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>tfw an e-celeb introduces you to a retro game you never heard of before
What's her name, /vr/?

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Too many to count.
To be honest I went into retro game collecting head first over those guys and I don't regret a thing.
I barely even play games nowadays and will eventually sell these games when they reach peak price.

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none because I'm not some faggot who watches loud annoying faggots online

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From their latest video, I never knew Joe & Mac got an arcade-only CAG sequel.

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Only valid reply.

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You can stop shitposting in the thread and go express your feelings in the youtube comment section.

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Gamesack guys are pretty much the opposite of every fag on YouTube who's loud and annoying.

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They are always on point and funny.

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Can't remember who it was but someone's video introduced me to Solar Jetman.

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That's too much of a statement. Let me fix it.

They're always unbiased, informative, and sometimes funny.

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I wish they were a bit more biased. Isn't the channel supposed to be Sega fanboy vs. Nintendo fanboy?

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We can agree to disagree.

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I love Nostalgia Nerd.
Hell i even donated for his new PC so he could play the new DOOM.

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I should go to reddit because I pay for content I want to watch?
lol grow up dude

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>giving money to panhandlers

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>Give me everything for free
wew lad

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they look like assburger americans, that's just as bad

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Just click his link in >>4424589 and stay there.

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There are like 10 youtuber threads in the catalog and they are here to stay.
Please go back to /v/ or whatever and let us talk retro related content.
Not being poor fuck also helps to appreciate the hobby.

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>vapidly watching youtube videos
what did he mean by this?

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>tfw I sage and report an eceleb thread

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>posts spoony
>complains about ecelebs

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Uhh I dunno. I didn't know about the Sega Pico or the Sonic popcorn machine before Cybershell mentioned them I guess.

Other than that I can't think of a youtube person actually introducing me to a game. Even the more obscure titles I've usually known from picking funny names from full romsets at least.
I do love me dem sacc boys tho. Baldy and Sharkmouth are cringy, but cute cringy.

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Unlike you I can afford buying and talking about old video games with people that share my interest.
stay salty

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>>tfw I sage and report an eceleb thread
Enjoy your vacation champ.

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e-celebs are not your friends anon

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I like GameDave. His timing is good and whoever does his video editing and effects does a great job.

I'm kinda mixed on this one. I'm certainly not opposed to people being self-employed by an online entertainment job (artist, video production, tutorial maker, etc), but I must admit that it would feel odd directly donating for someone to buy what is still a piece of entertainment. Granted, a decent chunk of the money paid for art/video commission or general donations for creator support would still go to the same end, so yeah.

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If you say so.
I personally keep in touch with few of them.
Online communication like email is a thing you know.

Most of the people hating on youtubers are edgy kids.
And thats ok but don't take them seriously or expect to understand adult matters.

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What vacation? LOL

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Absolutely. Friendly reminder to sage and report all ecelb threads.

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And a friendly reminder to you that "sage" is out of order for years now.
It does fuck all.

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it works as intended by not bumping the thread

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>being this much of a newfag

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yeah well I dont know who is a newfag in this situation.

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You. The newfag is you. Sage still works. :^)

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What are you trying to prove?
Why does it bother you that people make some moolah on the side form retro game?

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Good to know.

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Ain't it just sposed to be a small courtesy? Like my post is useless bullshit, let's not make a big deal by bumping up the thread kinda thing? That's how I've been using it.

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Hasn't happened yet because I'm not 12.

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Sage allows you to reply to a thread without bumping it. That's all it does and it works perfectly no matter what people like >>4424724 say. Also why the fuck some people think saging with an image doesn't work? It works the same with or without an image. If you don't believe me go and reply to one of the bottom-most threads on catalog with an image and sage and see how it doesn't bump anywhere.

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Using sage as a "this thread is shit, not going to bump it" technique is a time-honored 4chan tradition. Sage goes in every field, etc.

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super chase h.q. for snes

honestly I don't know why I love it. it's only great in short bursts...and I wish I had a gun but otherwise it's awesome.

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youtube isn't retro

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Yes well tell that to the mods.
Oh wait they don't give a shit.
Now fuck off

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>Meta on /qa/ only.
>All meta discussion of boards is to be redirected to /qa/.

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Is Classic Games Room the only retro e-celeb?

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Whats it to you with rule enforcement?
get a life

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>completely obsessed with ecelebs
>tells others to get a life

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Again,whats it to you?
You can leave this thread any time you want.
Better yet there is a hide button if it hurts your feelings.