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If I tried to import Chip Chan Kick, would US customs raid my house?

I don't want to end up like this guy: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-02-11/christopher-handley-sentenced-to-6-months-for-obscene-manga

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Back of the box is a bit raunchy too.

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Didn't he plead guilty like a bitch?

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Why is that girl (right) putting her bum on the other girl (left)'s head?

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He did plead guilty but that was on the advice of his lawyer, and from what I know about US obscenity laws it was sound advice. Obscenity is sexual material that's "offensive to community standards", i.e. if a judge can find a jury of normies to say that what you have is obscene then you're guilty. And the lawyer predicted that that's what would happen.

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>you can be arrested for having drawings of children


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Why bother? Just emulate shit that obscure

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>be burger
>have wealth disparity that's greater than most third-world countries
>no health care while nations like fucking Rwanda has it
>go to jail/prison for jaywalking, being black, smoking a literal weed, drinking kratom, pirating obscure/out of print media
>be medicated on ssri's or other negative mind altering substances
>addicted to tobacco, alcohol, heroin, pain killers in record numbers because life is unbearable unless you're 1%

Nice """""""""""""""""""""""country""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

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fuck off antifa fascist scum

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Tone it down there, soyboy.

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Okay, /pol/.

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>have wealth disparity that's greater than most third-world countries
It's called being lazy and whining about it.

>no health care while nations like fucking Rwanda has it
Healthcare is not a basic right and Rwanda is wasting money giving it away. But blacks are stupid so go figure.

>go to jail/prison for jaywalking, being black, smoking a literal weed, drinking kratom, pirating obscure/out of print media
All of these are breaking the LAW and blacks deserve worse than just jail time.

>be medicated on ssri's or other negative mind altering substances
Because this country is full of soyboy leftists that need to be medicated to function.

>addicted to tobacco, alcohol, heroin, pain killers in record numbers because life is unbearable unless you're 1%
Again, "waaaa waaa woe is me, I'm poor, gibs me free money for muh drugs!"

I just destroyed your commie 'facts' in less than five min you worthless cuck.

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>It's called being lazy and whining about it.
It's called stagnant wages for 40 years.

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>healthcare is a waste of money
Welp, there's a new record for "stupidest internet comment."

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You are brainwashed. Antifa are literal fascists. Orwell said the new fascits will claim to be anti fascists ad its true. Its a

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Please stop with the political arguments, you'll get the thread deleted. Stick to the OP question, or just talk about PC-FX games, whatever.

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If you can't afford healthcare, you're too stupid to be alive. So fuck of.

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I played it in public at a UK games expo, so I doubt it. And we're harder on teh loli than most. Funass game regardless, would emulate.

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>harder on teh loli

Anon pls.

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>Registered as a Sex Offender because of fucking cartoons

Meanwhile in Brazil I can literally fuck a 12 year old and not get in trouble.

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What, are you doubting his statement? I don't have a source on hand but UK laws are basically, loli porn is illegal, period, while the US at least makes an exception for "works with artistic merit" (good luck getting any jury to say your doujin has artistic merit though).

Not that anything in Chip-Chan Kick approaches that level of explicitness anyway.

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it's one of those shitty snow bros knockoffs

they should have lock you up for having a shit taste

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I really like collecting Japanese boxes/manuals so I'm more in it for that than the gameplay. But shelling out over $200 for what looks like a 2 hour arcade game has me hesitating.

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You seem to know a lot about this anon

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Stories like this always make me seethe. How'd he get caught, /vr/os?

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mentira abaixo de 14 é estupro estatutário

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Degenerate weebs deserve to get jailed.

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I'm pretty sure he was referring to anon talking like a fag

Random mail checks?

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>How'd he get caught
Someone at the post office didn't like the manga and sounded the alarm.

In case anyone's wondering, no one in the US has ever been arrested for looking at or downloading 2d loli over the internet. (Unless your wife sees it on your computer and rats you out to the police, that happened to one guy.)

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Remember when anons over at /a/ and /jp/ bragged about having imported COMIC LO? I'd love to see their stupid faces now.

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Meh. These laws have been on the books forever and are rarely enforced, with maybe one or two arrests per year. If you've already imported/downloaded something you don't have to worry about the FBI knocking down your door. It's really shitty when people do get arrested for it though and I wish more people were aware of this issue so maybe the laws could be changed.

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Yeah bro just keep importing loli manga. No chance of something like this ever happening to you, right? wink wink

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Yes avoid importing

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Canada, Europe and Australia are also compromised.

