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Whenever someone says to me they really liked a game, but I find out they didn't play it on the original hardware and cartridge, you know what I say?

I say "how do you know you liked it? You haven't played it."

And they haven't. They've played some artificial code which tries to replicate what the game is.

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deez nuts

sorry, just posting something less cringey and tryhard than your post

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Jesus Christ this fucking guy

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if you're trying to make me hate original hardware aficionados, you're doing a pretty swell job

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Hate away. I've played your favorite game as it was meant to be played and you are there playing an artificially coded knockoff.


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Whenever someone says to me they really liked a film, but I find out they didn't watch it on the filmstrip, you know what I say?

I say "how do you know you liked it? You haven't seen it."

And they haven't. They've seen some artificial code which tries to replicate what the film is.

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I kindof agree
I never liked NES games until I got a real NES

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You forgot the part where everyone starts clapping for you.

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This is a completely different situation. Directors make their films for certain mediums. As do game creators. They are completely aware of our interaction with their content, and they optimize for that. Emulators give an incomplete replica of the ideas the creator wanted to get across.

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>They've played some artificial code which tries to replicate what the game is.
What. When they play the original ROM, this is not the case.
The execution of that code might have slight differences, but the code itself does not.

This is bad bait. But at least you tried.

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When you play with a ROM:
>Do you get the physical feel of the game?
>Do you get the smell of the game?
>Do you get the experience of the game?
>Do you really play the game at all?

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If you think being so elitist and edgy is positive for the retrogaming community, then congratulations for you being such a cringy cunt

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What do games smell like to you?

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So if I play a PC porting of a PS4 game, am I not playing the game at all? are you seriously that retarded?

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PS4 games are not retro games

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>Directors make their films for certain mediums.
Yeah, theatres.
By your logic, any movie you've seen on TV isn't a movie because it's an "incomplete replica."

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The example works the exact same way, though

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Niggers this is a blatant troll. Stop posting in this shitty thread

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Bitch please. What about retro games ported to new consoles? Am I really not playing Pokemon Snap because I'm using the Wii? If I had a dollar for every chromosome you had I'd have 48 dollars.

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Pokemon Snap was not made for the Wii.

You're not playing Pokemon Snap as it was meant to be played. I am.

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Salty coins

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Everyone knows that watching a film on the TV is not the same as watching it in the cinema. I'm just saying the same is true for retro games.

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That's irrelevant to the example.

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PS4 games are irrelevant to the discussion full stop.

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Real talk right here. Glad someone finally had the guts to say it.

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OP almost seems serious.

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How long before all consoles support emulators

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I am serious. If you don't show retro games respect, I'm not going to respect you.

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But isn't emulation the highest form of respect?

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i can almost see and smell you before my inner eyes and nose. i know your ilk.

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No it's not, it's an example, we aren't talking about PS4 games.
Answer the question now.

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Yeah u gotta play it on an n64 obviously

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery

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Answer the question? About PS4 games?

Sorry but I play retro games. Not modern nu-gaming.

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If you're lucky enough to know someone like me then I am glad for you. I am popular and educated. Hopefully they can teach you about real gaming.

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How about the Mega Man Legacy Collection? Made by the original developer, emulated, and on PS4. Does Capcom not intend for you to actually play it? Or are they disrespecting their own creation by even making such a thing?

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Whenever someone says they are retro hardware fags but play on either a clone console or a TV made after the year 2000 i cant take them seriously.
>doesnt use retro hardware exclusively

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>real gaming is anything but having fun
You're a dumbass too, chad.

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If you play the Mega Man Legacy Collection and enjoy it then great. You are a fan of the Mega Man Legacy Collection. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

But have you played Mega Man?


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They are double dipping by releasing those games many times
Nintendo is the worst for this
>NES Mario Quadrilogy
>SNES All Stars
>Mario Bros Deluxe
>Classic Marios re released for GBA
>all stars wii edition
And so on and so forth
OOT is available on at least 3 different consoles

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Nintendo sells their own old games to be played on modern platforms using emulation (i.e. Virtual Console).
Nintendo thinks it's okay, so what's your argument?

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You dumb cunts are still replying to this shitty thread?

Never change, vr. Never change. Also where are the mods?

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I feel like this is probably bait but if you're being serious you're the worst kind of autistic. It's a fucking video game, calm down

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Emulators are not proper video games. They're a modern bit of technology which is not, in any way, retro.

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You're just as retarded for actually replying. Shut the fuck up, just shut the fuck up already and let this shitshow get buried.

