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do you love dark savior?

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I appreciate Dark Savior. Dark Savior is just not what I'm looking for right now emotionally

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Warden Kurt Ice Cream.

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Have always had this on my backlog but never found the time for it.

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I do. It's a very creative and unique game.

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play it please

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Absolutely. The definition of an unpolished gem

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Yes, so much. But that one castle with the floating platforms and the one blind drop onto the tiny moving platform below broke my soul as a kid. I must have died there at least 500 times maybe more. Other than that I love everything about this game, the aesthetics, the environments, the puzzles, the platforming (except for that fucking castle), the battle system and the branching paths.

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>shitting on the top tier silver castle instead of the fucking disgusting minecart section

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I breezed through the minecarts in about five minutes, I was stuck on the one blind drop at the castle for about two months.

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To add to this I don't remember but I think the castle changes in different scenarios, I think this was scenario 4 but it's hard to remember. This was a time before gamefaqs or anything. I remember one scenario where I also was in the castle and it was a breeze. But correct me if I'm wrong , this was 20 years ago.

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>I was stuck on the one blind drop at the castle for about two months.
I don't see how since literally all you have to do is walk forward. not even jumping is necessary

The only tricky part of the silver castle is near the end where you need to jump and change direction midair to catch the ladder with moving spikes below it

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Yes I do remember walking off and always sliding off the front of the platform below and the few times I got past it there was another part I kept dying at that I can't remember at all.

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adventure meets jrpg meets platformer meets puzzle meets fighting, what more could you ask for?

shame about the censorship

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Tell me about the censorship

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Funny story, I busted my head for years trying to remember this "awesome multiplayer RPG" I played on the Saturn when I was a kid with my cousin.
Found out a couple weeks ago that it was Dark Savior. The game had a hidden multiplayer mode after you beat the game.

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chocolates are cigarretes, juice is booze, magazines are porn, makes a lot more sense as bartering items for a prison setting

fire kay's dress is a lot more revealing

JJ's cheerleaders are playboy bunny girls

evilsizer's white mask looks like jason's from friday the 13th

That's it at the top of my head. Funny that a really major plot point is garian getting drunk and doing some bad stuff, it makes zero sense that he starts tripping from "jalapeno juice"

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convince me to play this

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Do it for her.

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Overblown nonsense because they changed cigarettes into chocolate, doesn't effect the game at all and you wouldn't even know the difference if it weren't for people always screaming about it every time the game is mentioned

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since when does /vr/ support censorship? not only does it take away from the setting but it also screws the entire plot being that the main events revolve around garian murdering a child while drunk

she's a massive cunt. tracy a cute

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i think everyone understood the jalapeno juice was alcohol. it just makes it a bit more exotic.

as for evilsizer's mask, i don't know what you mean, it looked like that in the european version.

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>as for evilsizer's mask, i don't know what you mean, it looked like that in the european version.
no, in all western versions it was completely blank, faceless. in the japanese version it has holes and eye sockets and all that. He was also named Johnson which is pretty close to Jason.

Still don't get what that weird wheelchair is referencing though, such a bizarre design

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Nobody supports censorship, but it was two decades ago in a very different time and they felt it would better appeal to the sensibilities of their western consumers. It's irrelevant because it's so minor and has zero impact on the game at all.

If you told me they're re releasing a version of the game today with certain things censored I'd be as angry as anybody. I really don't care about cautious business choices that they made 20 years ago unless it was somehow game changing.

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what the fuck is going on with that hair?

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Her hair is just another jumping puzzle.

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Reminder that since Kay is literally the spirit of Wouda Garian is basically in love with a man and is therefore gay

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Censorship outrage is really overblown imo.

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This. I don't like localization changes either but they don't make want to completely boycott a product and go on an angry internet smear campaign

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How much semen does she need to get her hair like that?

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Why would you boycott it? It's important information so you know to find a patched rom

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My point is I like tits and crosses and violence as much as any other guy but very rarely they pull off an Ace Combat 3 or Working Designs and completely butcher the original game. Most of these localization changes are so inconsequential they aren't even worth patching a rom.

