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You had one of these __-in-1 pirate carts as a kid, right?

What were some of your favorite games on them?
I liked Goonies, B-Wings, Sky Destroyer and Pooyan a lot.

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The multi carts have the exact same games as normal ones

I don't know what you're on about

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Maybe he's just a ruski fag

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>The multi carts have the exact same games as normal ones
Has anyone >implied otherwise? Also most people didn't exactly go out of their way to buy/collect old Famicom games (which make up the majority of the games on these multicarts) in the 80s and 90s.

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My friend had a plug n play device that was modeled after an n64 controller. It was kinda fun playing a bunch of Famicom games that weren't released in the west, not that we fully appreciated that aspect back then
No kidding like 80+ of the ridiculous number of games promised were just Circus Charlie. I got why they did that even then, but I wish they'd still just had only one instance of every game instead.

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No. I doubt these were common in most of the USA, at least not the point that a kid would wind up with one.

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I would have killed for one of these in the mid-80s, or just killed some kid with a heavy Gyromite to get the 60 to 72 pin adapter with a key chip

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Yes, and I went so far as to find a replacement unit to the one we lost.

Favourite game was probably Exerion.

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The one I got has a cart slot that takes 72pin carts (presumably...), but the actual built-in games come from a 60pin cart wired to the motherboard via ribbon cables. If you remove the ribbon you could probably solder in a standard cart slot in there, of course then you also need to cut up the top cover.

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I barely remember, but I think I had exactly that multicart. The video store had one for rent, until letters were written, and I ended up buying it for $10.

Intense nostalgia

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>until letters were written

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Yep, my Famiclone came packed with one, I think it was 30 in 1 (or maybe 32 in 1).
My favorites on it were Ice Climber, Circus Charlie (these 2 are the ones I remember playing the most the first day I got the console), Twin Bee, Star Force, Adventure Island, motherfucking Field Combat.

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>You had one of these __-in-1 pirate carts as a kid, right?
No, because my parents weren't degenerate slavs.

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I had never seen a famiclone until the late 90s.

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I had a fake famicom with battle city and my favorite puzzle game,Magic jewelry

I also had a one for the gba with 101 nes games,I didn't feel ripped off since I got to play a lot old games before I knew of emulators and VC didn't even existed some highlights are B-Wings,Star soldier,Sky destroyer,Pokemon Gold (Bootleg with awesome music),Pokemon Silver (Little nemo hack),Egypt,3D block and Brush roller (By Hwang Shinwei) and a hack of Mappy where you play as a bunny girl

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You mean Tank?

It was okay but I preferred Combat, mainly for the soundtrack.

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>You had one of these __-in-1 pirate carts as a kid, right?
No, because I don't live in a third world shithole.

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I had one with SMB2, Circus Charlie and Super Contra. Good times

Florida is a third world shithole? They're everywhere at flea markets here

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Well, it does suggest you have a pretty high population of huehues

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I had something identical to what you're describing, got it as a Christmas gift. I remember seeing them for sale at mall kiosks all the time in the early 00s here in the Midwest.

I grew up with NES but we only had a few games, so this plug and play exposed me to a lot of great shit for the first time, like Contra, Ice Climber, and a bunch of Japan only Famicom games.

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slav feels...


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I live in Portugal and I had a Famiclone made in Vietnam. It had this ROM:

I consider myself pretty lucky as it came with a lot of great NES games in comparison with my friend's famiclones.

Mine had stuff like:
Super Mario Bros
Mega Man
Lode Runner

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My cousing had this one, and we're portuguese.

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What you guys are describing are usually sold under the importer brand Power Player as "Super Joy" although the latter became more the brand as time went on. They're by far the most common Famiclone in the US and the guy deemed most responsible for the flood actually did jail time for it iirc. I used to pick them up when I saw them for $3 for theoretical projects I might want to build a NOAC into. I stopped at 5 I think. The worst thing about them is the integrated controller that there's no way I know of to wire an NES controller in place of so you have to build a whole new controller or contact solder an existing controller to use P1.

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I think those were all I had with my famiclone. Them feels... I remember my mum teaching me how to play Felix when I was five.

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Oh shit, i had one of those as a kid.
I remember playing a weird Mario hack which went on for hours, i clearly remember going beyond the usual worlds and that was my favorite thing ever.
I also used to play Goonies 2 a lot, which ironically, i now own (famicom version) and it's still fun just as i remember

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Why don't multicarts (Like the 110-in-1 SuperCart) and so on emulate?

Any suggestions

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Had two.

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Yeah how do you emulate these carts, they always crash or never work. What gives?

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I got one of those for my birthday one year. There was always a guy selling them at the Chicago Outlet mall.

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Can't find the karate guy one. Super Mari Bros (no o).

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>those "500 in 1" ones

Mario Bros 27 was a good game. Right after Tetris 44

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Most likely in 2003 maybe 2002. If you got one for Christmas 2004 it would have been right before the feds brought the hammer down on them

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> Born in 1983
> Parents were poor but grandma would hook me up with a parent once a year or so
> Get NES in 1988 with Mario/Duck Hunt
> Legit nothing for months then she comes back from a trip to Florida with a "42-In-1"
> Childhood is all of these early Famicom titles like Yai-Ar-No-Kung-Fu and B-Wing
> The year after she gets me 110-In-1. Everything 42-In-1 had and MORE with very little repeats and almost every Zapper related game.
> Parents sold the 42-In-1 to a cousin.
> Had just 2 carts growing up (Mario/Duck Hunt and the 110-in-1), but it was all I ever needed since it was so much awesome
> Get a SNES in 1993, back to the dark ages of single carts and no more bootleging =(