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Also is it even a video game?

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No it doesn’t suck.

Not vidya.

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Then what is it?

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unless it's this pinball

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There's more electronic Pinball games than that. A lot more, actually.

Crue Ball
Dino Land
Dragon's Fury
Dragon's Revenge
Psycho Pinball
Sonic Spinball
Virtual Pinball
Battle Pinball
Pinball Dreams
Pinball Fantasies
Super Pinball 1&2
Fantastic Pinball
Hyper3D Pinball
Last Gladiators Pinball
Necronomicon Pinball
Pinball Graffiti
Pro Pinball
True Pinball
Austin Powers Pinball
Extreme Pinball
Kiss Pinball
Patriotic Pinball
Big Race USA
Fantastic Journey
Power Rangers Zeo Full-Tilt Battle Pinball
Dragon Beat: Legend of Pinball
Super Lite 1500: Golden Logres
Simple 1500: Pinball 3D
Real Pinball
Ruiner Pinball
Galactic Pinball
3D Pinball Express
3D Ultra NASCAR Pinball
3D Ultra Pinball Thrillride
Absolute Pinball
Addiction Pinball
Balls of Steel
Devil's Island Pinball
Epic Pinball
Extreme Pinball
Pinball Master
Pinball Warriors
Platinum Pinball
Pure Pinball
Slam Tilt Pinball
The Tomb Pinball
Total Pinball
Ultimate Pinball/GT/Gold

And many more titles in general that I'm too lazy to name. These are just the ones I know of off the top of my head, but that's just cuz I love Pinball in all it's various forms.

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>Does pinball suck?
>Also is it even a video game?
No, but it's an arcade game. Kinda like how skeeball isn't a video game.

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Pinball doesn't suck, plenty suck at pinball though.

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pinball is the best thing ever

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>Not vidya

it IS video games

the sticky even says so

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Electromechanical carnie games like skeeball and that early sega game from the 60s with the helicopter. It's just pinball is super refined like an artform.

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Just a game.

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Favorite table?

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In relation to pinball, I'd argue that there is a technical distinction between video games and computer games. All computer games, as in, games that run on computers and are generated from code, are video games, and 99% of video games are computer games. Pinball, however is the rare example of a video game that is not a computer game, so it is different from all the other vidya on this board and on /v/.

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does the pinball machine have video? then it's a video game

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That's actually a good point. If we can consider those lame Tiger LCD games vidya, then pinball and its display screens counts too.

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I want to own a table one day.

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Does anyone know how to get Balls of Steel or Devil's Island working on modern PCs?

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shittiest meme game for idiots, it's actually the worst pinball vidya ever made

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Pinball runs code

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Woah! Slow down there lad. Start off by trying a couple stools and a leaf before you jump into a full blown table.

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Anyone into Moraff's Pinball on old computers? Had this on my 286.

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I don't understand pinball. Hit the ball with the paddle, that's it. Surely I'm missing something

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A chromosome.

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Make me appreciate pinball faggot

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Well, you could play something like this, and you'd enjoy it because it's good, but you still might not get it. The aim with pinball, ultimately, is to amass points, but the fun is in figuring out and mastering how to do that on each particular machine. There is also competing with others and oneself for high scores.

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god no, i wouldn't try making a baby understand algebra so why would i try making a low i.q brain dead dirty mum shite understand pinball?

>Surely I'm missing something
Yeah like the entire scoring system, all the methods of control, all the shot trajectories, nudging and so on, thick cunt.

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GOG version

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This only applies to electro-mechanical pinball machines. All pins from the early 80s onward used computers in some form.

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I've always enjoyed pinballs to some extent, though a recent experience put me off a lot from digital ones.

There was this friend of mine who isn't good at video games (neither at pinball) that came to my house and was playing Devil Crash - Naxat Pinball for the PCE.
After a few rounds the ball got stuck in some place at the top and it began to score infinitely. He broke the game unknowingly: we let that game ON for a while and that thing was still there.

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That and pinbot were 2 of the very first video games I ever played

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>not sure if 0/troll or just really, really fucking stupid

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Pokemon pinball was fun

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Grr I still need to buy this

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its fun once you figure out the wonky physics. imo blue field was easier than red field but red field gives you way more points

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Not retro but I prefer the GBA one with the smooth scrolling

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how does one measure the quality of pinball?