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Is this better than landstalker?

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not really, its very different from land stalker, its mostly a personal preference I think, also the game is much more experimental than landstalker, so its not even really a good comparison, despite being isometric and being made by the same people

It's like a choose your own adventure thing with 1v1 fights and the game is almost entirely puzzle and platforming centric, the combat is also dog shit in general

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Is the story any good then?

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yes the story is good, especially if you understand it the right way

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Is this the Badly Textured Minecart Ride meme game?

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it's just one little phase. even though it takes 3 hours and your sanity to complete

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That video is all I know of it. Just wondered if it was that game.

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you mean this?

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Even counting that it's a radically different game, Landstalker is one million times better. Fully fleshed out, satisfying, huge world, tons of secrets... Even if the combat is half-baked (a theme with Climax games?).

I really love many things about Dark Savior, but it feels like it's missing 1/3rd of a game - you have two fleshed out, super interesting parallels, and then 3 and 4 (and 5) are tacked on to what basically amounts to a challenge/speed run of Silver Castle.

Things that are cool about Dark Savior:

1) Story/World: Climax was always great at making a small focused location feel like a world with a lot of history

2) Platforming puzzles that are difficult

3) Game where different paths (ie the parallels) actually make the game different instead of slightly different dialog

4) bitchin' music

Things i do not like about Dark Savior

1) the combat is utter shit. Mash mash mash, hope you save a charge attack. It's at least somewhat inoffensive until enemies start spamming. It's terrible.

2) the graphics are as ugly as fuck. All the scaling means everything is a mess. The 3D is awful. So fucking awful. Look at Drizzit's mutated form. It's laughable.

2b) Supplement: the mine cart ride. Not only does it play terribly, but it's long as fuck, one mess-up and you're dead, and it looks like horse shit

3) Bullshit platforming puzzles: radically changing your cardinal direction while on moving platforms is finicky, awkward, and not very fun

4) Feels unfinished: I feel this is almost confirmed given old magazine screenshots which show completely different environments that never are in the game. It feels like the story is building up to something with, you know, the "Dark Savior" but it never gets to that point, instead pulling a weird meta-twist which is awesome, but is not given enough time to be meaningful

4b) using the regular combat/encounter theme for the last boss? come on what the fuck is wrong with you. Even Bilan got the cool battle theme.

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>1) the combat is utter shit.
yes, like in landstalker, except it's rarer so less annoying

>2) the graphics are as ugly as fuck
i disagree, the game's environments and sprites look nice to me. as for drizzit, he isn't so bad and he's one of the only 3d models in the game anyway.
if there's a big technical problem, it's the awful framerate in some parts, probably because of the draw distance.

>3) Bullshit platforming puzzles
meh, i didn't have much trouble with that. same shit as landstalker imo

>4) Feels unfinished
yeah maybe

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They released a voice dramatization CD in japan of the parallel 3 and 4 story to flesh it out more. Someone from vr started translating it in a thread years ago but dropped it before finishing which is sad because it would finally answer if carbon gatrian was the one to escape the island in the end.

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That's the mother.

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It's far better than landstalker, I grew up with landstalker but going back and playing it recently the combat is game breaking levels of bad. Now I know why I didn't get very far as a kid, it's very stiff and awkward. This game's battle system is more like a 2D fighter, it's a lot of fun.

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>Landstalker is one million times better.
Landstalker is a generic zelda clone that was good for its time. Dark Savior is flawed no doubt but it has a lot more merit because there's literally nothing else like it.

So even though both have shitty gameplay for 2017 standards, Dark Savior may be worth playing for how unique it is.

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I remember that thread, damn shame

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at least it's available on niconico:【ドラマCD】ダークセイバー サウンドシネマ

now we just have to wait for a good soul

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It's definitely a great game but Ladystalker is still the best out of the 3

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Ah sorry I meant to type 4 my bad

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how did they thought this was good enough to be in the game?

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I actually laughed out loud. I'd forgotten just how bad it looks.

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I think they could have done it better, but they took this one because they had fun

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Even as a kid I thought this looked ridiculous