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favorite game or games?

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Ever since I was younger I've replayed Final Fantasy 8 and Front Mission 3 just about every year. Mega Man Legends too, but it's the N64 version since that's just the one I happen to have.
More recently I have been really loving Gran Turismo.

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Rising Zan: Samurai Gunman
Trap Gunner
Psychic Force
Ghost in the Shell

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wipeout 3
gradius gaiden
castlevania chronicles
rage racer
sidebyside special.

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Castlevania Symphony of the Night is my favourite game on the PS1, although Mega Man X4 is a very close second

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Are the PSones better or worse than the scph-5xxx?

I have the last one with a expansion port but its not modded.

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MGS1 I guess.

Don't really have that strong of a connection to PS1 library desu. I can list a ton of great games, but its really hard to pick top 10 or even 5.

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GT is a pushover, one easy 5 lap race for a free 450,000 credit car, rinse and repeat. I hate racing games but that was truly an unexciting experience after the first two hours when you're filthy fucking rich for free.

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Darkstone, the Spec Ops series, Oni, Small Soldiers, basically all of the Army Men games, and also a lot of publicly acclaimed garbage-tier games that I hold on a pedestal.

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Everything works fine with schp-1001 it seems. What are you asking about, graphics? That's not something I ever gave enough shits to figure out.

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Yes. Earlier ps may have fmv slipping and other bugs.

Psone is however however better.

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Oh you meant a different console, my bad. I was thinking of the gray rectangles.

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Yes. Earlier P'zas may have cheese slipping and lack of toppings.

P'zone is, however, better.

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Are all PS shit? is there one that is durable and doesn't shit the bed fast

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i don't know the system well, but the tony hawk games are all excellent

Megaman x4, SOTN and Ridge racer are classics as well

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PS2 slim.

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but the slim is emulation right?

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no no no

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Breath of fire 3 and 4
FF 9 and 7
Twisted Metal 2
Heart of Darkness
Rage Racer
GT 2
Tekken 3
Street fighter vs X-men
X-men Mutant Academy

Pic related for most nostalgic. Stole that game from KB Toys.

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Tony Hawk 2
Tomba 2
Gran Turismo 1+2
NHL 2000

I played the shit out of these games. I also had two demo discs that had this 101 dalmatians game and Toy Story 2 and I would play them and get as far as I could before the timer ran out.

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Resident Evil 3
Silent Hill
Syphon Filter 2
Gran Turismo 2
Vigilante 8: Second Offense
Soviet Strike
Medal of Honor
Tenchu 2
Crash Bandicoot
Ace Combat 2 (I need to play Japanese version of the 3rd game)

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King's Field (especially 2) and SotN. Also some of the 3D platformers like Ape Escape and Spyro the Dragon are really good.

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Mortal Kombat Mythology: Sub-Zero and Mortal Kombat Special Forces were some of the best games on the PSOne.

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Did Medal of Honor age well?

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Maybe for you but those games are not well liked.

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Said no one ever.

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Need for Speed: High Stakes
Syphon Filter
Arcade Party Pack (primarily for Smash Tv)
Thrasher Skate and Destroy
Test Drive 4
Pic related was the first game I had, it sucked lol.

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Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Ace combat 2
Spyro 1-3
Twisted Metal 2 (renting it from the videostore in the late 90s and playing it with my best friend is memories I cherish)

This guy...
This guy knows.

Is there much difference in the japanese ace 3?
I have played the european version, was ok but nothing special.

I always dreamed of ace combat 2 with 2player coop and 1v1 with 2 linked consoles. That whould have been fucking amazing.

I just pray the RE2 remake thats coming flops to oblivion so they won't touch Nemesis with all the Wesker magic matrix bullshit everybody loves so fucking much.

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It aged a little over 18 years. About as well as anything else posting on 4chan, I guess.

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Luigi, p'zone for mi amore!

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apparently the Japanese Ace Combat 3 campaign is story driven and has animated cut scenes, similar to Ace Combat 4 (my favourite in the series). There's been a recent patch where it's translated to English.


