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ITT we post our favorite cool and comfy /vr/ menus and user interfaces

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I like the premise of this thread. Bump. I'll post some later when im on pc

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Nice, I love the late 80s/early 90s beige sensibilities

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Any Bitmap Bros game is pretty much guaranteed to have sweet pixel art interfaces

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>>4446721 >>4448339
I'd like being able to justify using the low-res resolution to play Z, but it's way less practical

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SVGA mode feels less crisp, but displays twice as much map area obviously

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What game

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The hint was in the filenames, and in the fact that I did straight out said it was Z

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What game and where do I et it?

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Doing that results in moonrune gibberish and "Earth Self Defence Force 2" pretext. Googling that gives EDF instead.
Goggle also suggests it is made by Artdink, but I quicksearhced all their listed games and found nothing similar.

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You're hopeless.

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Great idea, thanks for making this thread! I love the Dreamcast's UI and the general aesthetic of Sega at that time. I've been obsessively going through youtube videos of various Dreamcast menus to use them as inspiration for the UI of a game I'm making. Gonna dump a few pictures here.

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Believe it or not that's what I use, but if I was to spoonfeed a retard like this he would probably say something stupid like "I don't use chrome what do I do now pls help".

I gave him the answer, he found the answer and still complains, so imagine the cognitive overload it would be if I showed him that.

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Sega was really into clouds and water around this time.

This menu just screams '90s to me. The bright primary colors, the shiny faux-3D buttons. Something about the font too, though I don't quite have an expansive enough design vocabulary to express why. Something about the fact that it's just a very basic, bold sans-serif font (except for the word "Sonic") that sort of clashes with the extravagance of the rest of the look and feel.

It's hard to imagine any game looking like this today.

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The DC web browser when through a few different iterations.

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Big shiny navigation menu.

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And finally, this might be a little off-topic, but this is a snapshot of what Sonic Team's official Chao discussion forum looked like in December 2001.


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You're being a dick.
I can't find it either. I don't even know what part of those moonrunes is the title. It seems there are a few games in the serie or it has alternative titles or fuck knows what. Googling "far side of the moon" which seems to pup up a lot isn't helpful either.
If I had the title I could at least check if there were any translations because I'm obviously not interested in a game in japanese.

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I honestly can't fathom how you're willing to write all that junk but aren't willing to scroll down in google past the two first links. Not only the title of the game is already in the image itself, and the guy already said the name of the game.


This is the fourth link if you reverse image search it.

No, the game isn't in English.

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W-what game is that, in the "some-sort-of-punk.png" pic?

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Cut him a break, Z is such a weird name that it can look like a typo.

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It used to be white, but the game aged and things then turned beige.

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You must be really smart guy. Actually you shouldn't even bother to hang out here with regular guys. You should only post on some obscure elite-forum which nobody except you knows about.

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Nice reddit spaces.

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Always admired the DM layout, it seems simple but well thought out.

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>pls check reverse image search
>hurr it's not there
>it's the 4th link
>stop mocking me this is really hard

I love how double spacing became this meme. I also like the imgur filenames usually get called reddit filenames as well. A+ paranoia.

Can we go back to posting autistic menus now?

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Are you playing the DOS version or the GOG remake?

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I love the quaint engrish and spelling mistakes.

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best smash, too

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Do fighting games count? Zero/Alpha 3 probably has the coolest GUI in the entire series

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this menu here, you can feel the adventure :)

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Oh I read that as PSOne and thought that was the Playstation Bios CD Player and Memory Card manager.

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With all that dithering it must look even better on a CRT

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Original DOS. Do modern versions allow the original zoomed in look?

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Between the neat 16-colors Artdink UIs and the stylish Bitmap Brothers pixel art, we have some of the best interfaces.

Am I the only one to think UIs from the late 90s on, using prerendered assets or abusing Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro effects were a step down? I mean HoMM4, Dune 2000, Master of Orion 2 or X-Com Apocalypse, compared to previous games in their series.

Anyway, here's one of my comfy ones.

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Star control 2 menus are fantastic. Thye always remind you of your progress, how well you are armed, you much gas you got, your crew...

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you can see the the equipment of your mothership aswell as your fighter ships, whats even more cool...

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during fights you can see how your pilot inputs your controls into the ship and how the enemy does all the inputs for his/her ship. For each maneuver they got a specific switch/button/thing

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Chaos Engine / Soldier of Fortune by the Bitmap Brothers; there's stuff from the sequel in the OP pic as well I think

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I liked fallout and everyone but fighting the ui was like half the challenge of the game.


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pretty awesome

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I don't like Sonic 3 too much, but the menu looks very comfy.

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Tanarus is never coming back, is it?

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I love the menu system in Secret of Mana; minimal and efficient AF

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Unf. 90s revival when? Not just vaporwave and stuff, but a genuine trend like the way 8 bit is trendy now.

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Do we really want more shitty visual novels? Go to xvideos for your porn, dweeb.

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I wasn't asking for more visual novels and porn, I was asking for more 90s UI design.

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One more Tanarus, I miss it too much.

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I miss when games used the OS UI.

