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>Game lasts less then 30 minutes
>Still amazing

What other great games can be completed in under 30 minutes?

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Most arcade games, and even more if you only consider the first loops.

And I'd say this is the norm: this is the perfect length for video games and it's not strange for them to be amazing relatively speaking.

I'll post an example at least:


This game, as well as the series, has different routes to take so it's got that for replay value.

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Dynamite Cop > Die Hard

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Nailed it perfectly.

Also if we're mentioning Die Hard Arcade, gotta add the sequel, Dynamite Cop into that mix. Lots of replay value as well.

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Most NES games is actually only 30 minutes in terms of gameplay, they just make it harder so it takes longer.

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where is the difference? Same game, japanese release, ammo-country release

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super mario world, I think 15minutes with star world warp
SuperProbotector/Contra3 takes 27minutes
Axelay takes 36minutes

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Dynamite Cop was the Dreamcast sequel (aka Dynamite Deka 2). You're thinking of Dynamite Deka 1.

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Challenge and retrial counts as gameplay, you millennial dipshit

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unfortunately it doesn't count as length you super double retard.

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if you can't 1cc it you haven't completed shit, pleb shitter.

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So double retard count as single retard but a while longer or

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Not him, but why assume he's a credit feeder? Is /vr/ that bad with arcade style games?

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Wow, you're autistic.

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Dynamite cop you get to fight the Kraken and Not-Solidus

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Comix Zone

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>it's a newfag plays his first arcade game episode

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asian dynamite is alright

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Yeah, seems so. Though it seems sad, we all start from somewhere, we should encourage OP

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yeah you are of course right

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I still haven't beaten it.

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Hey at least he started with Die Hard Arcade.

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Literally any arcade game.

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source me, my dude

looks like that zombie game on DC

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Cannon Spike on Dreamcast. You can even play as Megaman

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Is this the one where you can unlock the Golden Axe characters?

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most fighting games I guess

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I believe that's the Sega Ages PS2 port.

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glad I watched until the end

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jaws on the nes can be beaten in about 10 minutes without much effort

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This thread is for amazing/great games, isn't it?

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whats wrong with jaws? its a fun little game

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"fun little game" doesn't sound like amazing nor great. Not bashing, just... read the OP, I guess.

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are you going to say that Comix Zone is a great game? or Fighting Force?

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You've got a point, ignore me then. Sorry
(Though I like Comix Zone better. Not sure about the other haven't played)

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no worries, i actually didnt read the op at all

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Way to misinterpret his semantics lol

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So how old are you? Are you a boomie bastard scum? The exact boomie bastards that rushed to pass age discrimination laws when you started dying off in droves to protect yourselves from three generations wanting revenge?


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Most shmups

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>Street Fighter II Turbo
>Super Mario Bros.
>Super Smash Bros.

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Bruce Willis is very sexy.

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>Is /vr/ that bad with arcade style games?
absolutely yes, hardly anyone here can play a fucking thing and know barely anything about play just collecting and inane shit.

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nice buzzwords shit skill.

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You just did the same thing he did.

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So is /vr/ a hoarding board confirmed?

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>SuperProbotector/Contra3 takes 27minutes
I've never been amazing at games but I'm proud to say that this is one of the few games I've completed on hard (along with UN Squadron/Area 88 which I've at least done on hard - maybe even gamer).

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Are you saying Comix Zone isn’t a great game?

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Why is that young lady not wearing any pants?

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It is sad that many people these days think a full play through of a game in ten hours is short. So you end up getting a bunch of bloat in between the meat of the game.

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Yes, this filler shit has killed the experience of quite a few games over the years for me

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you're not wearing any pants nigga

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>b-b-b-but muh fetch quests justify muh $60 game purchase.

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Whenever those are mandatory to progress through the game I want to just turn it off right there. In fact, I haven't finished some games where they did this repeatedly.

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I ran into this at the arcade a while back, having never heard of it before. For the first stage, I was pretty unimpressed, thinking it was one of those generic early 3D games. The more I played it, the more batshit insane it got. Playing it blind was an amazing experience.