve when I mentioned that. You're still proving you're the snowflake here.

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He is in fact putting so called "neoliberals" into the far left category which isn't altogether inaccurate. Social communism and economic communism won't stay separate forever.

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>uncomfortable by what they're perceiving as the mainstream
>demanding change to fit their own preferences
>separating from what they're perceiving as the mainstream to construct a counter reality geared towards their own preferences if said demands are not met
>still calling others "snowflake"
oh the >>>>>>>irony

>> No.4452757

>Demanding change
How is giving up the industry as it stands "demanding change?"

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>You can't talk about my political stance like that here
>This is MY safe space now. MINE.

>> No.4452759 [DELETED] 

how is the half-decade of screeching gamersgate menchildren the same as "giving up the industry"

>> No.4452760 [DELETED] 

>free-market liberalism is far-left
Always a great place to get educated in politics, 4chan.

Read a fucking book, honestly.

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So you've assumed that by 2 simple mentions of an annoyance of far-left shit that I'm a goobergater?

>> No.4452765

well there goes this thread

>> No.4452768 [DELETED] 

i was casually and funnily hinting at the fact that you don't know what the word "irony" means. your non-sequitor reaction also tells me that you're a bit overwhelmed without a strawman at hand. bit embarrassing for an adult person tee bee hee.

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tell me you aren't with a straight face

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I'm sure he was talking about social justice

>> No.4452778 [DELETED] 

Intelligent people know that Left-Right is essentially an economic distinction, with social issues largely serving as outrage-inducing distractions from real politics.

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The irony is in the fact I simply state my opinion on why I've personally chosen to leave the industry and, like a total snowflake, you have to attack my decisions to protect your ideology.

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>And honestly, just a lack of new titles that really grab my attention.

This is the bit that always baffles me the most. There are so many games of so many types now, it astounds me that there are really people who look around and don't see anything at all appealing.

I'm the polar opposite. My big problem with gaming is knowing that even if nothing else ever came out, I will already never be able to fully play everything I want to before I die. It's picking what to spend my limited time on and that the pile keeps growing and growing, that's my issue.

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just stop, man. you're still not displaying solid working knowledge of what "irony" means, and i'm starting to question if you have any clue whatsoever of what "snowflake" signifies.

you're a dumbass, anon.

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That's kind of what I enjoy about coming back to my old consoles. There were so many good games I missed out on in my youth, I honestly don't know if I could finish them all before I turn even 40.

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I still keep a backlog in an Excel spreadsheet, even if it depresses me. The only real way I have to chip away at it is playing original and emulated games on a handheld system while on the toilet. I had my greatest gaming experiences while forcing logs of feces through my rectum.

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you're picking the wrong hill to die on.

>> No.4452797

Same here, but gaming isn't even my most important hobby so I gotta be selective as shit.
It really makes me wonder what kind of life you need to have to play so many games that you can't find any more. I'm not even employed but my backlog is endless.

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Yeah I'm almost half way though my 40's and there's tons from the early days I still want to give more time.

I should say, I don't find it depressing. And everything is this way, I will die with a massive stack of books still waiting to be touched as well, I'm sure. So long as the journey is good, what I didn't get to I'm okay with.

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Yeah totally the same with me as well.

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>Being about 10 years behind on every medium is the best way to enjoy them, in my experience.

Eh not really. It's going to be a lot harder to play Starcraft with friends these days because people are playing PUBG instead. It's harder to talk about plot points from a movie that's over ten years old. "Hey remember that one scene in Blade Runner?" "Ummm no...I remember loving the movie but it's been like 15 years since I've seen it". If you like music there's a good chance your favorite artist won't be alive in 10 years so you won't get the chance to see them live, etc.

One thing that depresses me about today is as much as I love stuff like Contra and Gunstar Heroes it's hard to find other players who are as good as me because it's not a genre that many people play these days. It was a lot easier when those games were new.