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Proove me wrong that the copied code from a 80's cartridge that runs inside an emulator is not retro.

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I think OP actually does not know how emulators work.

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>Do you get the smell of the game?
>Calls the RIPPED GAMES artificial code

There's no way somebody is actually this retarded. Him pretending to care about the non-existent smell of the games is what completely and utterly sealed the deal this is a bait topic you dumb cunts keep replying to.

TFW the autistic fucking mods in this place delete every post criticizing shitty games like Nintendo and Treasure games but don't bother deleting the worst thread this board has seen all month when it's not even funny trolling, just bland and boring.

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>There's no way somebody is actually this retarded.
We are on /vr/. This would be nothing.

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Let me guess you think the kid who was talking about playing laserdisks on PS1 or SNES games on his Genesis wasn't fucking with you grumpy old men either

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I got an emulator related question:

I'm choosing a motherboard and one of the features of one is VGA and DVI ports.

would having a VGA port aid me in emulating old games? I know video won't be going through the video card, but I'd be able to hook up an old CRT or something through VGA and play some roms with less lag than using a dongle, right?

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Whenever I hear someone played a game on a 1chip SNES I say "how do you know you liked it? You haven't played it."

And they haven't. They've played some fake hardware which tries to replicate what the game is.

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The only benefit playing on real hardware has is the nostalgia factor, and that rush of memories you feel as you grab a case of the shelf, open it up and taking out the game, feeling it slot into the console.

You can't emulate that, but it's just nostalgia, and if you never played on original hardware the experience won't matter to you.

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this board is very easy to troll apparently

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All games are artificial codes.

I haven't noticed any difference between a PS1 game being played on PS1, PS2, PSP, PC or Android. So it literally doesn't matter.

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You don't get out much, do you?

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You could do 240p on a VGA CRT.

nice one gramps.

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Nigga the kid kept making up super ridiculous claims about how he made the most advanced console ever to play PS1, SNES, Genesis, Saturn, etc games and laserdiscs when he was in middle school and then kept cheering himself on a minute after each post just to piss people off. You really think he was being serious?

Right? It's so fucking sad how people on this board are desperately trying to convince themselves there are people in the world dumber than them without realizing that by biting the bait it's proving them wrong.

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you're such a frustrated retro-nazi, get a life, srsly

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>Shilling for retroarch

Buy ads, squarepusher. Nobody likes you.

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>/pol/ is /crt/ is metalJebus
The more you know. Well fuck off anyway >>>/pol/

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thx OP, you remind me there are people way more mentally deranged than i am.

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>Right? It's so fucking sad how people on this board are desperately trying to convince themselves there are people in the world dumber than them without realizing that by biting the bait it's proving them wrong.
A mentally sane person wouldn't make such shit bait.

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>artificially coded
where can i get summa dat natural coding bro

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How Can Video Games Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real

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This is pasta you newfag morons, once again only the worst threads get any replies

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I am interested to see this many people defending emulation
Do none of you even own hardware?

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Welcome to /vr/

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>you have to hate emulation when you own original hardware

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kys faggot

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>obviously hasn't studied the philosophy of authenticity in art
>doesn't realize how fucking futile even trying to determine the authentic state of a piece of art is

t. philosophy student

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Can I salvage this disaster of a thread with an actual question?

I downloaded RetroArch over this holiday weekend but I've decided to wait until I'm back home with my gamepad to install it and set it up. Anything I should know in advance that might not be covered in a typical set-up guide? I know there's a shitload of fun little knobs and levers to tweak.

Also, can I set it up to where there is per-console button mapping AND per-game console mapping with the latter taking priority (specific beating general, essentially), or can I only have it one way or the other?

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>salvage this disaster
This thread IS supposed to be a bait thread, there is nothing to salvage.

>> No.4422009

I've wasted so much fucking time configuring retro arch I don't even bother anymore. A linear filter and scanline overlay is all I change, and sometimes I'm too bored to do even that.

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>Whenever someone says to me they really liked a game, but I find out they didn't play it on the original hardware and cartridge, you know what I say?

If that's true, I find it hard to believe that anyone would come up to you and willingly start a conversation about anything.

Doesn't matter what you played the game on. Real hardware, emulator, whatever. So long as the emulator isn't buggy as hell, you're getting the same experience.

Games are for fun.

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Do you still use it, though? Or do you mean you have you COMPLETELY stopped bothering with it?

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Why would you choose an inferior method when u got the real thing?

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I own 4 mod chipped PS1's.
I still enjoy emulating the games with several times the screen resolution and high res texture packs more.

