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Can someone explain to me why this was acceptable?

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Because nobody back then was a pixelhunting autist comparing screenshots taken on a computer.

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Back then, we just enjoyed playing a new video game.

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well that was quick

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we didn't give a fuck about borders either. not that i had borders cause lol v-height in TV's existed.

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It wasn't necessary to kill him

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They don't make ballparks big enough to stop these types of hits.

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PAL resolution has 576 lines and not 486 lines like NTSC, that's nearly a 25% difference.

The pictures you are seeing there are from an emulator according to comments in the youtube video it comes from. Some very sad people just like to argue for NTSC or PAL for some reason and only show evidence in their favour. But for still text pal should not look dull and more blurred just because it has less fps.

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We didn't know better, desu

However the blurred text is actually manipulated. Framerate aside graphics were basically identical unless something was changed in the localization.

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Americans always get low quality stuff due to their capitalist wanking

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Can we just post this in every thread like this?

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If the pictures wasn't taken from PVM/BVM then it's shitposting

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Except they were though. Everyone wanted arcade versions of games instead of watered down console downgrades.

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>says the same guy who loved Starfox in all its 10 fps glory

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Actually by the fifth generation people didn't really giving a shit about arcade anymore, you only had a rollover period with people who developed a "muh feels" and nostalgia for the arcade, it didn't make much sense when the only difference was slightly more polished graphics.

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Peach needs to keep her unsolicited sexual advances to herself. Why is she sexually harassing the savior of her kingdom?

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It was a nice tech demo at the time, like most n64 games

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It's actually not acceptable or, legal in any manner. According to the Vidja Accord of 1993 this sort of thing can get people thrown in jail.
Contact your local authorities immediately anon

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That was really fucking savage.

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ITT defensive Europeans.

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American N64's didn't use shitty bicubic texture filtering

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/v/ graphicwhores btfo

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I grew up with PAL but I don’t think I could tolerate those ugly borders, let alone the slowdown. I’m now finding out even Rare developed games had borders

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What Rare games had borders? Not their N64 games.

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He was talking about starfox snes

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apparently their DKC snes games? I'll stand corrected though

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Both are tech demos. The gamecube one runs at 60fps.

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there's still hope for /vr/

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I think /vr/ would benefit from allowing 6th gen discussion

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Not much they could do against a hardcoded 239p vertical res. N64 gave them much more leeway.

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>hardcoded 239p vertical res
I didn't know about that, so even in the best case, PAL definitely had borders in addition to the black bars caused by SNES's 224p res?

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I did a bit more reading. If I'm not mistaken, a PAL SNES outputs at 288p compared to NTSC's 240p, so there are an additional 24 black lines at both top and bottom in a PAL game.
So an NTSC SNES will have black lines between 224 and 240 lines.
A PAL SNES will usually have black lines between 224 and 288 lines, except in the event that the developer was able to crank up the res to 239, still resulting in larger black bars than the NTSC SNES had.
I should probably just throw out my PAL collection

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I don’t even know what the fuck I’m looking at here

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American here, and let me tell you, I would have played any version of Mario 64 that I got. Games were different back then. We didn't analyze every little thing about them. Games were games, they weren't simulated realities. A game had good gameplay when you had fun playing it. A game looked good when the colors made you smile. And if it wasn't an RPG, its story was in the instruction manual and in some cases in an opening text crawl or slide show. There was an abstract image on the screen that your imagination made a million times bigger than any HD image of today. Nobody argued about politics in games. If you rescued a princess, that was cool. If you played as a girl, that was also cool. Game magazines were made by people who actually loved video games, and the internet was a filled with fansites, not wikis. All the good fan art was on the fansite itself, not sequestered on deviantart next to the inflation porn. Clickbait was non-existant, and fansites didn't make money, so it was all out of love.

About 10 years ago everything changed. Games changed. The internet changed. Even anime changed. It was like a demon woke up and ate everyone's imagination. I remember rewatching The Neverending Story a couple years ago and thinking how prophetic it was.
Phantasia was real. We were living there. All that's left is a single grain of sand, and nobody knows what to wish for.

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Yuropoors always get low quality stuff due to their socialist wanking

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The 16 lines past 224 are overscan which aren't always visible anyway.

PAL borders don't seem like that big of a deal desu. It's extremely minor compared to fluctuating TV and movie standards in the past century that have resulted in loads of different shapes and sizes. You have shit like 5:4, 2:35:1, 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 and those are just the common ones. To make it even worse you have retard opinions like "just letterbox/crop/zoom until it fits".

You know Chaplin-era B&W films that all run really fast? It's because it was standard to film at 15fps at the time but when they started to recirculate them decades later they were played back at 24fps.

Basically don't mess with art.

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Can devices like OSSC and framemeister do anything to alleviate the borders? Or is it more of an issue there since there's no overscan on a HDTV?

