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Just bought a jag. What games should I get? I’ve got doom for starters. Pic related...just bought a jag

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Tempest 2000
Alien vs Predator

and thats about it...

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is that the avgn tax?


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Well, you got the only good one, so you have to start looking at the bad ones now.

I recommend Club Drive. It's so bad that it becomes surreal. It's more like an art piece than a game, which was completely unintentional on the part of the developers.

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Thanks! Will check it out

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Congrats, you spent 200 dollars on a console with 3 games

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You spent $200 on a console without researching its library first?

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>Just bought a jag.
>...just bought a jag
Lmao, yeah, you didn't buy one. Good thing too, because it's an absolute piece of shit.

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alien vs predator
tempest 2000
wolfenstein 3d
iron soldier
i war
super burnout
defender 2000
zool 2
world tour
tower 2
and thatsit

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Not gonna lie, I enjoyed Bubsy for the Jag. Mainly just because of how hard it is. AvP is overrated imo, maybe I'm just not into shooters besides doom

Iron soldier's good, Rayman, Tempest, Phase Zero is really cool though it's not a finished game (v impressive graphics compared to the other games) Vid is phase zero


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Why would you spend $200 on something you know nothing about?

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>zool 2
ew no

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three words: rotary controller mod

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I like to take risks

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I did there’s a picture of the one I bought last night that started this thread

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welp its a huge piece of shit and you wasted your money, but the only game i could recommend would be rayman

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Wait, do you mean Phase Zero is a huge piece of shit or do you mean the Jag itself? I'm not OP. I can agree the Jaguar realistically isn't very good but I think it's unfair to call Phase Zero a huge piece of shit considering it's only a prototype

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>200$ for this

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Club Drive is the only game you'll ever need

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Doom on jaguar is supposed to be good though

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Why Rayman? Rayman already has releases elsewhere. Rayman on PSX is practically the same only it has more details.
What is there in the Jaguar version that makes it better worth buying again?

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>Just bought a jag

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At least he didn't spend $500 on an Xbox One X with 0 gaems.

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That’s two votes for club drive
Let’s see what that’s going for

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I have a Virtual Boy to sell you since you have money to burn. Interested?

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Not interested, I had one and it hurt my eyes

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Not him, but all the ports were derived from the jagggggg version

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you will be extremly dissapointed

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>200 dollars for a jag
You got ripped off anon

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I’m going to view it like the other another anon suggested. As a piece of surreal art. Why do you suggest those racing games?

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Find me a cheaper one complete with doom. I’ll wait

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>shows you pic of bids or untested console only

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rayman was made FOR the jaguar dude.

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i got one for free from a friend

he said it sucked

he was right it does

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so people are actually paying $200 for this fucking thing now? the instruction booklets aren't even in color and the library is hyper small. With ports and one or two unique titles barely worth playing. WHAT THE FUCK? Should I sell now?

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Kasumi Ninja & Alien Vs Predator

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>I don’t like the Jaguar so it isn’t worth $200

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Why kabuki ninja?

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if darius was on the system maybe it wouldn't be that bad

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At least it has a good raiden port

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No, just simple supply and demand

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lead version, like how Rayman 2 n64 was lead version

jaguar version has some different level layouts though

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These are mostly Amiga ports, but as stated before, most of the games on Atari Jaguar were awful.

Brutal Sports Football
Pinball Fantasies
Protector - Special Edition
Sensible Soccer - International Edition
Soccer Kid

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Mediocre at best. The best /vr/ Doom is on the PS1.

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I think the Virtual Boy has too many games for a jaguar enthusist.

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Tempest 2000
Wolfenstein 3D
Super Burnout
Iron Soldier

There's not a lot of actual great games on the system desu, those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head.

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>tfw i'm interested in a virtual boy

Its the only Nintendo sysrem I'm missing, retro or otherwise

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You have the N64DD and Color TV consoles?

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Redpill me on protector

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Fun fact: doom on ps1 was derived from the jaguar code

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It's a Defender clone through and through. You have to kill the enemies before they get to the bottom of the screen and abduct civilians. If they capture a human they turn into a ship that is much harder to kill. Special Edition contains new waves, new enemies, new landscapes and gameplay enhancements.
Simple and fun.

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I’ll look into it thanks
Does it have a endgame or is it like 2600 games you know what I’m trying to say

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Color tv console?

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>Could have gotten a Turbo-Duo with that kind of money and got a steaming pile of shit instead

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>implying I don’t already have one

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>Does it have a endgame

Nah, as far as I know it has no true ending and has harder waves of enemies after each new level.

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I don't believe you, but the fact remains you bought a steaming pile of shit

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It's quite easy to do that when you live with mummy and can convert your hard earned goodboy points through the most recent Chad currently glazing your mothers twat with steaming semen.
Isn't it you little risk taking baby.

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Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it >>4447608
I mean it has a couple of good games for it. Have you ever played one?

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No im a salaryman from Omaha Nebraska. I don’t even know what a chad is. Enjoy your evening

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>Finding a turbo duo for under $250 shipped

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i kinda want a jag but i already own avp on pc and doom on every other console i own, and i sold my ps1 rayman because i never play it and wolfenstein 3d is just stripped down doom so man it would just be a waste of money. except for talking points i guess, if guests even knew what it is, that is...

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>untested console
Funny, most untested jags work like a charm because the sellers don't know you need a game to even get a screen.

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Are you a wizard ??

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Take a risk in your life
Jump off a cliff
Make your mark
Buy s jagggggggggg! 7345 buy s jagghh

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Anyone have an opinion on this game

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Wanting that pile of shit

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It's called "The Humans". You can play it on Sega Genesis. It's a good game.