Do you also think people who develop those emulators don't actually own actual hardware? How else are they doing it.

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This troll would be a lot funnier if vr weren't filled with genuine e-peening manchildren.

>> No.4422473

This troll is shit though.
The bait is too unrealistic.

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Correct! And did you know what else?

Games age.
Pre-16 bit era games are literally unplayable.
SNES was far superior to the Genesis, especially in regards to hardware.
Retro games are unplayable if not on a CRT, and even then the only true way to play is on a PVM.
Genesis has terrible music; everything sounds like wet farts.
SNES has terrible music; everything sounds like muffled farts.
N64 library was awful. 99% of games are shovelware (read: "party" games) and 100% of games look like dogshit because of the anti-aliasing. Talented in-house developers were the only thing that kept it alive, and even the so-called gems like OoT are overrated trash.
PSX library was awful. 99% of games are shovelware (read: "JRPGs") and 100% of games look like dogshit because of the jagged lines. Talented third party developers are the only thing that kept it alive, and even the so-called gems like FF7 are overrated trash.
Saturn library was awful. 99% of games are shovelware (read: "arcade quality" ports) and 100% of games look like dogshit because of the no transparancies. Talented Japanese developers are the only thing that kept it alive, and even the so-called gems like Panzer Dragoon are overrated trash.
Dreamcast is an utterly forgettable footnote to end the history of SEGA (Semen Ejaculating Gook Autists?). Good riddance!

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if you didn't complete it on the original hardware, within 2 years of release, with your mom telling you to go outside and shutting off power after an hour, you haven't completed it

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Wow, thanks Captain Obvious. We really needed you to waste a post explaining all this.

>> No.4422503

Whenever someone writes a message on a board like this, but I never receive an original copy on a piece of vellum, you know what I say?

I say "How do you know you even agree with the argument? You haven't written one."

And they haven't. They've sent some artificial code which tries to replicate what writing is.

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To be honest, emulators shouldn't be allowed on /vr/
Anything that has received an update within the last year is by no stretch of the imagination "retro."

>> No.4422543

/vr/ is for retro GAMES
It doesn't matter on what you play it

>> No.4422548

It matters a lot. You see, the HARDWARE is an inseparable part of the GAME. The removable media doesn't play itself.

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Some games are extremely hard to find or are a just not playable because of reasons. Some are just plain old abandonware.

Panzer Dragoon Saga is rare and costs a ton of money. You will also need a Saturn.

King's Field 1, the true first game, wasn't released outside of Japan. So you need to know Japanese or better yet download it and get the English patch.

The worst thing though? These companies love being greedy little jews with these games.

Its perfectly understandable for someone to just play these games on emulators.

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>bad bait
>90 replies
Not really...

>> No.4422694

>This is a completely different situation.
It's exactly the same.

>> No.4422706


*smirks, tips my fedora in admiration, and sheathes my katana in agreement*

>> No.4422746

Its a proven fact that only games that are still sealed in their original packaging are real games.

Your whole "collection" is just an approximation of the actual feel and smell of the real deal since it has been tainted by your environment and the tiny pieces of damage done to the casing.

>> No.4422760

Duder like games aren't even real mandingo.

>> No.4422765

is this a sad excuse for dumping thousands of good boy points into 20 year old piles of plastic, circuits and cardboard?


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File: 17 KB, 400x400, successful troll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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The fact many anons took it -willingly or not- doesn't necessarily mean that it is good bait. It only means that people are too dumb to take it or don't give a damn and take it anyway because they're bored.

>> No.4422785

Those are mostly unironical (You)'s.
They count jack shit for oldfags. You newfriends have fun though.

>> No.4422790

All my posts are just teasingly bumping the thread and enjoying the mindless retardation that commences.
Pretty darn obvious that OP is baiting, doesn't a genius to see that.

>> No.4422813

And you replied to me, feeding it more too. Congratulations, the three of us are retards

>> No.4422824

It's bad bait but he's successful because this board is legitimately fucking dumber than even v. Sadly this thread, the Castlevania bait, and the constant Gramps topic spam is the only active shit today.

Imagine somebody lurking vr for the first time today and this is the shit they're greeted with.

All of you are fucking disgusting for not letting this failed abortion of a dumpster fire thread die when you had the chance


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Reminder that if you're playing a pre-owned cartridge or console, you're literally a cuck.

You're not getting the authentic experience unboxing and playing it for the first time, you're just getting someone else's sloppy seconds.

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"I only play organic 100% code."

How much?

"I payed 500 dollars for this leaking caps PC Engine Duo with whatever rare game insert here."