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Sort of, but not really. It's just a "dumb" line multiplier, so the borders will be scaled up along with the game content. With the line x5 mode you can get rid of the borders, but you'll also lose some some of the game content, and that mode isn't compatible with most displays anyway.
Yes. It's a full-fledged upscaler, so you can zoom and crop to your heart's content.

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Honest question for PALfags, how the hell did you put up with bad PAL conversions? Apparently that shit was still going well into the PS2 era.

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You should see how bad the DMC games ran on PAL.

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>486 lines
Was this a typo?

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No. Sort of. It's complicated.

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We use chipped consoles. I don't know anyone who had a legit system.

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nigga, the OSSC will add MORE borders due to upscaling to standard resolutions.

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>upscaling to standard resolutions
Not sure where you got that idea. It's a pure line multiplier not a scaler.

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I don't see any difference

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You re right anon

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You re right anon

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Holy shit gamesack rekt

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that was in the atari/nes days when console versions were shit and arcade looked like what would come of next gen
now of course if an arcade cabinet would fit all that processing ability (more room for cpu, gpu, ram) you could make the best game and have it at a fucking pizza place

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With Nintendo it was still going on well into the Wii days. Check out Madworld released in 2009.

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really, even with Wii?
Is there a list of affected games? I had Resi Evil 4, Skyward Sword, Galaxy 2, and Xeno

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What was wrng with madworld?

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Didn't everything had PAL60 modes at least offered by the mid 00s?

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massive borders

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I recently learned that PAL Gamecube games did not support progressive scam, i.e. 480p, even if they had a PAL60 mode.

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>about 10 years ago everythign changed
Bullshit. People were always dickwaving about which console had the better version of a game. Games were always about pushing the boundaries of what was possible on a system. Magazines were made by people who were just in it for a job, but you just remember the enthusiastic people who legitimately loved gaming.
True, there wasn't this gender identity third-wave feminism representative-seeking bullshit in gaming but that's because it didn't exist as a dumb bullshit movement in the real world either. Games reflect the times they were made in, so maybe you're just realizing how shit everything has become and maybe we all just need to take a step back and think about everything.

Anime changed because of the global recession and nothing was profitable except the dumb bullshit that had all the waifus that they could whore out to fat greasy neckbeards to keep their studio afloat.

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Who gives a fuck? Somebody does autism to the rescue

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No one knows why it's acceptable for Europe to use B4 paper specifications, they just want to burn the world down.

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>We didn't analyze every little thing about them.
That's not true.
Hell our mode of cheating was to fuck around with all the variables with a game genie and just analyze what the fuck the code changed.

>Nobody argued about politics in games.
There were literal discussions at national level and from federal employees about violence, blood, sex etc.. politics was very much an issue.

>Game magazines were made by people who actually loved video games
Yeah, not so much. Plenty had 'phoned in' reviews or equivocal reviews to paid advertisements.

>About 10 years ago everything changed.
Gaming has been on the decline since like 1998 and had an even more rapid decline post 2000. This shit was going on for two decades.

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Am I the only person who can never tell which screenshot is supposed to be the better one in these things? Like sometimes I can see that textures are smoother or something in one or the other, but even then I still don't know which one is supposed to be "superior" necessarily. That is unless something is blurry in one and not the other, then I can tell.

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In the case of the OP's image, I kind of agree. The PAL version's text mostly just looks a bit more bold. I'd have to see how they look on a CRT to know which is really "better".

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America is doing just fine with them

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"clickbait" shouldn't be a term. of course you give your shit a title people will want to click on. otherwise things wouldn't have titles and you'd have to read the article to figure out what the point of the piece is

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Christ I'm still getting triggered from the over-all slowness of PCs and internet back then. So glad we no longer live in that age

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Fucking scorched earth, goddamn.

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There sure as fuck was internet back in 1996.

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They didn't post screenshots of emulators and stuff to compare minutiae like we can, i'll bet the only pictures on the internet were of Bill Clinton and some boobs

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Technically yes, but very few people actually had access to it. It wasn't until about '98 that it became really common for home users.

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People were busy gasping at the fact that a fucking 3D world was playable.

I remember I was having trouble grasping at how the fuck would I even control a character in 3D space and how would I not get lost in the huge world of Mario 64.

The game could be in fucking black and white and I would not complain back then.

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I'm so glad someone recorded that.

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I had nothing to compare it to, and I probably wouldn't have noticed the difference anyway if I did.

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a4 is where its at

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Modern arcade games are literally mobile games running on android.

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>People were busy gasping at the fact that a fucking 3D world was playable.
But we had that for years already.

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Maybe the shitty arcades where you live are.

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Not really. Prior games with 3D worlds were much more limited, mostly glorified tech demos. There was nothing prior to SM64 that was anywhere near its level, and certainly nothing on a home console.

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agreed. I didn't know what a framerate was when I was a kid. I saw SM64 in a store when I was 11 and couldn't believe my eyes. And that was the PAL version.
But desu it'd be hard going back to PAL games knowing what I know now.

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You're so shallow

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reminder that oot runs at 17 fps on pal

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