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I've imported tons of adult doujinshi over the years. One time I had a package with a South Park shota doujinshi (can't remember if it was hardcore or not) inspected by Homeland Security - when I received the package, it was covered in DHS tape. Nothing ever came of it and that's been many years ago.

In any event, no, nothing will come of something so tame.

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No proofs?

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just do it. Honestly I find it more offensive how fucking shit this game looks. Looks like 90% of the budget was put into the cutscenes and you're left with some arcade like shovelware. You should probably be jailed more for the fact you actually would go through the hassle of getting such a shitty game.

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You'd have to be a fucking idiot to collect physical porn in the first place and a major retard to collect pedophile cartoons on top of that.

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I still have the book boxed away somewhere, but I've probably since pitched the packaging given that this was at least 5 years ago, probably closer to 6 or 7. It was pretty alarming.

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Yeah i fucked ur mom

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jesus christ, the puyo thread and you guys

just fuck off or something, seriously.
preferably retro

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This is a retro game, are you by chance retarded?

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This. The fuck is wrong with people? I'm not really into doujins and like but I do enjoy VNs and even the non-eroge type have suggestive and questionable boxart. Why the fuck would I want a fat stack of that shit on a shelf somewhere when I could have it all on a hard drive? Serves no purpose other than to out the fact you jerk it to chinese cartoons.

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Just made another one :^)

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Kill yourself

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>just emulate bro!

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That isn't a porn game so I doubt it.

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Cool. Well, I literally just popped into this thread after seeing that post, I'm not part of the pedo defense force that hangs about the puyo threads or whatever, just thought I'd make that point because I fucking hate Japanese marketing. Direct your anger to >>4439092 before he gets another fiddler circlejerk going.

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How can one who posts on 4chan get so triggered over bug eyed cartoons?

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>I fucking hate Japanese marketing
Yeah, kill yourself

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Are you aware that Puyo Puyo is a series of video games? And that the PC-FX is a retro video game console? Like, are you ok, Anon?

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I’ve imported more than a few loli doujins and even lewd loli figures, never had any issues.
A good chunk of /pol/ crossboarders honestly get triggered by anything loli/shota related, they think it’s all apart of some jewish pedo conspiracy.

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I'm curious as to why they inspected the package. If I remember correctly, it didn't look like they even opened the baggie that the book was in, just the outer packaging. More amusing was when I had an issue ordering capacitors from Mouser due to matching with a name on some sort of federal "do not sell to" registry. Pretty shitty system, since faxing a signed document was enough to allow the order and that a mere name match was enough to trip it.

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>they think it’s all apart of some jewish pedo conspiracy.
I started using /x/ since the start of the year, and this seems to be a thing there too, not sure why these new people think pedos are some sort of conspiracy

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It's because it seems so common for politicians and celebrities to get outed as pedos. So the conspiracy is that the new world order offers their backing to influential people on the condition that they join their secret pedo club first, so they have material they can blackmail them with if they step out of line.

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>If I tried to import Chip Chan Kick, would US customs raid my house?
no, there's jack shit sexual about it other than the opening animation, which is not explicit
reading about that case made me pretty mad though

didn't you read the article, he explicitly did not

US obscenity laws are entirely cancer.

how does 4chan even stay up as a US hosted site if it's actually illegal, when /b/'s rules directly permit loli

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Honestly, /x/ these days is absolutely DRIPPING with /pol/fags but considering the types that push conspiracy theories it really isn’t all that surprising.
Don’t forget, 2chan is hosted here as well.

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>nobody ever got arrested
>except that one time I heard that it did
Well which is it, faggot

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>how does 4chan even stay up as a US hosted site if it's actually illegal, when /b/'s rules directly permit loli
I'm not a lawyer but I'll give it my best shot. Loli in itself is not illegal in the US, only "obscene" loli (and any other obscene material too, whether involving adults or children), where "obscene" has a specific legal meaning. Part of the definition of "obscene" is that it has to be judged by "contemporary community standards" to "appeal to the prurient (sexual) interest", which can only be decided by a judge or a jury. So, as with many things in law, you can't actually know if something is obscene or not until you take it into court and get a ruling. This is in contrast to something like actual child porn where the law clearly states that pornographic pictures of children are illegal, no exceptions, so there's much less room for deliberation.

