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what are some good games you discovered thanks to /vr/?

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pokemon christmas

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Resident Evil

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Not so much discovered but more like reading you guys rave about them got me excited to play them myself.

The last that I can remember were Breath of Fire, Dragon Quest III and Dungeon Siege (inb4, not retro).

I did discover some games I had not heard about before, like Metal Max, Trip World or The Immortal but haven't got around to playing them yet

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>that frog
jesus, dude. dont bring your kiddy culture into /vr/. We are a not like other popular boards you have frequented. Lurk more before posting.

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Hi pepe. The one I found was Umihara Kawase. Fucking amazing rope swinging platformer.

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There is no /vr/-core, we aren't like these kind of boards. There's fewer younger people here, although there is a large population of 20-something guys, they're respectful enough and try not to force memes. If anything, there's certain games that are popular to hate for meme reasons, but as far as favorite or "hidden gems" go in /vr/, there is not a list.
TL;DR lork muar

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I think the DQ and FF franchises. I knew about FF but never gave it a proper look. Mainly jrpgs and arpgs.

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Please dont post alt right images on /VR/ here we are a tolerant bunch that are AGAINST oppression

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Everything related to Madou Monogatari.

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I tried Monster Land because of you guys. It's the remake with deviantart HD graphics but still counts.

(but no let's all complain about the smug Nazi frog instead)

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in the hunt

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I had a chink version when I was a kid, no idea it was called In The Hunt or related to Metal Slug, and it was cool to see how much it's praised here.

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not one

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Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em

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You're mistaking nu-/vr/ who hates everything with old-/vr/ who actually discussed games that they enjoyed.

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Not sure if old enough,but
The Warriors and Bully are on play station store.

I always want to shill Ikari Warriors,but olny the arcade version. Had a dial that aimed your gun,and a stick that moved you.(stick had a twisty thing).
Such a Rambo Game.
Maybe somebody older will know if I'm thinking of a different game.
Fug,live in Orlando area no,decent arcades I know of,(did see a pac man game,but it was $1 and had a time limit,even if I was good enough.)

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I don't know if it counts but you let me know that some N64 got translated, convinced the 64 flashcart was great, so now I'm goint to play some Sin & Punishment, Custom Robo, J2, Bangaioh, and so

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The Wario World Series is a great one I hadn’t heard about before
And while I had heard about metal gear solid this board got me to actually try it

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Looks so fun!
Any EASY way to play?
MY desktop got destroyed,lost the will to mame again.

Pic:I are am a truck driver. Every few weeks at a non chain truck stop I will find a GIANT pac man game. I don't remember where but one place had it in a poorly lit room,just like old school arcades. Very fun.

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>The Wario World Series
Never played.
Does SMB3 count?
I had to ride my bike SO very far to play it.
No internet then so we had to figure out the card thing old school,with pencil and paper.It was SO very worth it.

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Blast Corps
Donkey Kong 94
Im sure theres others but i cant think of them right now

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That's very interesting I'm surprised one of those LED signs can be used that way I wonder if it's only acceptable for single screen games like Pac-Man

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love playing pretend don't you crossie?

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>Nazi frog
idiot, did you just came over from facebook, GTFO

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Only /nu/ here is (you)

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Sub Culture

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I guess you could say SFII, but I'm a Tekken player. DooM, first and foremost, I guess.

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That one WWI airplane shmup with the zany blimps and elephants

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Blood. Top stuff. Thanks /vr/.

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Seconding Metal Max, I'd never heard of it before /vr/ and now it's one of my favorite games.

Thanks guys.

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Never would have played a DQ game without /vr/. I've played the first nine and loved all of them except the first two. I really missed out as a kid.

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Vagrant Story
The "Breath of Fire" series (From the1st game to the 5th. We don't talk about the 6th one).
Nightmare Creatures (I-II)
Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre

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Oh yeah, almost forgot:
The King's Field series and Shadow Tower series as well

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Literally nothing /vr/ has talked about in all the years I've been here.

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None, all games have input lag.

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DQB is great too. You literally build the towns from 1 and 3.

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Metal Max series.
Devastator for the Sega CD.

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Brutal Doom

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Fun adventure game in the vein of Alone in the Dark.

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Came into this thread to say the exact same thing. I remember someone posting some webms of Shun a few years back and I was immediately interested. I'm excited for the new Switch game that was announced back during TGS.

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Pic related.

It was a comfy experience.

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I'm not even sure what games I know about from here or just googling random old shit...I've got a 13 year old PC so I spend a lot of time looking up anything that will run on it that I haven't played so I've found lots of good things but also turds.

You guys did let me know about a few translations, though.

But if you want to find cool stuff, just google image search a genre you like and click on images and find out what they are and go from there...it's how I found out about Demines: The Revelation and a shitty Fallout rip-off made by Germans with hilariously bad main menu German metal music.

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>I've got a 13 year old PC

Like, as your only computer? Are you in Africa or something?

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Sin & Punishment
Zelda:MM (moreso convinced me to play)

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Also FFV, that one was pretty good.

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No, US, that was just the last time I had enough money for a PC since I got a $4,000 grant for college. There are 3 other PC's in the house but only one of them is mine and it was my mom's old laptop that basically shit itself soon after I got it, though I could probably fix it if I had a Vista OS install disc.

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Nothing. You faggots didn't even inform me there was a really good Kamen Rider beat em up on the Super Nintendo.

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what are games

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Lately I owe a big sloppy kiss to the anon who suggested trying the mobile version of Neo Turf Masters. I'd tried going back and doing the SNES golf games I knew and some of the Win55 era stuff and none were as fun as I remembered. This one is just the right level of arcadey goodness.