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Gonna help you with a few
>PC Engine
Time Cruise
Alien Crush
Dragon Crush

Jaki Crush

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This board is not Retro Video Games, but Retro Games.

Pinball is allowed here, read the sticky.

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A lot of video pinball games have failsafes against this kind of thing.

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You forgot Pataank on 3DO, the worlds first 1st person pinball game! Seriously I paid £3 for it and that was £3 too much.

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But the game itself is physical. Sure there are sensors that detect when the ball has gone down a certain hole and relay this to a computer but I don't consider it a computer game.

How about "computer-assisted game"? Like those pocket chess things that (presumably) just told you where to put the pieces.

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Once you get good at pinball you start enjoying some layouts more then others. Some layouts require too much risk or not enough, not enough incentive to try different shots, stuff like that.

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I'm not a pinball expert, but I think a pinball expert might say that if you have three pop bumbers (the circular bumpers) out in the open like that, they can send the ball in any direction and therefore introduce too much luck into the machine.

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Oh, I thought Paranoiascape did it first.

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Not EM

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that's hilarious

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What's even more hilarious is that we were taking turns in a score attack. I was beating him by a pretty wide margin and then that shit happened lol And he kept bragging afterwards (that's his personality)

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>live in Ireland
>Will never EVER play 99% of cool pinball tables

IM saving up for a Judge Dredd table to own. Dunno how the fuck I'll actually get one though.

In the meantime I play videogame pinball. Both Stern Pinball Arcade and Pinball FX 3 are out on Switch next week!

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Sorry, those are just the ones I own. I really like video pinball. I prefer actual pinball tables, but those will do for the time where I don't have copious amounts of space and cash to stuff into real tables.
Otherwise, gonna get me an Earth Shaker table and a Black Hole table.

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>In the meantime I play videogame pinball.
>plays the worst most unrealistic incarnations.

Get into pro pinball and vpx/pm5, realistic enough to learn all real flipper skills that translate to real machines.

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this was probably the only win95/98/ME/Vista/ bloat-ware accessory game I actually enjoyed
Specially liked the eerie anime-sounding music and sci-fi sound-effects.

The only thing that ruined it is that tacky grinning cartoon spaceman. He just looks so cheap. And it looks like he even knows it from his apologetic half-assed grin.

Why couldn't they just put a scary sci-fi robot or a creepy alien monster instead? or better yet a qt sexy space-girl?

I wish I could hack it so I could fix that

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>I wish I could hack it so I could fix that

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It is a video game, your points are calulated on a computerized screen judging by where you hit the ball. Its a mix of hardware and software. I suppose you think the Wii isnt video game either? Your an Moron.

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That shit takes like 6 hours to set up

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Just because the points are summed by a CPU depending what sensors are triggered?

I suppose the CPU was also keeping track of the game's state but I think the game's physics are provided by real objects keeps it from being a true videogame.

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The computer also contains all of the game's rules and controls everything from the lights to the bumpers to the targets. Seriously, you really underestimate the role of the electronic components of solid state pinball machines.

That said, no, it's not a fucking video game. Though some more recent pins from the 90s onward do have video components and video modes playable on the display.

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pro pinball games are out the box and easy to get for free and they have timeshock ultra on steam which is ridiculously real. As for the other yes maybe if you're new to it but once it's setup it's done, it really isn't that hard at all.

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I've never played it, but Total Nuclear Annihilation looks amazing. It feels like design philosophy behind the visuals and the lighting of the machine is completely different from other modern pins, not to mention the design. I love how the lights pulse when you hit the single pop bumper, and the pattern the lights make when you're starting the reactor. I don't see why this of all pins would need an LCD screen though. Maybe there are more animations coming.


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it's a video game without most of the video part. the game, audio, rules and general function of the machine is still controlled by a CPU with RAM, some ROM (containing the game software, sounds and dot matrix display artwork), a sound chip (back in the day it was mostly always a YM FM-synth chip with simple PCM sample playback, exactly how most arcade machines were setup for audio).

> does it suck?
are you a millennial by any chance? no. it doesn't suck. it's awesome.

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takes 5 minutes if you're not a dribbling spastic. it's easy.

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God damn it's nice to hear sound design like that in a modern game. I tried out Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time today, and while it seemed like a solid enough game, the sound package was horrible. Quiet, unmemorable sound effects, awful multi-line conversations that go on for way too long and have nothing to do with what's actually happening, and generic orchestral film-score drivel during the modes.

