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hello I am the best retro cinematic platformer

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In the grand scheme of things, it just followed the footsteps of its grandfather.

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Heart of Darkness doesn't have anything as sinister as the glass ball puzzle or the whole flood-this-area thing which is bizarre if you haven't played it before.
What does Chahi even do nowadays?

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He's working on a VR game right now. Been keeping it under wraps possibly because of how pissy and stupid people after Heart of Darkness "took six years" with a core team of FIVE.
It will be called paper beast. That's all we know.

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correction: how pissy and stupid they got. Damn I'm tired.

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Ah shoot, vr, I sorta wanted a normal game. The kind where you can walk around. Oh well. Ueda and Jensen are still there to carry the torch. Don't know what either are working on though. The future of this genre is unknown.

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Well I mean you know that Eric is the guy who's pushing what games can do, always trying to work with the next big innovation.
I'm a bit miffed that there's an income barrier because the VR headsets are all super expensive, but I have faith that it'll be a good introduction to VR games for me. And who knows, he might make a non VR game later, or VR might be optional. All we know is that he's working in VR and that it's called Paper Beast.

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You are all wrong.

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rabid HoD fan here.
You're actually right. Exoddus perfected the genre.

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I was about to join this thread to immediately start rambling about Abe's Oddysee and Another World, but thankfully other people chimed in first.

Seriously though that New'N'Tasty updated HD version of abe's oddysee ruined the game.

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/vr/ is probably the only place I've been to that doesn't like what they've done with New 'N' Tasty. I mean, they fixed several issues and gave the graphics an up-scaling but...

I strongly agree with you.

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The graphics just aren't the SAME. That's why I disliked it. I mean, I know that's fully a bullshit reason that has nothing to do with how it's been improved, but I have opinions!

I hated warcraft 3 for the same reason. They turned everything into huge polygon cartoons instead of the sprite art I loved so much.

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The ugly muddy colors and dim dark environments were one of the biggest appeals. The remake looks too bright and crisp for me if that makes any sense. A sense of depth and grit I feel was lost.
I get that with horror games too, back when it was hard to tell what exactly was in the room or following you it left more up to the imagination and created a sense of mystery and urgency.

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Abe's Oddysee is barely a cinematic platformer. it's like calling Blackthorne a cinematic platformer. They're like video game adaptations of Another World.

Yes everyone has seen that mathewmatosis video.

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Well I just see the Oddworld games as Cinematic Platformers with extra "stuff."
I always considered Blackthorne one too.

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