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How did I do, /vr/?

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nice repro

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That's where you're wrong kiddo

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fake and gay

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wow what a gem u got there

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Sorry buddy but that really looks like a repro/

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board or it's fake

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Oh wow, is that the [email protected] L00K Earth- Bound I have heard of? Only one to two...hundred thousand copies are known to exist!
But while that price is what the game should be really worth in today's market I too would think that for this price that has to be a repro. For a real one you'd have to pay at least 5 times that much because [email protected]!1

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>2nd in Charles
Mah nigga. I wish my local location had retards pricing the games. Only Game boy games there have truly good deals.

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show us the pcb or gtfo

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Shit meme game. Okay price if you actually like the game though.

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I don't have the right bit to open it

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Best Nintendo deal I got was Chrono Trigger for $40. Very nice find if that's legit.

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Jus drill da screwz out nigga

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Could use the old ballpen trick

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Funny, I always hear people using this trick, but I can never seem to make it work

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Show the rear label, there should be a stamped number on it.

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I opened my gamecube once with that trick.

You heat up the butt of a ballpen with a lighter, just as the plastic gets soft, you place it on the screw so it takes the shape of it. Then you let it cool, and you can use it as a screwdriver. You just have to be careful not to heat up the plastic too much, and go slow when unscrewing because the plastic gets brittle.

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I've tried this many times, but it always just becomes a blob on the end of the pen. I assume I'm not doing it long enough to take shape?

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This pretty much proves that cart to be legit, though.

Are you guys going to shut up now?
OP was able to get an actual copy of his meme game for a decent price.
Now his hipster status will go through the roof.

Too bad it's not CIB, otherwise he could have put it inside an acrylic case and become a true collector.

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Yep, thought so. I asked to look it over at the shop and it all looked good to me. Thanks anon

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hey, files big enough for ya? my poor phone crashes

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Damn son what phone do you have that can't even handle a 3mb picture??

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>This pretty much proves that cart to be legit, though.

what if someone swapped the back?

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Honestly from research on the front and back labels, it all matches up. Looks legit to me

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>This pretty much proves that cart to be legit, though.
No it doesn't, the only thing that would prove this are a shot of the board and seeing the label under a blacklight.
>Honestly from research on the front and back labels
What fucking reserach? Stop pulling shit out of your ass. There's nothing matching that back up with the front half of the shell. It would be beyond trivial to put that back from another cart onto a repros front and scratch up the label some.

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Fake and gay
It's fake and you're gay

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I love how the stamp is proof, there is no way anyone could EVER reproduce a stamp.
WHY are you buying high ticket games without a bit to check the boards? or asking the shop to open it for you, any shop worth a damn will open for you, if they don't, its a fake.

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>there's nothing matching that back up with the front half of the shell
I've seen that legit copies have "Made in Mexico" in the top the right corner, as does this one. I know Earthbound isn't the only cart with this back end, but all Earthbound carts were made in Mexico, so if somebody faked that, they would have to have some real attention to detail. Stop being so fucking crotchety. If you think I wasted my money, go ahead and think that

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>WHY are you buying high ticket games without a bit to check the boards?
Because anyone who isn't FULL on retarded and actually knows how to spot fakes can spot fakes. Jesus Christ it's not hard. It's like money. Shit is easy to call out.

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Hm, if it was a fake being passed off as real then he certainly undercharged the shit out of you. I'm leaning on it being legit, but you really should get a gamebit to confirm.

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>Not going into the shop with a bit

Change that immediately. The owner of a shop near me got pissy at me because I asked to open them. No suprises why; I opened five carts and all five were repros. He didn't fucking care.

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Yeah, I mean isn't even just a repro of Earthbound still at least 50 bucks? Even if it was fake he still got a deal.

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At $25 for this game, I still think you over paid.

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So I just went to my local favorite game store, had them open it up for me and the pcb is legit my dudes

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It's one of those $20 chinese repros they sell on aliexpress

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>I've seen that legit copies have "Made in Mexico" in the top the right corner, as does this one.
That’s literally just the first and easiest way to tell if the copy is fake or not, but not the only way. $25 is the average price for repros, well above typical uninformed thrift store pricing for random snes games but way below normal informed market prices.
Fuck no, you can find them at random shops full of real and repro games for $20~25 easily. I had to talk my brother out of buying one for $20 recently (thankfully had “made in Japan” on the back for easy identification).

This shit screams fake based on pricing alone, but if OP knows where the seller is at then it shouldn’t be too hard to get his money at even if he needs to bring a baseball bat for some extra encouragement.

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That's greasy. I've had similar experiences locally. One place sold me a repro, and I don't think it was intentional. I'm sure there was just an employee who didn't know what they were doing.

I was able to get a refund, but only after arguing with the shop owner for a few minutes. I had to actually unscrew the cart and compare it to a picture online for him to believe me.

Local game shops can be greasy sometimes. There's another shop in town here that sells bootleg romhack carts they order from some Chinese distributor.

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ITT: the OP has a store clerk buddy print him up a legit looking price label for his EB cart to make it look like he either got swindled on a repro, or attract the haters thinking he actually paid $25 for it.

The bait works.

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OP here, we have a winner

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Nice find, OP. Now do the right thing and sell it to some stupid hipster for $200.

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> nice find, op. please sell ur shitty repro to autistic people for $200

yeah sound right

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>Stop jerking off to the pink power ranger

Literally me.

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Cool RaMoo shirt.

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>low-key ICP reference

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I know that you bought that shit from 2nd and Charles. I've bought a lot of stuff from mine, they usually sell good stuff. They're also about the only place around me that can sell a functioning fucking NES cartridge, I swear the other game store sold me a Ninja Gaiden II cart that's so fucking corroded you'd have to sand the pins down to get it to work

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>a Ninja Gaiden II cart that's so fucking corroded you'd have to sand the pins down to get it to work
Wow, was that cart stored in a swamp or what?
It takes a lot of effort to reduce a cart in that state. I still don't understand how that happens, nes carts are incredibly resilient.

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Literally read it in their holler.

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it's worthless now since it has an official re-release

didn't get the memo?

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Pretty good. A lot of people swallowed the bait.

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