I was at two locations tonight and played an excellent Williams' Sorcerer at the first one, and the difference between it and GotG was night and day.

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On a similar note, one thing I notice in the LCD games that aren't TNA is that the graphic design is questionable. The visuals look like something put together for a high school project in powerpoint.
It doesn't really matter to me, but it makes me wish pinball was more popular so that manufacturers could afford to put a little bit more money into the LCD animations. Maybe they're still figuring that stuff out, I don't know. JJP PotC LCD animations look modestly good, but the rest not as much. Is it just me?

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No it's allowed to be -discussed- here, because /tg/ is more about group play and /toy/ is more about collecting.

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3D Pinball Space Cadet is a classic. You're just being a contrarian.

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The potential for the new screen displays is enormous, but no one has utilized it yet. Just imagine all the different animations/fonts/visual effects you could use to display and announce different features. About GoG again, I don't know if it's code that will be updated later, but there are times when a message is displayed and it's literally just plain white text on a black background. When the DMD is much more appealing then your new technology, there's a problem.

That being said, while it's still not anything mind-blowing, Star Wars is the best use of the screen yet. The idea of the display being your cockpit with information displayed on the fold-out targeting computers is great, and the movie clips and scenes are integrated very well, particular the "hyperspeed" scenes. It also might be the best Stern, imo. Either that or AC/DC, Metallica or Star Trek.

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One thing that sucks about pinball is that machines that are on location are often not in great condition. A machine a played today seemed to be tilted so much to the right that I could only barely cradle on the left flipper. Also there was a software bug of some sort that cost me a dollar.

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Also a new modern pinball machine costs 6000 dollars at least. And the only pinball machines that cost less than a 1000 are old Electro-mechanical games with spinning reels. You can buy a lot of different video game experiences, or one giant pinball machine.

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Pinball is fun but I am fucking terrible at it for some reason. Like, embarrassingly so.

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>video game
>no video present

It's not that hard...and I've played some that were fun...I liked that one Terminator 2 one.

Also there are pinball video games that are okay.

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My dad used to be a diehard pinball player, and went to a few tournaments when I was young. He won a championship in Arizona back in like 1998, and when I was about 11 he came in 2nd place in another tournament, using pic-related as the machine. Although he didn't win gold, he bought the machine afterwards and we had it in our garage for about 4 years before we eventually grew bored of it. But man, it was really cool being able to play pinball anytime I felt like it during those years. I think my dad's highest score was almost 2 billion on it.

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pinball is trash.

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>I am fucking terrible at it for some reason.
you don't think about your play. You can learn good flipper skills and a feel for trajectory on pro pinball or vpx/pm5, try to create visual cues on flippers for where is the spot to hit shots successfully, find which shots you can do consistently and look at what you can do with that, practice the shots you are weak with, literally just think about what you're doing.

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Yes, it does suck and no, it's not vidya.

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Isn't it common for people to swap tables? Eventually collectors have enough of a table and just trade with other collectors

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>Also is it even a video game?
*blocks your path*

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Holy shit I just remembered how much fun I had with Kirby Pinball Land on Game Boy - it was such a great game.

I also loved Epic Pinball on the PC from the 90's.

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>tfw you're playing and suddenly the flippers become invisible

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Yes, computers and programming dont have to involve electricity or even binary.

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Yeah it is

>Went through 3 pins in about a year

It just became to much of a hassle for me trying to fix them up though. That, all the organizing that went into swapping and selling them, buying parts, and college + work started picking up. So I ended up just selling them all and picking up a 82' Chexx for my dad and I.

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It was damn good. Pokemon pinball on gbc was fun too if you liked this one.

To me at first Kirby pinball seemed really simple and like there wasn't much variety, but the more you played it, the better it got. It ended up being one of my favorites for the system.

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It's not "vidya" but it is retro gaming.

>> No.4455463

I bet a bunch of people on this thread would be interested to hear that there was a Street Fighter II pinball machine with a Car Crunch lower playfield. Here's what it looks like.


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>lasergame is a video game
>crane games are video games
nice try dumdum

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Pinball FX3 just released 2 new tables for FREE to celebrate their 10th anniversary!

Also it's out on Switch today too

>> No.4456379

what the fuck

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It happens once you reach a certain amount of points iirc. The flippers come back when you reach another certain amount of points.