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Superb Mario Brothers

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None. /vr/ has shit taste.

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Crystalis and Willow because I was wanted to play more 2D zelda like games
Earthbound and Chrono Trigger to know what the hype was about
Demon's Crest also because of the hype and supposed difficulty, but I found it was a lot easier than I expected, except for the final true ending boss

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>Earthbound and Chrono Trigger to know what the hype was about
are they worth the hype?

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The board is only three years old and we're already talking about nu and old vr? Lel

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psychic killer taromaru

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>Galactic Attack
>Tetris Attack

I'm really enjoying Galactic Attack. I'm a sucker for hi-sprite space shooters. Also I wish to expand my Sega Saturn library more without having to break the bank.

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assuming you're limited to english translations, which is the best metal max to start with?

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I've been playing some stuff from this list lately. Doki Doki Poyatchio is cute and the amount and variety of random events strewn throughout the world makes everything feel really lively. Modern games with real-time social sim elements like Stardew Valley could really learn from this one. It's a shame it'll probably never get translated.

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He's right though.

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I played only the first one and V. Loved I, V felt vanilla as it could, even though everyone keeps saying is the best. Doubt I'll play any other game in the series.

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There's /vr/ core though, I'm more an rpg-ish guy but it's obvious that series like the SaGa or SMT are well loved here. Even King's Field, Ogre Battle, Metal Max

People talk a lot about non-mainstream N64 games, too, like Mischief Makers, Bangai-o, Densha de Go, Sin & Punishment, F-Zero X

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But Anon that's been on the recommended Snes Chart for like at least 5 years

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I don't look at charts.

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Well, nothing on /vr/ as far as I remember...

BUT gog.com on gog the recommendations for nosferathu wrath of malachi made me interested into it. So I got it , and holy fuck what a treat. Might not be a /vr/ game timeline wise, but gameplay and graphics it is totally /vr/.

And oh boy if you go into the game without knowing anything, this game will surprise you alot. I love the weapon ballancing and what it does in the game/the gameplay and story idea(s). A really great fps! One of my game of the years next to zombie night terror which should be interesting to vr too, as it is the best "lemmings". Fanservice, violence and lots of fun. Superior to lemmings in all ways.

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That's the one in which you go in with a cross and have a randomized mansion/castle where vampires spawn out of there coffins right?

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I discovered some but I don't bother with playing any of them. My backlog is already too big to try any, let alone most of them. Some of them like YU-NO, madou monogatari and Umihara Kawase seem interesting for later though.

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I already knew about it and played it once before, but due to a /vr/ anon's extremely high praise for it I tried it again and really fell in love

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Pic fucking related. Someone convinced me to try it and get all of the gold cards in a Bomberman thread a while back, and it's one of the best games I've ever played. It got me into the rest of the series in a way I never had as a kid.

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dude, don't spoil too much. And yeah, but its not the only "unique" gameplay element/twist

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Play the sequel if you haven't, it's arguably better.

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Metal Max Returns for sure.

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The Jerma stream of this game was hilarious.

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I only disagree on the multi-player aspect.

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Most of the PC Engine library.
SaGa games.
Panzer Dragoon Zweii.
the Wonderboy series.
Lots of shmups.

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This little undermentioned gem.

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Which is the best Bomberman for the N64?

I want to have fun with 3 friends and kill them. Only tried the 2001 one but it doesn't have many characters to choose from, no kangaroos, no stages, all in all inferior in every way to Super Bomberman 4 and 5.

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I learned to read from this game.

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Yeah, just watched it. It starts okay, but holy shit he is doing so much annoying and stupid stuff and reloading every 3 minutes... what a pain... The game is hard for him for all the wrong reasons. He fucks up the pathfinding of npcs with his retarded -non- shortcuts edge jumping (they aren't even shortcuts) and doesn't explore the castle like a normal person, so he misses alot.

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Famicom detective club II on the snes. Anon, if you are in this thread, thank you so much for making me discover this game! It was fantastic!

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Ayumi Tachibana will never return.

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Not much really. I know a lot more games than most /vr/gins, but some did show me neat stuff. Like Doki Doki Sasete's soundtrack. I would've never found it, since I don't care about Manabu Namiki.
Or regional differences, like all the extra difficulties and levels in Goof Troop.

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Can we post more obscure games? Was hoping to find something cool in this thread

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>photgraphy game
>ocean exploration game
>vacation simulator game
>kowloon game
I love the PS1's library.

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I really liked Crusader of Centy, the SaGa series and Suikoden I. Suikoden 2 is still on my to do.

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I'm playing Zelda 2 for the first time because of /vr/. I played it a couple of times back in the day, but always put it down after 20 minutes. I didn't like it as a kid because of the side scrolling. People fighting on /vr/ about it made me interested enough to pick it up again.

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I played that as a kid. Death Mountain was pretty brutal, but I had guidebooks. I don't remember the bosses being that much of an issue, and the knights with shields that fucked everyone up seemed like you just needed to react fast enough.

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Super Russian Roulette

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I love sin

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Blood's Death Wish port. Loads of Doom II megawads. Quake Arcane Dimensions. All good shit.

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Awful choppy webm. aside, SiN is one of the greatest singleplayer FPS ever made but got ignored cause it was buggy as fuck and HL1 got released the same year.

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Mole Mania
Cosmic Smash

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could have been me. I post about this game at least once a week on this board. i found it by some chance one day. definitely rules

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Well, I just discovered this game.
Downloading it roght now from GOG.
Thanks anon!

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Pretty much every SNK arcade game, you guys have no idea how better life is with these games in my life