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I've been into older console games for as long as I can remember. When I got a Nintendo 64, I was disappointed that it wasn't a Super Nintendo game that I thought I was going to be getting. As far as PC games go, I gradually lost interest in new releases with the decline of RTS games.
>trying this hard to co-opt the language of your opposition
Is this the libcuck equivalent of "libruls are the real racists"? Sad!

>> No.4452953 [DELETED] 

>trying this hard to co-opt the language of your opposition

Not him, but sometimes I have resorted to this. When they speak mostly in memes and can't follow normal conversation I've used it as an attempt to communicate by speaking their own language so to speak. Rarely works, but you gotta try. Fate of the world is at stake, I'll try anything at this point.

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I'll check that for sure. I have a chart of best PS2 games and I'll buy most of them while they're still affordable, unlike most retro stuff today.

I bet I'll have a good time with the GC, F-Zero GX sounds like great fun.

Can these consoles be played on an HDTV?

>> No.4452971 [DELETED] 

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with it, but it reeks of desperation when you're doing it in such an agitated, defensive way. It's basically a flustered "NO U" response that shows the critique in question is hitting close to home.

>> No.4452985 [DELETED] 

I deffinitely agree, and I only skimmed that conversation but he didn't come off as very bright or persuasive even though I probably agree more with his viewpoint than yours.

>> No.4452986 [DELETED] 

i've started buying PS3 games while they're dirt-cheap. that console will feel retro enough once king barron trump declares VR neurochips mandatory and resistance against them unamerican, to the thunderous clapping of countless drooling drones

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> Social communism and economic communism won't stay separate forever.

They already are together, it's just that neoliberal politics isn't what most Marxists or anarchists refer to.

Seriously man, read a fucking book. Emma Goldman was writing about feminism and LGBT+ rights long before Hillary, Barack and whoever the fuck else were a twinkle in their father's eye.

>> No.4453007 [DELETED] 

Hell hath no fury like third wave feminism, Anon.

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I play them because I'm old and set in my ways and the world of modern games is scary and unfamiliar to me and /v/ is full of teenagers more interested in porn that vidya.

>> No.4453271

>Gaming is actually in a relatively good place right now you just have to dig a little deeper.

Fully agree. It's not /vr/ but we are in another golden age of gaming as far as vr like indie games go. Lots of indies have the same spirit as the vr games we love. Sure there are some shit ones, but a lot of them are like love letters to the games we enjoy, with improvements that have happened over the years added in, and some of the rough edges polished away.

I also wonder on the preservation side of things. Always online and server side content will be a tough nut to crack when the servers shut down. I'm hopeful that a lot will be preserved, like how there are still servers for the dreamcast, but honestly a lot will be lost. It takes massive dedication to keep something like that alive after it's abandoned.

I play anything, vr or not. The good thing about vr is the variety and the fact that it's so easy to get a "narrowed down" list of the good stuff. That said, it's always enjoyable to browse through random games and find something you really enjoy.

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I generally agree with you anon. I enjoy collecting as a minor hobby. It's just kind of something to do ya know? I'm not going for boxed copies of earthbound, but if I see a game I owned, rented or generally enjoyed as a kid I'll buy it if it's not meme priced. I'll also buy known good games or "gems" if I want them enough.

That said, I use flashcarts on original systems on a crt. I don't shit on anyone for using emulators, pi, computers or whatever. It's about enjoying the games. The collecting stuff is just personal taste/preference.

Everyone has different hobbies and it's really sad when people shit on someone for enjoying part of a hobby but not going 100% full into it. Elitism permeates most hobbies and it's usually shitty no matter what hobby. There's no reason a decent person would shit on someone for enjoying something but not being as "into it" as they are. It's just schoolyard shit of trying to one up, a way to feel more important than others, or justify their insecurities.

I don't think anyone who is honest with themselves thinks emulation is 100% authentic, but also anyone who is honest with themselves can't not see the benefits or reasons to emulate.

