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How do I install the fix patch and the voice pack for Ultima 8? I'm using DOSBox.

I wish I could just find the Gold Edition somewhere (without having to pay) because that has everything and requires no setup, but all I can find is the original release of the game.

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Ultima 8 appreciation thread?

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I tried to download it from here, but this link doesn't work.


I also found this link, which doesn't work either.

http://www.netload.in/dateiqZP2HGcwgy/Ultima 8 Gold Edition (March 15, 1994).7z.htm

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OK, I got Ultima 8 Gold Edition from here (the GOG version):


It's giving me 2 problems, both of which I'd appreciate help with.

1. It's running in full screen. I REALLY don't want this because the game looks like busted ass that way. How do I get it to run in a normal DOSBox window?

2. It looks to me like it's stretching the game out from 4:3 to 16:9. I DEFINITELY don't want this. How can I get it to run in the proper dimensions, again, in a normal DOSBox window?

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OK, I tried running it by dragging the executable onto the DOSBox icon instead of running the GOG launcher, and it looks like that helps. At least for now. I'll see if I have any issues I guess.

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Sure. Say what you like about the gameplay, the atmosphere is top fucking notch.