So, the vagueness of obscenity laws and the lack of a truly definite law making loli illegal may be one part of it, but in reality, it would be easy for any prosecutor to get together a jury who would find most loli manga obscene if they really wanted to. So the real reason loli on the internet doesn't get shut down is that the powers that be simply don't care to shut it down. They would prefer to spend their time and resources tracking down actual criminals committing actual crimes, as they should, rather than going to the trouble of putting together a court case where they argue that every individual loli manga lacks artistic merit, proving intent on the part of the defendant, etc. Although if they really wanted to start cracking down on loli, the legal tools necessary to do so are available to them.

I believe that some individual states also have their own laws regarding loli that may be tougher or harsher than federal law depending on the state, but I have no idea what the specific state laws are and how they interact with federal law.

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I meant that no one's ever just been sitting at home looking at loli and suddenly the FBI busts down their door. There was always another human who saw it first and reported it. With actual child porn on the other hand, distribution channels are actively monitored and people do get arrested just for looking.

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tl;dr Someone decides to bitch about you to the cops you could go to court over scat porn and your attorney would probably suggest you plead guilty for reduced punishment because there's a definite chance that almost any fringe porn could be deemed obscene in the eyes of normalfags, if only for them to keep up appearances

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why does the pc engine have such a vast divide between the cool arcade gamers and the child predator otakus?

Turbografx was a fantastic console. PC-FX was a goddamn disgrace

>> No.4439402

>why does the pc engine have such a vast divide between the cool arcade gamers and the child predator otakus?
both are the same thing

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CCK shouldn't be pose any problem. Now, it would be another story if you were to import Carat or Teen for the PC98

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This lol

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sick burn

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I don't think you can actually. Which is why the entire article seems so out of place.

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This is why I always conduct a door to door written census of my community before engaging in any sexual activity beyond missionary style intercourse with my wife solely for the purpose of reproduction.

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Obscenity laws are shit because they completely ruin consistency in these sorts of cases.

It's fucking retarded when you're supposed to have privacy.

Getting a warrant based on such material, sure, whatever, fucking search my shit for child porn you won't find anything. But actually getting sent to jail because of otherwise 100% completely legal but "obscene" material is retarded.

>> No.4440521

either way it's not illegal in the US so I'm not sure why he got sentenced to prison for it

>> No.4440564

>tfw my community dictates that both parties must wear a modesty burka during intercourse

>> No.4440573

>No permission from the Pope

>> No.4440615

you missed his joke you stupid autismo cunt.

>> No.4440639

>statutory rape >>>>> estupro estatutário

Vocês não conseguem inventar nada sem roubar aos americanos?

>> No.4440658

You can though. Look up the Dwight Whorley case too. This was not a one-time thing.

>> No.4440662

it's literally legal. Which is why the case is most likely due to someone abusing the law

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Loli in the abstract is legal, but OBSCENE loli is not. Obscenity has been illegal in the US for over 100 years. As evidenced by the fact that people still go to jail for it. Read the posts in this thread again, read the Wikipedia articles on obscenity, this area of law has a lot of precedent behind it but unfortunately a lot of people aren't aware of it.

>> No.4440671

>it's not because people still go to jail for it
That's literally a contradiction.

>> No.4440676

Wasn't that a parole violation?

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Did you do this before circumsing your bull's son as well?

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looks like a fun kids game. Nothing to worry about.

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Hitoshi Sakimoto (YmoH.S) & Masaharu Iwata (REZON) made the music for these games before FFT.

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so as long as the prosecution can get a conservative enough jury you can basically be fucked for anything?

>> No.4444173

None of that art is cheese pizza so they most likely won't care.

>> No.4444193

Canada seems to do just fine being retarded about loli drawing without ultra conservative juries.

>> No.4444197

Poor weeaboos, afraid others will judge them for their child porn hentai.

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top comment on that video.
what a faggot

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ya but in america youd be thrown in jail for literally mainstream porn if you had some jury full of christians

>> No.4444376

Those two are super famous between the Ogre and FFT/Ivalice series, then all the Vanillaware games. I had no idea they were behind the catchy tunes in Custom's creations.

>> No.4444584

Why don't you go blow up a church r/atheism edgetard

>> No.4444586

>implying it's only christians that are disgusted at child rape

>> No.4444589

child rape happens in mainstream porn?

>> No.4444617

only if you're in australia

>> No.4444626

If the porn video was tame enough, I imagine a savvy lawyer would just show how many people a day visit pornhub, how your video is similar to the videos on there, and use that as proof that your porn isn't offensive to community standards. But you're right that obscenity laws are vague enough that you can get dragged into court for almost anything.

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