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What are your thoughts on the Tenchu games?

I loved them and think they are some of the more underrated games out there. They are better stealth games than MGS.

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Most fun when going for Master Ninja ranks to unlock broken ass equipment and items.

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I love all of them. Also much of the other stuff Acquire has done, and K2 games too. After playing Tenchu I could never play MGS games well, I can only play them as action games because the stealth sucks.

Too bad the franchise seems over since years ago.

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I like the way the story in the ps2 Fatal Shadows/Kurenai was presented. Shame the later games concentrated too much on the occult plots rather mundane stories like T1/T2

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I loved the games. I feel like the series was just shy of being one of the big PS1 classics. It just didn't get the production values of stuff like Metal Gear.

I'd love to see a new game or a spiritual successor of some kind.

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First one is great; I love the otherworldly quality of the visual style, the music, and the general weird japaneseness. The prequel is much blander, but fun enough

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Which one was better? Tenchu 1 or 2?

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There aren't a lot of Tenchu gifs/webms out there, are there?

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Tenchu 2 has more stuff to do and controls better, but the overall presentation and level concepts are dull and it's got a ton of very annoying bosses that can spoil your careful 45-minute flawlessly stealthy mission attempt in a matter of seconds. Also: generic animu plot and no music.

Overall I think the first one is much more fun and unique

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Poison rice all day

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<3 the best

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There's some.

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Well, yeah but those were all made by the same person. What I meant is that there isn't a lot of variety.

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I actually loved the lack of music in Tenchu 2. I remember 2 being better than the first game even though both were great. Tenchu 3 was the best one but it isn't retro.

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Is that the Wii one?

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Nope. The Wii game is best played on PSP anyway.

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-Tenchu 1 and 2 were PS1 games, therefore /vr/ related.
-Tenchu 3 Wrath of Heaven was for PS2 and was my favorite one as I said.
-The fourth game is Fatal Shadows and was also for PS2. Ayame was the main character for this one.
-Time of the Assassins is for PSP.
-Dark Secret is a DS game.
-Shadow Assault was an arcade game.
-Tenchu Z was that 360 game. I think it supposedly has a ton of levels to play to but I only played a bit of it and never bought it so can't say for sure.
-Shadow Assassins was the Wii one you were thinking of.

There is also a spiritual successor called Shinobido Way of the Ninja made by the same people for PS2.

The series just never really changed or evolved that much since its inception. This is great if you love the formula but it became noticeably "dated" to some in its mechanics the further it went along.

The first game has the highest metascore of the games at 87 with an almost equal user score of 88. The second game has a 77 but userscore much higher at 87.


I consider both of these games to be great PS1 games btw.

Post is for you and anyone else interested.

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T1 and T2 gud
T3 fun but animu grab a beer
TFS meh
Shinobido is ok

TZ was somewhat popular....

Overall it's an average series with a LOT of promise but they never could seem to keep it going..... Ignore any games not mentioned in this post.

Shinobido 2 never played and the other tenchu clones acquire madewere JP only

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MFW I found this way to the top of the tower as a kid.
Just seeing something in the shadows.
Can I throw the hook to climb it?

> Fun times

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music is choice. still in the playlist today.

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Shinobido > Tenchu

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Goddamn this looks crisp. Is it emulated? Been thinking about replaying the series lately.

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Anyone hoping FromSoftware's new game is Tenchu? Series has been dead for awhile now. Its not like From is going to do any more harm than some other company could to it.

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What is the relation between From Software and Acquire today? It's not like FS developed anything, and I have no idea about what Acquire has been doing lately.

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Wikipedia says FromSoftware bought the rights from Activision who bought the rights from Sony Music Entertainment. Acquire was responsible for the PS1 games and the Wii game at least according to Wikipedia. K2 made more than Acquire it seems and From actuallly developed the arcade game and some PSP games in the series. From owns the rights completely it seems. I'm not sure if Acquire is under anyone else. It appears they are independent. They are also responsible for the Way of the Samurai series and Shinobido. Looks like From can do whatever they want with Tenchu but they don't have the rights to publish any of the games released under Activision. So those games are sadly in limbo I guess unless they are sold digitally on PSN that I didn't know of.

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I hated the bossfights

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I think the rights returned to Acquire so they could make Zero and 4, and I guess they still have them.
K2 made Tenchu 3, Fatal Shadows and Time of the assassins. Last time I saw them was in the credits of Dragon's Dogma. FS only developed the arcade and maybe did the ports to PSP.

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My mistake, Z (I call it Zero for some reason) was still a development of K2.

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Yeah man.

Once I played Shinobido, I can no longer go back.

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Well I'm just going by what I see on Wikipedia and they say FromSoftware owns the rights. Although Acquire could still make them if FromSoftware wants them to develop a game. FromSoftware has published most of the games in this series.

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I'm pretty sure I remember being able to do a rudimentary 2-player setting in debug mode.

Also dicking about changing your character model was a lot of fun.

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Shit taste desu.

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