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>no Jaki Crush

>> No.4456486

>All computer games, as in, games that run on computers and are generated from code, are video games
Not if they're played on a teletype.

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>Does pinball suck?
I don't think so, even if I'm personally not huge on it.
>Also is it even a video game?
I wouldn't say so, the game does not occur within video, unless we're talking about pinball simulation like Space Cadet or something. That or that one Mario pinball machine that would occasionally have you play a minigame on the display (that was my shit when I was little by the way)

>> No.4456574

Many pinball machines have video modes.

>> No.4457323


Switch is 30fps in handheld mode. Fucking trash.



Switch hardware is a complete joke.

>> No.4457427

Thanks for the heads up, I played the shit out of Sorcerer's Lair.

>> No.4457691

Yeah it's common. But by the time we sold the table, my dad wasn't interested in pinball anymore, so the pinball days ended there.

>> No.4457713

Sold 10 million so far, cry more faggot.

>> No.4458106

10 million sales won't make the game not run at like 27fps in handheld mode.

It was almost perfect and they fucked it up

>> No.4458110 [DELETED] 

It has nice graphics and animation.

>> No.4458830

fun house, get ya self a hot doowug.

>> No.4458883

Fun fact: Rudy is voiced by Ed Boon.

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Pinball doesn't suck. It is a getaway for normies though. If a vr/rother goes to an arcade, a normie would tell him off "Yeah, you go play that blip blop thingy".

It also requires skill. There is a ceiling though. It is like Flappy Bird, once you learned it you could go for a while, but have to concentrate not to fall on a pipe.

There are many techniques: Live Catch, Dead Catch, Dead Bounce, Cradle Seperation etc. Also every machine comes with different rules, so pretty much every cabinet is unique.

If you want to get laid and play games, pinball is a viable compromise.

Also, no, it is not a videogame, but it is their ancestor.

>> No.4459398

If you look at Pinball, it's tough to say if we've hit the skill ceiling. Admittedly it's more like Magic the Gathering than Smash Bros, in that there are a lot of upsets presumably caused by the higher luck factor. But in both pinball and in MTG there are players who are ranked higher and perform better. It's not like the top ten are all equally good, Zach Sharpe is better than, for instance, Robert Gagno. If there was a skill ceiling, you'd expect them to be about equal. The strategic factor distorts things, I'd have to think about it.

>> No.4459487

Its a mechanical game not a video game.
Also, it's you're.

>> No.4459685

Under a sufficiently loose definition of the term "video game", pinball is a video game. Under a sufficiently strict definition it is not.

>> No.4459760

I see. What I meant was that the known techniques are enough, and there doesn't seem to be many more to discover.

I also get the fact that because there are differently ranked players the ceiling is still higher, but the game itself survives simply on new machines with new rules, and the ever unattainable accuracy streak.

So you see, my point is that once you learn a machine, you have to find another to feel challenged again, or explore new strategies, since the previous machines have been mapped out.

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it's literally the most powerful portable ever

no one cares about your faggot opinions

>> No.4461823

it's a video game

eat shit

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File: 35 KB, 443x576, tumblr_m83mcyfo4e1qcalsmo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess you'd say this would be a video game, too?

>> No.4462596

It's the most powerful handheld ever and yet can't run pinball at 60fps in handheld when the Vita can? Ok.

>> No.4463714

Also Microsoft Pinball Arcade on PC

>> No.4464027

That's not even electronic.

>> No.4465801

A local arcade near me just ordered a TNA and it will arrive before the end of the year. The owner is super psyched about it, especially since Spooky is based out of our home state and they're going to hold a big opening event for it when it arrives.

>> No.4465818

You could always aim for Gottlieb tables. many of their 80s and even some 90s pins can be snagged for less than $1500.

>> No.4465823

My arcade has one, and most people don't even realize that the car crunch even is a thing. Then again most randos don't even realize that DMDs tell you useful information.

>> No.4465903

You don't even have to aim for Gottlieb. Most Williams System 11 games are still around $1500 aside from the big names like Whirlwind and Black Knight 2000.

>> No.4465923

>Step dad sees me play this on the computer
>What'd you do to get that game on there anon? I'm going to uninstall that!
My stepdad was a prick. Glad my mom finally ditched his fun-hating ass.

>> No.4467891

>Does pinball suck?


