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I want to get into shmups where can I start

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Start with euroshmups, they're more forgiving

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Thunder Force III is fun

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Harmful Park is very easy, especially if you use jelly shields as much as possible. It has infinite continues, too. I'd say to start with that, it's my favourite shmup of all time to be certain.

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This. M.U.S.H.A. is also a good entry into the genre. Soldier Blade and the rest of the "Soldier" series on the turbografx are good as well.

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Gradius III
This is the only answer

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don't listen to these morons. first of all none of that console garbage, true STGs are on the arcades. I suggest Gradius.

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I've been told on this board that Dreamcast has some killer shmups. I personally recommend Triggerheart Exelica. Ikaruga is another killer one.

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gradius, r-type, darius

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How do you feel about Raiden II?

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Oh all right, Thunder Force AC then

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As someone who plays arcade STGs my recommendations are based on the mindset of a beginner. If someone wanted to get into JRPGs, I wouldn't recommend SaGa right off the bat.

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Play Magical Chase for TG16.

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>true STGs are on the arcades
dead now

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the genre is dead too, if you haven't noticed. no true advances since early 2000s. this is /vr/ so for this board, it doesn't matter.

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Play Konami shmups first.

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If you consider turning every game into a lolicon fanservice exploitation fest an advance...

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If you even sort of resemble a halfway functional human being you can safely ignore this, even most arcadefags can appreciate console shmups

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consider the following analogue:
Arcade shooters: theatrical release. This is where vast majority of the real shit is.
console shooters: direct-to-video. occasional gem but mostly very unremarkable and all around lower quality stuff.

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How do you emulate this shizbugguut

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The only shmup I ever had the patience to beat was Insector X on the Genesis. It isn't too overbearing.

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This is a good recommendation. Had lots of fun with this game.

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You mean you never played a single shmup in your life? The fuck?
If you're not trolling, start with Space Invaders but holy shit I don't believe you never played one.

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Do you mean "Analogue" or do you mean "Analogy"?

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One of my childhood favorites. Not a hard game, full of schlock and hilarious engrish. The arcade version is great and the Genesis port plays better than the Master System one. There's a lot of other ports but I have no experience with them.

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2P was funny in Final Fight

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Steel Empire is also good if we're talking SEGA.

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Anybody ever played a shmup where you play as a black car?

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Play Parodius

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Since im not a cunt here is a word of advice op.
Pick a game that you always think of when you hear shmups.
Good now go the the shmups forum and look into 1cc or high score strategie guides.
Ok now you wont understand a thing.
The next thing is to search the name of the game + STGWeekly.
Next watch the video of how other people play it,explaining the scoring system and tactics.
Now start the game and decide on your goal,or make up your own goals like lowest score possible or no minimal bullets fired run.
After that visit the stg discord and chat with other people that are 10 times better than you.
Once you realize that nobody actually talks about your game you will go back and play it for yourself until you get bored.
You pick your next shmput after that and repeat this whole process.
Eventually you will realize anything anyone cares about are dojin shooters and the big names from Cave,Treasure ect.

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This is a good game, and imo my favorite version. The PC Engine version has extra levels, but I am glad they were cut from the Genesis port (it's annoying already to have 2 Egyptian-styled levels in a row, let alone 4). The PCE/Arcade original versions are also a little too hard for what I want out of the game - to say nothing of the borderline-bugged last boss of the arcade original.

Great fun! Capcom shootemups are eminently approachable and enjoyable... They have a very "video-gamey" feel to them. Other greats by Capcom, that are good for beginners is the SNES remake of UN Squadron (better than the staid original), HyperDyne SideArms (the PC Engine version is my favorite, but the original is good), Gun.Smoke, and the Genesis version of MERCS.

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As cringey as the fanbase is, if you want to get into the really challenging shit, Touhou is a great series.

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Dariusburst CS is a pretty good one that starts you off gently and gets pretty hard.

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Good game, but DX is better in every single way.

There's a shmupmame build somewhere with shmups in it.

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here: https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?t=30659

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Shove it into a SNES, Mark.

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the SNES cant handle TRUXTON
it has a slightly lower main processor clock

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Kamui is a good start. Just a laid back "swish swosh thundergun" game for blowing things up.

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It'd be easier to answer you if you told us why you want to get into shmups and what is your experience, if none.

If it's to get into the ones that have anime shit like in your pic then don't bother, these are actual games with demanding gameplay. Playing with only one hand is not much of an option, go "play" some VNs or JRPGs or whatever in that case. Just saying because I can smell this turd from a mile.

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Are there any STGs with a lot of secrets and cameos? Like Batrider.

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Reminder that Crimzon Clover World Ignition is better than sex.

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The Parodius series has tons of cameos, it's almost a Konami crossover

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>i am the shmup gatekeeper
>i will project and deflect
>it's my job to keep the genre pure
Are you some kind of weird freakshow living in a basement? Who cares why OP wants to get into the genre?

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>Are you some kind of weird freakshow living in a basement?
You're on /vr/, what do you think?

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Just play Nex Machina if you want to experience the absolute peak of the genre. Doesn't matter if it's not retro, it's the fucking best. Afterwards everthing will feel like a downgrade though, but it doesn't matter because the game has basically unlimited replay value and if you don't beat the game on hero difficulty you're a faget.

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It matters. The genre is quite big, so more information could help us recommend a game for OP

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Isn't that a dual stick Robotron kind of a deal?

Nobody genuinely wants to help, they just want to jerk themselves raw over how the games they like are better than the games other people like.

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My fucking ass dude, I'm so tired of trying to show games I enjoy to people but they keep playing manipulative F2P stuff to the point I find it hopeless

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yeah, eugene jarvis made it m8. it's his magnum opus. really upsets me that the game didn't sell well. this is why we can't have nice things anymore.

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Way to prove his point.

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t mirhiro abe

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