>> No.4424229


>> No.4424250

> never owned a console
> played hundreds of console games
It feels nice that my existence is making someone angry.

>> No.4424265

You would get more lag compared to DVI or HDMI. Video is digital and CRT is analog. Converting digital signal to analog takes time.

>> No.4424465

How low can you go? You lack the intelligence to know how to find and set up a proper emulator so that there's barely any difference, you lack the intelligence to make decisions that will save you money and space, fuck, what good are you?

>> No.4424567

I think you're the only one here who posts unironically. That's the sad part.


>> No.4424580

>People talk to OP
No, this doesn't check out.

>> No.4424698

This "I'm only doing it ironically" shit has to stop. Shitposting is shitposting. You're not being cute. You're not participating in "le epib board culture" when you do it. You're just being an insufferable faggot.

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saved saved saved saved saved
this is almost as good as the ebert pasta

>> No.4424824

This is a slow board and only survives on shitposting.
Clam your balls m8.

>> No.4424826

>only survives on shitposting.
Nah, you just think that because you don't actually participate in any real discussion.

>> No.4424830

any "real discussion" has already been had 4 years ago now the board is just regurgitating memes

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File: 38 KB, 225x255, really.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I'm sure we've talked about it all and there will never, ever be anything worthwhile to discuss. Better just pack it all in and start memeposting, right? I mean, it's what we wanted to do in the first place. So why not?

>> No.4424837

How would you know? You weren't back then, kiddo.

>> No.4424846

This. Retro games are still retro and haven't changed. Fucking shocker, uh?

>> No.4424861

>Whenever someone says to me they really liked a game, but I find out they didn't play it on the original hardware and cartridge, you know what I say?
those were all remakes or ports except All Stars Wii edition which is emulated so in those cases you are playing the real game.

If games are ported it's the real game, so yes GBA Sonic The Hedgehog Anniversary is more real than playing the VC version of the game since that one is emulated.

>> No.4424940

>haven't changed.
Neither has samefagging, apparently.

>> No.4424946

Who is the samefag here?

>> No.4424983

>playing Sonic the Hedgehog on my PAL Mega Drive with the shitty euro slowdown is more "real" than emulating the original version
You know, I'm glad I grew up with computer games and widespread piracy if the alternative is becoming a pathetic consumerist slave like you. The only reason you feel the original cartridge is "real" is because it was contractually kept hostage on a console system to boost its sales. With emulators we can finally crack that bullshit and play the exact same game on a different system. Exclusivity is an unfortunate obstacle, not a virtue.

>> No.4424990

Best post so far

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File: 364 KB, 960x720, Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi - 20 - Hajimete-au classmate [WinxBloom1980][RAW-720p][19986881].mp4_snapshot_16.03_[2017.11.02_13.16.52].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is WITH /vr/?
OP's post is obviously a joke. can't you guys laugh? this isn't /v/

>> No.4425016

OP's post is immaterial to the discussion at hand. If I a made a troll post containing a widely held belief, it doesn't matter whether I hold that belief myself for conflict to arise. The fact is that many people do think that emulating "doesn't count" and autistically advocate their idea of a historically specific experience as a test for artistic authenticity. Therefore this debate is always going to be a thing.
You seem to think in very narrow boundaries.

>> No.4425021

someone had to say it

>> No.4425030

Shitposting or not, in some cases there's truth to what OP is saying. where OP is right. While a JRPG will be the exact same, a broken hard game like Silver Surfer won't have the same experience on an emulator. Similar with lots of action games on poorly emulated consoles like the N64.

>> No.4425031

Sick of people saying stupid shit like "emulation is just as good"
If you like your fucking PC so much, just play some PC games

>> No.4425056



>> No.4425062

For some particular systems, emulation is not perfect, it's actually better than the native hardware.

>> No.4425126

Games are more than their code. They don't exist in a vacuum. The true experience includes all the player's previous games he may or may not have played. So because all the non-retro games that have been made since the old games' times exist now that hadn't even been convinced of when the games were originally produced, they cannot be played the same way now.
That is to say a game is more than the game itself, but the experiencing of the game by the player. This authentic qualia of, say, Super Mario Bros 3 cannot be the same as Super Mario Bros 3 after having played Super Mario Galaxy. The playing (or not playing) of Galaxy changes the experience that is the game Super Mario Bros 3.

Nostalgia fags BTFO!

>> No.4425615

Emulation is usually a better experience.
I doubt anybody is sick of people saying "emulation is just as good". I doubt it even happens much at all.

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