The part I'm currently enjoying is fixing up broken consoles or doing simple or reversible mods to them. Modding consoles nicely is a fun hobby. Even something super simple can be fun if you try to do it really well and not create a snake pit of wires or shoddy work.

In the end, it's just about being a decent human being to others. Having to feel superior to others is pretty much a waste of time.

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Modern gaming is fine. I stick with the classics more because, well, I enjoy them more. It was easy to just pick up and go, play with a friend or family member, and not have to spend 40 minutes explaining the mechanics of the game. Even though my sweet spot in gaming was between 01 and 05, but I cant talk about that here, or on /v/ :<

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Don't play F Zero GX on an HDTV.

>> No.4453380


The average gamer is in his mid-30s.

>> No.4453398

>resurgence of retro gaming
More like game collecting.

>> No.4453609 [DELETED] 

last years american elections were a huge mistake

>> No.4453627

>if you like strategy games 2017 is a great time do be alive
Couldn't disagree more, we're seeing the same disturbing trends hit the fantasy genre that have led to most other areas of modern games being shit. Civ 6, EUIV, CKII, etc were all major steps backwards for what were previously really great IPs. We've lost IPs like Defender of the Crown, HoMM, and many others to the poison of modern game designers over the past several years. The Russians are still putting out one or two decent games, but overall this genre maybe hasn't been has horribly bastardized as most others, but it's still on a major downswing. Now if you made this post in 2003, also a non /vr/ non“retro” time period, I would have been in full agreement with you. Yes modern gaming is shit across the board with the rare decent game being an exception, and I'm happy to play modern games when they're good as well, I have about a million hours in Stardew Valley and I can't even go back to Harvest Moon anymore because of it.

>> No.4454007

I'm too poor to afford a next gen system or buy new games for my PS3/360 and my PC is 13 years old so I just play old stuff now that my PC can run or emulate since it's free...I could always play my old consoles but making them look good also requires money (RF is shit and it's all I've got for NES/SNES), that and they barely work...even my PSX is starting to be a shitter and when playing SOTN the music kinda gets garbled or skippy so I'm just emulating PSX games now, too.

Also, as an interesting side thing not related to the topic at hand, I tried out SD Gundam G Generation F on epsxe, just to see if the load times were better because they're terrible on real hardware and they're actually a little faster when booting from my real CD but still just as slow from an ISO of emuparadise.

>> No.4454019

Why? Input lag?

>> No.4454025

If you get a component cable you could play them on an HDTV, but you probably shouldn't since they weren't designed for it.

>> No.4454089

So what's recommended, CRT like the previous generations? Or will some old 4:3 LCD monitor be okay?

>> No.4454092

Modern gaming is trash, you could see that things were starting to go bad thanks to the xbox
If you want to play new stuff just pirate it

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Hot opinion.

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and anyone else that knows:

I've been on this thing for the past decade+ where I just don't care about gaming news and checking Steam and shit like that. I'd play maybe 1-2 titles per year that came out past 2000, if that.

I finally broke and got Steam this year and picked up and enjoyed the few treasures I've discovered (Rabi Ribi, ICEY, some weeb fighter with Saber from Fate/stay), but I don't know where to look to find more good indie stuff. I guess what I'm asking is if anyone knows of any decent communities/sites that focus on modern indie gaming that avoid the shitty parts about modern gaming (online play only, microtransactions).

>> No.4455562

The problem is that those shitty mobile games aren't targeting the vast majority of casual players. They want that 1 in 10,000 that will throw heaping piles of cash at the game (think 10k-100k++) because they have an ungodly amount of money.

>> No.4455689

I feel like there's little agreement what makes a "good indie" these days and the old communities (I'm aware of) are dead as fuck, but seeing that you liked Rabi I can give you a few game recs

>> No.4455812

Microsoft would have had more red if it weren't for the RROD. I'm convinced it actually ended up making money for them in the long run because people went out to buy second, third and even fourth Xbox's. Them setting aside a few billion to repair damaged Xbox consoles doesn't mean shit and was likely just a meme.

