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is tomb raider the ugliest retro game ever?

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I never got into tomb raider because the controls are weird. I would flip around and shit when trying to fight and get disoriented

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PC version looks fine.

Also much uglier games on the playstation, like time commando

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I think the ambients look fine and they improved on the Lara model for the sequels. At least the draw distance is good.

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ah yes, draw distance is the most important part of any game

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I guess people will defend anything if you tell them it’s playstation

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>people will defend anything if you tell them it’s playstation
>even though one of the anons you quoted brought up an example of an even uglier game on the same console, while also admitting there are other uglier looking games on there as well
I'm not that big a fan of the PS1 myself, but I've seen/read Sega and Nintendo fans defend game just as visually bad on this board.

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it's the saturn version you stupid faggot

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What's this, some sorta source port?

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PC version + Tomb Raider Automated Fix 1.1

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no, but this might be one of the stupidest threads ever

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The PC version looks fine. Yeah, the architecture ain't all that but the game doesn't look THAT bad. I've seen far worse.

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Considering that they were made from uniformly-sized "pillars" it's quite good.

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it's a good thing that it's made from uniformly-sized pillars because calculating your jumps would be much harder otherwise

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not at all, it was cutting edge realism for it's time. ifthis looks bad to you, you've been corrupted by modern games. seeing this after playing nothing but snes was like jumping in to a new world.

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it looks a lot better than games like doom

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so, you're nostalgic for TR. got it

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wanna know how I know you're underage?

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no, I don't even like the game because of the controls, but there's easily hundreds of uglier games

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SNES """""""gameplay""""""".

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>literally the tutorial stage

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no, I don't even like the game because of the controls, but there's easily hundreds of uglier games

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Don't think it is man. That's Corneria surely?

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see >>4450751

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Ugliest should probably go to some Spectrum or CGA game.

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people mocked playstation's pixely graphics as soon as the N64 came out

you assholes weren't even alive then

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On easy mode

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Yeah ok but that's not the tutorial. That's the one where you fly thorugh rings.

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It may not be the most important, but you know what is, not having vines block your camera.

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Almost all early 3d games were ugly as fuck.

Most current ones still are.

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I haven't seen the first one back in the day. This >>4450320 looks ok.

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If only we had a source port. Mouse controls would be great

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No, there's much worse. I nominate TR1 for the ugliest 3D intro though.

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I wouldn't want it any other way. Seriously I think it actually looks perfect in its ugliness. Just like many other retro games of the past. It gives it an atmosphere that modern graphics would not be able to give it.

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OpenTomb is coming along (slowly but) nicely.

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Imagine having taste so shit that you don't love this aesthetic

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Not by a long shot

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Not even the worst on ps1

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TR 1,2,3 are pure atmospheric experience.

All other TR afterwards tho...

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You gonna bitch about graphics on a retro game? FFS. There are far uglier games anyways.

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Was the Atari Jaguar a perfect console?

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Why don't you have 3d acceleration enabled? I was playing this game with my brand new 3dfx graphics accelerator. I played the shit out of the game and it looked awesome on crt. What you are doing now is that you don't even understand how it is supposed to be played.

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>implying the last revelation hasn't topped all of them

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Graphics aren't visuals you fucking moron. There are old games with antiquated graphics that look aesthetically pleasing, like Mega Man games, Little Samson or Yoshi's Island.

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just for people who can't afford a 3dfx card

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That's a pretty screenshot. What's it from? Modded pc version?

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It's the original pc version, just in fullhd.
They changed her model in hd mod, it's easy to differ them.

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people mocked N64's blurry and foggy graphics as soon as the N64 came out
you assholes weren't even alive then

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that's what you get for plaing a multiplat on console
get yourself a voodoo

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That model looks really out of place.

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It is ugly, sure, but not even close to the ugliest.

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I specifically remember the first time I saw Tomb Raider, back in 1996-7. I could barely even see what was happening on the cheap TV it was on, due to the dark, low fidelity graphics combined with the screen. To say that SNES games looked better would be an understatement.

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I remember that game. It's not a visual marvel, but I think it looks ok.

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This is fucking awesome, time to replay this sumbitch

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Why is Mikey green?

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Everyone was about Lara's tits, but man look at those thighs.

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I miss ps1 graphics.

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Still looks beautiful, would gladly buy a modern game with this look over the bland realism and awful art direction they're putting out today

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imagine being such a nostalgia blinded hipster

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I like her waist/hips ratio no less.

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No they didn’t lol. Voodoo wasn’t even out yet. There literally was nothing better at home. And PS1 looked absolutely dope by 94/95 standards.

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>those noodle legs xD

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>if you like the aesthetics of older 3D games you're a hipster
Haha back to your >>>/v/tard containment chamber

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>moving the goalposts this much
you said that a game like tomb raider (1996) is beautiful and preferable to modern graphics, which is literally being a hipster

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3D PSX games in general have aged poorly, not to mention those on earlier platforms. N64 and the Dreamcast had the first ones that are still acceptable.

