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Can we have a "best of X" webm thread?

I've lost all mine but they are a great way to check what to get when you first get into a console you never owned before.

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Seconded. These are always so fucking cool.

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was this....the power of.......the saturn? holy balls. no wonder i always wanted one. mostly remember seeing the nights into dreams commercial and just *explosion* wowwww

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it was made by several anons, I liked but they only did saturn, psx 2d and dreamcast.

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When the heal are we gonna get pc/modern console ports of some of these games?
I wanna play Burning Rangers

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Wouldn't it have to be completely remade using triangles?

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I've played it, it's not that great. You can emulate on Mednafen/SSF

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I don't know shit, I just know I'd like to play it without on emulating a saturn

Are those actually good, or are they like PJ64?

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I bought burning rangers a long time ago before it went up in price so much. You're not missing out on much to be honest, it looks impressive but it's not too fun. Tried it again semi-recently and still felt the same way so I'm gonna sell it

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Nobody has any to share?

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I've only seen like 4 of them.

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There are only four. I could make more but I don't know what to put on them. They all turn into the same thing after a while.

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If anyone has the others, please post.

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Don't listen to the others above, Burning Rangers is phenomenal, very underrated. It was the last game I bought for the Saturn back in the day, I played it for a few hours and shelved it once I moved onto PS games. Went back to it last year, it's fucking great, lots of replay value + great aesthetic and level design.

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Dumping the four I have saved.
They're most likely outdated, but fuck it.

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And that's all she wrote.
I had more, but a harddrive crash decided to relieve me of the burden of having them saved.
Thanks, Seagate.

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Maybe you meant to post these, which look similar but are actually animated.

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what the fuck is with the shitty res?

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You're awesome anon!

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3000x1700 isn't exactly shitty.

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It is if there is text in the pic that you can't read.

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Which all of the text is legible. Go to an eye doctor or stop suing a 11 inch monitor.

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Ignore him, either shitty bait or a retard who can't maximise pictures.

Maybe even a tard with a small 4k screen.

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>Can't read

What an autist you are.

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>small 4k screen.
>small 4k

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Anyone have anymore? I had a pretty big folder and know of a few others. Can't find them in my folder.

Also. That DC one doesn't say Skies of Arcadia. I never played it but I am sure that is a top 5 game for most DC players.

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Get your eyes checked.
I'm serious, consult a doctor. You might have an issue there, anon.

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This one?: >>4424312
It's listed there.
5th column, fourth row.

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Hmmm.. Maybe these new Gunnarâ„¢ Crystallineâ„¢ glasses are getting my eyes all fogged up.

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quad = two triangles

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You've got DC and SS "best hits", right? Why not do PSX best hits, Anon? I mean, shit, the 2D is beautiful I agree but we all know the PSX did 3D (some of us even like the wibblewobble).

At least that would round out the upper limit of /vr/, minus the N64 which is a PITA to get decent material from anyways.

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Was this a /v/ or /vr/ list?

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>I have no idea how DPI works

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DOS is /vr/ though

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For the video ones at least, there's no other choice than to target a reasonable screen resolution and try to make it about the same aspect ratio as common monitors. Unlike traditional infographics or charts, you can't just make it huge and then expect users to zoom to 100% size in a tab. You can't even make it long and narrow and expect users to scroll down, since the webm just expands to fit entirely within the browser window.

I made them with approx. 1080p screens in mind, rather than targeting huge 4K displays because that would blow up the filesize (meaning I'd have to reduce the quality even more). Webm isn't really ideal for this, but there's no better option that would work on 4chan (flash maybe, but that's another story). I wish webms behaved more like animated gifs in the browser.

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>Why not do PSX best hits
Because I don't know the PSX library well enough. It's so big compared to Dreamcast or Saturn that there are probably still tons of games I haven't even heard of. The 2D ones were based on another compilation that had been going around, and I thought animation would serve it well since pretty graphics were the theme.

I think it would be neat to do something with multiple systems depicted simultaneously, like showing all the incarnations of FFI-III or showing the "games that pushed the graphical limits of their consoles" for every /vr/ generation.

>minus the N64 which is a PITA to get decent material from anyways
Yep, as you can probably tell I'm just using the easily accessible bundles of emulator capture videos available for those flashy frontends like hyperspin. If N64 emulation has a lot of visible problems, the clip will show them. For instance, I thought about doing one for all the Sega Model 3 arcade games, but only about half of them (meaning like, 6 games) are emulated well enough to have usable video clips available.

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Why would I want to get my game recs from you losers on 4chan?

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