>Also is it even a video game?


>> No.4467896

The star trek TNG pinball machine has games on the LCD

>> No.4468598

A lot of games did.

>> No.4468627

It's not an LCD. They were originally gas plasma displays, though they make replacements with LEDs.

>> No.4469550

Computer game, yes. Video game, no.

>> No.4471216

>Microsoft pinball arcade
Literally the best pinball game on PC ever.

>> No.4471507

So blame the shit dev instead of the hardware. I'm still bitter about getting screwed out of being able to buy South Park Pinball since they up and decided to discontinue fx2 without telling anyone.

>> No.4471531

I haven't had a PC capable of playing any modern games, what sort of specs should I be looking at to get a smooth experience from Visual Pinball? I can't seem to find any up to date system reqs.

>> No.4471867

If you're staying with 9, you shouldn't need much, but if you're stepping up to 10 or PM5, you might want some more capable hardware.

>> No.4472193

Shame the gameboy port is so terrible. PC version is hopelessly outclassed by VP now too.

>> No.4473089

>Shame the gameboy port is so terrible

Yeah, all I had access to back in the day was the GB port. By the time I got around to getting the PC version there was already Visual PinMAME, which outdid that as well lol.

>> No.4473958

How do I git gud at Pinball? One of my local arcades do an annual tournament that I've been considering throwing my hat into. I've got a decent grasp on most of the video games they have, but I can't last more than 5 minutes on a pinball machine.

>> No.4473979

a classic

>> No.4474026

Yes! And NO! Pinball is for faggots. Why do you ask? The answer was obvious.

>> No.4474075

Had to make sure someone posted this game

>> No.4474559


It's a video game. One might even say the precursor video game so to speak. Sort of like comparing transistors as the precursor to microchips.

Either way it's definitely a Retro Game.

>> No.4474560


>Surely I'm missing something

You are. There's actually an endgame mode/final boss mode of most pinball games aka "Wizard mode"

>> No.4476058

Download a pinball video game and play that a lot. Learn the rules of the table you're playing on. Look up tutorials online.

>> No.4476705

Excellent game.

>> No.4477137

Do you guys know about these? Seems like the art is good and the functionality is nearly zero. Does anyone have any ways to add more game functionality?

>> No.4477140


Forgot the link.

There's also this Overwatch one with spinners and a funnel.


>> No.4478169

There's obviously not much to the gameplay, but these are still pretty fuckin' neato. Reminds me of those build-it-yourself kits I would get as a kid.

>> No.4478225

nice idea but the execution is lacking, seems like something you'd have fun with for 10 mins then collect dust.

>> No.4478248

Sonic is a pinball game from the pinball's perspective.

>> No.4478285

They're way more intricate than I ever understood as a kid when they were around, now that I've read about some I can't find any to play. if I ever get some sort of arcade cabinent, it will be pinball. is skeeball arcade?

>> No.4478323

>Does pinball suck?
Your mom on the other hand...

>> No.4478749

>now that I've read about some I can't find any to play. if I ever get some sort of arcade cabinent, it will be pinball

Download Visual Pinball 9/X and some table recreations. If you wanted to you could even build your own virtual pinball table. It'd only be worth buying a real table if you could put up with the constant maintenance to keep it in full working order.

>> No.4479228

I got a 211mil GC on Metallica today. Am I good yet?

>> No.4479303

pinball is an analog experience, or something. a real physics. does it emulate the weight and clack of a real ball?

>> No.4479562

Pinball should have more intuitive rules. Or not, whatever. It would help if things were communicated thematically. Like instead of having a left ramp and a right ramp, have an electric ramp that you use to power up various things, and an armory ramp that you use to acquire munitions. And they would have an electric symbol/toy and a weapons symbol/toy on or above them, respectively. Or something. Does that make sense? I know some machines do this, but most actions aren't communicated thematically on the playfield.

>> No.4479627

(rumble intensifies)

>> No.4479661

Plenty of games do this. Dr. Dude is a pretty obvious example, where every shot represents a different "ingredient" that Dr. Dude uses for his Excellent Ray.

>> No.4479915

Most pinball games with an "end goal" do. Like in Street Fighter pinball, each ramp and set of targets represents one of the fighters you have to defeat.

>> No.4480067
File: 104 KB, 600x450, table.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Many Pinball games have that sort of thing going on. Even if the elements aren't always thematically spelled out, the basic mechanics aren't usually random and follow certain principles.