Sony's trend seems to be it will lose money on the initial year or few with their new consoles but then they start making money. PS3 however burned them extremely bad.

Nintendo has played the game smarter than anyone else and it shows.

>> No.4455928

>Lots of indies have the same spirit as the vr games we love.
What a laughable lie. None of the indies care about passion or any of that shit. They're all in it for the money, and their shit quality shows with tricking the industry into using the whole retro fad angle to cover up their bad ideas.

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> opinion is being discarded
> comes back with no counter argument
> sad millennial: detected

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here's 4 ps4 warez releases in the last week alone:

> Test_Drive_Unlimited_2_EBOOT_3.41_PS3-iND
> Star_Wars_Battlefront_II_EUR_PS4-TCD
> The_Sims_4_EUR_PS4-TCD
> Outcast_Second_Contact_EUR_PS4-TCD

oh that's right. piracy on ps4 doesn't exist! according to the lame idiots and sony cucks of the world.
K E K.

>> No.4455952

oops. 3. I forgot to get rid of the ps3 title.

>> No.4455965

Modern gaming isn't terrible.
It's the AAA industry that is terrible.
The non-AAA studios that are bundled up with indies nowadays operate in exactly the same creative process as the studios of old - those who are passionate about what they do still produce great games.

>They're all in it for the money
Oh yeah, people who make games for little to no monetary gain (as well as those who make free games with no monetisation of any kind in them) are in it for the mythical "money" they do not get.
Right. Nice argument.

There were quite a few great non-AAA games released just this year. For instance, Hollow Knight, while not without its problems was made on a shoestring budget, and is a genuinely amazing game.

There are a whole lot of good games and developers that go under the radar because of "All indies are shit" brand of elitism. The retards that perpetually spout this nonsense are part of the reason industry is the way it is today.

Take off your rose-tinted nostalgia glasses and remember that back in the days, for every Megaman X or Rocket Knight there were a dozen of Bubsys, Barbies and other shovelware shlock.
The ratio of good/okay/terrible games is still generally the same - that is if you exclude the scammy non-games that proliferate on steam for the sake of "achievments" and trading cards, but luckily those are easily filtered.

People with passion that want to make a good game fot the sake of making a good game would always exist, and there will always be great games made by such people. If you are too lazy of a fuck to look out for them, or too much of a hypocrite to abstain from playing them because of "ew, indies!" mentality, that's your own problem.

>> No.4455982

Nani? Xbone is winning the console wars? Also why isn't Sony dead yet? They lost billions.

Indies mostly suck. But heck, shareware mostly sucked back in /vr/ era. They all have to start somewhere. It's the point where they get bought out by EA and then start placing freemium shit; that's really what bugs me.

>> No.4455983

Monetisation is not a problem for game preservation - usually when server keels over, same effects can be achieved with cheatengine or hacks. Invasive DRM like various VMs, UWP encoding, Origin-binding and Denuvo are the main threats to that.
Regardless, monetisation is terrible mostly because it often done in a crude way that fucks over the game's balance to incentivise spending, like the recent Shadow of War did.

Luckily, most of the online-pnly modern shit is not really worh preserving. The industry learned nothing with Darkspore and several similar projects, and considering how much of inertia AAA got now, they are unlikely to learn it before the next inevitable AAA industry crash.

IDK about the communities or sites that focus on the non-mainstream games, but I can suggest a few good titles (mostly platformers and metroid-likes 'cause they are myfavourite):

Ghost 1.0 , and the previous game by same guys - "Unepic". Both look simplistic at first glance, but are quite fun and put new spins on tired tropes.

Axiom Verge - a game inspired by the first Metroid and not the Super is a rare beast indeed. Has quite interesting mechanic of purposefully "glitching" enemies and environment to manipulate them and alter their properties.