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Personal favorite game of all time. Countless hours spent on this one, so much nostalgia in it. My first love
>pic related

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Yep, revisited this a few times. Time travelling was very comfy. What did you think of the sequels?

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Panzer Front

Man, what a game. Realistic, immersive, difficult, but still easy to pick up and brings the player right into the action. This is ought to have been the standard for simulators.

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I got AE3 before AE2 (it was on sale at Circuit City [RIP]). I liked AE3's "movie" theme and the morph additive was super unique and had a lot of fun with it as a kid. Haven't played AE3 in a few years now but thinking about it now makes me want to go back to it. AE2 I bought on the PSN store on my PS4 last year, never finished it but it's still Ape Escape so I can't really complain lol. Gotta beat it though, couldn't call myself a true fan of the series of I didn't

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I brought it on ps4 last year too, was pretty good but I felt the new aesthetic and world travelling theme wasn't as good as the original. I will pick it up again and see if there are any stages that match the prehistoric and ice age levels in atmosphere. Never tried 3 so will give that a try at some point.

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Depends on the version. The first slims are hardware but the later ones are emulation.

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This game was brutal as a kid. For me it was the first game that required the use of both sticks which took a while for me to get use to.

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Idk but Ive got the late 2000's schp-900x something. Dont know if its considered good or shit, but is still running these days, has played everything no problem and CD drive dindt shit the bed yet after innumerable hours of playing and two dual shock controllers getting rekt.
Only problem is the euro version, no expansion port, but have it modded, though japan games run ridiculously fast

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ace combat 3 has both a great story and great storytelling.

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Friend of mine bought a Dual Force Racing wheel for PS1, he wants to use for Ps2 and some Amazon reviews suggest that it's feasible.

Anyone has one? Cause I am trying it and is not working (PS2 GT4)

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I've had the same PS1 from '97-'98. can't remember exactly when, I was still busy playing SNES so it must've been a couple years after its launch. Anyyways, it still runs fine, except the one memory card slot no longer works. I also bought a SPCH-1001 model which audiophile clowns use as a CD player for their $10k stereo system. apparently it sounds better than the other models but I don't see much of a difference.

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Can't say I really care about the story in fighter jet combat games, its all gameplay for me in those..

Maybe I'll get it someday for the heck of it, but still need to get a chipped ps1. Or even better a fat ps2 that can run japanese games somehow.

I'm not fucking with my original ps1/ps2, ever.

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GT 3 and 4 need their own specially made racing wheels.
It should work with any other game that supports a racing wheel/neGcon.

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Good taste.

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When my father bought for me, we didn't know it REQUIRED a dualshock controller. Imagine my surprise when I coudn't move in the first stage and had to wait to the next weekend to buy a new controller lol!

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Legend of Mana
Legend of Legaia
Digimon World
FF Tactics
P2 duology

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MGS1 (had only a demo, but played the shit out of it)
WRC rally
Colin McRae Rally

and the all mighty two holy grails of my ps1 games that I still play today
Formula 1 '97

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Crash 3
Symphony of the Night
Resident Evil (only played 1)
Final Fantasy 7

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Never really tested it but how do you guys feel about the texture smoothening (that might be a word) that the ps2 can do on ps1 games?

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I remember getting a demo of the game on a disc and just spending like five fucking minutes trying to futilely move with the d-pad.

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It worked great in some games, but it broke others like FF7.

You had to turn it off for this games, but I had it on for the rest of my collection.

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Have you playd through MGS since then tho?

If not, get it and do it. Graphics holds up very well, and the game still is one of the best ever made.

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Colony Wars
Ace Combat 3
Syphon Filter
Quake II
Bushido Blade II
Alien Resurrection

I could tell you guys all about how beating Syphon Filter was my first ever real accomplishment, or how blown away I was by Alien Resurrection's graphics, the stupid fucking fun I had with Driver & BBII or everything ad nauseum,

But I'd rather just tell you guys about Colony Wars.

Except I know I'm not in the best state of mind to do that right now so

I'm just gonna tell you it's one of the most immersive, beautiful, lore filled universes and that the storytelling left a tremendous mark on me.

Also heres cutscenes:

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