Let's have Timeshock! for example (yeah, originally a PC simulation, but now being made into a real table), where each element on the table have their own functions.
For the main gameplay towards the main goal multiball and "completing" the game:
- Upper ramp lights continents. Certain continents (two per time zone) start exploration modes, which award tachyonium (time machine fuel = unlocks time zones).
- Left and right ramps charge up the timedrive.
- Middle orbit (spinner) lights lock. Lock 3 balls to start multiball, which awards and locks time crystal fragments.
- Start multiball with a charged up timedrive to travel to other time zones.
- Lock crystal fragments in all 4 time zones to access the main goal multiball.

Full rulesheet here: http://www.jeeens.de/t/t.html

>> No.4481336

Most pins since the 90s have been very straightforward with their rules and guiding players towards missions or however progression works on the tables. I've noticed when watching casual players that they always play pinball as if the table was made in the 60s rather than actually looking at the table and seeing what's going on.

>> No.4481665

Obviously you are a millennial faggot who never had an opportunity to experience arcades in all their glory. Merry Christmas!

>> No.4481686

>ending a post with an ironic "good day" style closer
hope you don't live in New Jersey, fucker.

>> No.4481695


To be fair though, it's kinda fun to just let loose that way on a table at times. Super Game mode in Judge Dredd pinball table is best for this as you get an immediate 2 ball multiball at the start of every new ball and you can get a 6 ball multiball for extreme flippan action.

>> No.4482965

>Pro Pinball
>PSX versions

Yuck. Move that to the PC section you muppet.

>> No.4484000

Were the PS1 versions of Pro Pinball bad?

>> No.4484593

Wasn't there that weird pinball game on the NES where you had bunch of modes, including Pachinko, 2 player versus and soccer?

>> No.4485334

compared to pc they were obviously.

>> No.4487168

What's your favorite multiball?
I love the Strobe Multiball in AFM. It has the most basic rules possible, but the strobe effect is the coolest thing when you're in a dimly-lit arcade.

>> No.4487289
File: 84 KB, 256x416, metroid-prime-pinball-ds-008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Metroid Prime Pinball is also a good choice.

>> No.4490098

Can the Pro Pinball games work on a modern computer?

>> No.4490139


>> No.4490140


>> No.4491179

Do I need to download any additional shit to get them working?

>> No.4491235

Are there any pinball games/applications that run on a raspberry pi?

I've been thinking of making a small tabletop virtual pinball box, and would like to avoid a full on computer in the thing.

>> No.4491350

Windows 7 64-bit here - at least I haven't needed to download anything extra for running Timeshock!, Big Race USA or Fantastic Journey. (The Web is whole different animal, though, needing extra tweaking 'n' shit, something which I haven't put in time to figure out yet)

A caveat though. For some reason, running those later 3 games using dedicated GPU makes the screen flicker like a strobe light. Disabling V-sync and various compatibility modes haven't had an effect on it.
They run flawlessly on integrated graphics, though.
YMMV, of course.

>> No.4491365

If you're ever in Tucson check out the d&d pinball arcade. It's a garage right off the main strip filled with pinball machines, owned by an autist who meticulously maintains them. Now if only we had a real arcade here. ..

>> No.4492530

Whiffletrees are digital to analog converters idiot. They literally translate a manual binary input and do something with it such as in an electric typewriter.

>> No.4494625

What was the best pinball game released this year?

>> No.4494629

Thanks for the info. I'll look into it I guess.

>> No.4494772

Having not played it, I feel Dialed In is the popular choice.

>> No.4495615

Total Nuclear Annihilation

>> No.4495864

>Can the Pro Pinball games work on a modern computer?
I run the originals on both a 32bit windows 7 and 64bit windows 7 pc, don't forget to check out timeshock ultra on steam aswell btw.

>> No.4496209

My local barcade replaced Elvira Scared Stiff with the Stern Walking Dead table. It's not fucking fair.

>> No.4497187

How is The Walking Dead table?

>> No.4497259

Not him, but I find it more annoying than fun. It's a popular tournament game because of its difficulty. Doing pretty much anything in the game is dangerous and you'd be hard-pressed to find a game with shorter ball times.

>> No.4497260

>Doing pretty much anything in the game is dangerous
sounds like a poorly designed game desu.

