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ITT: compromises and quirks you've grown to love

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Those are not really compromises, though. That's just a hardware quirk, those hash patterns are supposed to look transparent on a CRT

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I've grown to love affine textures. Not even joking.

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what is the name of this kind of warping then?

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You'd have to have a pretty shitty crt fir that to happen. Mine was pretty crap and I could always see it wasn't transparent.

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not him but the prominent flicker and rainbow banding also gave it away

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I've not the faintest clue what the fuck is wrong with that Quake install, sorry. QuakeSpasm doesn't do that weird BUILD3D-esque warping, at least.

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no anon, that's what the saturn's texture warping looks like. it's saturn quake

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It isn't really either, it is laziness. I have my Saturn on a consumer CRT with stock S-Video. The picture is crystal clear and the dithered meshes are mostly definitely not transparent.

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I love the look of Sonic 3D blast, I wish more games had that 3Dish silicone like aesthetic

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There's about a million games on the Saturn and PC that look like that...

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literally what are you talking about

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Not just a CRT, probably any consumer model will do, but also an RF connection to make it work better. So shitty video connection > shitty CRT to get faked transparency to look more proper.

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3D prendered graphics, like the post I'm responding to was. Are you retarded or just pretending to be?

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i was thinking of sonic jam

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>those hash patterns are supposed to look transparent on a CRT


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Remarkable, it's as if the developers had intended that shit

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No one would have come with the distinction between overworld/town map if it wasn't because of a memory/time limitation. Yet it has a lot of good properties.

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Honestly it makes sense. If your overworld is on the same scale as your towns, you can't make a huge world and expect players to walk through it on foot. Even later games still do this kind of thing (for example, Tales of Symphonia on Gamecube is a fully 3D RPG that still uses this system).

What bugs me is that many modern (J)RPGs went away from this principle and went more for a menu-based approach, or a weird system of corridor-like maps that connect cities and dungeons.

Western RPGs go more for fast travel approaches, which is fine since it allows for a world to feel large but also not tedious to travel through.

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>those hash patterns are supposed to look transparent on a CRT
2/10 bro

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Nah cause I used RF back in the day as well. I'm glad mine wasn't as bad as you describe though, I likely would have trashed it if it was that blurry.

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You are using shitty emulators that use hardware rendering to break down the quads to affine mapped triangles. Real hardware has FAR less warping.

They look partially transparent on a standard crt + composite cable that all Saturns came with in Japan.

The real problem is that you can't put two or more transparent layers on top of each other, and lack of transparency also means you can't do better looking lightning (this is made worse with the Saturns nearly nonexistant lightning engine).

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You'd have to have an utterly shit 2 inch screen running via RF for those to look transparent.
>the developers had intended that shit
Wrong. Why the fuck is there dithering in arcade games and old PC games then when those were always displayed on RGB monitors? It was an necessity/requirement due to limited colours available, it wasn't a choice.

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>Randomly warps in a triangle pattern
>Its suppose to be quads
Thats the most obvious emu render bug i have seen

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