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adjustable windows was neat at the time
also the missiles/mech flies between the windows appropriately

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why did PC-98 VNs produce some of the greatest cyberpunk artwork to date? what was their secret?

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Ah man, this is good stuff. Slightly unrelated, but MvC2 has a similar aesthetic and it's great. I love the DC era.

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The voxel menus (and world) from vangers still got a unique and special feeling to them even after so many years

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Obligatory groovy track:

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This is hilarious! What game?

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Tuned Heart (PC-98)

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Shit choice, OP. Chaos Engine is far better than its sequel.

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But that's both of them

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I always thought Discworld II's window-based GUI looked classy; you can even resize your inventory window and whatnot

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I can't be the only one that like the looks of 90s Hex strategy games.

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I liked how they would give you just enough information to make your decision, but kept most of it out of the way.

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What game? (Sorry if dumb q, reverse search failed me)

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the good news is that these types of games have made somewhat of a resurgence lately. There are quite a few good ones that have come out in the past few years: Battle Academy 2, Unity of Command, Panzer Korp

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> knife / matches / pickaxe / magnet / ironing board / a pelican / a flamingo / a mouse / a hammerhead shark / a brick containing a ghost

I miss adventure games with huge dumb inventories

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green on black menues are syndicate trade marks to me :S Even the font in Metal gear menus seems to be a rip off of syndicate :3

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all female agents!!! YEEEEEEEEE!! :3

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You know where to hide the rocketlauncher.

>> No.4460158

nice try anon

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heeey, I didn't name the file. But you are right, it is from the snes version, sexy ladies with sexy haircuts :3

About pic, I know its more title screen than menu design, but oh so glorious :O

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Why do they look like Smash menus? Did sakurai's wife work on them?

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they look like wipeout to me

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>> No.4461798

Is it just me or does that look cluttered as fuck?

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>> No.4462327

That looks kind of the point

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It's great this thread is still going but boy that's a lot of PC-98

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What on earth is that game?

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it's never enough

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Stay salty, newfriend

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>pixel art

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i'm an animist. compression is violence.

>> No.4466229

Lossy compression (JPEG) is the worst form of compression you ding dong

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this is actually true. Old games run with 256 colors, the exact same amount a gif can store. So screenshots of old games like ms dos or pc engine should be saved as gif, because it is losless as long as it is not animated. Usually animations don't have more than 256 colors either. But if the sequence changes like from animation to gameplay the gamepalette can change, and thus you have to store more than 256 colors.

>> No.4466245

Just save it as PEE N GEE, no point in saving as JIFF.

>> No.4466267

Looks interesting: http://www.old-games.com/download/4303/hr2-the-simulator

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What, you can't point and click? Fallout had a pretty cool UI.

>> No.4467004

Looting was tedious. Items dropping in piles of goo was a mistake. Looting dropped items was a nightmare. Waiting for opening/closing animations is a bore. Having to unintuitively steal from your companions to manage their inventory, not really being able to manage them at all in the first game. Broken quests, broken cutscenes. If the quest isn't completely broken you have to do something special to turn it on the right way. Thinking that your ac means anything because it's a number that goes up with better armor

Nah. If you fixed all this bullshit it wouldn't be fallout. It would be a lot better but a lot shorter.

>> No.4467372


Why that trend of huge ornate frames and bigass interface buttons? Was using as much screen real estate as possible for actual gameplay even on the table?

>> No.4467568
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>> No.4467590

Rendering the game at the full resolution would slow it to a crawl. A large interface allowed the full screen to be used without suffering frame loss while being extremely stylish.

>> No.4467605
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I would rather have a smooth but short game than a long one filled with tedium and huge amounts of not playing the game. Pic related can be cleared in 3-4 hours on a first run but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Meanwhile in Fallout the fact it ran at a snail's pace made it a chore to play. A remake based on the Jagged Alliance 2 engine would probably be really nice.

>> No.4467664

Agreed, but looking at the series, horrible inventory management and tedious looting seem to be cornerstones of gameplay, especially in 3 nv and 4.

Tactics was the best inventory and i still found myself wanting favorite/loadouts for mynswuad members so they always get x stimpacks y reloads z sidearm, etc...

>> No.4468076
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Lands of Lore looks crisp as fuck. I miss the fuckhuge UI in games like these where the game is only a third of the screen. Dunno why I like it.

>> No.4468259
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>> No.4468340

It was a common technique to render only objects that moved between frames, so the larger static area you had, the lighter was the CPU load. And making VN's artworks smaller allowed for less discs.

Despite the menu, Night Slave is one of the few PC-98 games that feature a full-screen gameplay

And to Innocent Tour's defence, it's a board-game RPG, so you'll rely more on the board's map than on your character's zoomed area for gameplay.

>> No.4468662
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>> No.4471746
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>> No.4472569
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>> No.4473723
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>> No.4474680
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>> No.4475317
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>> No.4476291
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>> No.4476383

i like it
can't beat pastel pink

>> No.4477305
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>> No.4477335
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That screenshot doesn't do it justice because of the UI mod that breaks it and the colors being fucked up

>> No.4478182
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>> No.4479226
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