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>meanwhile on another home console in 1996...

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>unironically using XD
was it summer or the neogaf implosion that did this?

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For the last time it’s the Saturn version

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The Saturn was released two weeks before the PSX, so it counts as an earlier platform.

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But he's using it ironically in the greentext, it doesn't count!

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You sound really butt-hurt. How does it feel to be so stupid?

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Anyone here play around with the level editor? There's levels out there that push the engine to the max and are pretty damn good.

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what is this
I have to play it

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Some level from trle.net

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It is absolutely

>preferable to modern graphics
Yes, modern graphics are often bland and leave me wanting, modern art design is usually awful whereas the art direction in TR really hits hard that you're desperately alone in some ancient tomb with secrets and traps around every corner and nobody to save you. The polygons may not be 1/1000 as sharp as those of today, but the way they are put together, the scale of the world, the distances, the tomb decorations etc create an incredible sense of discovery and intrigue.

>that's being a hipster
More like you're just being a /v/tard throwing buzzwords around because you didn't like a differing opinion

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Not even close. Someone, please, post Tekken 1 Kuma

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N64 > PSX > Software rendering > 3dfx
deal with it

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explain this then
PSX >>4450320
Accelerated (sure not exact, but you get the drift)>>4450491

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I started playing through the game recently on Sega Saturn and it's still pretty good.
Though now I notice how bad the framerate is on some levels and in some areas. As a kid I don't think that ever crossed my mind.

I do with it used the 3D controller analog stick but the d-pad movement is not terrible. Using controler setup 2 or 3 where L and R are strafe left and right.

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N64 had a lot of fugly games desu.

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This thing was open world in 1997!

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coco's levels look better than that

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Nightmare Creatures certainly shows its age, but I'll take early 3D that attempted texture and detail over early 3D that's just blocks of solid colors any day.

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Developers involved in Bubsy 3D have stated in recent times that it was little more than a prototype and they pushed it out early due to pressure from SM64. Whether that's true is anyone's guess, but somehow one magazine still gave it a 93% score.

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I've never got into anything for the PS1 because everything looked so damn ugly on it even back in the day.

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lol, they do not
the water in those looks like toxic waste instead of real water for one, and the waves are far less sophisticated

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The Saturn version made me want to throw up. Hands down the ugliest game I've ever played

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When did the meme about tomb Raider being ugly start? I remember everyone being blown away by it.

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>When did the meme about tomb Raider being ugly start? I remember everyone being blown away by it.
When OP couldn't beat Caves because he's too stupid to take all of 60 seconds to practice the controls. So he jumped to the conclusion "this game is ugly therefor it sucks!" because he's a bad mad baby.

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When people born after 2000 tried to play it.

>> No.4458190

Nice fabrication.

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This is going to be an unpopular opinion but I find Tomb Raider on Playstation beautiful.
Not just the most beautiful Tomb Raider but one of the most beautiful games ever.
It's one of the few games that I feel I'm being part of the world, it feels so alive to me
I never really like the PC version of Tomb Raider, the high resolution graphics makes everything look fake
I find the low resolution and bad draw distance enhances the game, it makes it more believable, more mysterious

I understand though that this is an unpopular opinion, I'm just a special kind of autist (I only now start to realize it) because not only I like Tomb Raider but I prefer it on Playstation and I find it beautiful and enjoyable to this day

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Baby duck syndrome is fairly common.

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Why not EuroSaturn version though?

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ugliest retro game ever?

That's Postal 1 if you compare games of the same era.
>Pic related game released in 1997

Any game before the age of EGA PC games is ugly to me.

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the game is not supposed to be that bright. besides, i like the low poly on pre-rendered backgrounds aesthetic.

>> No.4460956

>pre-rendered backgrounds aesthetic.

That's suppose to be "hand drawn" graphics and I could draw better than that in MS Paint.

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Go on then, draw an MS Paint cock and balls in the style of Postal 1

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no u

>> No.4461284

Developpers went from this to Syphon Filter so you can give them the benefit of the doubt.

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I love pleb check-in threads.

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>architecture ain't god in old TRs
It's like one of the better ones out there.

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SAT vs PS, obviously

>> No.4462241

>Graphics aren’t visuals
Congratulations! You’re retarded.

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I remember this game, too bad the scorpion man botanical mutant guy was fucking impossible and you always ran out of ammo fighting him

>> No.4462292

what the absolute fuck are you talking about?

>> No.4462302

Obviously the final the boss of tr3. But how could he ran out of ammo with default guns is a mystery.

>> No.4462595

Completely agree

>> No.4462619

I've seen worse games before.

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"Graphics" are technical side.
Visuals are more than that - it's a combination of design, style and tech. Obviously, low-tech graphics can look amazing if design complements them. Also this is why modern "realistic" games rarely look appealing - they focus on the tech side, leaving design and style generic. In the medium where you can do almost anything, they chose to do fucking nothing.

That's not so bad. Watch this (picrelated)

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