Hollow Knight - openendedness to the extreme, which ends up being its main problem - ability check gates that separate sections in metroid-likes and prevent you from sequence breaking if you do not know exactly what you are doing are seemingly absent here - you can explore about 70% of the fuckhuge game map without getting on the sequence of upgrades/events that is required to complete the game. 100% speedrun takes ~3.5 hours of actual time. Normal gameplay time - ~20 hours

Aquaria - oldie, but a goodie rarely anyone remembeers. Metroid-like set underwater (protag is a siren), with song/color/shape combinations used to interact with surroundings and solve puzzles.

>> No.4455985

>if you get screwed too much so natural market forces should keep everything fairly fair and square

Kek. You srzzzzly believe the TrickleDown Economics bullshit Bono told you, gramps? You're the cancer.

Hack the planet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3CKgkyc7Qo

>> No.4455992

>None of the indies care about passion or any of that shit. They're all in it for the money

Hollow Knight, Snake Pass, Hat in Time all beg to differ. (all released this year)


Snake Pass - a unique "platformer" with no jumping. You play as a snake and have to coil around stuff to move between platforms and solve simple puzzles. Movement itself, as well as figuring out how exactly to move yourself is the biggest part of the puzzle. Some people just can't figure out the controls and struggle with the game, discarding it as a gimmick. However if you figure it out and learn to "think like a snake", the very act of movement and interaction (since all interaction is based onmovement heer) becomes entertaining.
The most unique game I played in a very long time.

Grow Up and its sequel - Grow Home - a unique spin on the whole "open world adventure" thing, but with clear goals and interesting mechanics. Also good flatshade polygon visuals.

Honorary metion: Opus Magnum - an "entry-level autism simulator" puzzle by the makers of Infinifactory ,where you have to create alchemical assembly lines for mostly fictional elements out of alchemical "atoms".

>> No.4456008

>Honorary metion: Opus Magnum - an "entry-level autism simulator" puzzle by the makers of Infinifactory ,where you have to create alchemical assembly lines for mostly fictional elements out of alchemical "atoms".

I think i got triggered by that one because it was basically flat 2D graphics but somehow needed a mid tier graphics card and decent CPU. Unoptimised shit. Fucking unity engine.

>> No.4456025

IDK it worked fine on my 1.6ghz Athom netbook with integrated graphics.
Those requirements might be for the Unity in general (meaning they are for 3D part)

>> No.4456051


>What are you feelings towards modern gaming in general, what has pushed you to stick with consoles of old?

i was born in 1987 so the era of Sega Mega Drive (a.k.a. Genesis), PSX, Neo Geo and arcades is where all my fave games are

my main feeling towards most modern games is that i just don't care about them for some reason; they don't grab me at all

on top of that if i were to get into modern gaming i'd be expected to get my head around DLC, endless software updates, lootboxes and other general shittiness

i'm completely willing to accept that my age (30) is a factor in it all. if i'd been born 15 years ago i'd probably be fully into today's modern gaming.

>> No.4456052

At 30 years old, DLC is too much for you to wrap your head around? Lol

>> No.4456057

you'd have to be an incredible tool to defend lootboxes dude

>> No.4456061

Please go back to Usenet and take your wankery with you.

>> No.4457827

what is this, the 90's?
oh wait, we're in /vr/, of course it is.

>> No.4459396 [DELETED] 

Loot boxes are lame but easily avoided. I love good DLC though.

>> No.4460004

Y'know, just as your hobby of books is something you're doing because you like it, perhaps other people actually like spending their cash on things they like.
I agree, too much money goes into it, but if someone doesn't mind spending a bit so they can have something they wanted, why do you give a fuck?