>> No.4497294

>Also is it even a video game?

Not really but there were pinball machines based from video games like Spy Hunter, Mr & Mrs.Pac-Man(not Baby Pac-Man), Defender, Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter. Check the Space Invaders pinball.


>> No.4498362

Yeah, I'm not a fan.
Starting modes requires hitting drop targets on the far left, putting the ball way out of control.
There's three multiballs, but they're all started through bashing stuff in the middle of the playfield or the previous drop targets.
Half the shots go into the pops, and the feed out of the pops dribbles the ball straight down the middle a staggering number of times.
If anything, the game does a good job of conveying that theme of helplessness during a zombie apocalypse.

>> No.4499624

>you'd be hard-pressed to find a game with shorter ball times

that sounds like some bullshit

>> No.4499687

>>What'd you do to get that game on there anon? I'm going to uninstall that!
Why the fuck would he do that?

>> No.4499692

>That pic
Is there any rule34 of her?

>> No.4499697

>All those ProPinball vidya.
Fucking patrician taste. Pro Pinball are the best tables I've ever seen in vidya.

>> No.4500487

Modern games. EMs don't count.

>> No.4501334

I doubt it. The faggots that make rule 34 don't seem to care about arcade games, so pinball they probably care about even less.

>> No.4503618

Cool story. Thanks for sharing.

>> No.4505604

They are pretty solid.

>> No.4506420

Favorite portable pinball game ever and maybe my favorite Gameboy game period.

>> No.4506664

The only pinball games that matter are Space Cadet Pinball and Crüe Ball.

>> No.4506760

Creep Night Pinball.
Ultra Pinball and the Lost continent.

>> No.4507163
File: 1.29 MB, 2048x1536, dsc02743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So what exactly killed Pinball? I've heard that either home consoles and arcades dying out did it or the fact that Pinball games in the latter half of the 90's got too cluttered with toys/gimmicks, making them too complicated for the causal passerby

>> No.4507294

>So what exactly killed Pinball?
Arcades in general dying out due to home consoles catching up with arcade games tech-wise (i.e. ports didn't need to be heavily downgraded anymore).
Pinball machines being unable to keep up with the attraction of advancing video game tech. Pinball machines needing frequent maintenance and repairs >> revenue from pinball machines lower than from video game machines.

>> No.4507326

The rise of modern casual gaming

>> No.4507923

What are the pinball experts opinions on the size of the drains? Do they hate drains that have such a huge gap that the ball can easily fall towards it or is that the prefer size?

>> No.4508282

Some EMs (older machines) have drain sizes that most people agree are too big, but beyond that there's some room for variation.

>> No.4510078

hell no

>> No.4510082
File: 100 KB, 1014x1055, 098asd09834jk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/v/ is that way --->

>> No.4510238


>> No.4510249
File: 11 KB, 823x773, 98569856.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it was the wrong thread :p

>> No.4510268
File: 89 KB, 557x447, Pinball Play Panel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I had this idea and I wanted to see if it already existed. Turns out it did. I would have maybe done things differently, but close enough.

>> No.4510298

It's a big panel to be installed in playgrounds, in case you can't tell. Not a small toy.

>> No.4510791

Looks like a skull from the thumbnail.

>> No.4512224

star trek pinball, there is an original right

>> No.4512841

Maintenance costs.

>> No.4514569

>wojack poster
>complaining about other poster's posts

>> No.4516480

>Arcades in general dying out due to home consoles catching up with arcade games tech-wise

this gets parroted so much, but there's no reason to believe it

PS1 didn't come out until 1995 and its really big games didn't start coming out until 1997 and none of those were arcade ports save for like Tekken

>> No.4516616
File: 159 KB, 1024x683, 00000006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



Is there any pinball machine that even vaguely comes close to the sheer musical perfection of Black Knight 2000?

>> No.4516618

The display is only for extraneous things like score and balls left, the game itself is not video and therefore it is not a video game

>> No.4516625

>Is there any pinball machine that even vaguely comes close to the sheer musical perfection of Black Knight 2000?


>> No.4516631

I didn't mean that solely for arcade ports, but in general. The sound and graphics gap between arcade and console games shrunk dramatically during the 90s. Up until the mid-90s console hardware just didn't compare up to arcade machines, apart from few exceptions like the Neo-Geo, which hardly anyone had due to it being so expensive and with a limited library of games.