>> No.4460008

Please screw off with that nostalgia shit. I lived through the shareware era. I know what indie shit looks like. None of the people today have the right culture to make a good game. They don't the education or the discipline. They just follow what they read in these books written by people like Enrest Adams instead of building experience and actually playing lots of video games to build their mental database. All of them just skip the line, copy something else, or just make it into a walking sim. Shit sucks.

I have seen little to no indie today who build off their current success to get better. The moment they get a hit, they just release it again and again with edition versions. Super Meat Boy is a prime example of a dev that doesn't know what else to do. Same for Freddy's.

>Hollow Knight, Snake Pass, Hat in Time all beg to differ.

The mediocre side scroller, the literally plattoy, and the game that tried to copy M64/ BK without the soul that made those games good? Ha!

>> No.4460019 [DELETED] 

kill yourself cuck

>> No.4460189

>None of the people today have the right culture to make a good game. They don't the education or the discipline
And here you clearly show that you have zero idea of what you are talking about and your opinion is worthless

go rtfm on the creating process of the games in the 90's
And what the fuck the "plattoy" even supposed to mean? That's not a word in english. Snake Pass tried to invent a new way of platform navigation, and actually managed to pull it off, for the first time in 20 years we had an actual gameplay/control innovation in the genre that was thought "perfected" ages ago.
Hollow Knight takes Metroid formula, injects it with even more nonlinearity and atmosphere and the result is great. It is the best Metroid-like in about a decade or so.
HiT may be a "copy", but it is a very good copy. Even if it does not break new grounds, it uses the old tricks with proficiency, where countless others fumble. And it has its charm. If you see it as a soulless, then maybe the one lacking a soul is you.

It seems that you are simply unable to enjoy games for what they are, having to put arbitrary labels of mediocrity onto them, and for that I pity you because your life must be pretty damn bleak.

>> No.4460335

Lol you're pulling out the bug buzzwords now. Shit must be gettin real!

>> No.4460369

>Modern gaming isn't terrible.
>It's the AAA industry that is terrible.
AAA industry isn't terrible.
It's the developers that are terrible.

Witcher 3 is a good game.
Mass Effect Andromeda? Shit.

Not to mention modern COD and Battlefield.

>> No.4460428

Lootboxes ruin game's balance, because it is often made at least twice as grindy to incentivise purchase of lootboxes.

DLC's are only okay if they don't contain crucial plot elements that should've been included in the main game.

W3 was what made CDPR popular in the mainstream. Only fans of the books and hardcore RPGers cared about W1, W2 put CDPR on the map but they still were not up to par with AAA studios. So I don't really consider W3 a product of AAA.

Also ME:A was a case of severe mismanagement - BioWare dropped the game off for development to literal nobodies with next to no experience and left them under oversight of managers that only worked with experienced devs before and didn't really knew themselves what needs to be done for the game to be good. The outcome is unsurprising in any way. IDK what they expected.

>> No.4460474

I agree on loot boxes. But I find it easy to not play the games that rely on them. I always have too much anyways.

DLC I disagree on. It is good for plot expansion packs like Red Dead or Dragon's Dogma. Or like Monster Hunter where it's extra quests abd items. But I also like it for little bonus stuff, even just aesthetic in games I like a lot.

I also love it for fighting games where they can add characters to a roster and then let you choose if you want them. Either way you get to play vs other people who have them though so it's adding to the game even if you don't get it yourself.

To me DLC is either cool additions so I'm happy to get them, or they're lame and expensive so I'm happy to ignore them. I'm glad it's there either way though.

>> No.4460670

HIJACK: does anyone have PDFs of HG101's books? I'd like to read their hot takes on, say, Castlevania — but I don't care about them enough to pay.

>> No.4460672

uh..., which is it?

>> No.4460674

I got into retro gaming because you could buy NES/Genesis games for $2 at garage sales.

If emulators didn't exist, I wouldn't bother playing retro games anymore.
Not /vr/ games at least. I've moved onto buying PS2/XBox games for $2.

>> No.4460679

Denuvo's name.

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